MY PORTFOLIO by janetha


									The following portfolio reflects the fine art works of

Janetha Richard
A self taught visual expressionist, writer and entrepreneur, I create art which is meant to entertain, educate, heal and inspire. Influenced by everything from fashion to politics, music to magazines, my work is reflective of the multi faceted perspectives and creative expressions of generation X. Through my art I aim to redefine the notion of urban artistic expression. As I attempt to articulate a unique journey through pop culture and visual art, II intend to offer a visual compliment to the beats and rhymes. With an advent garde approach to traditional subject matter, my brush is where urban expression, pop culture, Hip Hop and fine art meet I invite you to have the experience

The following collection is entitled Beautiful Sounds, Song, Words and Movement Created to pay tribute and homage, to various African American writers, entertainers, performers and artist which have inspired my brush.

1999 Mixed Media on paper Celebration of Feminine grace celebration

oil on canvas A tribute to Ms. Billie Holiday

oil on canvas A tribute to Essence Magazine in of all women of color

Oil On Canvas Tribute to The Alvin Ailey Dance Theater Of Harlem

Oil On Canvas A Tribute to the life and work of Dr. Maya Angelou

A Tribute to the life and work of Alice Walker

A Tribute to the Life and Work of Ms. Nikki Giovanni

A Tribute to the life and work Mrs. Mary J Bilge

An appreciation of the

Life Force

The following collection is an experimentation with pattern and color

Painted in Celebration of Tiger Woods First PGA

Heat under a microscope

The following collection is an experiment in water color

The following collection Hip Hop In Retrospect Attempts to Challenge stereotypical perceptions and expectations regarding the musical genre and its creative counterparts.

Caviar Dreams

She Is “Hip Hop”

He Is Hip Hop

Hip Hop In retrospect

International Baller

Food for thought


Buffoonery “Don’t let history repeat its self”

Buffoonery 2 “Somebody Stop Me”

Do You Know What It Means To miss New Orleans?

Mardi Gras Queen Marie LaVeau

Out of Africa, Into Treme Sunday at Congo Square


Yes We Can

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