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									JULY 2009
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                                                                      Triangle Youth Director

                                                                             Roger C. Way
                                                                     Youth Director/Vice President
                                                                International Brotherhood of Magicians
                                                                  Wallace Lee-Dick Snavely Ring #199
                                                                        Raleigh, North Carolina
Member input is always welcome and encouraged!
Have you created a new trick or added a special
twist to an old favorite? Are you performing in the                 Your Triangle M.Y.I. Team
Triangle? Would you like to write a monthly youth
column on magic history, theory or tricks? Let us                       Chairman     Phil Willmarth
hear from you!                                                       Ring Member     Roger Way
                                                                     Ring Member     Larry Maitin
                                                                     Ring Member     Michael Casey
                 July’s Magic Lesson                                 Ring Member     Scott Shelton
                                                                     Ring Member     George Dolicker
                                                                    Youth Member     Cliff Bumgardner
    This month’s hands-on magic lesson will include                 Youth Member     Spiro Trance
                     Lesson Sources:
          Mark Wilson’s Complete Course in Magic

    Bring your Best and Favorite Routines. If Needed, We’ll
             Help You Create Fun Performances.

             6:00 PM, Saturday, July 11th
            New Horizons Fellowship Annex
             820 E. Williams St., Apex, NC
                                                              The Triangle Top Hat/ July 2009            2
         Welcome to the Tarheel Capital City Chapter of
                      Magic Youth International
                              Welcome to Magic Youth International. We plan to make this a most enjoyable experience
                              and also an extremely valuable one. Magic has fantastic potential to do ever so much more
                              than make you “the life of the party.” Magic has power: power to help you grow as a person,
                              power to bring you a multitude of friends who share your enthusiasm: power to change your
                              Some who read this will think: So, why do I need Magic Youth International? I can find out
                              all I need to know about magic on the Internet. I can find friends there. I can learn all the
                              magic tricks I will ever need to know.
                              If you are one of those who think this, you have just answered your own question for the
                              real secrets of Magic are not the magic tricks one can do. Did you know that many people
                              see magicians, especially younger magicians, as show offs using a little bit of knowledge to
                              put people down? Did you know that many, perhaps most people, think that magic is for
                              children? Do you realize that many people do not think it is fun to be fooled?
On the other hand, some people fear magic, recognize that it has power and think of it as a means of controlling people.
Indeed, magic was used in exactly this way in the earliest days of human history and it can still be used in this way.
Magic is one of the oldest and most difficult forms of theater. When done effectively, it has been the foundation of many
religions. It has always had the power to heal people and, indeed, is so being used today.
If you want to know the real secrets of performing magic, join us. Join people from all walks of life, all religions, all layers
of society, all areas of the world who are bound together by a common love of Magic. Let us share the real secrets of
magic with you.
                                      Phil Willmarth, International President 2007-2008, Ring Youth Committee Chairman

“I think there is a world market for maybe five computers.” – Thomas Watson,
chairman of IBM, 1943 “Heavier than air flying machines are impossible.” – Lord
Kelvin, President, Royal Society, 1895 “We don’t like their sound, and guitar music
is on its way out.” – Decca Recording Company, rejecting The Beatles, 1962
Imagine what our world would be like today if Bill Gates, the Wright Brothers and Paul
McCartney had listened to these people. Don’t let anyone tell you that six, ten and 13
year olds can’t perform great magic. Believe in your dream and dedicate yourself to
making it all come true. We’re here to help you reach those dreams—whatever they
may be. We believe in the magic of you!
                                                  Roger Way, Ring 199 Youth Director

                      As our nation celebrates its 233rd Birthday, We heartily salute
                     our Ring Members and Mentors who have answered the call of
                    Freedom through their dedicated military and community service.

                     Visit the                                                           Visit the
             Triangle M.Y.I. Web Site                                               I.B.M. Web Portal

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                        Magic Youth News
        JULY MEETING CHANGED                              “Ladies and Gentlemen, my fingers are so

Due to the July 4th Holiday, the July meeting has                     fast, I can play Chopin’s
been changed to the second Saturday of the
                                                                  Minute Waltz in 18 seconds!?”
month, JULY 11TH.

The Youth Topic is Rehearsing for the August               CONGRATS TO CLIFF BUMGARDNER!
ArtSpace Show! Bring your best and favorite rou-
tines! If you need help with a routine, we’re there
                                                          In case you missed it, Ring #199 Member Cliff
for you! See you there!
                                                          Bumgardner, will be featured in an upcoming Youth in
                                                          Magic Linking Ring column written by Dakota Rose!
How many Magicians does it take to change a               Well deserved, Cliff!
                 light bulb?
 Seven! One to change the bulb, four to tell              Cliff is also the new Youth Editor of The Triangle Top
 him how he should have done it and two to                Hat. Send him your ideas, photos and article sugges-
      tell everyone else how he did it!                   tions!

       RALEIGH ARTSPACE                                                 “Isn’t this wonderful!
  FAMILY FUN DAY PERFORMANCE                                      I’ve just this minute arrived on
   Saturday, August 22, 12:00—3:00 PM
                                                          stage and already you’re giving me this sit-
Raleigh Artspace will provide a stage for interested                         ting ovation!”
young magicians to perform at this annual Family Fun
Day event. All ages up to 18 years are encouraged to
join in!
                                                            TOYS FOR TOTS/COATS FOR KIDS
If you would like to perform or need coaching on pre-                  MAGIC YOUTH SHOWCASE
paring an act, talk to a youth mentor. We would like to
have a great Magic Youth showing at this Art Council      Begin working now on creating and presenting one or
event.                                                    two 5-10 minute stage routines for our Magic Youth
                                                          Benefit Showcase this December! We would like to see
  “Isn’t this wonderful weather? Why just                 every Magic Youth participating either on stage or in the
                                                          Close-Up Galley.
      this morning I sat by my window
                                                          You CAN do it! Ask for coaching! Individual adult
      listening to the birds coughing.”                   coaches are encouraged to help a student shine!

       MAGIC TOPS THE CHARTS!                               “I bore my parents with magic tricks all

Top recording artists are turning                                    day long. Last week, they
to magic for their live concerts!                                        tried to run away. I
Top magic funny guy, Ed Alonzo,
has appeared on stage with Brit-                                      vanished their car keys.”
tany Spears’ Circus Tour.

He was also behind the design of                            Performance Quotes taken from David Ginn and
several effects to appear in Mi-                            Gene Gordon’s wonderful book on performance
chael Jackson’s come back tour.                                     one-liners, Laughter Legacy.

                                                                   The Triangle Top Hat/ July 2009                 4
                Find Your Magic Buddy
One of the greatest truths in magic is this: You Can’t Do It Alone. Sure, you can probably create or learn a new
routine, conquer the mechanics and write a convincing script all by yourself. But, it takes the supportive and criti-
cal eyes of a trusted friend to perfect the moves and polish the patter. This is the very special role of your Magic

Jay Leno and David Letterman rely on teams of profes-         vate and inspire us better than others. Others may lead
sional writers to polish their jokes. Paul McCartney and      us away from becoming the best magician you can be.
John Lennon turned to one another to create their great-      If you keep tossing out ideas and your Buddy offers noth-
est music. Chris Angel and David Blaine consult with          ing in return, you’re being short changed. You want a
other magic professionals in planning                                           Magic Buddy that inspires you as much
their television specials. Simply                                               as you inspire him. She needs to moti-
stated, the truly great achieve their                                           vate you as strongly and firmly as you
goals by turning to those they trust the                                        push her.
                                                                               Your Magic Buddy can be a boy or a
It’s very easy to identify those stu-                                          girl. He can be your best friend or a
dents who work alone. They’re the                                              classmate with a common interest in
ones who present a new routine with-                                           magic. Your Magic Buddy can even be
out working through the angles or cre-                                         your Mom or Dad if they share a mutual
ating the entertainment value.                                                 interest in magic. Your grandmother
It’s important to have someone you                                             may make the best cookies in town, but
trust and respect with whom you can                                            her loving smiles and soft reassurances
work through new ideas. Working                                                probably won’t help you reach your
through new ideas and routines with a                                          magic goals.
friend with a strong common interest in magic eliminates      So, how do we find the right Magic Buddy? Start by mak-
these problems. This friend is your Magic Buddy.              ing a list of five friends who may share your interest and
And you don’t really have to stop there, either. Sharing      skill level in magic. Set a “Play Date” with each person on
your routines with two or three magic buddies is even         your list and see how well you connect. Choose the part-
better. The more minds at work, the greater the number        ner that makes you feel empowered in your magic and
and variety of ideas await your discovery!                    makes your practice sessions fun.

Our Magic Buddies also keep us motivated. When we             Can’t think of anyone? Hang out at your local magic clubs
work alone, it is very easy to goof off and take harmful      and talk to others around your age. Ask your Ring advi-
short cuts. We pick up bad habits that may follow us          sors for suggestions. Ask your magic mentor to help you
through our career simply because no one is watching.         post your interest in the new Magic Buddy Finder feature
With a Magic Buddy, it isn’t so easy to put off practicing.   of this youth journal.
We work a little harder so that we don’t let our Magic        Finding the right Magic Buddy can mean the difference
Buddy down.                                                   between real success and total failure. Take your time.
You have to be careful when choosing your Magic Buddy.        You’ll know when you’ve found that special gifted friend
You may even have to change Buddies a few times be-           when your magic skills begin to soar and your passion for
fore you find your perfect partner. Some Buddies moti-        the magic arts hits new heights.

                                               MAGIC BUDDY FINDER

 Looking for a Magic Buddy to learn and practice with? Provide us with the following information:
               First Name ____________________________             Age _________  Boy             Girl
     List your magic preferences (Such as Card Magic, Coin Magic, Comedy Magic, Birthday Party Magic,
                                           Illusions, and so on.)
                      Contact through (Adult Mentor’s or Parent’s Name and Phone Number)
 We’ll post your interests each month and help you find your very own Magic Buddies. Last Names and con-
 tact information will be held and protected by your adult magic mentor. All contacts will be handled between
 the mentors and parents for students under 16 years of age.
                                                                       The Triangle Top Hat/ July 2009                5
                         Magic You Can Do!
Each month, we’ll bring you new magic tricks to practice and perform. Then, we’ll show you how to apply these
 new moves into a fun and entertaining presentation. If you ever have a question about a new move, be sure to
                 ask your Ring magic mentor during the next Magic Youth lesson. Have fun!

The Effect: A freely selected card is returned to the deck.    The Effect: A spectator chooses one
The magician wraps the cards in a handkerchief and             of six crayons. You push the chosen
places the cards in his pocket. He then reaches in and         crayon into your fist and it instantly
pulls out the selected card.                                   vanishes as you show both hands
                                                               empty. The crayon reappears in a
What You Need: A deck of cards, a duplicate playing            location of your choice.
card, a rubber band, a handkerchief and practice your
                                                               What You Need: An ID badge reel
favorite card force.
                                                               found in any office supply store, stan-
To Prepare: Place a selected card (or example: The             dard pencil-top eraser, a thin nail,
Four of Hearts) in the force position in your deck of cards.   fishing line, a heavy needle, a button
Place the duplicate of that card in your inside jacket or      small enough to fit inside the eraser
shirt pocket. Place the clean handkerchief in the left outer   and seven crayons (two of the same
jacket or pants pocket. Place the rubber band in a sepa-       color, the rest different colors).
rate pocket.                                                   To Prepare: Have mom or dad help you carefully push the
                                                               nail through the top of the eraser to create a hole large
To Perform: Use your favorite force to force the selected      enough for the needle to pass through easily. Thread the
card on the spectator. Instruct the spectators to view and     fishing line through the needle’s eye. Insert the small but-
remember the chosen card. Return the card to the deck          ton into the eraser and pass the fishing line through the
and control it to the top of the deck. (Ask your favorite      eyes of the button, through the loop of the badge reel and
Mentor to show you their favorite controls.)                   back through the eraser several times. After each pass,
Hold the deck in the left hand. Explain that you will se-      pull the fishing line tight and push the button to the bottom
cure the deck in a handkerchief as you reach right jacket      of the eraser. The button will keep the fishing line from
or pants pocket. Not finding the handkerchief, reach into      tearing through the softer eraser. Finish by tying the line
your left pocket with the deck of cards in your hand. As       into several knots and cut away the extra line. You’ve just
you grab the handkerchief, secretly push the top card off      created a “Pull.” Clip the pull to a belt loop under your
of the deck and into your pocket.                              jacket or T-shirt—out of sight.
                                                               To Perform: Hide the secret duplicate crayon in a pocket
Give the handkerchief to the spectator and ask her to          or some other secret spot. Lay the six different crayons
unfold it. Place the deck in the center of the handkerchief    onto the table with the matching crayon in the 3rd position
and ask the spectator to wrap the deck securely. Pull the      from your left. Casually show your hands empty then use
rubber band out of your pocket and wrap it around the          the Hot Rod Force to make your spectator choose the
handkerchief.                                                  matching crayon. Ask them to examine the crayon care-
Place the bundle into the pocket with your duplicate card.     fully. As they’re doing this, casually reach down and hook
Show your hands empty. Reach back into your pocket,            the eraser under your thumb. Make a fist with the hole of
pause a moment, and pull out the duplicate card; back of       the eraser facing up inside your hand. Push the crayon
the card to the audience. Lay the card face down onto          snugly into the eraser as you push the crayon into your
the table in front of you.                                     fist. Wave one hand over the other and let go of the
                                                               eraser. The reel will pull the eraser and crayon back under
Pull the bundled deck out of your pocket, hand it to the       your shirt leaving your hands completely empty. Practice
spectator and ask her to unwrap it and look for the cho-       until the movement of your hands cover the flash. Simply
sen card. Of course, the spectator won’t be able to find       pause then pull the duplicate crayon out of it’s impossible
her card. Ask her to name the card. When she does,             location. Present your applause cue!
reach down and turn the duplicate card face up and pre-              The Hot Rod Force is Explained on Page 11
sent your applause cue.


                                                                           The Triangle Top Hat/ July 2009                 6
                       The Last Great Magician
The sign read “Last Great Magician,” but more people           eye. “The secret to magic is to practice,” he murmured,
chose the Ferris Wheel or Rolinda’s Palmistry for a mo-        “but to practice perfectly – to allow the body to do what the
ment’s diversion. He had no fancy table nor brightly col-      mind may forget – to be what no other has been before.”
ored props, but sat on a suitcase by a stump. His cloak hid
the rotting wood and his withered legs the same, while a       “You mean these old things could do the tricks without
twisted wooden cane served as wand and to chase the            you,” laughed the boy. “Why then do you hide their skill
dogs away. This crude platform held some nuts, a sky-          behind your own fumblings? You could be famous.”
blue scarf, two battered cups, a ring of brass and a cord of   “There is magic within each person who passes this spot.
braided hemp. The meager display caused one to pause           Each sees what he wishes to see, and learns what he is
and ask, “How long is your per-                                                        prepared for. What you think you
formance?” He replied that he                                                          see is different from those who
was but ninety-three and had                                                           walk away, but is not more true,
not finished yet, and the couple                                                       nor less. The magic is in your
wandered on. Once started,                                                             imagination, my boy. I can but let
though, and in full view of come                                                       it out.” The lad was not laughing
and gone, his graceful moves                                                           now.
attracted crowds and a few
coins in his cap; but most al-                                                          “Those people hurrying by,” he
lowed they had seen better on                                                           whispered. “They do not seem to
TV. A few wished to tarry and                                                           see us sitting here, nor hear our
ask questions or relieve a nag-                                                         voices, nor wonder what we are
ging doubt, but were niggled by                                                         about.”
a fretsome spouse to get some
cotton candy. Only one specta-                                                          “They do not choose to see us,
tor remained throughout the                                                             just as they do not see the nut
afternoon – a lad with more                                                             beneath the cup. After all, I took
time free than hairs upon his                                                           down the sign.” As if taking a cue,
chin. He sat gentle on the grass                                                        the young man stood the sign
with legs crossed to support                                                            upright once again and struck a
elbows and closed fists upon                                                            confident pose. “Hold these as
which his head appeared to                                                              confidently,” laughed the wizard,
float. Only when the elder was                                                          and handed him the rope and
about to pack and leave did the                                                         ring.
boy approach.
                                                                                     “But I do not the why of these,”
“Why do you pretend to be less able than you are?” he          stammered the gangly youth as he bandied them about.
queried, but the old man did not answer. “I have seen a        “Show me!” he cried.
magician or three at this fair and others in the city, and
your skills are incredible; yet you make mistakes deliber-     “Try every combination seen and fanciful. Since you know
ately, and I would find out why.” The aged one just drew       that the ring can pass through you will find a way. Know-
his cloak around his shoulders and settled on the stump.       ing what I do will gain you little as you can never be me,
The boy paced about in circles so as to appraise what he       and never should. In all things, watching others only tells
had not yet observed; making it clear he was not about to      you what others think possible. What has come before is a
disappear. “Those cups of yours,” he prattled on. “You         stone upon which you might stand, never a shackle to
claim that a nut travels from one place to another, and so     your potentiality.”
it would seem to passers-by. I have noticed that they
never move or change – just become invisible as we see         So, the young man stood before the sign and all knew him
another that was masked before beneath the other cup.          as a great magician, and a few stopped to watch his fum-
Back and forth they seem to jump, but only because you         bling efforts. Some saw only foolishness. None saw the
tell us so.”                                                   elder drift into the woods. Others observed magical things
                                                               happening beyond their imagination and ran to tell others
And the greybeard answered, “when my fingers lost their        of what they had seen. The man grew wise in the art of
nimble I had to find another way.”                             letting magic out of strangers, and to bless all who
                                                               passed, for each taught him something of awe and won-
“And that ring is not what it seems,” interrupted the lad.     der. Once in a while a boy sat on the grass and watched
“You most shakingly take it on and off that rope, but when     closely, waiting for the old man to finish – waiting to learn
I look through it at the trees they change color and laugh     of magic.
at me. On a closer watch a hole opens into which the rope
can jump and never pass through the ring at all.”
                                                               Our thanks to Ken Muller from Knoxville, TN for sharing
“Yes, I have trained it well,” whispered the conjuror. For     this marvelous story with us. Ken is an IBM Member, au-
once the boy was silent and bent to look his senior in the     thor and youth mentor.
                                                                         The Triangle Top Hat/ July 2009                   7
Doug Henning was born in Winnipeg, Canada in 1947.
After watching a magician on television, the 6-year-old
Henning decided to look deeper into this art of magic.
He haunted the magic section of his local library and
purchased his first magic kit.
At 14, Henning performed his first show at a friend's
birthday party. Inspired by his curious and spellbound
audience, Henning placed an ad with a local paper that
read, "Magician, Have Rabbit, Will Travel." Within
months, teenage Henning was doing live shows on lo-
cal television in Toronto and was in demand as an en-
tertainer at parties.
Following high school, Doug Henning pursued plans on
becoming a doctor at McMaster University. Courses on
psychology introduced him to the power of perception.
This new found knowledge inspired him to perfect ever
more detailed illusions.
After earning his Bachelor’s degree, Henning took what
was supposed to be a two-year break from studying
before enrolling in medical school. During this time, he
turned his attention to magic. Henning earned a $4,000
Canadian Council Grant allowing him to work as a full-
time magician and study the theatrical aspects of
magic. His exploration allowed him to study under the       “The hard must become habit. The
personal guidance of magic greats like Slydini and Dai      habit must become easy. The easy
                                                            must become beautiful.”
By the early 1970s, Henning had abandoned his goal
to become a doctor. The enthusiastic entertainer took                                         Doug Henning
out a $5,000 loan and began building and designing
stage illusions and props. It was Henning's goal to
bring magic back to the theatrical art of the "good 'ol    offer to perform a live television performance. Henning
days." With the help of a close friend, Henning turned
                                                           spent eight months working and reworking his act and
his dream into a live theatrical show titled,              in December of 1975, Doug Henning captured the at-
"Spellbound." This was successful musical combined         tention more than 50-million people with his "Doug
an intense storyline and magic tricks that broke every     Henning's World of Magic." The show won the coveted
box office ticket record in Toronto.
                                                           Christopher Award for outstanding achievement and
The show’s success                                         earned him an NBC contract for an annual magic spe-
snagged the attention of                                   cial starring the new king of magic. For the next 7-
several Broadway pro-                                      years, Doug Henning amazed audiences worldwide
ducers, who offered Hen-                                   and captured 7 Emmy nominations with his once-a-
ning a chance to bring his                                 year live television shows. David Copperfield’s first
show to New York. Hen-                                     ABC special followed two years later in 1977 in direct
ning revamped the show                                     response to Henning’s television success.
and took it to Broadway                                    In 1976, Henning relocated to Los Angeles and created
under the new title, "The
                                                           his own production company. For two months, he
Magic Show." The show                                      worked on building new illusions and inventing new
opened in 1974, and ran                                    stunts. Three years later, Henning's work paid off, as
for 4-1/2 years straight;                                  he wowed audiences around the globe with a new
earning Henning a Tony nomination.
                                                           show, "World of Magic." The following year, Henning
IN 1975, Henning was approached by NBC with an             won the prestigious Georgie Award from the American
                                                                              (Continued on Page 9)

                                                                    The Triangle Top Hat/ July 2009              8
                     (Continued from Page 8)

Guild of Variety Artists for Entertainer of the Year and
Magician of the Year from Hollywood's Academy of
Magical Arts and Sciences.
During the late 1970s and early 1980s, Doug Henning
appeared live from Las Vegas to Japan. Henning also
began to create stage effects for music videos and con-
certs for performers like Earth, Wind and Fire and Mi-
chael Jackson.
In December of 1981, Henning's career took a back-
seat as the magician fellow artist Debbie Douillard.
Douillard would spend much of her married life accom-
panying her husband on tour, co-starring on stage, and
helping to design sets and costumes.                        Probably due to his charming persona and a color-
                                                            ful wardrobe that blended so well with the show’s
In 1983, Doug Henning produced                              theme, Doug Henning was the only magician to ap-
and starred in a $5-million dollar
Broadway musical called "Merlin."
                                                            pear on the popular primetime The Muppet Show
The show earned Henning praise                              television series. This episode (#421) aired May 1,
from critics and drew positive re-                          1980.
views from Time Magazine and
The New York Times. "Merlin" ran                            This Muppet Show appearance can be found on
for 8-months, receiving five Tony
nominations.                                                YouTube.

In 1985, Henning was hired by
the Walt Disney Company to do consultant work. His
job: to find ways to put more magic into Disney theme
parks, rides, exhibits and movies. By 1986, Disney
opened Kingsman Island theme park in Washington,
D.C. With Henning’s brainchild, the "Theater of Illu-       “A month after seeing The Magic Show on Broad-
sion."                                                      way, I’m walking into the Manhattan D. Robbins
                                                            magic store. I'm stunned to meet Doug Henning
In early 1990, Henning traveled to India to study with      coming out. He notices the cards in my hands
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the founder of Transcendental        and asks me if I do card tricks? Struggling
Meditation. Already an avid follower, Henning plunged
                                                            through my shock, I replied simply and hesitantly,
himself into learning what he called "real magic."
                                                            ‘Yes.’ Doug puts on his trademark smile and
Henning spent the 1990s appearing on game shows,            says, ‘Please show me a trick.’
performing occasional illusions and continuing his stud-
ies. He also began work on designing a transcendental       With my hands shaking madly, I showed him my
meditation theme park in Ontario.                           best trick. All through the trick, I’m trying to tell my
Doug Henning died at the age of 52 years on February        hands to stop shaking.           They totally ignore
7, 2000 in Los Angeles of liver cancer. The man who is      me. What seemed like hours later, Doug says,
largely credited with reviving the world’s passion for      ‘That's a nice card trick... but why are you shak-
magic left some very large footprints. Can you fill them?   ing?’ I started to panic and replied, ‘‘Cause you're
                                                            Doug Henning!’

Doug Henning is largely credited with re-                   In his guy-next-door manner he shakes my hand
viving a waning interest in the perform-                    and says, ‘Don't worry...You'll be a great magi-
ance of art of magic. Many of today’s best                  cian.’“
known magicians credit him for sparking
                                                                                                    C. Polaris, NY
their interest in magic.

                                                                     The Triangle Top Hat/ July 2009               9
                  Puzzles & More
 Cryptograms are messages in substitution code. Break the code to read the mes-
 sage. For Example: THE MAGIC WAND might become PDA IWCEY SWJZ if P is
 substituted for T, D is substituted for H and so on. Look for repeated letters.
 E,T,A,O,N,R and I are the most often used letters in the English alphabet. A single
 letter is usually A or I. OF, IS, IT and TO are the most common 2-letter words. THE
 and AND are the most common 3-letter words. Good Luck!

 1. “H P H R H A Q F E P T S P P F E V A V A O V E P W T P K V T D D

 W T G V A T L H J H S R H X V Z R .” - Y. I. E F K D H S L

 2. “C A W U G F G Q T J O     P J, J Q P Q G W Z T J O Y W M, N G S K M

 KU. NJVPMGXX              AWX     SGMKOX         WMP        LJCGQ          WMP

 ZWSKY       KM      K U.” - D J A W M M   CJVISWMS             FJM      SJGUAG

      POPULAR MAGIC TRICKS                          Across
                                                    1.    ___________CATCH
                                                    5.    _______ WAND
                                                    9.    THREE CARD ______
                                                    11.   BILL _______
                                                    12.   CUPS AND _____
                                                    15.   ZIG _____ GIRL
                                                    16.   DIE ____
                                                    18.   CUT & __________ ROPE
                                                    21.   SUBSTITUTION _____
                                                    22.   RISING _____

                                                    2.    BILL IN ____________
                                                    3.    STRAIGHT _______ ESCAPE
                                                    4.    ______ TIP
                                                    6.    SCARE _____
                                                    7.    PROFESSOR'S __________
                                                    8.    CRYSTAL _____
                                                    9.    _________ GIRL
                                                    10.   ____ HAT
                                                    13.   COINS _______
                                                    14.   INDIAN ______ TRICK
                                                    17.   FOLDING _____
                                                    19.   MISER'S _______
                                                    20.   DAGGER _____ BOX

                                                     The Triangle Top Hat/ July 2009   10
                                                                                          A D O R E
                                                                                          __ __ __ __ __
                                                                                          __ __ __ __ __

                                                                                          S C O R N

                                                                                Change just one letter on each line to go from the
                                                                                top word to the bottom word. Do not change the
                                                                                order of the letters. You must have a word at
                                                                                each step.

                                                THE HOT ROD FORCE is commonly used to force one out of six
                                                items. In this case, the crayon you want to force is always in the
                                                3rd position from your left. Ask the spectator to choose a number
                                                between one and six. If she says one, two or six, simply spell the
                                                number starting from your left. Three letters will always allow you
                                                to land on the forced crayon. If she says “3” simply count 1-2-3
                                                from your left. If she says four or five, spell the number starting on
                                                your right. The four letters will always allow you to land on the
                                                forced crayon.
                                                                                Magic word Ladder: ADORE>ADORN>ACORN>SCORN
                                                                                Rectangles: There are 18 Rectangles
                                                                            WOLFGANG VON GOETHE
                                                                            NESS HAS GENIUS AND POWER AND MAGIC IN IT.” - JOHANN
                                                                            “WHATEVER YOU DO, OR DREAM YOU CAN, BEGIN IT. BOLD-    2.
                                                                            INSIDE US.” - J.K. ROWLING
                                                                            “IT IS IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER THAT WE ALL HAVE MAGIC    1.
   1              2                              7 9 4                                       PUZZLE ANSWERS

                                                   1 3                                   M
                                                                                D    R   A    C
                  9                      4 2                   6                A        E         K   N    U   R   T

           8              1 7                                                   E        R              I                          S
                                                                        E       H        D    E    R   O    T   S   E     R        S
   7                      9         3                          2        R                     P        C            D         X    O    B

                                  8 2                    3              A                     O                 G   A     Z        R
                                                                        M                     R                     M              C
   8             7        6                      3                      T                              P            S     L   L    A    B
                                                                        H   C   T     W I     S        O             I        L         M
  3 1                                                                   G       E        O         E   T    N   M O           A         U

  6 2 5                                          4             8        I       K        R                  O                 B         H
                                                                        N       C        C     I   G   M A                              T
To solve a Sudoku puzzle, place the numbers 1 through 9 in each
row, column and 3x3 box. This puzzle has some numbers filled in                 A                           B
for you. You just need to work out the rest. This puzzle really tests
your powers of deduction. There is no Answer Key for this puzzle.                J                 T   E    L   L   U     B
You’ll just have to be stubborn and plug your way through!

                                                                                     The Triangle Top Hat/ July 2009                        11
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