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									                           HR Administrator Job Description

HR Administrator Job Profile and Description

HR administrator’s job entails providing HR administrative support on day-to-day basis and contributing to the long-run
development of HR function in specific during an initial phase of recruitment growth and development. HR
administratorsupports the HR Advisor and HR Manager in providing a comprehensive Hr service to managers and staff
within the organization.

Duties and Responsibilities

    Managing directly human resources staff: scheduling, assigning and directing work; conducting interview, hiring and
     orienting new staff; supervising or conducting training, coaches; evaluating and giving appraisals; and ensuring good
     quality of work.
    Conducting with and advising management and supervising human resource issues; investigating human resource
     related problems and making recommendations to the organization.
    Ensuring the execution of criminal record checks fully in a timely effective manner.
    Providing HR advice and support to line managers and employees, explaining procedures and policies in a timely
     effective manner.
    Assisting in the development of human resource procedures and policies.
    Contributing to HR projects like introducing an induction program.
    Administering the performance of management system.
    Entering data into the database or HR system for maintaining accurate records.
    Providing data for and preparing management information reports and documents.
    Liaising with payroll, absence recording, and holiday recording systems.
    Administering the probationary review time periods.
    Maintaining and developing the filing system of personnel.
    Assisting the human resource officer with the maintenance and development of human resource procedures and
    Advising staff regarding personnel, benefits, and pay issues.
    Administering staff benefits, programs, and events.
    Counseling applicants and employees on rules, policies, benefits, procedures and job opportunities.
    Supporting in completion of job application materials and documents, and preparation of employment interviews and
    Performing or supervising payroll processing, developing, and implementing procedures and applications.
    Establishing, organizing and supervising the maintenance of department records, ensuring complete accuracy and
    Evaluating risks and giving advices for risk management procedures, processes, policies, and practices.
    Preparing, reviewing, interpreting, analyzing and approving a variety of data, information and reports, and making
     recommendations depending on findings.

Skills and Specifications

    Knowledge of management, supervisory, leadership methods and principles.
    Knowledge of organization, operating procedures, and policies of the human resource department.
    Fair knowledge of techniques of interviewing, selecting and recruiting applicants for employment.
   Knowledge of modern office procedures and processes.
   Relevant computer software and hardware applications knowledge.
   Ability to manage and develop employee coach, counsel, plan, delegate, train, direct, mentor, evaluate, and
   Ability to speak, write and read the English language.
   Able to motivate individuals in achieving goals and objectives.
   Ability to research, evaluate and analyze new recruitment techniques, methods, and procedures.
   Able to work alone on a broad variety of projects.
   Able to exercise effective judgment, sensitivity, creativity to changing needs and situations.
   Able to establish and maintain healthy working relationships with people in course of work.

Education and Qualifications

   Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources field from an accredited institution.
   Degree level education.

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