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									                                     Research Job Descriptions

Research is that higher branch of a subject which requires highest degree of qualifications and skills in that particular field.
Research is a term associated with the deeper study or analysis. A research job requires candidates who fulfill the
educational qualifications and skill criteria.

A research job can be of many types depending upon the specific area of subject. The following are a few examples:

      Social research job
      Media research job
      Research officer job
      Market research analyst job

The following are the skills and qualification expected from any research job applicant:

      First of all the complete knowledge and certificates of proof of the qualifications should be produced by the candidate.
      Most research jobs require some kind of an experience in that field. So a detailed account of the previous experience
       should be given.
      A research job applicant should be well versed with the basic and even the advanced topics of that field.
The following are the duties and responsibilities expected from a research job applicant:

      He/she should be able to assist senior researchers by giving inputs and analyzing previous recorded data.
      He/she should have all the appropriate points and basics of that subject on his/her tips and should be able to respond
       to any questions raised quickly.
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