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									                    Electrical Engineering Resume Format

Electrical engineers should be individuals who are able to analyze and solve various problems that
are related to their professions. This calls for dedication, interest and the willingness to work hard.
This resume can also be used to apply for network engineer jobs, lead engineer jobs, systemengineer
jobs, test engineer jobs e.t.c
                         Sample Electrical Engineering Resume
                                               Roy Benson
                                           2564 Central Way
                                         Indianapolis, Indiana
                                      Mobile Number: 15790898
                                   Telephone Number: 247230950
Career Objective:
To be an accomplished electrical engineer who is able to find solutions to various engineering
problems that arise
Professional Experience:
2000-2002: Electrical Engineer- Way Industries
Analyzed each and every project and prepared schedules

Carried out product evaluation and performed research

Prepared budgets for projects and came up with solutions regarding cash flow challenges

2003-2004: Electrical Engineer- Premier International Industries
Carried out reviews of engineering plans

Responsible for cost estimations for all projects

In charge of system maintenance and quality control

2005-2007: Electrical Engineer- Trend Industries
Carried out compliance evaluation

Regulated production and submission of designs from the team of engineers

Responsible for approving contracts and reviewing projects

Prepared reports regarding quality compliance and regulation
Trained in engineering design

Trained in engineering construction and generation

Trained in project development

1992-1995: Bachelor of Electrical Engineering- University of Columbia
1996-1998: Master of Electrical Engineering- University of Indiana
Created specialized designs and carried out research on electrical generation

Developed beneficial working relationships with various stakeholders

Prepared internationally recognized electrical drawings and designs



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