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 These are the Iola Register carriers. If you do not receive your
                                                                            Toland to perform this weekend
              newspaper, CALL YOUR CARRIER.                                 By ANNE KAZMIERCZAK                         Cunningham, a ballet and                 ing,” he said. Other feats        must remain under wraps
  If you cannot reach your carrier call The Register, 365-2111                  Register Reporter                     modern dancer, helped                      include answering ques-           until performance time,
      before 6 p.m. weekdays & before 11 a.m. Saturdays.
                                                                              Mark Toland isn’t a magi-               Toland view his show “more                 tions written and sealed          Toland said.
      Our carriers’ (under contract) deadline for home                      cian anymore.                             from an outside perspec-                   into envelopes by audience          Toland hopes the changes
  delivery of The Iola Register is 5:30 p.m. weekdays and                     “I have illusionist and                 tive,” he said, and allowed                members — without ever            will expand the fan base for
              9 a.m. Saturdays for Iola carriers.                           mentalist on my business                  him to see his act “more aes-              having access to the ques-        his shows.
                                                                            card,” he noted.                                    ,”
                                                                                                                      thetically he said.                        tions, he said.                     He returned to Wichita
 Route 1 — Chase Roettgen, 209 S. Tennessee, 620-228-2136 —
   (Even numbers on S. State St., 400 W. Madison Ave., 500-600                The distinction may be                    The audience should ben-                   To add a bit of flash,          after almost a full year of
   West St., Bruner St., Campbell St., Scott St., Park St., Acres St.,      subtle for the layperson, but             efit, he said.                             Toland will also perform a        performing magic in Los
   High St., Davis St.).                                                    for Toland, who makes a liv-                “There’s a point where                   presentation popularized by       Angeles to be closer to Cun-
 Route 2 — Chase Roettgen, 209 S. Tennessee, 620-228-2136 —                 ing from the art, it’s clear.             I’m blindfolded and have to                Harry Houdini, in which he        ningham, he said. The two
   (Odd numbers of S. State St., S. Walnut St., S. Chestnut St., and
   some of W. Neosho St.).                                                    “In college I watched a lot             guess what people standing                 swallows 50 sewing needles.       hope to move to New York
 Route 3 — Sue Keller, 703 S. Washington Ave., 620-365-3828 — (             of magic,” said the 2009                  up in the audience are hold-                 Other such visual tricks        City next year, where he
   S. Washington Ave., part of Acres St., W. Broadway St., W. Neosho        Wichita State University                                                                                               will be closer to agencies
   St., and W. Spruce St.).                                                 graduate. “It seemed so                                                                                                that can advance his career
 Route 4 — Jason Ruppert, 510 N. 3rd, 620-363-2929 — (S. Jefferson
   Ave., S. Sycamore St., South St. 300 block on, 100-200 E. Irwin, E.
   Calhoun, 206 1/2 E. Broadway Apartments).
                                                                            cheesy,” he said of typical
                                                                            slight-of-hand tricks.                        Magic workshop                                                           and she can join a profes-
                                                                                                                                                                                                   sional dance troupe.
 Route 5 — Joseph Myrick, 521 S. Sycamore, 620-380-6094 — (S.                 So, over the years he                                                                                                  “I’m working with a
   Buckeye St., S. Cottonwood St., 300-400 E. Irwin St., 200-400 E.
 Route 6 — Joseph Myrick, 521 S. Sycamore, 620-380-6094 — (S.
                                                                            refined his act.
                                                                              “I’ve taken out what I con-
                                                                            sider      lackluster      and
                                                                                                                          for youths, 8-14                                                         national agent trying to get
                                                                                                                                                                                                   college shows,” he said. If
                                                                                                                                                                                                   all works as hoped, Toland
   Colburn St., S. Oak St., S. Elm St., S. 1st St., 400-700 E. Spruce
                                                                                                                            Magician Mark Toland                 can be” is the best you
   St., 500-800 E. Broadway St.).                                           replaced it. It’s a higher-lev-                                                                                        will be touring the college
 Route 7 — Tim Genoble, 1815 N. State, 620-228-0505 — (S. 3rd St.,                                                        likes to give back.                    can offer budding learn-
                                                                            el show now” of magic and                                                                                              circuit by next year.
   S. 4th St., 900 E. Broadway St., 1019 E. Madison- S. Kentucky St.,                                                       “I didn’t really have                ers, he noted.
   S. Ohio St., S. Tennessee St., S. Vermont St.).
                                                                            mind-reading.                                                                                                            “Las Vegas would be nice
                                                                                                                          someone teaching me,”                    So Saturday, Toland
 Route 8 — Andrew Garber, 416 N. Chestnut, 620-228-1874— (N.                  Toland returns to his                                                                                                eventually,” he said of his
                                                                                                                          magic when young, he                   will offer a free work-
   State St., N. Chestnut St., W. Madison 200 block on).                    hometown for two shows                                                                                                 career plans, “and a cruise
 Route 9 — Raymond Geisler, 127 White Blvd., Apt. 102., 363-0282                                                          said, “but I had a really              shop in slight of hand
                                                                            this weekend.                                                                                                          ship is nice to see the
   — (10-1100 N. Walnut St., 200 W. Jackson Ave., 100 W. Douglas                                                          good book with colorful                and simple card tricks to
                                                                              Iola Community The-                                                                                                  world,” but right now,
   St., 113-201 W. Lincoln St.).                                                                                          props.”                                20 area youth.
 Route 10 — Zack Danford, 320 S. Walnut, 620-365-7287 — (N.                 atre’s Warehouse Theatre at                                                                                            Toland wants to perform for
                                                                                                                            While that was enough                  The workshop is at 2
   Walnut St. 1200 block on, W. Garfield St., Guest Home Estates,           203 S. Jefferson Ave. will be                                                                                          as many people as possible.
   Northwestern St., Northwestern Cir., Prairie Dr., Timber Dr.).                                                         to hook Toland, he said                p.m. Saturday at Iola
                                                                            the venue at 7 p.m. Saturday                                                                                             No matter where he ends
 Route 11 — Jason Ruppert, 510 N. 3rd, 620-363-2929 — (N.                                                                 there’s no replacement                 Community Warehouse
                                                                            and 2 p.m. Sunday   .                                                                                                  up, though, he said, “it’s
   Washington Ave., North St. to Buchanan St., 2 E. Buchanan St., 10-                                                     for a live teacher.                    Theatre, 203 S. Jefferson.
   20 W. Buchanan, and Monroe St.).                                           Toland said his fiance,                                                                                              always good to come back
                                                                                                                            “Just having someone                 Reservations must be
 Route 12 — Rebecca Cunningham, 307 N. Sycamore, 620-365-                   college            sweetheart                                                                                          and see the people who got
   7325 — (200-600 N. Jefferson Ave., 200-523 N. Sycamore St., 100-                                                       there to do the tricks and             made by calling Jim
                                                                            Stephanie       Cunningham,                                                                                            me hooked on theater in the
   500 N. Buckeye St., 100-300 E. Monroe St., 400 block E. Douglas                                                        seeing how amazing that                Talkington at 365-2042.
                                                                            influenced his style.                                                                                                  first place.”
   St., 200-506 N. Cottonwood St., 202 E. Jackson Ave., 410-519 N.
   Oak St.).
 Route 13 — Morgan Bennett, 843 N. Washington, 620-365-0175 —
   (600-1400 N. Jefferson Ave., 4-102 E. Buchanan, 4, 116 W.

                                                                                               Class celebrates
 Route 14 — Jason Tidd, 1418 Virginia Rd., 620-228-4629 — (217
   North St., Townhouse East and 217 N. Washington Ave.,
   Townhouse West)
                                                                              Man injured in
                                                                              motorcycle wreck 60-year reunion
 Route 15 — Joe Towne, 809 Garfield Rd. N, 620-363-2481 — (E.
   Garfield St., Garfield Rd N., Windsor Place, White Blvd., E.
   Alamosa Cir., W. Alamosa Blvd., 1200-1400 N. Cottonwood St.,
   Mustang Cir.)
 Route 16 — Raymond Geisler, 127 White Blvd., Apt. 102, 620-363-                 Paul G. Knight, 43,                  on U.S. 59, about one mile                   Iola High School class of       Wichita; Dale and Virginia
   0282 — (600-1300 N. Buckeye, 700-1110 N. Cottonwood St., 321                Moran, was injured                     north of Moran, when he                    1950 gathered for its 60-year     Newland, Villages, Fla.;
   E. Buchanan St., 600-1300 N. Sycamore St., E. Jim St., 120 E.                                                                                                 reunion Memorial Day              Robert and Letha Strack,
   Garfield St.).                                                              Wednesday when the                     left the roadway and
 Route 17 — Joe Towne, 809 Garfield Rd. N, 620-363-2481 — (500-                motorcycle he was riding               entered the east ditch.                    weekend. Classmates met           Medicine Lodge; Gloria
   700 E. Lincoln St., N. Oak St., N. Elm 300 block on, 400-710 N.             crashed north of Moran.                  Knight was taken to                      for dinner at The New             Small Land, Olathe; Bill and
   Colburn St.).                                                                 According     to   the               Allen County Hospital.                     Greenery on May 29 and            Jackie White Hahn, Inde-
 Route 18 — Sheldon Lewellen, 115 N. 1st, 620-228-9177 — (N. 1st                                                                                                 again at the IHS reunion on       pendence, Mo.; Bob and
   St., N. 2nd St., 800 block of E. Jackson Ave., part of E. Lincoln St.,      Kansas Highway Patrol,                 He was not wearing a hel-
   818 E. Carpenter).                                                          Knight was northbound                  met, according to KHP.                     May 30.                           Inez Kuestersteffen, Hum-
 Route 19 — Colson Wiggins, 317 N. 4th., 620-365-6557 — (N. 3rd                                                                                                    Those attending were            boldt; Dick and Mary Mor-
   St., N. 4th St., Tara Gardens, 900-1110 E. Carpenter St., 902-1101                                                                                            Ledell Mitchell Schaffer,         rison Tice, Ottawa; Gene
   E. Douglas St., 1105 E. Lincoln).                                                                                                                             Denver, Colo.; Marilyn            Wilmot and Shirley Cala-
 Route 20 — Jennifer Tidd, 1418 Virginia Rd., 620-228-2451 — (The
   Square, 100-300 South St., 100-220 S. Jefferson Ave., 1-102 N.
   Washington Ave., 9-19 N. Jefferson Ave., 110 East St., 1-108 E.
                                                                            Flag Day ceremony                                                                    Evans Harclerode, North
                                                                                                                                                                 Glenn, Colo.; Joseph Smith,
                                                                                                                                                                                                   han, Gardner; Joetta Lath-
                                                                                                                                                                                                   rom Gardner, Pittsburg;
   Madison Ave., 1-115 E. Jackson Ave., 2-224 S. Washington Ave.,                                                                                                Sun City West, Ariz.; John        Ethel     Stroh     Mulkey,
   9-120 W. Madison Ave.).
 Route 21 — Andrew Garber, 416 N. Chestnut, 620-228-1874 — (218             Sunday at Elks Lake                                                                  and Virginia Pettit King,
                                                                                                                                                                 Idaho Falls, Idaho; Claude
                                                                                                                                                                                                   LaHarpe; and Mary Lou
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Johnson Chard, Ed and
   E. Madison Ave. to 1000 block, 700 block East St. on, S. 2nd St.).
 Route 22 — Andreya Myrick, 419 E. Jackson, 620-228-4550 — (Low               In conjunction with the                   There will be a flag retire-             and Yvonne Percy, West-           Mary Ann Smith Mann,
   numbers on N. Buckeye, 200-700 E. Jackson Ave., 8-19 N.                  American Legion, Boy                      ment ceremony for anyone                   wood; Jim and Sandy Rems-         Gene and Leah Lorance
   Sycamore St., East St. thru 700 block, 200 N. Elm St., 200 N.            Scouts and Girl Scouts, the               who needs to dispose of a                  berg, Wichita; John and           Tomson, Gale and Joan Beal
   Colburn St., 400-500 E. Monroe St., 100 N. Cottonwood St.).
 Route 23 — Corey Richey, 506 E. Lincoln, 620-363-2333 —                    Iola Elks will recognize the              torn, tattered, soiled or                  Patricia Shanahan, Lake           Beck, Lawrence and Delma
   (Meadowbrook Rd. East and West)                                          community’s patriotic her-                worn out flag. Flags may be                Worth, Fla.; Tom Smith and        Harris Rourk and Gary and
 Route 24 — Jonathan Ruppert, 332 Eisenhower Dr., 620-363-0903              itage by honoring the Amer-               dropped off at the Ameri-                  Milton and Nettie McClay,         Beverly Hawk, all of Iola.
   — (N. Kentucky 700 block on, E. Buchanan St., Redbud Ln.,                ican flag at a Flag Day Cele-             can Legion, 712 W. Patterson
   Kenwood Cir., Sterling Heights Addition).
 Route 25 — Jonathan Ruppert, 332 Eisenhower Dr., 620-363-0903              bration at 7 p.m. Sunday at               Ave., at Elks Lodge, 202 S.
   — (N. Kentucky thru 600 block, N. Ohio St., N. Tennessee St.,
   1200-1300 block E. Carpenter St., 1100-1300 E. Lincoln St., 1100-
   1321 E. Douglas St., 1200-1300 E. Breckenridge).
                                                                            Elks Lake on Montana
                                                                            Road, one-half mile east of
                                                                            Gates Corporation.
                                                                                                                      Jefferson, or to arrange to
                                                                                                                      have flags picked up call
                                                                                                                      (818) 581-7769 or 365-6166.
 Route 26 — Jason Ruppert, 510 N. 3rd, 620-363-2929 — (N.
   Vermont St., Kansas Dr., 1500 E. Carpenter St. on, Eisenhower Dr.,
   Wilson Ln.).                                                                                                                                                  Deadline: Notify the Register about calendar announce-
 Route 27 — Dravin Luttrell, 410 N. Oak, 620-363-2140 — (Dodge
   Dr., Holiday Ln., Kansas Ave., Holiday Cir. North and South).
 Route 28 — Joseph Myrick, 521 S. Sycamore St, 620-380-6094 —
                                                                            Misc.                                                                                ments at least three days in advance of their occurrence.

   (1800-2600 N. Cottonwood St., E. and W. Miller Rd., Funston St.,                                                                                              Today
   Pryor St., Canary Ln, Cardinal Dr.).                                     FCE Council meets                         p.m. The presentations are
                                                                                                                      free and open to the public.                 Allen County Community College Board of Trustees meeting,
                                                                               GALS Family and Com-
                                                                                                                        The Council met Friday at                6 p.m., Student Center trustees’ meeting room at college.
                                                                            munity Education Unit
         DEADLINE FOR OUT-OF-TOWN CARRIERS                                  received second place for its             Allen County Courthouse.
                                                                            leadership project and Hap-               The next meeting will be at                Friday
      If you have not received your paper by dealine,                                                                 1 p.m. Sept. 10 in the assem-                Allen County Family and Consumer Education Council, 1 p.m.
    please CALL YOUR CARRIER FIRST. If unable to                            py Hearts came in third for
                                                                            its action project at a recent            bly room at the courthouse.                assembly room at Allen County Courthouse.
  reach your carrier, call the Register office at 365-2111.                                                                                                        Senior Citizens Card Club potluck dinner, 5:30 p.m., senior cit-
                                                                            southeast Kansas meeting.
                                                                            Linda Leonard received the                Toland member of                           izens center, 204 N. Jefferson.
                      RURAL MOTOR ROUTES
 Route 29 — Carrie Yocham, 1003 W. Hickory, 620-228-1379 —                  Allen County Heart of FCE                 Phi Beta Kappa
   (Burris Addition, Country Club Addition, Bennet St. Addition).           Award.                                      Scott R. Toland, a May                   Saturday
 Route 32 — Dallas Yocham, 1003 W. Hickory, 620-228-1379 —                     Allen County FCE Coun-                 graduate of the University                   Water safety training, 10 a.m., Pregnancy Resource Center, 1
   (North side of Gas).                                                     cil will sponsor several pre-             of Kansas with a degree in                 S. Jefferson, open to public.
 Route 38 — Roman Yocham, 1003 W. Hickory, 620-228-1379 —                   sentations     by     Valerie             political science and news                   Cancer Support Group, 10-11 a.m., Parish Hall, St. John’s
   (South side of Gas).                                                     Fairchild, program director               and information, became a                  Catholic Church.
 Route 33 — Gina Veer Kamp, 414 5th St., 785-204-2883 — (Colony).           for the Kansas Arthritis                  member of KU’s Alpha                         Southeast Kansas Genealogy Society, 1 p.m., Iola Public
 Route 34 — Mark Bunce, 408 E. 2nd, Moran, 620-237-4796 —                   Foundation, on June 17. She               chapter of Phi Beta Kappa                  Library.
   (Moran).                                                                 will talk about arthritis and             academic honor society at a
 Route 35 — Tammy Bunce, 408 E. 2nd, Moran, 620-237-4796 —                  other types of chronic con-               May 15 initiation ceremony  .              Sunday
   (East on hwy. 54 from Iola to Moran).                                    ditions which people with                   Election to Phi Beta Kap-                  Sons of the Legion, 2:30 p.m., Post Home.
 Route 39 — Derek Stahl, 508 S. Jefferson, LaHarpe, 620-496-2763            arthritis have and the bene-              pa recognizes a student’s
   — (LaHarpe)
                       HUMBOLDT ROUTES
 Route 41 — Kyler Allen, 2474 90th Rd., Humboldt, 620-473-3594 —
                                                                            fits of physical activity Pre-
                                                                            sentations are scheduled at
                                                                            the Humboldt Senior and
                                                                                                                      high academic achievement
                                                                                                                      while pursuing a broad and
                                                                                                                                                                 Coming events
                                                                                                                      substantive liberal arts cur-
   (Northwest Section - 300-800 Bridge St., 500 Osage St., 200-800          Nutrition Center at 10 a.m.;              riculum. To be eligible for                Friday
   Central St., 300 Neosho St., 200-800 Charles St., 600-1200               Iola Senior and Nutrition
   Franklin St., 300-1100 N. 2nd St., 200-500 N. 4th St., 400 N. 5th                                                  consideration for member-                    Allen County K-State for Kids Day Camp open to area youths
   St., 100-500 N. 6th St., 300-1100 N. 7th St., 100-800 N. 8th St.,        Center at 12:30 p.m.; Moran               ship, students must have                   ages 7-12, 8:30 a.m.-2 p.m., Recreation Community Building,
   400-1200 N. 9th St.).                                                    Senior/Community Center                   senior status and a mini-                  camp fee is $5, to register for the camp call the Allen County
 Route 42 — Savannah Williams, 316 N. 10th, Humboldt, 620-228-              at 2 p.m.; and at the Hum-                mum grade-point average of                 Extension Office at (620) 365-2242.
   0829 — (Northeast Section - 900-1300 Bridge St., 1200 Osage St.,         boldt Public Library at 7:30              3.65 on a 4.0 scale.                         Screen on the Green sponsored by Thrive Allen County, free
   900-1700 Central St., 1200-1700 Neosho St., 1000-1600 Charles
   St., 1200 Elm St., 600-1600 Signor St., 100 Amos St.,1000 Kansas
                                                                                                                                                                 showing of “Super Size Me,” 9 p.m., south lawn of courthouse
   St., 400 N. 9th St., 300-1000 N. 10th St., 100-900 N. 11th St., 200-                                                                                          square, for additional information call Thrive at 365-8128.
   600 N. 12th St., 500 N. 13th St., 400 N. 14th St., 300 N. 16th St.).                        THE IOLA REGISTER
 Route 43 — Kolby Allen, 2474 90th Rd., Humboldt, 620-473-3594 —               Published five afternoons a week and Saturday morning except New Year’s           Saturday
   (Southeast Section - 900 Leavenworth St., 400 Pine St., 900-1200         day, President’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus
                                                                            Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas, by The Iola Register Inc., 302 S. Washing-
                                                                                                                                                                   Molly Trolley tour to Humboldt, 10 a.m., leaves from Allen
   Sycamore St., 1300 Pecan St., 1000 Mulberry St., 900-1200
   Cherokee St., 900-1300 New York St., 900 Bridge St., 200-1100 S.         ton, P.O. Box 767, Iola, Kansas 66749. (620) 365-2111. Periodicals postage           County Historical Museum, 20 S. Washington Ave., tickets are
                                                                            paid at Iola, Kansas.                                                                $10 each, lunch is not included in ticket price, reservations
   9th St., 500-1200 S. 10th St., 500-800 S. 11th St., 300 S. 12th St.,
                                                                               Member Associated Press. The Associated Press is entitled exclusively to
   200 S. 13th St.).                                                        use for publication all the local news printed in this newspaper as well as all AP   should be made by June 11 at the Iola Area Chamber of Com-
 Route 44 — Josh Jay, 1203 Sycamore St., Humboldt, 620-473-3352             news dispatches.                                                                     merce office, 208 W. Madison Ave. or by calling 365-5252 or
   — (Southwest Section - 600 Ohio St., 300-1100 Pine St., 100-700             Subscription rates by carrier in Iola: One year, $93.60; six months, $50.94;
                                                                            three months, $28.55; one month, $10.00.                                             365-9628 or by e-mail to
   Sycamore St., 400-900 Pecan St., 200-800 Mulberry St., 1-900                By motor or mail in trade in Iola, Gas, Kincaid, Bronson, Humboldt, Ft. Scott
   Cherokee St., 100-800 New York St., 1-500 Bridge St., 500-700 S.         and Chanute: One year, $114.08; six months, $65.88; three months, $38.31;
   3rd St., 200-600 S. 4th St., 400 S. 5th St., 300-1400 S. 8th St., 200-   one month, $15.85.                                                                   Saturday and Sunday
   1100 S. 9th St., 500-1200 S. 10th St.).                                     By mail in Kansas: One year, $139.88; six months, $72.16; three months,             “The Magic of Mark Toland,” Iola Community Theatre One
                                                                            $42.67; one month, $17.00.
                            REGISTER                                           By mail out of state: One year, $130.36; six months, $67.25; three months,        Night Stand free concert series, 7 p.m. on Saturday and at 2
 Route 100 — Iola Register driver, 620-365-2111 — Route north of            $39.77; one month, $15.85.                                                           p.m. on Sunday, doors open 30 minutes before show. Toland will
   Gas to Virginia Rd.                                                         All prices include 7.3% sales taxes. Postal reg-
                                                                            ulations require subscriptions to be paid in
                                                                                                                                                                 have a workshop for 20 aspiring magicians ages 8-14 at 2 p.m.
 Route 101 — Iola Register driver, 620-365-2111 — Route north old
   HWY 169.                                                                 advance.                                                                             on Saturday at ICT. Registration is required by calling Jim Talk-
                                                                                                  USPS 268-460                                                   ington at 365-2042. The workshop is co-sponsored by the City
 Route 102 — Iola Register driver, 620-365-2111 — Route south to               Postmaster: Send address changes to The Iola
   Humboldt and to Yates Center.)                                           Register, P.O. Box 767, Iola, KS 66749.                                              of Iola Recreation Department.

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