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					                     Management consultant Job Description

Management consultant Job Profile and Description

Management consultants share their expertise, skills and give advice to their clients with the aim of boosting growth and
improving the business performance of the companies. They formulate and implement strategies by studying the structure,
management and operations of a company. They give recommendations, provide resources and solutions for the
betterment of the organisation.

Duties and Responsibilities

    Management consultants offer services in the field of business strategy, marketing, human resources, financial and
     management controls etc
    Their work is usually project-based and they give advice depend on the demands of the organisation
    They need to carry out research and data collection and conduct analysis of the industry trends
    They have to interview the client’s employees, the management team and other stakeholders
    They have to conduct workshops and run focus groups
    They need to prepare business proposals or presentations after studying the requirements of the clients and the
    They need to identify problems, forming hypotheses and give solutions for the issue
    They need to ensure the client receives the required assistance in the implementation of the recommendations and
    They have to manage projects and programmes and also lead team members
    They spend most of their time at the client’s site and play a larger leadership role in the management of client

Skills and Specifications

    Management consultants need to have thorough knowledge of the latest industry trends
    They must have good communication skills, both written and verbal
    They must possess leadership skills and motivate others
    They must be good with numbers and be presentable
    They must be able to work under pressure

Education and Qualifications

Those interested in this field need to have at least a Bachelor’s degree in business administration, finance, accounting,
sales, etc. Diploma in computer and communication is also an added advantage.
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