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Business Systems Analyst Job Description


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									                   Business Systems Analyst Job Descriptions

Business Systems Analyst Job Profile and Descriptions

Business Systems Analyst is an individual, who analyzes the business requirements of the employees to determine
business-concerned problems and recommends solutions. These analysts define and apply technical knowledge for solving
complex problems concerning business application systems. Developing and delivering presentations to the clients and
seeking business opportunities that help in development of technical specifications and detailed business, proposals and
projected costs.

Duties and Responsibilities

    Reviewing, analyzing, and modifying programming systems including installing, encoding, debugging, and testing to
     support the organization’s application systems.
    Supervising and providing training, developing, and maintaining end user documentation related with administrative
    Researching, planning, and recommending administrative system and software choices to satisfy the organization’s
     business requirements.
    Assisting in the implementation of system modifications and expansions, new systems releases.
    Assisting in developing design considerations, cost analyses, and execution time-lines.
    Conducting task analysis and interacting with system users in order to identify chances for the improvement of
     productivity, integration, and to decrease costs.
    Preparing programming and system documentation for other programmers and users in compliance with external and
     internal standards.
    Maintaining a professional cognizance of techniques and tools that may use in the improvement of quality of service.
    Assisting business units in the preparation of business process mapping and departmental procedures.

Skills and Specifications

    Sound knowledge of documentation procedures, programming procedures and methods, operator instructions, and
     program flow charts.
    Strong knowledge of System analysis and Workflow Management.
    Ability to understand complex database systems.
    Ability to provide solid customer service and exercise diplomacy.
    Strong organizational & time-management skills with the ability to handle multiple tasks.
    Ability to provide individual and group-based seminar/workshop hardware/software training.
    Ability to work independently with minimum supervision.
    Ability to work with diverse group of professionals in close cooperation.

Education and Qualifications

    Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, Engineering or a related field from an accredited
     university or institution.
    Experience in programming and systems analysis related activities.
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