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WRIT 1122 Project 1 Assignment - Summer 11 by writRHET


June 13, 2011 - The editors of the Clarion invite the students of the           her life — especially one who has distinguished herself as a scholar and a
University of Denver to take a stand on one of the most controversial           democratic activist.
issues in the history of our school.
                                                                                However, Tara’s detractors on campus see the matter differently. Some
As you have no doubt heard by now, one of our classmates, senior Tara           have called her “a double criminal,” arguing that she was already in
Brennan — an Honors student, here at DU on a scholarship — has been             violation of the law by residing in the States and then broke the law again
arrested and faces deportation to her native country, Ireland.                  by taking part in the sit-in. They contend that American immigration
                                                                                policy — and, indeed, the entire legal system — cannot survive if violators
Tara was arrested when she and several other DU undergraduates staged
                                                                                like Tara are allowed to stay in the country.
a sit-in at the State Capitol, to protest a new piece of immigration
legislation that has been introduced into the Colorado legislature. The         We at the Clarion believe that the students of the University of Denver
legislation is modeled on Arizona’s Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe        cannot sit idly by while others decide Tara’s fate. Whether you are a
Neighborhoods Act.                                                              native-born American or an international student, Tara is a member of
                                                                                your community — the DU community. Thus it is our responsibility to
The other members of the protest group were released after paying a
                                                                                make our voices heard.
small fine. But Tara’s situation is different; she is an undocumented alien.
                                                                                To that end, the Clarion invites you to take a stand and voice your opinion
As a result, after Tara was arrested at the Capitol, her case was turned
                                                                                in the special edition that we will publish at the end of the month. We
over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement, who are now deciding
                                                                                encourage all students to submit a 750–1,000-word response to this
whether to send Tara back to her native country.
                                                                                question: “What should be done about Tara?”
But Tara has never set foot in Ireland. She has lived in the US all her life.   Please send your response as an email
Brought by her parents from County Fermanagh in Ireland to New York at          attachment to John Tiedemann (at
the age of two, Tara is not a legal resident of the United States, but the US by noon on
is the only home she has ever known. Growing up in the Woodlawn                 Monday, June 20.
section of the Bronx, NY, the child of a construction worker and a home         Your response should be formatted as
health aide, Tara had to work hard to get where she is today. She               a Word document, double-spaced, in
graduated at the top of her high school class in 2008, then accepted the        Times New Roman 12 or a similar font.
offer of a scholarship to the University of Denver, where she is majoring in
Legal Studies. She intends to enroll in the Sturm College of Law next fall.     This is your chance to persuade the
                                                                                students, faculty, and administrators
That is, if she’s still in the country.                                         of DU to see this important issue your
Tara’s case has sparked a great deal of debate on campus. Her supporters        way.
express disbelief and disgust at a legal system that could consider             We look forward to reading your
deporting a young woman who has lived here all but the first two years of       contribution to the debate.                    Tara Brennan, before her arrest

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