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Area Manager Job Description


									                                 Area Manager Job Description

Area Manager Job Profile and Description
An area manager is responsible for all the performances of a company’s branch including its employees in a specified area
of responsibility. The responsibility of an area manager is very wide since it picks out company branches that have poor
performance in marketing, production, and management. Most of the time an area manager serves as a troubleshooter for
a company branch that is experiencing certain operational, managing, and marketing problems. It is also the job of an
area manager to supervise and evaluate all the company branches under its jurisdiction. This kind of position requires a lot
of skills especially in communication since this kind of job are more on communicating with branch managers around the
area. It is also the role of a branch manager to report regularly the performance of the company’s branches to its main

Duties and Responsibilities
These are the major responsibilities of an area manager:

     An area manager is in charge of the entire branch managers in his or her assigned area of responsibility. Meeting with
      the area’s branch manager from time to time is one of the major tasks of an area manager. Since this kind of job
      position is more on evaluating, area managers visit company branches within their area to ensure that all the
      company’s branches performance in their area are doing well.
     An area manager evaluates the assigned branches performance in terms of profitability, production and its
      employee’s performance as well. It is the obligation of an area manager to manipulate company branches that are
      not performing well. Troubleshooting is done by area managers especially in newly opened branches.
     An area manager applies all managerial functions in a wide scope. An area manager is most of the time called the
      head manager since they do all the management process in a wide range such as leading the branch managers to
      perform well, organizing its branches to perform well, controlling branch uncertain expense, and implementing certain
      strategies to avoid uncertainties or risks.
Implementing wide scope strategic management is also done by area managers. Area managers must be updated with the
current economic trends to formulate and apply it on branches under their jurisdiction in order to avoid business failures
and loss of sales.

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