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					JUNE 2009
Welcome to Magic Youth International              Page 3

Local Magic Youth News                            Page 3           The TRIANGLE TOP HAT is a monthly
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Magician’s Code of Ethics                         Page 4            MAGIC YOUTH INTERNATIONAL
Caring for Your Sponges                           Page 4
                                                                         Editor   Roger C. Way
Productive Practice                               Page 5           Youth Editor   To Be Announced

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Coin Magic—The Magical Date                       Page 6                     c/o Roger C. Way
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Puzzles and More                                  Page 8
                                                                        Triangle Youth Director

                                                                               Roger C. Way
                                                                       Youth Director/Vice President
                                                                  International Brotherhood of Magicians
                                                                           Lee-Snavely Ring #199
                                                                          Raleigh, North Carolina
Member input is always welcome and encouraged!
Have you created a new trick or added a special
twist to an old favorite? Are you performing in the                   Triangle M.Y.I. Committee
Triangle? Would you like to write a monthly youth
column on magic history, theory or tricks? Let us                         Chairman     Phil Willmarth
hear from you!                                                        Youth Director   Roger Way
                                                                       Ring Member
                                                                       Ring Member
                 June’s Magic Lesson                                   Ring Member
                                                                      Youth Member
      This month’s hands-on magic lesson will include                 Youth Member

      BASIC COIN MAGIC & MANIPULATION                           Committee positions are available for adult
                       Lesson Sources:                          and youth members! Support your Magic
            Mark Wilson’s Complete Course in Magic              Youth by volunteering a few hours of your
                J.B. Bobo’s Modern Coin Magic                   time each month!

    Bring Five (5) Kennedy Half Dollars and a Close-Up Pad to
       Class. These items will be provided for students, as
        needed. Illustrated binder notes will be provided.

               6:00 PM, Saturday, June 6th
             New Horizons Fellowship Annex
              820 E. Williams St., Apex, NC
                                                                The Triangle Top Hat/ June 2009            2
        Welcome to the Tarheel Capital City Chapter of
                    Magic Youth International
Warmest greetings to our young Tarheel Magicians. The International
Brotherhood of Magicians is very pleased to welcome you into our Magic
Youth program. This new journal proves that you are in the most capable of
hands. As a member of M.Y.I., you are a vital part of the world's largest
organization for magicians and for people interested in the magical arts.
You are part of an organization that hosts nearly 12,000 members in over
300 local groups called Rings found in more than 73 countries. With your
help, we can form our Magic Youth branch into the most respected
organization for new and talented young magicians, collectors and
enthusiasts in the world! Under the watchful eye of your Ring's skilled and
dedicated magic mentors, you will develop the skills and honor the
traditions that we hold so dear. Our future begins with you.

                                       Joan Caesar, International President

                             Have you ever wondered what it was like for Marco Polo, Christopher Columbus and
                             Neil Armstrong as they began their journeys into vast new lands? The tradesman dis-
                             covering exotic new cultures, the sailor discovering new continents and the astronaut
                             walking across distant craters were all very much like you. Nothing happened until
                             they took that very first step. With each new step, vast new worlds began to open and
                             changes swept the homes they’d left behind. These intrepid explorers didn’t go alone,
                             either. Their journeys were planned around the skills and experiences of masterful
                             mentors who all came before. So it is with you and your journey into the fun and fasci-
                             nating art of magic. Through Magic Youth International and the International Brother-
                             hood of Magicians, you will discover a vibrant network dedicated to helping you
                             achieve your magical dreams—whatever they may be. With your help and input, this
                             will be a fun and exciting voyage into discovery! Welcome aboard!

                                                                              Roger Way, Ring 199 Youth Director

                        Magic Youth News
  Raleigh Artspace Family Fun Day                                  Toys for Tots/Coats for Kids
      Saturday, August 22, 12:00—3:00 PM                                    Magic Youth Showcase

Raleigh Artspace will provide a stage for interested          Begin working now on creating and presenting one
young magicians to perform at this annual Family Fun          or two 5-10 minute stage routines for our Magic
Day event. If you would like to perform or would like         Youth Benefit Showcase this December! We would
coaching on preparing an act, contact Roger. We would         like to see every Magic Youth participating either on
like to have a great Magic Youth showing at this Art          stage or in the Close-Up Galley. You CAN do it! Ask
Council event.                                                for coaching—we’re here to help you shine!

                    Visit the                                                      Visit the
            Triangle M.Y.I. Web Site                                          I.B.M. Web Portal

                                                                       The Triangle Top Hat/ June 2009                 3
Look! It’s really, really, really simple. Our magic
is really the art of creating illusions. These illu-
sions are based on secrets: secret devices, se-
cret moves, secret helpers, secret effects. Se-
Without these secrets there is no magic. Now,
go back and read that underlined line again,           Sponge items such as
okay? When a person learns the secret to your          balls and bunnies are
magic, it stops being magic and becomes just           often handled by count-
another puzzle. The mystery and entertainment          less people. Over time
value of magic suffers.                                they will become dirty,
                                                       dingy and, possibly,
Professional magicians figured this out thou-          germy. Here are a few
sands of years ago. So, to protect their art and       excellent tips on caring
their secrets, master magicians would take ap-         for your sponges:
prentices under their wings and teach them the
acts. Before learning the secrets, each appren-        1. Hold the sponges un-
tice had to promise to live by a set of rules.         der a running lukewarm or cold faucet and soak them.
These rules became know as The Magician’s              Wash with a very mild antibacterial liquid soap and rinse
Code.                                                  thoroughly.
Trust us, you will be tempted to tell your secrets.
Part of you will want everyone to know to prove        2. Roll each sponge into a terry cloth towel and press to
how clever you really are. Also trust us when we       draw the water from the sponge.
say that if you tell them, you will be sorry. When
you do, you will stop being a magician in their        3. As sponge balls dry, pinch the middle of the ball and
eyes. You’ll be seen as a common, everyday             gently pull outward. Done right, this will slightly tear the
trickster.                                             balls from the inside and they will double in size. Be care-
                                                       ful not to pull too hard or you'll tear the ball in half. This
The Magician’s Code goes something like this:          technique is not recommended for sponge items other
As a Magician, I will:                                 than balls.
1) Oppose the willful exposure to the public of        4. Squirt a bit of hand sanitizer into the palm of your
   any principles of the Art of Magic, or the          hand. Gently roll each sponge between your palms to
   methods employed in any magic effect or             sanitize. The sanitizer evaporates quickly.
2) Display ethical behavior in the presentation        Note: The alcohol in the sanitizer may affect the color of
   of magic to the public and in our conduct as        your sponges over time, but the overall result is worth it.
   magicians, including not interfering with or
   jeopardizing the performance of another ma-         If you follow the above steps it will insure that your
   gician either through personal intervention or      sponge balls are big, fluffy, and germ-free clean.
   the unauthorized use of another's creation.
                                                       Thanks to Magician Christopher Lyle of Dallas, Texas for
3) Recognize and respect for rights of the crea-       sharing these tips.
   tors, inventors, authors, and owners of magic
   concepts, presentations, effects and litera-
   ture, and their rights to have exclusive use of,
   or to grant permission for the use by others
   of such creations.
4) Discourage false or misleading statements in
   the advertising of effects, and literature, mer-
   chandise or actions pertaining to the magical
5) Discourage advertisement in magic publica-
   tions for any magical apparatus, effect, litera-
   ture or other materials for which the adver-
   tiser does not have commercial rights.
6) Promote the humane treatment and care of
   livestock used in magical performances.               Use your magic skills to turn this duck into a bunny!
                                                                   (Hint: Rotate the page 1/4 turn to the left.)

                                                                   The Triangle Top Hat/ June 2009                      4
                       Productive Practice
LEARNING A NEW TRICK                                            weeded out your most obvious mistakes, begin working
                                                                without the mirror or camera. Practice each move while
A well-practiced trick                                          your mind is busy with something else. Palm and pass a
builds confidence and                                           coin as you walk down the street. Flip and pass a deck of
your self-awareness as a                                        cards as you’re watching television. Your muscle memory
performer. The moves are                                        is at work when you can do the move without thinking
perfect. Every motion and                                       about it.
gesture looks polished
and natural. A well-                                            Periodically check yourself with the mirror, camera or
rehearsed trick flows with                                      practice buddy to make sue you haven’t picked up any
the charm of a flawless                                         bad habits. Use the camera or your practice buddy to
dance. Your reward for                                          watch for bad angles or views that might expose the se-
the hours spent practicing                                      cret and ruin the trick. Now, you’re ready for some real
each new trick is the audi-
ence’s startled response: Shock, awe, laughter and ap-
                                                                PRESENTATIONAL PRACTICE
plause.                                                         Executing a trick is not the same as performing
                                                                magic. This is so important that you should read it again.
But, how do we achieve this level of success? Simply
                                                                Go ahead! I’ll wait for you.
practicing a trick over and over is not sufficient. Produc-
tive practice comes in three distinct stages: Head Prac-        Too many beginning magicians think that being able to
tice, Hand Practice and Presentation Practice. To work,         do the mechanics of a trick without revealing the secret is
each stage must be taken in order.                              the same as performing magic. Think about the last magi-
                                                                cian you saw. Was he fun to watch? Did you want to see
HEAD PRACTICE                                                   more? Or was he boring? Did you spend more time trying
The first step is to teach the brain the mechanics of a         to figure out how he did the trick than you did enjoying it?
trick. Take your time in learning each new step of the          Tricks done without an entertaining presentation are
trick. Learn the move, the order of each move and the           mere puzzles. The spectator knows there’s a trick and
patterns involved.                                              they’ll spend their time (and yours) trying to figure it out.
Start by carefully reading the instructions through, start to   Tricks performed in a manner that is fun and entertaining
finish, before beginning. Then learn each move one at a         strengthens the magic and keeps the spectator’s focus
time. When you can successfully repeat each move in             on the magician, not the puzzle.
order, you are ready to move on to
                                                                Presentation practice takes the mechanics of a trick and
HAND PRACTICE                                                   adds an entertaining story line. Write a fun story that you
Now that the brain has the moves in order, it’s time to         can tell as you present the trick. This is called patter and
teach the hands. Like our brain, our muscles also have a        patter can be one of your most useful tools in magic.
form of memory. When you first learn how to tie your            Practice each step of your trick as you speak the patter
shoestrings, it takes conscious effort to remember each         out loud. Learn your patter as well as you learned each
twist and tuck. As you practice, the moves become more          step in your trick. This will keep you from having to think
automatic. Eventually, you find yourself tying your shoes       about what to say as you present the trick.
without a single thought. It just happens.
                                                                When you have it down, perform the effect, patter and all,
This muscle memory is the magician’s best friend. With          for your video camera or practice buddy. Find your weak
productive practice, you hands, body language and facial        spots and fix them. If your practice buddy catches an er-
expressions will eventually carry you through a trick with      ror, find a way to fix it and add the new fix to future prac-
little conscious effort. This is especially important when      tices.
hiding the secret moves that keeps the magic in your act.
                                                                Eventually, you’ll feel as though you “own” the trick. You’ll
Perform each move over and over in front of a mirror, a         have the mechanics, the moves and the presentation
practice buddy or a video camera. Catch your mistakes           flowing so smoothly that you amaze and, more impor-
and correct them. Don’t worry about being perfect as you        tantly, entertain everyone you perform for.
learn a new trick. Stick with it and your practice will begin
to pay off.                                                     Develop these good practice habits now, and they’ll serve
                                                                you throughout your lifelong magic hobby or career.
Once you feel comfortable with the moves and have

                                                                         The Triangle Top Hat/ June 2009                   5
                               Magic You Can Do!
Each month, we’ll bring you new magic tricks to practice and perform. Then, we’ll show you how to apply these
 new moves into a fun and entertaining presentation. If you ever have a question about a new move, be sure to
                 ask your Ring magic mentor during the next Magic Youth lesson. Have fun!

In this easy magic trick, the spectator separates a deck of cards into      Ask a friend to place the change from their pocket onto the table. As
four piles, mixes them a bit, and at the end, discovers that there’s an     you turn your back ask the friend to pick up one coin and memorize
ace on top of each pile. All you need is a deck of cards, an easy setup     the date on that coin. Instruct your friend to hand the coin to everyone
and the secret, and you’re ready to go.                                     present so they, too, can memorize the date. Finally, when your friend
                                                                            gets the coin back, instruct him to mix this coin back into the others on
                                                                            the table. You turn around and pick up each coin. By looking at the
                                                                            date on the coin you are able to figure out which coin they selected.

Secret: Although the spectator thinks that he is cutting the cards in
random ways, he’s actually dealing the aces onto the top of each of
the four piles. All the spectator has to do is follow your instructions.

Materials: A deck of cards with four aces.

                                                                            Secret: This one is a very cool coin trick. The way it works is that
Preparation: Beforehand, place the four aces on top of the pack.
                                                                            when you are picking up the coins in order to "look at the date", what
Don’t let the spectator know that the aces are in this position.
                                                                            you are actually doing is feeling the heat of the coins. Because of
                                                                            what's called "specific heat" in physics - metals conduct heat better
Performance: Ask your friend to cut the deck so there are four semi-        than wood and other materials. It's because of this fact that when
equal piles of cards. You need to watch where the top part of the deck      someone holds onto a coin for even just 20 or 30 seconds, the heat
with the aces lands. For a cleaner effect, you can ask the spectator to     from their fingers will be transferred to the coin.
separate the deck by dropping cards off the bottom of the deck to
create the piles. This way, the pile with the aces will end up at your
                                                                            So all you have to do is pick up the coins one at a time and pretend to
extreme right or left, which makes the next steps more logical.
                                                                            look at the date. So imagine that you pick up a quarter, a nickel, a
                                                                            dime, and a couple pennies. But the coins could even be exotic for-
Point to one of the non-ace piles and ask the spectator to pick it up       eign coins. When you get to the coin that is warm, say something like
and hold it in his hand. Ask him to take three cards off of the top and     "This nickel was made in 1983. That's interesting, because in 1983
place them on the bottom of the pile and then deal one card from the        blah blah blah was going on and I just knew that you'd pick it!
top of the pile onto each of the three other piles.
                                                                            Sometimes, people may pick up on the method, if you don't confuse
Repeat with another non-ace pile. Repeat with the last non-ace pile.        them a bit by talking about the date. This is one of those tricks that if
                                                                            you play it up right, it can work wonders. If someone does guess that
Now ask the spectator to perform the same thing with the pile that has      you're just feeling which one is the hottest coin, then sometimes you
the aces. He’ll place the top three cards onto the bottom of the pile       can get away with directly throwing them off by saying. "I wish it were
and then deal a card onto each of the other piles. When the top cards       that easy, but I'm not telling the secret!". That indirectly gets your
on each pile are turned over, they’ll be aces.                              friend to think that it must be something else, and that you still have a
                                                                            secret that you are keeping!
Tip: After the spectator is finished dealing the cards, pause for effect.
At this point, you can review what he has done: cut the cards and           It's perfect for the dinner table when you go out to eat with a few of
dealt them, and emphasize that the cards should be all mixed up.            your friends, or when you don't have a deck of cards with you and
                                                                            someone asks for you to show them a magic trick! No trick coins re-
          Thanks to Wayne Kawamoto at Magic.About.Com                       quired! You asked for a cool coin trick, and you got it!
The fact that you’ve joined Magic Youth International tells us that you enjoy learning new tricks and amazing
your friends and family. Still, you may be wondering if magic offers a real future. To answer
your question, let’s look at a few of today’s top professional teenage magic performers.

Sterling Dietz is one of the top teen names in modern professional magic. Sterling has taken the
world by storm. Winning the coveted Lance Burton Award in Las Vegas in February of 2006 was
just the start of his amazing rise in magic. Now a Senior at Lynden High School, Sterling has
helped raise tens of thousands of dollars for benefits and charities. In 2007 he established and
funded four scholarships for local high school students who have a passion for the performing
arts. Sterling is an honor role student, and has been ranked in the top forty in the nation for his
skills at chess.

                           Magical Micheal (Yes, that is how he spells it) is a 12 year old magician             STERLING
                           who has been interested in the art of magic since age 2. Micheal started                DIETZ
                           performing magic shows at age 5 and currently performs magic shows
                           for birthday parties, Christmas parties, Universities, corporations and more. He has met David
                           Copperfield and presented him with his business card. Mike recently accepted a $1000 schol-
                           arship from A-Channel News & Save-On-Foods for his amazing magical talents and this year
                           alone has been in 7 newspapers! He earned his first Gold Medal for Close-up Magic at the
                           2006 Pacific Coast Association of Magicians competitions.

                             After receiving magic sets from various aunts and un-
                             cles, Adam Cope loved nothing more than working
VICTORIA, BRITISH COLUMBIA   hours on his ability to fool others. Soon after, Adam be-
     MAGICAL MICHEAL         gan dragging his parents to every magic show passing
                             through town. One such show featuring David Copper-
field truly inspired Adam to pursue his dreams. Fortunately for Adam and his fu-
ture audiences, his family supported Adam’s dream one hundred percent. Adam
started performing wherever he could. He covered his hometown of Columbus,
Ohio at birthdays, weddings, family reunions, churches, and more. "Being on
stage, getting the chance to be myself and make people laugh has made my job
the best in the world," Adam says. "I'm glad that this is something I'll have for the
rest of my life, I truly wouldn't want to do anything else."
                                                                                                   COLUMBUS, OHIO
                                      Seventeen-year-old Tyler Harrison has                     MAGICIAN ADAM COPE
                                      been a keen magician since he was at pri-
                                      mary school. He is a regular and in-demand restaurant performer in his hometown
                                      of Great Yarmouth. Tyler describes himself as a “close up” magician. “It was my
                                      dad, Mark Harrison, who really got me into it when I was about nine,” Tyler explains.
                                      “Dad used to do simple tricks that I began doing at primary school with a few mates.
                                      It's great to meet lots of people doing magic and I like the appeal of magic. It's
                                      something about being able to amaze people with what you can do.” When he was
                                      younger he was fascinated by illusionist David Blaine and
        TYLER HARRISON                he tried to work out how his tricks and illusions were done.
                                    Kyle Eschen is a future star of Magic. A brilliant l5-year-
old comedy magician; the next Johnny Carson! He has performed at the Magic Castle with
some of the finest magical skills in the Castle's junior program. Kyle Eschen has carefully
honed his awkwardness and will no doubt woo the ladies in years to come. Kyle along with
Lance Burton was one of the headliners for the Associated Television's World Magic Awards in

What does the future of magic hold for you? Let’s find out together!
                                                                                                      KYLE    ESCHEN

                                                                             The Triangle Top Hat/ June 2009                  7
                  Puzzles & More
        Use THIS baseball bat if you want to get more HITS.
        Male cats are called _____ by _____ people.
        The old man related his _____ until _____ in the evening.
        My finger is still _____ where I pricked it on the thorn of a _____.
        It rained _____ and dogs on the _____ during the last two _____ of the play.

  Jocko the Magnificent is a great magician, but he has a problem: He doesn’t al-
  ways remember which prop he uses in his magic act. See if you can help. First,
  study this picture for two minutes. Then turn the page for a quiz on what you see.

                                                       The Triangle Top Hat/ June 2009   8
Three of the props pictured below belong to an-
other magician and did NOT appear in Jocko’s
show on the previous page. From memory, can        LEAP
you figure out which one’s they are? No Peeking!

                                                   __ __ __ __ a big pile

                                                   __ __ __ __

                                                   __ __ __ __ A camel has one

                                                   Change just one letter on each line to go
                                                   from the top word to the bottom word. Do
                                                   not change the order of the letters. You
                                                   must have a word at each step.

                                                      The Triangle Top Hat/ June 2009          9
ROGER WAY        SUNDAY 6-8pm at Sparks
                       Rt 55 in Apex
                 TUESDAY 6-8pm at Champps
                       Triangle Town Center, Raleigh                          In the Next Issue
                 WEDNESDAY 6-8 at Tequila Sunrise
                       877 E Gannon Ave. Zebulon
                 Web                                                 The July Issue will bring you all new
                 .                                                         magic, fun and games.
JOSH LOZOFF      FRIDAY 6:30-8:30pm - Mellow Mushroom
                       Across from the Durham Bulls Ballpark        We’ll also feature tips and advice from
                 FRIDAY 9-11pm - Anotherthyme                        an up and coming young Triangle
                       Downtown Durham                                             magician.
                 .                                                     If you have a magic effect or story
PAUL MILLER      FRIDAY 7-10pm - Adventure Landing                   you’d like to share with other Triangle
                       Raleigh - Capital Blvd
                                                                       Magic Youth, send us an email at
                 .                                                              rway[at]
CHAD NIPPER      FRIDAY 7-9pm - The Melting Pot
                       Raleigh - Wake Forest Rd                                LEAP > HEAP > HEMP > HUMP > JUMP
                 Web                                                   Magic word Ladder:
                                                                                  3. Linking Rings
WAYNE            FRIDAY 7-10pm - Stonewood Grill                                  2. Gorilla
ANDERSON               1080 Darrington Dr, Cary                                   1. Gloves              Jocko:
                                                                              5. CATS CAST ACTS
                                                                              4. SORE ROSE
      MAGIC LUNCH TABLE - EVERY FRIDAY AT 1PM                                 3. TALE LATE
  Everyone is welcome to join us for a fun lunch every Friday at              2. TOMS MOST
 SWEET TOMATOES RESTAURANT on Walnut Street in Cary's                         1. THIS HITS            Anagrams:

  Crossroads Plaza! Danny Reeves will add you to his email re-                    PUZZLE ANSWERS
                  minder list if you wish. Email

                                                                   The Wallace Lee—Dick Snavely Ring
                                                                   meets on the First Saturday of each month
FOR ALL OF YOUR MAGIC AND COSTUME NEEDS.                           at 7:00 PM in the New Horizons Fellowship
                                                                   Annex at 820 E. Williams St., Apex, NC.
         AND THEIR SUPERIOR MAGIC STAFF!                              Youth Members, their Parents and
                                                                        Guests are Always Welcome
      3684 CAPITAL BLVD., RALEIGH, NC 27604
  (919) 875-1550     WWW.THEMAGICCORNER.COM               

                                                                    The Triangle Top Hat/ June 2009               10

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