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					                  Administrative Coordinator Job Description

Administrative Coordinator Job Profile and Description
The administrative coordinator is the one performing administrative and assistance work in an office on over all
administrative and technical details. The work of an administrative coordinator involves facilitation of departmental,
regional and related office jobs through attendance of various staff details, enabling the administrative superior to perform
other duties. The administrative coordinator works under the direct supervision of an administrative officer and he is
required to judge independently and to have considerable initiative. An administrative coordinator is expected every office
task assigned to him and follow any requirements regarding work and attendance as established by company rules. His job
is reviewed through conferences, observations and report analysis.

Duties and Responsibilities
Some of the duties and responsibilities of an administrative coordinator are:

    The conduct of surveys and studies and collection of administrative and operational information on any problem
     regarding them. It includes analysis of reports and findings on solutions, methods and procedures.
    Preparation of manuals and other publications on improved procedures, methods and systems.
    Supervision and participation of activities involving personnel management of a division the scope of which includes
     employment and benefits, classification, employee training and administration of salary.
    Taking care of cases in accordance with established rules and procedures.
    Provides assistance on agency or personnel policy formulation and oversees support clerical personnel.
    Do correspondence concerning overall agency, division or department operations.
    Provide assistance in the preparation of an agency, division or agency annual budget.
    Should have knowledge on public administration, its principles and its practices as applied to his job as an
     administrative coordinator.
    Should have the initiative to know all the rules, regulations and policies that governs a unit to which he as an
     administrative coordinator is assigned.
    Prepare instructional and informational publications on special, monthly and annual reports.
    Follow up on projects to determine whether they adhere to a predetermined project completion date and progress.
    An administrative coordinator also maintains a smooth working relationship with his administrator, staff and co-
    Should have adequate knowledge of effective office administration and preparation of budget.
    Perform assigned staff jobs and other works related to his position as an administrative coordinator.
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