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									                                        IT Manager Job description

Job Title
IT Manager

IT Manager Job Functions

   Overseeing all the staff in the IT department
   Providing guidance, direction and mentorship to junior employees especially on various task duties they may have difficulty performing
   Implementing IT system security in the organization to ensure safety of data and IT systems
   In charge of overseeing the organization’s WAN systems
   Overseeing the management and maintenance of computer work stations
   Overseeing the training of staff to ensure they are able to competently use computer software and hardware
   Providing support in troubleshooting of computer problems
   Overseeing the proper storage of all company data and archiving of records and back ups
   Provides expert technical support to other computer employees in the organization
   Interacting with clients on a daily basis to be able to see and understand their IT problems and provide competent solutions to these
   Ensuring smooth and efficient running of all IT systems in the organization
   Keeping the employees informed on the various technological changes that are taking place in the organization
   Communicating with top management in regards to IT related issues
   Identifying new computer systems and trends in the market so that the organization’s IT status is always on the forefront
   Organizing and leading team meetings
   Keeping his team motivated and helping them to meet the company’s goal
   Ensuring that the standard local licensing requirements are met and fulfilled
   Coming up with the budget for the department and implementing it

Professional Competencies

   Good communication skills
   Leadership qualities
   Disciplined
   Decision making skills

IT Manager Job Key Skills

   Computer hardware and software knowledge
   Good knowledge of computer security systems
   Good skills in computer networking and troubleshooting
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