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									                             Production Worker Job Description

Production Worker Job Profile and Description

Production workers are those who work in the manufacturing process of the organization he has been hired by. He is
usually responsible for taking part in labor – intensive procedures where mass production of a certain product is going on.

Duties and Responsibilities
 A production worker is responsible for working in the manufacturing process of a product.
 He is responsible for assembling as well as loading and unloading of machines and soldering parts.
 Production workers in the service industry are responsible for ensuring that all the necessary services are being
     provided to the user.
    Production workers in technical work have to be responsible in assembling different parts of the machinery together
     or soldering them.
    In whatever industry a production worker has been hired in, repetition of certain steps is at the core of his job. For
     instance, he may have to repeat manual tasks, services, etc. according to the industry.
Skills and Specifications
 It is extremely important for production workers to be physically fit and healthy.
 He should be willing to work in shifts.
 He may have to work for long hours in order to get the job at hand done.
 He should possess the willingness to follow the instructions of superior personnel of the organization he is working
 He should be willing to work in an environment where producing high – volume output is the key.
 He should be willing to learn and work to the best of his abilities.
 He should be capable of working in a team.
 He should be capable of working in stressful situations in times of need.
Education and Qualifications
Production workers typically need to have a high school diploma. Training in the specified industry of work is an added

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