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					                            Industrial Engineer Job Description

Industrial Engineer Job Profile and Description
An industrial engineer job description revolves around determining ways in which the most basic production factors can be
put to use to fashion a product. The aim of industrial engineers is to increase production and operations efficiency, through
people management, technology and business organization. As an industrial engineer, it is important to keep advancing
your education and skills. Having a job outlook is important in order to climb up the corporate ladder and become an
expert in the field.

Duties and Responsibilities

    Learn product requirements and ensure that they are met.
    Solve production problems that arise within an organization.
    Design information as well as manufacturing systems.
    Develop control systems that help in analysis of costs and planning of finances.
    They create and upgrade systems for goods and services distribution.
    Determine ideal locations to set up plants.
    Develop cost efficient processes in the engineering field.
    Monitor the general flow of operations.
    Establish programs of work measurement in order to guarantee fulfillment of targets and deadlines.
    Determine how best to use the work force to achieve maximum productivity.
    Give recommendations on how to improve productivity.
    Communicate with the staff and management on ways of implementing the plans and the recommendations that they
     come up with.

Skills and Specifications

    Good problem solvers.
    Be able to sense needs when they arise.
    Be organized.
    Keen eye for detail.
    Be flexible enough to travel to job sites when need arises.
    Willing to work overtime including weekend depending ion the nature of work available.
    Able to work with minimum or no supervision

Education and Qualifications

    A Bachelor of Technology degree in Industrial Engineering.
    A Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Science.
    A Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics.
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