Media specialist job description

					                              Media specialist job description

Media specialist Job Profile and Description

A company or an organisation needs the help of media – print, broadcast or internet — to either promote something or to
give some information. A media specialist is responsible for managing media strategies and relations. He is a combination
of a media planner and a coordinator and in some organisations has to play roles of both. But his primary responsibility
has to do with keeping contacts with the media, decide effective strategies of presenting a positive image of his client,
thereby becoming the public face of his company.

Duties and Responsibilities:

    A media specialist needs to make a comprehensive media plan and then implement it
    He must be aware of media trends and frequently browse through publications, blogs, channels, surveys, statistics
    He needs to manage the budget for advertising and public relations
    Based on the company’s objectives, he must organise marketing materials and logistics
    He also has to plan, supervise and design media documents and select which media tool would be most suitable for a
     particular campaign
    Besides that, he needs to build cordial relations with the client and media and provide information through press
     releases, organise press conferences

Skills and Specifications:

    Communication skills – both written and verbal are very important requirements if you want to be a media specialist
    Time management, presence of mind, ability to persuade are other skills required
    An aptitude for numbers and managerial skills are also helpful

Education and Qualifications:

There are no specific courses for this job, but a person who has experience in marketing and management has an
advantage in this area. Also, if one has worked with a media organisation before, it will help him too, as he already has
industry and media contacts and knows how to interact with them, write press releases and give interviews.
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