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									                              Branch manager Job Description

Branch manager Job Profile and Description

For a bank to function efficiently and to post profits, it is important that the different branches individually contribute to its
development. In such a case, the bank’s branch manager has a major role to play as he is ultimately responsible for the
success of his branch. Branch managers hire, train and terminate staff members. They make sure that customers are
happy, operations are profitable and they supervise the overall work in the branch.

Duties and Responsibilities

    Branch managers are mainly responsible for keeping the business and deposit base growing
    He has to ensure that the bank gets more and more customers and attends outside sales meetings
    He creates a friendly environment in the branch that keeps both customers and employees happy
    He oversees the sales and operations on a daily basis
    He is responsible for business development with small- and medium-size organisations

Skills and Specifications

    Bank managers must train their employees and must be good leaders
    Many times they would have to take quick decisions
    He is like a multi-tasker and must be capable of coordinating between different departments
    He must be goal-oriented and should ensure that the bank registers profits
    He must follow the latest rules and regulations in the functioning of the bank
    This can be a stressful job and he may have to work on holidays too when necessary
    They must be very good with numbers and organised
    They must also have good interpersonal and networking skills and amicably solve customer complaints
    They must use their discretion and maintain client confidentiality

Education and Qualifications

In order to be a branch manager, on must have a background in finance, a bachelor’s or a master’s degree in business
administration, accounting, or finance. He also needs to have the required experience to able to guide his staff.
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