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									                           Network Engineer Job Description

Network Engineer Job Profile and Description

A network engineer job description is to supervise computer networks; ensuring they function as well as they are supposed
to. The work requires putting together several computers which are centrally connected to a parent computer referred to
as a server. Here all programs, files and information in general are stored. A network engineer also creates and sets up
ways in which the network can be configured and managed.

Duties and Responsibilities

    Responsible for ensuring that the network has been customized to satisfy a customer’s wants and needs.
    Responsible for adding programs, software and hardware that a company might need while working.
    Keeps a keen eye on the network performances.
    Solves any problems that arise in within the network such as crashing.
    Develop and install data retrieval system these are the emergency systems.
    Maintain the emergency systems.
    Record problems that computer users face, and how best to solve the problem for other future references.
    Control access to the network.
    Install security programs to prevent unauthorized access to privileged data and information.
    Updating security programs and frequent changing of passwords.
    Customizes networks to meet client’s needs.

Skill and Specifications

    Able to work with other people.
    Able to work independently and without supervision.
    Be of high aptitude and keen on detail.

Education and Qualifications

    Have a strong grasp of Computer Science, Math and Science.
    Familiar with systems of operation such as Unix, Novell and Microsoft.
Although an advanced degree is not considered necessary to enter into network engineering field, it is quite necessary if
you wish to advance in your career. The following bachelor’s degrees are acceptable.

    A graduate’s degree in Computer Science.
    A graduate’s degree in Systems Science.
    A Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics.
    A Bachelor’s degree in Engineering.
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