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Security Analyst Job Description


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									                             Security Analyst Job Description

Security Analyst Job Profile and Description

Security analysts work for almost any company or organization concerned with data security. They are also employed by
specialized consulting firms, doing this type of work on a contractual basis. To perform this job, a security analyst will need
experience in technical fields such as: programming, systems analysis, and telecommunications.

Duties and Responsibilities

    Develop plans to meet emergency data processing needs.
    Safeguard computer files against: accidental or unauthorized access.
    Pre-empt Accidental or unauthorized modification, destruction, and disclosure.
    Coordinate their implementation with inside personnel and outside vendors and conduct tests to ensure the functions
     of data processing activities and security measures are operational.
    If problems are identified, to modify the security files to incorporate new software, correct errors and change an
     individual’s access status.
    Formally evaluate security features of information products and systems.
    Carry out and evaluate investigative work regarding potential threats.
    Take full responsibility for handling simulated and actual disaster scenarios.
    Ensure training in security matters is provided to all levels of staff.
    Proactively disclose and remedy actual or potential breaches and risks.
    Apply expert knowledge to initiate good security practices and planning.
    Take responsibility for arrangements for physical and logical security policy.
    Advise other professionals of necessity for security counter-measures.

Skills and Specifications

    A security analyst must have an up-to-date understanding of the security measures at all stages of the informatics
     systems life cycle.
    Should understand an organization’s business in order to know what computerized functions are irreplaceable which
     they cannot afford to lose.
    Interact with computer technology to solve a variety of complex problems.
    Be able to explain complex information simply and accurately.

Education and Qualifications

    A university degree or college diploma with 0-2 years experience in the IT industry.
    Certification in a combination of courses in computer programming, management information systems, business and
     systems design and analysis.
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