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					                  Electronic Engineering Resume Format

Electronic engineering is an essential field that is regarded as indispensable. An electronic
engineer should be committed to performing his or her responsibilities diligently. The resume should
be a brief but informative document that provides relevant information. This sample
electronicengineering resume can be used to write resumes for electronic engineerjobs, mechanical
engineers jobs etc.
                        Sample Electronic Engineering Resume
                                              Lisa James
                                           144 Corner Way
                                           Atlanta, Georgia
                                      Mobile Number: 563527568
                                   Telephone Number: 56346266
Career Objective:
To be a professional electronic engineer who is able to tackle the challenging responsibilities that are
associated with this career

Professional Experience:
2000-2002: Electronic Technician- International Broadcasting Network

Maintained equipment regularly and ensured that all safety standards were adhered to

Provided timely solutions to transmission equipment problems

Trained technical team on equipment installation

2003-2005: Maintenance Technician- Entertainment Television Network

Installed equipment in the stations

Maintained electrical equipment

Assembled various types of appliances

2006-2008: Maintenance Technician- Modern Television

Checked on safety and durability of equipment
Carried out repairs and supervised operational team members

Conducted technical research and emergency support

Extensively trained in the maintenance of broadcasting equipment

Trained in trouble shooting and equipment maintenance

Trained in equipment testing and industrial electronic systems

1993-1996: Bachelor of Electronic Engineering- University of Chicago
1997-1999: Master of Electronic Engineering- University of Chicago

Conducted a seminar on maintenance and preventative operations

Trained a team of 15 electronic engineering trainees

Installed modern equipment and ensured smooth operations in the broadcast station
Watching documentaries

Reading autobiographies
Attending conferences

Available on request
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