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					        Annual Report
                        April 01, 2007 to March 31, 2008

                                                           This is YOUR Gallery!

   A R T M AT T E R S

annual_report_0708.indd 1                                                     10/15/2008 9:02:09 AM
            DIRECTOR’S NOTE
                                        There have been two      tion of other blockbuster exhibitions such         every new exhibition, program, special event
                                        consistent messages      as the Impressionist Masterworks from the          and fundraiser, we are always overwhelmed
                                        you’ve heard from the    National Gallery of Canada and represents our      by how responsive and supportive the people
                                        MacKenzie Art Gallery    commitment to bringing the work of inter-          and business community of Regina and
                                        over the past few        national artists to the people of our city and     Saskatchewan continue to be.
                                        years: ‘Art Matters’     province.                                             Over the past year the MacKenzie has pre-
                                        and ‘This is YOUR Gal-      The MacKenzie is truly a national caliber       sented many exhibitions that have expressed
                                        lery!’ These are not     institution. In our spring 2008 grant adjudica-    our concern with reinterpreting the work in our
            simple slogans but are well worn phrases that        tion, the Canada Council for the Arts notified     permanent collection and have provided
            we think about, believe in and are committed         us of an increase in our funding, resulting in     opportunities for new kinds of engagement
            to. They are also inextricably woven to the          part from the fact that the peer jury ranked us    with contemporary art practices and artists. In
            three principals against which we measure our        one of the top five Galleries in Canada. This is   the last year we introduced two artist engage-
            efforts: excellence, accessibility and sustain-      a huge accomplishment and speaks to the na-        ments with the permanent collection – Canon
            ability.                                             tional stature of what we are doing, the quality   Fodder: looking at landscape by Seema Goel
               Beginning in September 2007, the                  of our programs and exhibitions and our fiscal     and The Last Fish by Sarah Abbott. We also
            MacKenzie presented one of the most                  accountability.                                    presented Let Me Be Your Mirror, the first of a
            successful exhibitions in our history – Joe             The MacKenzie is very grateful for the          three-part investigation into the use of
            Fafard, a partnership with the National Gallery      support it receives from funders but we are        mimetic structures in contemporary art. As
            of Canada. During the run of this show, the          very aware and committed to our responsibil-       important, this series provides an opportunity
            MacKenzie welcomed close to 40,000 visitors          ity to diversify our income sources and build      for contemporary artists to discuss their work
            to this exhibition in what many people are           on the principal of sustainability. In addition    in new and innovative ways in forums such as
            calling the ‘Year of Joe’. In February the exhibi-   to funds raised at special events and through      artist talks and panel discussions.
            tion moved to the National Gallery of Canada         the MacKenzie’s Shop, during the past year            This success of the past year is yours and
            where it also broke records. In part because         34 corporations and businesses supported           we are so grateful for the involvement and
            of the success of Joe Fafard at the National         the Gallery through sponsorships and dona-         continued support of each and every one of
            Gallery, the attendance at the MacKenzie’s           tions for a total dollar value of over $70,000.    you. As we look towards the next year at the
            Touring Exhibitions – exhibitions we have            In addition to this, 437 individuals gave over     Gallery, I am confident that the stories you will
            organized being viewed by people in art gal-         $157,000 in personal donations to the Gallery.     be reading in our next Annual Report will be
            leries across Canada – has increased over            This support is crucial and I would like to        equally compelling. We are looking forward to
            72% from our previous year’s numbers. This           take this opportunity to thank everyone who        taking that journey with you.
            is huge and speaks to our impact and profile         contributed.
            across the country, which we will continue to           Over the past year, our in-house Gallery
            grow through our involvement with the                attendance has increased by almost 20% to
            Canadian Museum of Civilization and the              over 98,000 people. In a city of approximately
            national tour of Bob Boyer: His Life’s Work,         200,000 people this is a number we are very
            beginning in 2009.                                   proud of. The important thing about these
               Following Joe Fafard the Gallery presented        numbers is that they are really indicative         Kate Davis, Director
            work by internationally celebrated art star          of a community that sees us as successful,
            Andy Warhol in the exhibition Warhol: Larger         relevant and a crucial service provider. With
            than Life. This exhibition follows in the tradi-

             MACKENZIE                                                                Carey Shaw
                                                                                      “Art is creativity. It makes people think, be challenged
                                                                                      and it’s good for the heart. I’m glad the MacKenzie is a
                                                                                      staple of Regina. And over the past few years the
                                                                                      program has gotten much better. Having a show like
                                                                                      Warhol showcases a different type of art in Saskatch-
                                                                                      ewan. I think that for youth and children to see that
                                                                                      exhibition was just really great. Go MacKenzie!”

annual_report_0708.indd 2                                                                                                                               10/15/2008 9:02:21 AM
                                                                                                                                        Photo by Don Hall

                                                      MacKenzie Gallery Staff 2007/2008
      MACKENZIE                                       Lisa Adam, Development Officer (to Mar ’08)
                                                      Bruce Anderson, Collection Manager
                                                                                                     Casual Facilitator, Preparator, Shop Staff and
                                                                                                     Term Positions
                                                                                                     Chad Arie, Angela Beck, Leslie Bendig,
      BOARD &                                         Marnie Archer, Gallery Shop Manager
                                                          (to Oct ’07)
                                                                                                     Elaine Bennett Fox, Nathan Binns, Keith Bird,
                                                                                                     Adrian Bobb, Kim Bohay, Nicole Brabant, Michelle

      STAFF                                           Selena Beahm, Administrative Assistant
                                                          – Education & Communications
                                                                                                     Brownridge, Calvin Burns, Carol Cairns, Stephanie
                                                                                                     Campbell, Dominique Chartrand, Jenny Coté, Marc
                                                           (to Dec ’07)                              Courtemanche, Ashley Crampton, Yvonne Dean,
      MacKenzie Gallery Board of Trustees             Marc Courtemanche, Preparator – Facilities     Clorice Delorme, Randal Fedje, Blair Fornwald,
      Executive Committee                             Kate Davis, Director                           Jen Ganshorn, Jesse Goddard, Michael Hamann,
      Murray Dollard, President                       Alison Dean, Educator – Community              Michelle Harazny, Kyle Herranen, Andra Jurzyniec,
      Cathy Warner, Vice-President/Treasurer          Ken Duczek, Educator — Outreach                Holly Martin, Tess Maciag, Elizabeth Anne McLel-
                                                      Michael Fahlman, Gallery Shop Assistant        lan, Rachel Molnar, Gabrielle Patterson, Mathieu
                                                      Jackie Lindenbach, Accounting Officer          Pepin, Nikole Peters, Derek Pho, Mark Porcina,
      Leslie Anderson, Norman Bercovich,
                                                      Michelle LaVallee, Assistant Curator           Doreen Schaefer, Nassi Soofi, Colin Toews, Alicia
      Louis Browne, John Dawes, Terry Downie,
                                                      Jackie Lay, Development Officer                Toscano, Maria Trebuss, Evan Tyler, Amanda
      Gord Fawcett, Glenn Gordon, Lucia Harold,
                                                      Timothy Long, Head Curator                     Walton
      Carol Hixson, Dave Pettigrew, Sheila Petty,
                                                      Rachel Molnar, Warhol Front-of-House
      Carmen Robertson, Mark Stefan,                                                                 Summer Students (Summer 2007)
                                                          Coordinator (term)
      Andrea Wagner                                                                                  Veronica Geminder (Young Canada Works)
                                                      Sandra Nixon, Library Coordinator
                                                                                                     Holly Martin (Summer Career Placement)
      Acquisition Committee                           Gaynor Novak, Manager — Administration
      Carmen Robertson (Chair), Lorne Beug,           Nicolle Nugent, Educator — Community
      Carol Hixson, Robert Perry                      Marie Olinik, Administrative Assistant –
      Audit & Finance Committee                           Curatorial
      Cathy Warner (Chair), Louis Browne,             John Peet, Installations Officer
                                                      Steve Reilly, Preparator
                                                                                                                                                                  20 07/20 08 M ACKENZIE A R T G A L L ERY A NNUA L REP OR T

      Terry Downie, Sheila Petty
                                                      Ralph Skanes, Preparator — Facilities
      Strategic Fund Development Committee            Lorraine Skinner, Administrative Assistant —
      Dave Pettigrew, (Chair), John Dawes,                Education and Communications
      Gord Fawcett, Mark Stefan                       Brenda Smith, Conservator
      MacKenzie Gallery Volunteers
      Donna Kyle, Volunteer Co-ordinator              Shari Sokochoff, Manager – Finance & Opera-
         (to Aug ’07)                                 tions
      Mary Baylak, Volunteer Co-ordinator (Jan ’08)   Amy Thibodeau, Communications Officer
                                                      Sue Swarbrick, Development Officer (to Aug
                                                                                                     Head Curator Timothy Long and Director Kate Davis
                                                      Wendy Winter, Educator — School and Youth
                                                                                                     were not able to attend the staff/board photo.

annual_report_0708.indd 3                                                                                                                          10/15/2008 9:02:28 AM
                                                                  YEAR IN
                                                                  In-House                     98,921
                                                                  Out-of-House                 69,610
                                                                  Total:                       159,531
                                                                  Programming and Event Attendance
                                                                  Community Programming       13,887
                                                                  Events                     19,890
                                                                  Facility Rentals           11,839
                                                                  Provincial Outreach        10,248
                                                                  School & Youth              12,187
                                                                  Touring Exhibitions        33,288
                                                                  Travelling Art               4,392
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Photo by Adrian Bob

                                                                  • User/cost ratio $13.21
                                                                  • 34 corporations and businesses contributed
                                                                  $70,039 (includes cash and in-kind dona-
                                                                  • 437 individuals contributed $157,986 (in-        Acimo Productions                                 Saskatchewan Filmpool Cooperative
                                                                  cludes cash and in-kind donations).                Cathedral Village Freehouse                       Saskatchewan Legislative Building
                                                                  • 3 fundraising events were held, which served     Chief Kahkewistahaw Band Council                  Saskatchewan Science Center
                                                                  10,079 visitors. There were 26 Champions and       Conexus Arts Center                               Saskatchewan Writer’s Guild
                                                                  corporate sponsors. The net result of fund-        Conseil des écoles fransaskois                    SoHo Night Club and Restaurant
                                                                  raising and sponsorship was $151,697. The          Crave Kitchen and Wine Bar                        Stantec Architecture
                                                                  value of the in-kind Champions was $171,383        Curtain Razors                                    University of Regina, Faculty of English
                                                                  • Membership of 1,850 generated $26,470            Dunlop Art Gallery                                University of Regina, Faculty of Education
                                                                  • Shop sales were $512,666.                        Kahkewistahaw Health Centre                       University of Regina, Faculty of Film and
                                                                                                                     Multicultural Council of Saskatchewan                 Media Studies
                                                                                                                     National Aboriginal Day Planning Committee        University of Regina, Faculty of Fine Arts
                                                                                                                     New Dance Horizons                                University of Regina, Faculty of French
                                                                                                                     The Paper Umbrella                                University of Regina, Faculty of Mathematics
                                                                                                                     Regina Catholic Schools                           University of Regina, Faculty of Science
                                                                                                                     Regina Plains Museum                              University of Regina, Faculty of Women’s
                                                                                                                     Regina Public Library                                  Studies

                                                                  MY                                                 Regina Public Schools
                                                                                                                     Regina Regional Heritage Fair
                                                                                                                                                                       University of Regina, Faculty of Kinesiology
                                                                                                                                                                           and Health Studies

                                                                  MACKENZIE                                          Royal Saskatchewan Museum                         Wascana Centre Authority

                                                                                                                   Deb Wardle
                                                                                                                   Volunteer since 1998, will take over as President of the MacKenzie Gallery Volunteers in 2008/09.
    20 07/20 0 8 M ACKENZIE A R T G A L L ERY A NNUA L REP OR T

                                                                                                                   “The MacKenzie is important to me on many levels because I love
                                                                                                                   art. I started with the Gallery when I moved from Toronto about ten
                                                                                                                   years ago. I didn’t have any family here. I needed to feel like I
                                                                                                                   belonged in the community in some way. I found an ad about
                                                                                                                   volunteering in the newspaper and have been here ever since.”


annual_report_0708.indd 4                                                                                                                                                                              10/15/2008 9:02:32 AM
                                                        into his work.                                       the show. Feedback was extremely positive,
      EXHIBITION &                                        To further deepen this examination of
                                                        architecture, the MacKenzie partnered with
                                                                                                             with many people making repeat visits to
                                                                                                             experience the exhibition again and again.
      COLLECTION                                        the Dunlop Art Gallery to present The Ordinary
                                                        Amazing Symposium: The Cultural Value of
                                                                                                               This great success was continued when Joe
                                                                                                             Fafard moved on to the National Gallery of

      PROGRAM                                           Modernist Architecture. Spurred on by a
                                                        growing awareness that an astounding
                                                                                                             Canada in Ottawa where opening weekend
                                                                                                             attendance numbers were among the highest
                                                        chapter in the history of architecture is at risk,   in recent history according to Gallery repre-
        The MacKenzie Art Gallery is committed
                                                        architectural heritage groups are realizing          sentatives. While in Ottawa, thousands more
      to presenting a wide range of exhibitions
                                                        that there is something amazing in these             visited Joe Fafard and more people across
      including in-house shows designed by our
                                                        seemingly ordinary buildings. The Ordinary           Canada will continue to have this opportunity
      Head Curator and Assistant Curator, perma-
                                                        Amazing Symposium addressed this situation           as the exhibition tour continues for the next
      nent collection exhibitions and nationally and
                                                        both as a question of cultural value and as a        year and a half.
      internationally touring exhibitions.
                                                        very real issue for architecture in the local and      Following the Joe Fafard exhibition, the
      Exhibitions                                       national community.                                  MacKenzie opened Warhol: Larger than Life in
        The spring of 2007 featured an exciting           The fall of 2007 was kicked off with the           January 2008. This expansive exhibition
      exploration of architecture with a special        blockbuster exhibition Joe Fafard, which the         featured over 150 works by the king of pop art,
      focus on modernist architecture and the           MacKenzie was proud to present in partner-           Andy Warhol. The presentation of this exhibi-
      work of Saskatchewan-born architect Clifford      ship with the National Gallery of Canada. For        tion was a great opportunity to collaborate
      Wiens. Exhibitions included the major             the first time, people were able to experience       with the Winnipeg Art Gallery, which was
      retrospective TELLING DETAILS: The Architec-      the full scope of this remarkable artist’s work      responsible for curating and circulating this
      ture of Clifford Wiens, curated by Trevor Boddy   from his early caricatures, intimate portraits       exhibition. Besides the Winnipeg Art Gallery
      and circulated by the Mendel Art Gallery, and     of friends and family, sculptures of cows and        and the MacKenzie Art Gallery, the only other
      41˚ to 66˚: Regional Responses to Sustain-        horses to his large bronze commissions for           venue in Canada to host this exhibition was
      able Architecture in Canada, organized and        private and public spaces. Determinedly              the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria. Our ability
      circulated by Cambridge Galleries Design at       pursuing his own unique vision, Fafard               as an institution to host an exhibition of this
      Riverside, Ontario. TELLING DETAILS featured      embodies much of what it is to be an artist in       value is a testament to the world-class facili-
      an expansive look at Wiens’ body of work with     Canada, while still maintaining his committ-         ties and professional staff at the MacKenzie.
      over 150 architectural sketches and working       ment to accessibility and a concern for com-         Warhol: Larger than Life speaks to our
      drawings, nearly as many photographs, three       munity. Simply put, Joe Fafard is one of the         commitment to creating opportunities for our
      original period and six specially-commis-         most recognized Canadian artists alive and           visitors to experience internationally recog-
      sioned architectural scale models. His            working in Canada today.                             nized artists and is in the tradition of other
      technically innovative buildings such as            The Opening Reception for Joe Fafard               exhibitions we’ve presented in the past such
      Lumsden’s John Nugent Studio, the Univer-         was one of the best attended in our history          as the Impressionist Masterworks from the
      sity of Regina Heating and Cooling Plant,         with nearly 2,000 coming out to celebrate.           National Gallery of Canada and the Master-
      the Qu’Appelle Valley Silton Summer Chapel        Between September and January when the ex-           works of 19th Century French Realism from the
      and the Regina CBC Broadcast Centre are all       hibition closed, support for the exhibition was      National Gallery of Canada.
      highly regarded and demonstrate his concern       constant with nearly 40,000 people visiting
      with incorporating prairie light and landforms

      15 in-house and hosted exhibitions including       Mobile Structures: Dialogues between Ceram-         The Conservator worked with over 568 art-
      Canon Fodder: looking at landscape, Regina         ics and Architecture in Canadian Art toured to      works in preparation for MacKenzie curated
      Five Plus, Ronald Bloore: Fragments of Infin-      the Surrey Art Gallery from 14 September to         exhibitions and 658 artworks for borrowed
      ity, Art, Audience, Gallery: A Conversation,       19 December 2007, and was viewed by 6,225           exhibitions such as Warhol: Larger than
                                                                                                                                                                     20 07/20 08 M ACKENZIE A R T G A L L ERY A NNUA L REP OR T

      The Last Fish, Joe Fafard, Drawings in Space,      people. Joe Fafard was toured to the National       Life. Additional works were examined for
      Roctoc: Recent Acquisitions from the Collec-       Gallery in Ottawa from February 1 to May 4,         Outreach exhibitions, loans to other galleries
      tion of the MacKenzie Art Gallery, Let Me Be       2008. Attendance between February 1 and             and work was done to new acquisitions for a
      Your Mirror, 41˚ to 66˚: Regional Responses to     March 31, 2008 was 27,063.                          grand total of 1,380 artworks being reviewed,
      Sustainable Architecture in Canada, Dimen-                                                             examined or documented by the Conservator.
                                                         MacKenzie publications included: Mobile
      sions 2007, TELLING DETAILS: The Architec-         Structures: Dialogues Between Ceramics and
      ture of Clifford Wiens, University of Regina       Architecture in Canadian Art, Learning from
      Masters of Fine Arts Graduating Exhibition,        Leonardo: The High Realist Legacy in Cana-
      Warhol: Larger than Life, and shift: University    dian Art, and Wahwâ Neechi Funk!: Aborigi-
      of Regina Bachelor of Fine Arts Graduating         nal Humour Exhibition.


annual_report_0708.indd 5                                                                                                                             10/15/2008 9:02:39 AM
                                                                                                                       The Permanent Collection
                                                                  EXHIBITION &
                                                                                                                                                                         in this direction, in the fall of 2007 The Last
                                                                                                                         The MacKenzie Art Gallery’s mission is to       Fish was curated by filmmaker Sarah Abbott.
                                                                                                                       serve our community by exhibiting, collecting,    This exhibition used the work in the perma-
                                                                  COLLECTION                                           preserving and interpreting original works of
                                                                                                                       art. It was the bequest of Regina lawyer
                                                                                                                                                                         nent collection to examine environmental
                                                                                                                                                                         concerns with the state of the world’s water

                                                                  PROGRAM                                              Norman MacKenzie that initiated the perma-
                                                                                                                       nent collection of the MacKenzie Art Gallery.
                                                                                                                                                                         resources. Both exhibitions were inquisitive
                                                                                                                                                                         and inspired new ways of thinking about and
                                                                                                                       Today the collection numbers almost 4,000         looking at the permanent collection.
                                                                    The MacKenzie continued its critical
                                                                                                                       artworks including Canadian historical and          The MacKenzie is committed to building its
                                                                  dialogue about contemporary art practices
                                                                                                                       contemporary works with a special interest in     permanent collection by purchasing works
                                                                  through the exhibition Let Me Be Your Mirror,
                                                                                                                       Western Canadian art.                             of art and through generous donations by
                                                                  which opened in February 2008. Curated by
                                                                                                                          The MacKenzie is always looking for ways       patrons and artists. In one significant
                                                                  the MacKenzie’s Head Curator Timothy Long,
                                                                                                                       to re-contextualize and highlight the work        donation, Saskatchewan artist Dorothy
                                                                  this exhibition featured the work of five con-
                                                                                                                       in the permanent collection so that it can be     Knowles gifted the MacKenzie 22 of her
                                                                  temporary Canadian artists and examined the
                                                                                                                       enjoyed by visitors and reinterpreted in fresh    watercolour landscape works. The Gallery
                                                                  idea that art is a mirror on the world turned in
                                                                                                                       ways. During 2007, the MacKenzie introduced       has been working closely with Knowles since
                                                                  on itself by introducing the one thing that can
                                                                                                                       a new critical curatorial program of artist       1999 on this donation, which is an important
                                                                  never be adequately represented, a mirror.
                                                                                                                       engagements with the permanent collection         contribution to the MacKenzie’s collection
                                                                  This exhibition launched the first of three
                                                                                                                       to do just this. In April of 2007 Canon Fodder:   of landscape paintings. This group of works,
                                                                  exhibitions that will be part of the “Mirror
                                                                                                                       looking at landscape was curated by artist        along with the other new acquisitions,
                                                                  Series.” As part of the opening weekend cel-
                                                                                                                       Seema Goel and featured an examination of         contributes to the legacy of Saskatchewan
                                                                  ebrations, the MacKenzie was pleased to host
                                                                                                                       landscape art in the permanent collection by      and Canadian art, held in trust for the people
                                                                  a panel discussion featuring Vikky Alexander,
                                                                                                                       juxtaposing traditional Western notions of the    of our province.
                                                                  Adad Hannah, Ken Lum, Chris Cran, Nicolas
                                                                                                                       landscape with works by Inuit artists. Further
                                                                  Baier and critic Nancy Tousley.
     20 07/20 08 M ACKENZIE A R T G A L L ERY A NNUA L REP OR T

                                                                  Dorothy Knowles, A Summers Drive, 1992
                                                                  acrylic on paper, 57.6 x 76.7 cm
                                                                  Collection of the MacKenzie Art Gallery, gift of the artist.

annual_report_0708.indd 6                                                                                                                                                                                    10/15/2008 9:02:40 AM
     The Library
           The MacKenzie Art Gallery Library
     maintains a collection of art-related books,
     exhibition catalogues, journals, reference
     materials and clippings on individual artists,
     art themes, styles and topics. The emphasis
     of the Library collection is on material relating
     to the Gallery’s own permanent collection of
     art works and exhibition programs.
           The MacKenzie Art Gallery Library is a
     great place to do in-depth research. It is open
     to the public and materials can be accessed
     free of charge within the Library space.
           The MacKenzie Art Gallery Library is
     open on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
     from 11 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. For more information
     on the library call 584-4285 or email .

      Permanent Collection                               The Library                                     155 individuals were served (locally and
      There were 11 works of art purchased by the        The Gallery Library sent 3 new catalogues       internationally).
      following artists: Cara Gay Driscoll, David        to 250 galleries and schools in Canada, and
                                                                                                         322 new titles were added to the collection.
      Hoffos, Rory MacDonald, Kevin McKenzie, and        to 30 international locations in the United
      Daphne Odjig.                                      States, Great Britain and Europe.               418 titles were re-catalogued.

                                                         In total, 1 half-time staff and 635 volunteer
      99 works of art were donated.                      hours were donated to making information
                                                         available to the Saskatchewan and interna-
                                                         tional audiences.
      Total value of works approved by Canadian
      Cultural Property Export Review Board and          Library volunteers (141.5 hours) compiled
      receipted was $335,298.                            artist information binders for 9 exhibitions.

                                                                                                                                                                20 07/20 08 M ACKENZIE A R T G A L L ERY A NNUA L REP OR T

                                                         Dave Pettigrew
                                                         MacKenzie Board Member

                                                         “It’s a place that our whole family enjoys going to. Whether it’s the
                                                         Sunday family programs or Bazaart, there are a lot of different ways
                                                         to enjoy and experience art. Regina is blessed with a vibrant arts
                                                         community, which is an important part of why it is such a great city.
                                                         Joining the MacKenzie Board has allowed me to better appreciate
                                                         and contribute to the arts community.”


annual_report_0708.indd 7                                                                                                                        10/15/2008 9:02:44 AM
                                                                                                                     we are currently exploring other ways to make     diverse communities through art. Currently
                                                                  GALLERY                                            this valuable education resource available to
                                                                                                                     a wider audience.
                                                                                                                                                                       the MacKenzie Urban Outreach Program is
                                                                                                                                                                       engaging students, and their communities,

                                                                  EDUCATION                                            To meet the objective of learning about
                                                                                                                     French and Métis shared histories, a team of
                                                                                                                                                                       through a very special three-year bridging

                                                                  PROGRAM                                            teachers was invited to participate in a very
                                                                                                                     special bridging project that connected four
                                                                                                                                                                          Our current program objectives include
                                                                                                                                                                       using the medium of portraiture and concepts
                                                                  School and Youth                                   distinct communities and four school boards.      of identity to break down cultural, socio-eco-
                                                                     It was an exciting year for the School and      The schools represent inner-city, suburban,       nomic and geographical barriers while affirm-
                                                                  Youth Program at the MacKenzie Art Gallery.        rural, urban, Catholic, Public, French and        ing and deepening identities and a sense of
                                                                  Not only were our school tour programs for         Aboriginal. The program included Artist           community for participants.
                                                                  the Joe Fafard exhibition and Warhol: Larger       Residencies, a Bridging Project, tours and          Participating schools include Chief Kahkew-
                                                                  than Life filled to capacity with waiting lists,   workshops. This project was highly success-       istahaw Community School on the Kahkewis-
                                                                  but we were also able to get other new pro-        ful to the extent that we are already planning    tahaw First Nation, Sacred Heart Community
                                                                  grams off the ground, which resulted in new        for its next iteration in our 2008/2009 year.     School in North Central Regina, Scott Colle-
                                                                  partnerships and new audiences.                      In the tours for our second blockbuster         giate Community High School in North Central
                                                                     We had a full year of bilingual program-        exhibition Warhol: Larger than Life we exam-      Regina, École Monseigneur de Laval (Regina’s
                                                                  ming that motivated a special partnership          ined the phenomenon of Pop Art, but also          only French-as-a-first-language school) and
                                                                  with école Monseigneur de Laval. In recogni-       glimpsed a more serious side of this              Michael A. Riffel High School in North Regina.
                                                                  tion of Joe Fafard’s history as a francophone      enigmatic artist through his “death and disas-      In the 2007/2008 year the MacKenzie’s
                                                                  artist with deep roots within the French and       ter” series. Students made multiple Marilyns      Urban Outreach program was recognized at
                                                                  Métis cultural heritage of Saskatchewan,           and brainstormed what popular image today         the annual Canadian Museums Association
                                                                  we decided to make every effort to provide a       might be equivalent to the Campbell’s Soup        Awards with an Honourable Mention for Excel-
                                                                  bilingual education program. We also wanted        can of the 1960s.                                 lence in Education. This ceremony was held
                                                                  to develop a program that would provide              To provide an authentic Warhol experience       as part of their annual conference in Victoria,
                                                                  information about the shared histories of          for our school tour program, we developed a       British Columbia.
                                                                  the francophone and Métis community. We            screen printing workshop. All students who          The support we receive from the Regina
                                                                  started with a team of researchers talking to      came for tours with their classes were able       Catholic and Public Schools, Chief Kahkewis-
                                                                  community representatives and developed a          to make a screen print portrait on a colour-      tahaw Community School and école Mon-
                                                                  bilingual resource package for educators, im-      blocked background. We had ten faces to pick      seigneur de Laval is crucial to our continued
                                                                  plemented a special tour and workshop event        from – from Johnny Depp to Dora the Explorer.     ability to provide these programs and services
                                                                  for French and immersion teachers, provided          For over ten years MacKenzie Urban Out-         and we are so grateful to them.
                                                                  a bilingual tour program and went out of the       reach has been providing multi-visit program-
                                                                                                                                                                       Provincial Outreach
                                                                  Gallery to do workshops. The comprehensive         ming including artist residencies, in-school
                                                                                                                                                                         For the past 37 years, the MacKenzie Art Gal-
                                                                  bilingual guide, The Legacy of Joe Fafard was      and on-reserve workshop series, response
                                                                                                                                                                       lery has organized and delivered exhibitions
                                                                  made available to teachers on-line for the du-     exhibitions and after-school and evening
                                                                                                                                                                       of original art to rural communities throughout
                                                                  ration of the show, and was distributed at the     art instructional programs for inner-city and
                                                                                                                                                                       Saskatchewan. The Gallery educator who
                                                                  National Gallery of Canada through their own       Aboriginal schools. From the success of this
                                                                                                                                                                       accompanies each exhibition offers a tour pro-
                                                                  Joe Fafard education program. These guides         program and through our accumulated experi-
                                                                                                                                                                       gram to help facilitate the experience. Most
                                                                  will be made available for all the venues for      ence we have identified a new objective for
                                                                                                                                                                       communities visited have a population of less
                                                                  the Joe Fafard exhibition across Canada and        the Urban Outreach Program: that of bridging
                                                                                                                                                                       than 3,000 people but the effort to provide

                                                                  THE                                                Community
                                                                                                                     31 artist presentations and lectures were host-
                                                                                                                                                                       22 openings and special events, including open-
                                                                                                                                                                       ings of Joe Fafard, Let Me Be Your Mirror, Ronald

                                                                  STATS                                              ed by artists, curators and guest speakers.
                                                                                                                     This included presentations by Saskatchewan,
                                                                                                                                                                       Bloore: Fragments of Infinity, TELLING DETAILS,
                                                                                                                                                                       and programming such as screenings,
                                                                  School                                             Canadian and international artists such as: Joe   performances, and the multi-faith forum were
    20 07/20 0 8 M ACKENZIE A R T G A L L ERY A NNUA L REP OR T

                                                                  184 Education and Public Programs for Youth        Fafard, Jeannie Mah, Adrian Stimson, Martine      held. 4,166 visitors attended.
                                                                  were held with attendance of 3,717.                Noel-Maw, Vikky Alexander, Nicolas Baier,
                                                                                                                     Chris Cran, Adad Hannah, Ken Lum, Patricia
                                                                  80 Education and Public Programs for Adults                                                          The Travelling Art Program reached 1,464 Public
                                                                                                                     Patkau, Clifford Wiens, Thomas Sokolowski,
                                                                  were held with attendance of 2,203.                                                                  and Catholic School students, each three times.
                                                                                                                     Nancy Tousley and John Giorno.
                                                                  12,187 students participated in 791 tours and                                                        Outreach
                                                                  programs in the School and Youth Program.          160 Workshops served 3,374 people.                28 communities were visited.
                                                                  This included 2,201 students, teachers and
                                                                                                                     1 Symposium was held related to The Ordinary      10,248 students, teachers and community mem-
                                                                  community members participating in 137 tours
                                                                                                                     Amazing Symposium: The Cultural Value of          bers took part in 292 Provincial Outreach tours.
                                                                  and programs in the Urban Outreach Program.
                                                                                                                     Modernist Architecture (co-organized with the
                                                                                                                     Dunlop Art Gallery). 77 people attended.          10 residencies featuring artists Gabriel Yahyah-
                                                                  4 Artist Residencies by Carrie Pelletier, Mi-
                                                                  chele Sereda, Shane Bellegarde and Gabriel                                                           keekoot and David Benjoe .
   07                                                                                                                356 guided public tours served 5,058 visitors.

annual_report_0708.indd 8                                                                                                                                                                                 10/15/2008 9:02:51 AM
                                                                                                           project that connected students in Black Lake
                                                        Claude Tousignant and Takeo Tanabe were
                                                        featured in this exhibition showcasing the         with students in Regina. Art and photography
                                                        diversity of our collection. In a letter sent to   were exchanged and participants met in an

      EDUCATION                                         the MacKenzie Art Gallery, teacher Jana Epp
                                                        from Kerrobert wrote:
                                                                                                           exhibition shown at the MacKenzie Art Gallery.
                                                                                                           One of the artists involved was video artist

      PROGRAM                                             Thank you for enduring treacherous roads
                                                          to bring art to our school. You taught us all
                                                                                                           Gabriel Yahyahkeekoot. Gabriel’s participation
                                                                                                           as a Provincial Outreach Artist in Residence
      the same experience as if participants were         so much about the “Pop and Op” art of the        provided the opportunity for viewers to share
      visiting the MacKenzie Art Gallery remains the      60’s. The students loved the art projects you    his knowledge and enthusiasm about video
      same. We are proud of this service, which has       showed them. Thank you for inspiring our         production.
      been a consistent presence in our province          young artists!                                     A late addition to this year’s exhibition roster
      since 1971.                                         Another exhibition that shows the wide           was Wahwâ Neechi Funk: Aboriginal Humour
         Come rain, shine or snow the MacKenzie         scope of the MacKenzie’s permanent col-            Exhibition. Artist David Benjoe toured with the
      van still finds its way, reaching many points     lection is the Williamson Collection of Inuit      show sharing his work and knowledge. We
      across Saskatchewan. For example, on the          Art. From all the fascinating work found in        look forward to travelling this exhibition and
      way to Kerrobert in March of 2008 the roads       Canada’s north this show highlights soap-          others in the next fiscal year.
      were wind swept and icy as a result of an early   stone sculptures produced by artists from
      spring storm. Despite the difficult weather,      Rankin Inlet.
      when the Outreach van arrived the friendly          Whenever artists travel as part of Outreach,
      and helpful prairie community shone through       the experience reaches a new level. Bring-
      as people were more than willing to help carry    ing the artist and the viewer together creates
      in and set up the show. The exhibition they       great dialogue and fascinating demonstra-
      toured was Pop: a selection of paintings and      tions and art-making opportunities, as with        Image Below:
                                                        the exhibition Calling Black Lake. This exhibi-    Kindergarten students from W.S Hawrylak elementary
      prints of the 60’s from the permanent collec-
                                                                                                           school explore the exhibition Warhol: Larger than Life as
      tion. Canadian artists such as Iain Baxter,       tion began as a long distance educational
                                                                                                           part of the school tour program. Photo by Ali Dean.

                                                                                                                                                                          20 0 6/20 07 M ACKENZIE A R T G A L L ERY A NNUA L REP OR T


annual_report_0708.indd 9                                                                                                                                  10/15/2008 9:02:54 AM
                                                                  Community Programs                               over the past year. A stand-out collaboration    we offered throughout its run at the
                                                                     The role the MacKenzie plays within Regina    was with a newer partner for the MacKenzie,      MacKenzie. One such program was the March
                                                                  is that of a senior art museum, balancing        the Saskatchewan Writer’s Guild. With their      2008 Red Pop: Café, Screening and Discus-
                                                                  regional responsibilities with a national per-   guidance and assistance we presented the         sion, which was organized and presented by
                                                                  spective. As a community-based institution,      popular Evening of Poetry in conjunction with    University of Regina Art History professor
                                                                  the Gallery introduces art and artists to a      the Joe Fafard exhibition. On Friday, Novem-     Dr. Carmen Robertson. During this dynamic
                                                                  variety of audiences through exhibitions, pro-   ber 20, 2007 Writer’s Guild members, the         program, Carmen curated and led a discus-
                                                                  grams and services. We are also committed        literary and art community, and the general      sion that investigated the Warhol effect by
                                                                  to actively sharing our resources by working     public gathered to hear a group of Saskatch-     looking at films by Indigenous filmmakers
                                                                  in collaboration with arts organizations and     ewan poets read work in response to an           that comment upon visual culture in America,
                                                                  other community groups.                          evening they spent touring the Joe Fafard        deconstructing icons Warhol also confronted.
                                                                     Over the last year our community programs     exhibition with the artist himself. Poets        Of the nearly 100 participants, two Univer-
                                                                  have deepened our understanding and our          were selected by jury and the result was an      sity of Regina classes were present and the
                                                                  audience’s engagement with changes in            evening of touching, emotional and some-         program was incorporated into their course
                                                                  artistic practices, particularly in the areas    times very funny responses to the work in the    curriculum. Robertson instigated a discourse
                                                                  of Aboriginal art, installation and media-       exhibition. This was one of many programs        exploring ways contemporary Aboriginal art-
                                                                  based practices. We are constantly striving      designed to engage people with the Fafard        ists provoke, incite and challenge us to view
                                                                  to continue to develop our capacity to listen    exhibition including a public conversation       our world in ways we don’t normally consider.
                                                                  to artists, program collaborators, community     between the artist and exhibition curator Ter-   This program was so successful that she will
                                                                  partners and audiences in order to learn new     rence Heath, a Joe Fafard public sculpture bus   be returning to revisit the same format in
    20 07/20 0 8 M ACKENZIE A R T G A L L ERY A NNUA L REP OR T

                                                                  strategies, engage specific concerns and         tour and an artist studio workshop led by Joe,   the fall of 2008 as part of the Bob Boyer: His
                                                                  evaluate successes in the advancement of         among many other opportunities. One of the       Life’s Work exhibition.
                                                                  our audience’s engagement with contem-           great benefits to the public throughout this
                                                                  porary visual art. Our overall objective is to   exhibition was the many opportunities our
                                                                  allow this dual engagement to transform our      programs presented for people to meet and
                                                                  thinking about our role as an institution, our   engage with Joe Fafard himself, an experience
                                                                  relationship to our audiences, as well as our    which enriched their connection to the work      Image Above:
                                                                                                                                                                    Thursday Night Live performance by New Dance Horizon’s
                                                                  delivery of exhibitions and programs.            in the exhibition.
                                                                                                                                                                    Robin Poitras in conjunction with Warhol: Larger than Life
                                                                     The MacKenzie was fortunate to partner           The winter 2008 months were busy with         and Let Me Be Your Mirror.
                                                                  with many great collaborators in the pre-        our second blockbuster of the year, Warhol:
                                                                  sentation of some very successful programs       Larger than Life, and the range of programs


annual_report_0708.indd 10                                                                                                                                                                                    10/15/2008 9:02:55 AM
             The MacKenzie Art Gallery has over 160 vol-       The MGV also provide opportunities to their   the blockbuster exhibition Warhol: Larger than
          unteers who donated over 9,000 hours of their     members to take advantage of enrichment          Life. At the end of the exhibition 88 volunteers
          time to the Gallery over the past year.           programs, which focus on the history, appre-     contributed over 1,500 hours of their time
             The MacKenzie Gallery Volunteers were          ciation and enjoyment of art. Most Wednesday     helping to make the Warhol Volunteer Program
          founded in 1962 with the main purpose of          mornings from September to April you can find    a success. 87% of the volunteers rated their
          operating a travelling art program in the         an enthusiastic group of volunteers enjoying     experience as “very to extremely satisfying.”
          elementary schools. This program was used         speakers, video presentations, tours and other      The MacKenzie Art Gallery is so grateful for
          as a tool by teachers to broaden the visual       engaging opportunities.                          the support and committment of all our volun-
          arts experience for students in grade five by          This year the volunteers stepped up to      teers. We couldn’t do it without you!
          presenting them with reproductions of works       provide additional support to the Gallery for
          by master painters.

          ART GALLERY
                Thanks to the support of our members
          and the committment of the volunteers, the
          Gallery Shop generated a profit of $98,073
          from sales of $512,666. Funds raised in the
          Gallery Shop are used to support exhibitions,
          programs and new acquisitions to the
          Permanent Collection.
                One of the biggest successes for the
          MacKenzie Art Gallery Shop over the past year
          was the decision to produce special product
          for the Joe Fafard exhibition, with the permis-
          sion and involvement of the artist. From the
          biographical book that accompanied the
          exhibition (which was produced by the Nation-
          al Gallery of Canada and published by Douglas
          and McIntyre) to everything from gift cards and
          t-shirts to magnet sets and decorative mugs,
          the product developed for Joe Fafard were
          among the top selling items in the Shop.

                                                                                                                                                                 20 0 6/20 07 M ACKENZIE A R T G A L L ERY A NNUA L REP OR T

          MacKenzie Gallery Volunteers                      The MacKenzie Art Gallery Shop                   ten, Zane Wilcox, Berting Glass and Melvin
          Support and encouragement was received            There were 11,109 transactions in the Shop.      Malkin.
          from 161 volunteers who contributed 9,443
                                                            The average sale in the Shop was $46.15
                                                            The Shop generated a profit of $98,073 from
          A key Volunteer initiative, the Travelling Art
                                                            sales of $512,666.
          Program, reached nearly 1,500 Public and
          Catholic School students, three times each.       The works of many Saskatchewan artisans
                                                            and craftspeople were represented in the
          MacKenzie Gallery Volunteers assisted with
                                                            MacKenzie Art Gallery Shop including: Mel
          27 community programs.
                                                            Bolen, Charley Farrero, Megan Hazel, Jeff Mar-


annual_report_0708.indd 11                                                                                                                        10/15/2008 9:02:59 AM
                                                                     The past year was a very busy one for the
                                                                  MacKenzie Art Gallery with three massive
                                                                  fundraising events: the 34th annual Bazaart
                                                                  in June 2007, the Gala Art Auction in the fall of
                                                                  2007, and the Warhol: Larger than Life Preview
                                                                  Party and Fundraiser in January of 2008.
                                                                     It would be impossible for the MacKenzie Art
                                                                  Gallery to raise the funds necessary to present
                                                                  the great range of exhibitions and program-
                                                                  ming without holding these events and so
                                                                  many people and organizations contribute
                                                                  to their success. For Bazaart, which saw
                                                                  over 9,000 people pass through the gates to
                                                                  purchase wares from 94 fantastic vendors, we
                                                                  were grateful to have SaskTel on board again        ate some of the glitz and glam of Warhol’s
                                                                  as the presenting sponsor.                          era, Stantec Architecture with the help of
                                                                     The Gala Art Auction was a huge success          LeeAnn Croft recreated the Factory by cover-
                                                                  thanks in large part to over 40 amazing artists     ing the walls in the salon with silver material.
                                                                  who donated their work to the auction. It was       In addition to this a disco dance room was
                                                                  a stellar opportunity for seasoned and novice       created in one of our empty Gallery spaces
                                                                  collectors alike to pick up a new treasure.         and guests were invited to walk down a ruby
                                                                     The Warhol: Larger than Life Preview Party       red carpet as paparazzi snapped their photos.
                                                                  and Fundraiser was a great success — in fact, it    Special thanks to IBM and Investor’s Group,
                                                                  was sold out! Guests were treated to amazing        the sponsors of this, what many attendees
                                                                  food catered by Memories, chocolate martini’s       dubbed the party of the year!
                                                                  and a buffet of tempting candy treats. To recre-

                                                                     The last year has been extremely busy for

                                                                  the communications team at the MacKenzie as
                                                                  we have worked on the promotion of two major
                                                                  blockbuster exhibitions in a row: first Joe
                                                                                                                           Members of the MacKenzie Art Gallery
                                                                  Fafard in the fall of 2007, followed by Warhol:
                                                                                                                      support exhibitions and programs that are
                                                                  Larger than Life in the winter of 2008.
                                                                                                                      designed to make the gallery accessible and
                                                                     We were very pleased to work with great
                                                                                                                      meaningful to visitors. They also support the
                                                                  design teams on both of these exhibitions.
                                                                                                                      Art Acquisition Fund. With the support of our
                                                                  For Joe Fafard Bradbury Branding and Design
                                                                                                                      Members we are able to host international cali-
                                                                  created a vision for the print material that was
                                                                                                                      ber art exhibitions and build a cultural legacy
                                                                  fresh and exciting and spoke to the integrity of
                                                                                                                      for generations to come.
                                                                  the artist and his work.
                                                                                                                           Some of the benefits of Membership
                                                                     For Warhol: Larger than Life we worked with
                                                                                                                      include a 10% discount in the Shop and extra
                                                                  a new firm to the MacKenzie, the Noblet Design
                                                                                                                      savings at Members’ Only Sales; invitations
                                                                  Group. This team worked with us on conven-
                                                                                                                      and notices for all Gallery exhibitions and
                                                                  tional as well as non-conventional design
    20 07/20 0 8 M ACKENZIE A R T G A L L ERY A NNUA L REP OR T

                                                                                                                      programs; At the MacKenzie, our quarterly
                                                                  ideas for marketing materials. This included
                                                                                                                      magazine; and voting rights at our Annual
                                                                  a special full colour commemorative issue of
                                                                                                                      General Meeting.
                                                                  our quarterly publication At the MacKenzie.
                                                                                                                           Membership of 1,685 generated $25,390
                                                                  This special issue was a major turning point in
                                                                                                                      over the past year.
                                                                  the life of our quarterly and introduced many
                                                                  special articles on Warhol written by guest
                                                                                                                      Image Above Left:
                                                                  writers. The design was creative and reflected      Image from the Gala Art Auction and Masquerade Party.
                                                                  the whimsical nature of much of Warhol’s own        Photo by Shaylee Booty Sebastian.
                                                                  work. It was so successful that it won first        Image Above Right:
                                                                                                                      Image from the Warhol: Larger than Life Preview Party and
                                                                  prize in the Newsletter/Periodical category at      Fundraiser. Photo by Lowell Dean.
                                                                  the Elevator Awards held by the graphic
                                                                                                                      Image Right:
                                                                  Society of Canada, northern division.               Photo by Shaylee Booty Sebastian.

annual_report_0708.indd 12                                                                                                                                                        10/15/2008 9:03:13 AM
                                                            Let Me Be Your Mirror                             shift: University of Regina Bachelor of Fine Arts
          THE LISTS                                         February 9 to May 25, 2008
                                                            Organized by the MacKenzie Art Gallery with
                                                            the support of the Canada Council for the Arts,
                                                                                                              Graduating Exhibition
                                                                                                              March 15 to April 13, 2008
                                                                                                              A partnership between the MacKenzie Art
                                                            the Saskatchewan Arts Board, and the City of      Gallery and the Department of Fine Arts at the
          Canon Fodder: looking at landscape                Regina Arts Commission.                           University of Regina.
          April 7 to September 9, 2007
          An artist’s engagement with the permanent
          collection by Seema Goel. Organized by the        HOSTED EXHIBITIONS                                TOURING EXHIBITIONS — PROVINCIAL
          MacKenzie Art Gallery with the support of the                                                       OUTREACH
          Canada Council for the Arts, the Saskatchewan     41˚ to 66˚: Regional Responses to Sustainable
          Arts Board, and the City of Regina Arts           Architecture in Canada                            Pop: a selection of paintings and prints of the
          Commission.                                       March 31 to September 9, 2007                     60s from the permanent collection
                                                            Organized and circulated by Cambridge Galler-     September 2006 to December 2007
          Regina Five Plus                                  ies Design at Riverside, Ontario. Special fund-   Organized by the MacKenzie Art Gallery with
          April 28 to October 5, 2007                       ing was provided by the Assistance to Practi-     support of the Canada Council for the Arts,
          Organized by the MacKenzie Art Gallery with       tioners, Critics and Curators of Architecture     the Saskatchewan Arts Board, and the City of
          the support of the Canada Council for the Arts,   and the Promotion of Architecture Programs        Regina Arts Commission.
          the Saskatchewan Arts Board, and the City of      of the Canada Council for the Arts, and a New
          Regina Arts Commission.                           Faculty SRC Grant from Ryerson University.        An Arctic Gathering: Selections from the
                                                                                                              Williamson Collection of Inuit Sculpture recently
          Ronald Bloore: Fragments of Infinity              Dimensions 2007                                   donated to the MacKenzie Art Gallery
          September 6, 2007 to January 27, 2008             May 15 to September 16, 2007                      September 2006 to September 2008
          Organized by the MacKenzie Art Gallery with       Organized by the Saskatchewan Craft Council       Organized by the MacKenzie Art Gallery with
          the support of the Canada Council for the Arts,   with funding assistance from the Saskatch-        support of the Canada Council for the Arts,
          the Saskatchewan Arts Board, and the City of      ewan Arts Board, Saskatchewan Lotteries for       the Saskatchewan Arts Board, and the City of
          Regina Arts Commission.                           Sport, Culture and Recreation, and                Regina Arts Commission.
          Art, Audience, Gallery: A Conversation                                                              Calling Black Lake
          September 8 to 16, 2007                           TELLING DETAILS: The Architecture of              September 2006 to June 2008
          Organized by the MacKenzie Art Gallery with       Clifford Wiens                                    Exhibition and Educational Program organized
          the support of the Canada Council for the Arts,   May 25 to August 25, 2007                         by the MacKenzie Art Gallery in collaboration
          the Saskatchewan Arts Board, and the City of      Organized and circulated by the Mendel Art        with the City of Regina, with the financial
          Regina Arts Commission.                           Gallery with support from the Canada Council      support of the Government of Canada, through
                                                            for the Arts, the City of Saskatoon and through   the Cultural Capitals of Canada, a program of
          The Last Fish                                     a contribution from the Museums Assistance        the Department of Canadian Heritage;
          September 8, 2007 to January 27, 2008             Program, Department of Canadian Heritage.         Centennial Initiatives Fund; Canada Council for
          An artist’s engagement with the permanent         At the MacKenzie, this exhibition is made         the Arts; and the Centennial Funding Program
          collection by Sarah Abbott. Organized by the      possible through the generous support of the      through the Department of Canadian Heritage.
          MacKenzie Art Gallery with the support of the     Donald and Claire Kramer Foundation. CBC
          Canada Council for the Arts, the Saskatchewan     Regina is the local media sponsor.                Learning from Leonardo: The High Realist Legacy
          Arts Board, and the City of Regina Arts                                                             in Canadian Art
          Commission.                                       University of Regina Masters of Fine Arts         January 2008 to January 2010
                                                            Graduating Exhibition                             Organized by the MacKenzie Art Gallery with
          Joe Fafard                                        October 11 to November 18, 2007                   the support of the Canada Council for the Arts,
          September 29, 2007 to January 6, 2008             A partnership between the MacKenzie Art           the Saskatchewan Arts Board, and the City of
          Organized by the MacKenzie Art Gallery and        Gallery and the Department of Fine Arts at the    Regina Arts Commission.
          the National Gallery of Canada. This project      University of Regina.
          has been made possible in part through a                                                            Wahwâ Neechi Funk!: Aboriginal Humour in Art
          generous contribution from the Museums            Warhol: Larger than Life                          March 2008 to March 2009
          Assistance Program, Department of Canadian        January 27 to April 20, 2008                      Organized by the MacKenzie Art Gallery with
          Heritage. CTV and Harvard Broadcasting are        Organized and circulated by The Winnipeg Art      the support of the Canada Council for the Arts,
          the media sponsors for this exhibition.           Gallery. Supported by the Department of           the Saskatchewan Arts Board, and the City of
                                                            Canadian Heritage through the Canada              Regina Arts Commission.
          Drawings in Space                                 Travelling Exhibitions Indemnification
          November 10, 2007 to March 2, 2008                Program / Avec l’appui du ministère du
          Organized by the MacKenzie Art Gallery with       Patrimoine canadien par le biais du               TOURING EXHIBITIONS — NATIONAL OUTREACH
          the support of the Canada Council for the Arts,   Programme d’indemnisation pour les                Mobile Structures: Dialogues Between Ceramics
                                                            expositions itinérantes au Canada. This
                                                                                                                                                                     20 07/20 08 M ACKENZIE A R T G A L L ERY A NNUA L REP OR T

          the Saskatchewan Arts Board, and the City of                                                        and Architecture in Canadian Art
          Regina Arts Commission.                           exhibition is presented at the MacKenzie          Surrey Art Gallery, Surrey, British Columbia
                                                            Art Gallery with the generous support of          September 15 to December 16, 2007
          Roctoc: Recent Acquisitions from the Collection   Greystone Managed Investments Inc. with           Organized and circulated by the MacKenzie Art
          of the MacKenzie Art Gallery                      additional assistance from the Donald and         Gallery with the support of the Canada Council
          November 24, 2007 to January 12, 2008             Claire Kramer Foundation. Rawlco Radio            for the Arts, the Saskatchewan Arts Board, and
          Organized by the MacKenzie Art Gallery with       through Z99, Newstalk 980 and Jack FM and         the City of Regina Arts Commission.
          the support of the Canada Council for the Arts,   Global Regina, Global Saskatoon, the
          the Saskatchewan Arts Board, and the City of      Leader-Post and the StarPhoenix are the
          Regina Arts Commission.                           media sponsors for this exhibition.

                                                                                                                                                                  13 12

annual_report_0708.indd 13                                                                                                                          10/15/2008 9:03:37 AM
                                                                 Joe Fafard                                        Kevin McKenzie (Canadian)                      On the Net, 1994-1995
                                                                 National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario       Re-animator, 2005                              oil on hardboard
                                                                 February 1 to May 4, 2008                         black and white giclée print                   60.8 x 81.1 cm
                                                                 Organized by the MacKenzie Art Gallery and        50.7 x 75.9 cm
                                                                 the National Gallery of Canada. This project      Collection of the MacKenzie Art Gallery,       GIFT OF THE ESTATE OF KENNETH LOCHHEAD
                                                                 has been made possible in part through a          purchased with the financial support of the
                                                                 contribution from the Museums Assistance          Canada Council for the Arts Acquisition        Kenneth Lochhead (Canadian, 1926-2006)
                                                                 Program, Department of Canadian Heritage.         Assistance Program                             Yellow Rise, 1963
                                                                 Organisée par la MacKenzie Art Gallery et le                                                     acrylic on canvas
                                                                 Musée des beaux-arts du Canada. Ce projet         Kevin McKenzie (Canadian)                      167.4 x 215 cm
                                                                 est rendu possible en partie grâce au             Re-animator, 2005
                                                                 Programme d’aide aux musées du ministère du       black and white giclée print                   Idol, 1960
                                                                 Patrimoine canadien.                              50.7 x 75.9 cm                                 steel
                                                                                                                   Collection of the MacKenzie Art Gallery,       34 x 28.8 x 13.2 cm
                                                                                                                   purchased with the financial support of the
                                                                 NEW ACQUISITIONS TO THE PERMANENT                 Canada Council for the Arts Acquisition        The Chief, 1992
                                                                 COLLECTION                                        Assistance Program                             oil on hardboard
                                                                 Purchases (11)                                                                                   40.4 x 30.2 cm
                                                                                                                   Kevin McKenzie (Canadian)
                                                                 Cara Gay Driscoll (Canadian, born 1946)           Re-animator, 2005                              Tommy, 1992
                                                                 “Lydia” Maker of Purple, 2007                     black and white giclée print                   oil on panel
                                                                 mid-fire ceramic, terra sigillata, purple glaze   50.7 x 75.9 cm                                 40.6 x 30.5 cm
                                                                 36 x 30 x 30 cm                                   Collection of the MacKenzie Art Gallery,
                                                                 Collection of the MacKenzie Art Gallery,          purchased with the financial support of the    Tommy, 1992
                                                                 purchased with funds donated by Taylor            Canada Council for the Arts Acquisition As-    oil on panel
                                                                 Automotive Group in memory of Bobbie Taylor       sistance Program                               40.6 x 30.5 cm

                                                                 David Hoffos (Canadian, born 1966)                Kevin McKenzie (Canadian)                      Ralph Goodale, 2004
                                                                 Bachelor’s Bluff (Scenes From the House           Re-animator, 2005                              oil on canvas
                                                                 Dream: Phase 4), 2005                             black and white giclée print                   45.7 x 35.5 cm
                                                                 2 channel video and audio installation, 2 TVs,    50.7 x 75.9 cm
                                                                 2 DVD players, various model parts, stereo        Collection of the MacKenzie Art Gallery,       GIFT OF JOANNE LOCHHEAD
                                                                 set, mirrors, lights, various cables and          purchased with the financial support of the
                                                                 extension cords, 2 TV stands, frame with glass    Canada Council for the Arts Acquisition        Kenneth Lochhead (Canadian, 1926-2006)
                                                                 dimensions variable                               Assistance Program                             The Roughriders, 1993
                                                                 Collection of the MacKenzie Art Gallery,                                                         oil on canvas
                                                                 purchased with the financial support of the       Daphne Odjig (Canadian, born 1919)             76.2 x 101.6 cm
                                                                 Canada Council for the Arts Acquisition           The Storyteller, 1966
                                                                 Assistance Program                                wax crayon on paper                            Advantage, 1995
                                                                                                                   80.7 x 55.2 cm                                 oil on canvas
                                                                 Rory MacDonald (Canadian)                         Collection of the MacKenzie Art Gallery,       76.2 x 101.6 cm
                                                                 Blue Flow (dark willow pattern), 2006             acquired with the generous support of Sheila
                                                                 digital print                                     J. Reid, Laurie E. Bleeks and Karen L. Watt    Interior Retreat, 2004
                                                                 101.6 x 66 cm                                                                                    oil on canvas
                                                                 Collection of the MacKenzie Art Gallery,          Donations (99)                                 101.8 x 76.3 cm
                                                                 purchased with funds donated by Taylor
                                                                 Automotive Group in memory of Bobbie Taylor       GIFT OF ALLAN LOCHHEAD                         GIFT OF PATRICIA LOCHHEAD
                                                                                                                   Kenneth Lochhead (Canadian, 1926-2006)
                                                                 Rory MacDonald (Canadian)                                                                        Kenneth Lochhead (Canadian, 1926-2006)
                                                                                                                   Sybarite, 1961
                                                                 Blue Flow (dark willow pattern), 2006                                                            Villina Dining, 1956-1960
                                                                                                                   distemper on masonite
                                                                 digital print                                                                                    oil on canvas
                                                                                                                   121.9 x 91.4 cm
                                                                 101.6 x 66 cm                                                                                    69.9 x 49.5 cm
                                                                 Collection of the MacKenzie Art Gallery,
                                                                                                                   Clear Day, 1967
                                                                 purchased with funds donated by Taylor                                                           Angel (4), 1991
                                                                                                                   acrylic on canvas
                                                                 Automotive Group in memory of Bobbie Taylor                                                      oil on panel
                                                                                                                   241.4 x 201.8 cm
                                                                                                                                                                  30.5 x 20.3 cm
                                                                 Rory MacDonald (Canadian)
                                                                                                                   The Penguins, 1993
                                                                 Blue Flow (dark willow pattern), 2006                                                            GIFT OF TESSA LOCHHEAD
                                                                                                                   oil on hardboard
    20 07/20 08 M ACKENZIE A R T G A L L ERY A NNUA L REP OR T

                                                                 digital print
                                                                                                                   60.8 x 81.1 cm
                                                                 101.6 x 66 cm                                                                                    Kenneth Lochhead (Canadian, 1926-2006)
                                                                 Collection of the MacKenzie Art Gallery,                                                         Emergence, 1986
                                                                                                                   GIFT OF COLIN LOCHHEAD
                                                                 purchased with funds donated by Taylor                                                           oil on canvas
                                                                 Automotive Group in memory of Bobbie Taylor                                                      121.8 x 142 cm
                                                                                                                   Kenneth Lochhead (Canadian, 1926-2006)
                                                                                                                   Left of Centre, 1962
                                                                 Kevin McKenzie (Canadian)                                                                        Ladies In Waiting, 1991
                                                                                                                   enamel on masonite
                                                                 Re-animator, 2005                                                                                oil on canvas
                                                                                                                   121.9 x 121.9 cm
                                                                 black and white giclée print                                                                     122 x 153.5 cm
                                                                 50.7 x 75.9 cm
                                                                                                                   Garden Party, 1976
                                                                 Collection of the MacKenzie Art Gallery,                                                         Corner Flutter, 1994
                                                                                                                   acrylic on canvas
                                                                 purchased with the financial support of the                                                      oil on canvas
                                                                                                                   142 x 172.6 cm
                                                                 Canada Council for the Arts Acquisition                                                          76.2 x 101.6 cm
                                                                 Assistance Program

annual_report_0708.indd 14                                                                                                                                                                        10/15/2008 9:03:45 AM
          Wolfram Niessen (aka Ben Monte-Auburn             Cookie Jar, 1972                                The Far Side of the Spruce River Reservoir, 1985
          Lancaster) (American [German], 1923-2004)         ceramic                                         watercolour on paper
                                                            22 x 21.5 x 21.5 cm                             57.6 x 76.7 cm
          Portrait of Kenneth Lochhead, no date
          bronze                                            Lorne Beug (Canadian, born 1948)                Waskesieu River, 1985
          42.5 x 27.5 x 34.7 cm                             Untitled, circa 1975                            watercolour on paper
                                                            mixed media on circular graph                   57.6 x 76.7 cm
          GIFT OF EVELYN MCFARLANE                          28.8 x 28.8 cm
                                                                                                            Crocus and Spring Colours, 1985
          Kaija Sanelma Harris (Canadian [Finnish])         Michael Olito (Canadian, born 1947)             watercolour on paper
          Thicket No. 3: Last of the Whites and Sulphurs,   Artifact I (Horse Image), 1985                  57.6 x 76.7 cm
          1996                                              screenprint on paper, edition 16/65
          tapestry                                          58.5 x 78.8 cm (paper)                          West of Humboldt, 1985
          113.4 x 109 cm                                    48.8 x 63.3 cm (image)                          watercolour on paper
                                                                                                            57.6 x 76.7 cm
          GIFT OF THOMAS LEWIS                              Jahan Maka (Canadian [Lithuanian] circa 1900-
                                                            1987)                                           Great Bend in the North Saskatchewan River,
          Douglas Gibb Morton (Canadian, 1926-2004)         Untitled, circa 1983-86                         1985
          Untitled, no date                                 pastel, mixed media on paper                    watercolour on paper
          acrylic on hardboard                              56.3 x 77 cm                                    57.6 x 76.7 cm
          84 x 68 cm
                                                            Gathie Falk (Canadian, born 1936)               River in Spring, 1985
          Red Mandala, 1967                                 Five Apples, 1983                               watercolour on paper
          acrylic on canvas                                 screenprint on paper                            57.6 x 76.7 cm
          132 x 132 cm                                      40.8 x 50.7 cm
                                                                                                            Island at the Narrows, 1992
          Untitled, circa 1960-61                           Bill Traylor (American 1854-1947)               watercolour on paper
          enamel on hardboard                               Bird, circa 1939-41                             57.6 x 76.7 cm
          122 x 153 cm                                      ink and graphite on card
                                                            18 x 18 cm                                      Lavender Ditch, 1992
          GIFT OF STEPHEN ARSENYCH                                                                          watercolour on paper
                                                            Joseph E. Yoakum (American 1890-1972)           57.6 x 76.7 cm
          Richard Gorenko (Canadian, born 1954)             Little Colorado River through Navajo Indian-
          PoMo Condo, 1992                                  Reservation near Cameron Arizona, 1970          Reeds at Murray Point, 1992
          acrylic, wood molding on wood panel               mixed media on paper                            watercolour on paper
          61.8 x 31.2 x 6 cm                                31 x 48 cm (sight)                              57.6 x 76.7 cm

          Power Structure, 1986                             GIFT OF THE ARTIST, DOROTHY KNOWLES             Road to Anglin Lake, 1992
          acrylic on wood panel                                                                             watercolour on paper
          56.4 x 44 cm                                      Dorothy Knowles (Canadian, born 1927)           57.6 x 76.7 cm
                                                            Candle Lake, 1992
          The Other Side, 1986                              acrylic on paper                                Still Morning (Spruce River Reservoir), 1992
          acrylic on wood panel                             57.6 x 76.7 cm                                  watercolour on paper
          28 x 60.5 cm                                                                                      57.6 x 76.7 cm
                                                            A Summers Drive, 1992
          You Are Now Leaving Saskatchewan, 1984            acrylic on paper                                Calm Day, 1992
          acrylic on wood panel                             57.6 x 76.7 cm                                  watercolour on paper
          61 x 60.4 cm                                                                                      57.6 x 76.7 cm
                                                            Sketching Afternoon, 1992
          Christopher Pratt (Canadian, born 1935)           acrylic on paper                                Rain Showers, 1992
          Spring at My Place, 1985                          57.6 x 76.7 cm                                  watercolour on paper
          screenprint on paper, edition 42/47                                                               57.6 x 76.7 cm
          36.8 x 83.8 cm (image)                            South Saskatchewan River Bank, 1992
                                                            acrylic on paper                                Trees at Murray Point, 1992
          Jerry Didur (Canadian, born 1951)                 57.6 x 76.7 cm                                  watercolour on paper
          Morning Mist, 1988                                                                                57.6 x 76.7 cm
          acrylic on canvas                                 Blue Reverie, 1992
          81.6 x 118.8 cm                                   acrylic on paper                                GIFT OF CLAUDE LABERGE
                                                                                                                                                                  20 07/20 08 M ACKENZIE A R T G A L L ERY A NNUA L REP OR T

                                                            57.6 x 76.7 cm
          GIFT OF DAVID AND VERONICA THAUBERGER                                                             David Urban (Canadian, born 1966)
                                                            Evening After the Rain, 1992                    Untitled 96 #2, 1996
          Clayton Bailey (American, born 1939)              acrylic on paper                                oil on canvas stretched over panel
          Untitled, no date                                 38.5 x 57.2 cm                                  152.6 x 121.5 cm
          21 x 18.5 x 17.5 cm                               Across The River, 1985                          GIFT OF JUNE WHITNEY
                                                            watercolour on paper
          Robot Tea Pot, 1979                               57.6 x 76.7 cm                                  Adrian Stimson (Canadian, born 1964)
          ceramic                                                                                           Tarred and Feathered Bison (Derivative II), 2003
          19 x 32.5 x 14.5 cm                               Crocus in Early Spring, 1985                    road tar, linseed oil, feathers on hardboard
                                                            watercolour on paper                            121.9 x 121.9 cm
                                                            57.6 x 76.7 cm


annual_report_0708.indd 15                                                                                                                         10/15/2008 9:03:45 AM
                                                                GIFT OF DONNIE PARKER AND                        June Okalk                         Unidentified
                                                                DAVID ANDERSON                                   Sealskin Drawstring Bag, no date   OokPik, no date
                                                                                                                 sealskin, smoked hide              sealskin, felt
                                                                Dorothy Knowles (Canadian, born 1927)            27 x 18 x 10 cm                    10 x 7.5 x 9.5 cm
                                                                A Saskatchewan Field, 1975
                                                                watercolour on paper                             Sadie Mapik                        John Kohoktak
                                                                57.6 x 76.7 cm                                   Sealskin Shoulder Bag, no date     Untitled, no date
                                                                                                                 sealskin, satin                    stone, wood, skin, sinew
                                                                GIFT OF THE ARTIST, BILL BURNS                   52 x 33 x 8 cm                     15.5 x 21 x 16 cm (assembled)

                                                                Bill Burns (Canadian, born 1956)                 GIFT OF GERRY NELSON               GIFT OF THE ARTIST, RON MOPPETT
                                                                Safety Gear for Small Animals, Table 2: Proto-
                                                                types, Rescue Models and Ephemera, 2004          Unidentified                       Ron Moppett (Canadian [British], born 1945)
                                                                mixed media                                      Kayak, no date                     88.27.28 Picasso, 1989
                                                                100 x 213 x 100 cm                               seal gut, apple box wood, bone     oil and metallic paint on canvas and fabric
                                                                                                                 11 x 84 x 10 cm                    installation dimensions variable
                                                                Safety Gear for Small Animals, Table 3: Pros-                                       Panel A 195.8 x 195.8 cm
                                                                thetic Eyes and Animal Models, 2004              George Evaglok                     Panel B 195.8 x 195.8 cm
                                                                mixed media                                      Kayak, no date                     Panel C 127.1 x 101.8 cm
                                                                100 x 132 x 120 cm                               stone, wood, copper
                                                                                                                 7.5 x 2.1 x 3.3 cm (assembled)     GIFT OF PATRICK COOPER AND AMY WATSON
                                                                GIFT OF FRANCES NELSON
                                                                                                                 Bessie Ikpakohak                   Leslie Poole (Canadian, born 1942)
                                                                D. Kilikavioyak                                  Man and Seal, no date              Forest Nymphs, 1992
                                                                Seal, 1981                                       stone                              acrylic on canvas
                                                                stone                                            13.3 x 15 x 9.5 cm (assembled)     two panels, 152.4 x 101.6 cm each
                                                                5 x 13.7 x 6 cm
                                                                                                                 Unidentified                       GIFT OF DR. MAIJA BISMANIS
                                                                John Kohoktak                                    Black Bear, no date
                                                                Musk-ox, no date                                 stone                              Ulrich Rückriem (German, born 1938)
                                                                stone, horn                                      9.2 x 16 x 6.5 cm                  Untitled, 1982
                                                                6 x 9 x 2.7 cm                                                                      graphite on paper
                                                                                                                 John Kohoktak                      48.3 x 61.2 cm
                                                                L. Allukpik.                                     Drum Dancer, no date
                                                                Bear and Seal, no date                           stone, wood, hide                  Untitled, 1982
                                                                stone                                            16.8 x 15.5 x 14 cm (assembled)    graphite, tape on paper
                                                                9.7 x 13 x 7.5 cm                                                                   48.3 x 61.2 cm
                                                                                                                 May Akona
                                                                Bessie Sitatak                                   Dog Team, no date                  Untitled, 1982
                                                                Polar Bear, no date                              stone, wood, sinew                 graphite, tape on paper
                                                                stone                                            13 x 36.5 x 6 cm (assembled)       48.3 x 61.2 cm
                                                                3.8 x 6.8 x 2.8 cm
                                                                                                                 Whale, no date                     Untitled, 1982
                                                                Walter Etaktak                                   stone                              graphite, tape on paper
                                                                Cooking Scene, no date                           3 x 15.7 x 5 cm                    48.3 x 61.2 cm
                                                                stone, copper, wood, sinew
                                                                14.5 x 23 x 10 cm                                Myrtle de Muelles
                                                                                                                 Untitled, no date                  WORKS ON LOAN TO OTHER INSTITUTIONS
                                                                Unidentified                                     caribou hair and skin on velvet    Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal
                                                                Ulu, no date                                     19.5 x 24.5 cm (sight)             Dominique Blain, organized by the Musée
                                                                copper, bone, brass
                                                                                                                                                    d’art contemporain de Montréal, curated
                                                                4.5 x 3.3 x 0.8 cm                               Untitled, no date                  by Réal Lussier. Exhibited at the Musée
                                                                                                                 caribou hair and skin on velvet    d’art contemporain de Montréal
                                                                Martha Nakoyak                                   19.5 x 24.5 cm (sight)             (February 6 to April 18, 2006), MacKenzie
                                                                Duck, no date
                                                                                                                                                    Art Gallery (April 1 to July 9, 2006), and
                                                                stone                                            Lily Agnahiak                      The Nickle Art Museum, Calgary (January
                                                                4.8 x 7 x 3.2 cm                                 Untitled, no date                  19 to April 14, 2007).

                                                                                                                 sealskin, thread
                                                                Katie                                            105 x 91 cm                             Dominique Blain (Canadian, born 1957)
                                                                Walrus, no date
                                                                                                                                                         Rug, 2000
                                                                stone, ivory                                     Millie Apatak
                                                                3.5 x 9.5 x 3.8 cm                               Untitled, no date
                                                                                                                 sealskin, wool                     Allen Sapp Gallery
                                                                Margeret Ipakohak                                56.5 x 33.6 cm                     The Life and Art of Allen Sapp, organized
                                                                Sealskin cushion, no date                                                           by The Allen Sapp Gallery, North
                                                                sealskin, cloth                                  Elizabeth Kuptana                  Battleford, Saskatchewan. Exhibited
                                                                11.5 x 40 x 40 cm                                Mosquito, no date                  at The Allen Sapp Gallery (June 4 to
                                                                                                                 sealskin, wire, plastic            October 2007).
                                                                John Kohaktak                                    4 x 9.5 x 9.5 cm                        Norval Morrisseau (Canadian, 1932 – 2007)
                                                                Igloo, no date                                                                           White Man’s Curse, 1969
                                                                5 x 12 x 7.3 cm

annual_report_0708.indd 16                                                                                                                                                               10/15/2008 9:03:45 AM
                Allen Sapp (Canadian, born 1929)          Other Presentations                                  Performances
                Man Feeding the Horses, 1995              Jack Anderson, Wayne Baerwaldt, Trevor               An Evening of Poetry in Response to the
                Mashing Chokecherries, 1970               Boddy, Cheryl Cooper, Bernard Flaman, Steven         exhibition Joe Fafard (in collaboration with the
                The Prize, 1968                           Mannell, Elizabeth Matheson, Marc Mayer,             Saskatchewan Writers Guild)
                Taking Wood to Cando, circa 1971          Marco Polo, Carmen Robertson, Lisa Rochon,           One Night Only
                Going to Christmas Concert in the         Thomas Sokolowski, Dr. Christine Stojanova,          New Dance Horizons / Robin Poitras
                 School, 1993                             Nancy Tousley
                Looking Out the Window, 1980                                                                   Publications 2007
                                                          Film Screenings                                      Mobile Structures: Dialogues Between
                                                          The Last Fish: Curator Talk and Film Screening       Ceramics and Architecture in Canadian Art
         Institute of Contemporary Arts, London           Joe Fafard: French Film Screenings (in               MacKenzie Art Gallery:
         Fauna and Flora, organized by the                collaboration with the Saskatchewan Film Pool)       27 January to 13 May 2007
         Institute of Contemporary Arts, Digital          Warhol: Larger than Life:                            Author: Timothy Long, Head Curator
         Studio, London, UK. Exhibited at the             Warhol Film Screening (in collaboration with         2007, colour illus.; 21 x 31 cm
         Institute of Contemporary Arts (January            the Saskatchewan Film Pool)                        ISBN 978-1-896470-63-4
         11 to February 15, 2008)                         Red Pop: Café, Screening and Discussion
                                                                                                               Publications 2008
                Bill Burns (Canadian, born 1956)          Panel Discussions                                    Learning from Leonardo: The High Realist
                Safety Gear for Small Animals, Table 1:   Joe Fafard: Francophone Café Discussion              Legacy in Canadian Art
                Prototypes, Prosthetics, Surrogate Eggs   Joe Fafard: “Export, Eh?: Getting Canadian Art       A MacKenzie Art Gallery Outreach Exhibition
                and Ephemera, 2004                        Out of Canada” Café Discussion                       Provincial Outreach:
                Safety Gear for Small Animals, Table 3:   Let Me Be Your Mirror: Panel Discussion              January 2008 to January 2010
                Prosthetic Eyes and Animal Models, 2004
                                                                                                               Author: Timothy Long, Head Curator
                                                          Symposia                                             2008, colour illus.; 21 x 28 cm
                                                          The Ordinary Amazing Symposium: The                  ISBN 978-1-896470-66-5
                                                          Cultural Value of Modernist Architecture
         Canadian Museum of Civilization
                                                          (co-organized with the Dunlop Art Gallery)
         Au fils de mes jours / In My Lifetime,                                                                Wahwâ Neechi Funk!: Aboriginal Humour
         organized by the Musée national des                                                                   Exhibition
                                                          Special Tours
         beaux-art du Québec. Exhibited at the                                                                 A MacKenzie Art Gallery Outreach Exhibition
                                                          Ronald Bloore: Fragments of Infinity: Curator
         Canadian Museum of Civilization,                                                                      MacKenzie Art Gallery:
                                                          in Conversation
         Gatineau, Quebec (June 6, 2007 to April                                                               23 September 2006 to 14 January 2007
                                                          Joe Fafard Sculpture Bus Tour
         13, 2008).                                                                                            Provincial Outreach:
                                                          Clifford Wiens Architecture Bus Tour                 March 2008 to March 2009
                Faye Heavyshield (Canadian, born 1954)
                Aapaskaiyaawa (They are Dancing), 2002                                                         Author: Neal McLeod, Guest Curator
                                                                                                               2008, colour illus.; 21 x 28 cm
                                                                                                               ISBN 978-1-896470-65-8
         University of Regina, Regina, Saskatchewan,
         College Avenue Campus

                Augustus Kenderdine
                Portrait of Dr. E. W. Stapleford, 1973


         Opening Receptions
         Canon Fodder
         Dimensions 2007
         TELLING DETAILS: The Architecture of Clifford
         Ronald Bloore: Fragments of Infinity
         Joe Fafard
         Warhol: Larger than Life
         Let Me Be Your Mirror

         Saskatchewan Artist Presentations
                                                                                                                                                                    20 07/20 08 M ACKENZIE A R T G A L L ERY A NNUA L REP OR T

         Sarah Abbott, David W. Edwards, Joe Fafard,
         Seema Goel, Lee Henderson, Jefferson Little,
         Jeannie Mah, Donald J. Miller, Adrian Stimson,
         James J. Youck

         Canadian Artist Presentations
         Vikky Alexander, Nicolas Baier, Chris Cran,
         Adad Hannah, Ken Lum, Patricia Patkau,
         Clifford Wiens                                   David Hoffos, Bachelor’s Bluff (Scenes From the House Dream: Phase 4), 2005
                                                          2 channel video and audio installation, 2 TVs, 2 DVD players, various model parts,
         International Artist Presentations               stereo set, mirrors, lights, various cables and extension cords. 2 TV stands, frame
         John Giorno                                      with glass
                                                          dimensions variable
                                                          Collection of the MacKenzie Art Gallery, purchased with the financial support of the
                                                          Canada Council for the Arts Acquisition Assistance Program.


annual_report_0708.indd 17                                                                                                                           10/15/2008 9:03:45 AM
                                                                LIVING CANADIAN ARTISTS IN THE   Catherine Burgess        Jonathan Forrest            Nita Illauq
                                                                MACKENZIE ART GALLERY            Bill Burns               Tom Forrestall              Tivi Illisituk
                                                                PERMANENT COLLECTION             Dennis Burton            Don Foulds                  Emily Pangnerk Illuitok
                                                                Johnny Aculiak                   Edward Burtynsky         Paul Fournier               Roger Ing
                                                                Kim Adams                        Jack Butler              John Fox                    Margaret Ipakohak
                                                                Patrick Adams                    Kati Campbell            Joan Frick                  Tuna Iquliq
                                                                Lily Agnahiak                    Audrey Capel-Doray       Charles Gagnon              Mina Iquluq
                                                                May Akona                        Donovan T. Chester       Agnes Szentgyorgyi Gallus   Jacob Irkok
                                                                Manasie Akpaliapik               Robert Christie          David Garneau               Jed Irwin
                                                                Dauselie Akuliak                 Victor Cicansky          Ruth Garson                 Jaco Ishulutaq
                                                                David T. Alexander               Dana Claxton             General Idea                Lizzie Itinuar
                                                                Shelagh Alexander                Denis Cliff              David Gilhooly              Agnes Ivan
                                                                Vikky Alexander                  Patrick Close            Sky Glabush                 Edward Iyakak
                                                                May Algona                       Lynne Cohen              Brian Gladwell              Alain Iyerak
                                                                Mark Alikaswa                    Martha Cole              Randy Gledhill              Katja Jacobs
                                                                Tony Allison                     Alex Colville            George Glenn                Ann James
                                                                L. Allukpik                      Jack L. Cowin            Phyllis Godwin              Brian James
                                                                Lena Haedlon Allukpik            Chris Cran               Ted Godwin                  Geoffrey James
                                                                Yvonne Kanayuq Amakuinak         David Craven             Ricardo Gómez               Alex Janvier
                                                                Gisele Amantea                   Marlene Creates          Wayne Leslie Goodwill       Melia Jaw
                                                                Matiusie Ilimasaut Amaruali      Ruth Cuthand             Betty Goodwin               Rae Johnson
                                                                Bruce H. Anderson                Colleen Cutschall        Richard Gorenko             Jimmy Inaarulik Kadyulik
                                                                Cecilia Angmadlok Angutialuk     Norm Dallin              Will Gorlitz                Eliyah Kakee
                                                                Thomasie Angutigirk              Stan Day                 Richard Gorman              Pauloosie Kakee
                                                                Michael Angutituak               Simon de Jong            Rodney Graham               Goyce Kakegamic
                                                                Millie Apatak                    Louis de Niverville      Angela Grauerholz           James Tiriganiaq Kalluk
                                                                Stephen Aqqaq                    Peter Deacon             John Greer                  Jeannie Kasudluak
                                                                Robert Archambeau                Edison del Canto         Jerry Grey                  Marsha Kennedy
                                                                Roy Arden                        Myrtle de Muelles        Richard Gustin              Richard Kerr
                                                                George Arluk                     Marsha DeLouchery        Don Hall                    Tuukak Kiatainaq
                                                                Barnabas Arnasungaaq             Jerry R. Didur           John Hall                   Rosemary Kilbourn
                                                                Esse Arnatuaq                    David Dorrance           Richard Halliday            D. Kilikavioyak
                                                                Ryan Arnott                      Joseph Drapell           Jennifer Hamilton           Douglas Kirton
                                                                Kenojuak Ashevak                 Cara Gay Driscoll        Wendy Hamlin                Larry Kissick
                                                                Martha Ashevak                   Walter Drohan            Greg Hardy                  M. M. Kleisinger
                                                                Barbara Astman                   McCleary Herbert Drope   Laura Harness               Harold Klunder
                                                                Mary Atatsiak                    June Drutz               Kaija Sanelma Harris        Dorothy Knowles
                                                                Mary Ayaq Anowtalik              G. Wayne Dwornik         Douglas Haynes              John Kohoktak
                                                                Arthur G. Baalim                 William Eakin            Faye HeavyShield            Wanda Koop
                                                                Louis Bako                       Lucassie Echalook        Robert Hedrick              Koosherak
                                                                Marcel Barbeau                   Thomasee Echalook        Franklyn Heisler            Felix Kopak
                                                                David Barbour                    Christian Eckart         Byron Henderson             Michelle Kopak
                                                                Ed Bartram                       Jim Ellemers             John Heward                 John Korner
                                                                Robert Bateman                   Clifford Enright         J. Carl Heywood             Ron Kostyniuk
                                                                Iain Baxter                      Edward Epp               Peter Hide                  Joanna Krasner
                                                                Rebecca Belmore                  Walter Etaktak           David Hoffos                Isabelle Kriduar
                                                                Douglas Bentham                  Tivi Etook               Richard Holden              Donna Kriekle
                                                                Liliana Berezowsky               Sorel Etrog              Reginald Holmes             Markusi Nungaq Kuanana
                                                                Garry Berteig                    Mona Kagitak Etuktu      Beth Hone                   Nobuo Kubota
                                                                Derek Michael Besant             George Evaglok           Robert Houle                Asmevak Kullualik
                                                                                                 Evergon                  Bob Howard                  Noah Kumak (attributed to)

                                                                Lorne Beug
                                                                Dominique Blain                  Ada Eyetoaq              E. J. Howorth               Helen Kupsch
                                                                Zbigniew Blazeje                 Ivan Eyre                Andrew Hudson               Elizabeth Kuptana
                                                                Ronald Langley Bloore            Joe Fafard               Brent Hume                  Richard Lacroix
                                                                Bruno Bobak                      Gathie Falk              Gerald Humen                William Laczko
                                                                Molly Lamb Bobak                 Sherry Farrell Racette   Judith Huntress             James Lahey
                                                                David Bolduc                     Charley Farrero          Patrick Hurst               Suzy Lake
                                                                Mel Bolen                        Rosalie Favell           Jacques Hurtubise           Sylvie Laliberté
                                                                Ron Bolt                         Murray Favro             Gerald Hushlak              Beverly Lambert
                                                                Eleanor Bond                     Holly Fay                Paul Hutner                 Marie Lannoo
                                                                Henry Thomas Bonli               Harold Feist             Ijautuq                     Doris Larson
                                                                Claude Breeze                    Terry Fenton             Nicholas Ikkuti             Brent Laycock
                                                                Rita Briansky                    Christopher Finn         Bessie Ikpakohak            Gordon Lebredt
                                                                Joanne Bristol                   Brian Fisher             Phillipa Iksiraq            Leetia


annual_report_0708.indd 18                                                                                                                                                  10/15/2008 9:03:47 AM
         Rita Letendre             Bruce O’Neil                 Allen Sapp                   Mark Weetaltuk
         Les Levine                Julie Dawn Oakes             Tony Scherman                Alan Weinstein
         James J. Lisitza          Daphne Odjig                 Robert Scott                 Janet Werner
         Sylvia Jonescu Lisitza    William E. Oehler            Robert Seaton                Bruce Weston
         Jefferson Little          Katie Ohe                    Sandra Ann Semchuk           Eli Whiteway
         Stephen Livick            Annie Okalik                 Nik Semenoff                 Zane Wilcox
         William Lobchuk           June Okalk                   Jack Severson                John Will
         Mary Longman              Maudie Okituk                Aqjangajuk Shaa              Kathy Williams
         Kenneth Lywood            Pierre Okotok                Susan Shantz                 Alice M. Wilson
         Rory MacDonald            Michael Olito                Robert Sinclair              Dianne Wilt
         Allan H. MacKay           Kim Ondaatje                 Christine Aaluk Sivanertok   Marsha Wineman
         Landon Mackenzie          Sheila Orr                   James Slingerland            Morgan Wood
         Robin Mackenzie           Laurent Otak                 Paul Sloggett                Geoffrey Wooller
         Medrie MacPhee            Moses Panigjok               Gordon Smith                 Gabriel Yahyahkeekoot
         Arnaud Maggs              Mary Papigalok               Jeremy Smith                 Jin-me Yoon
         Liz Magor                 Johnny Kaigadlak Papigatok   Joel Smith                   Russell Yuristy
         Jeannie Mah               Nuna Parr                    John Ivor Smith              Jane Zednik
         Anthony Manemaluk         Bruce Parsons                Michael Snow                 Ed Zelenak
         Manasee Manipipik         Brenda Francis Pelkey        Jeffrey Spalding
         Jo Rothfels Manning       Thelma Pepper                Barbara Steinman
         Sadie Mapik               Catherine Perehudoff         Ursulina McPhee Stepan       GALLERY MEMBERS
         Waltraud Markgraf         William Perehudoff           Jana Sterbak                 Diana Adams
         Ron Martin                Wilf Perreault               V. Stewart                   Dorothy Adams
         Ron Matshes               Timangiak Petaulassie        Adrian Stimson               Robin Adeney
         Derek John May            Kenneth Peters               Leesa Streifler              Frank & Jean Aftahi
         Margaret May              Helen V. Piddington          Jimmy Sug                    Agricultural Producers of Sask.
         Doris McCarthy            David Ruben Piqtoukun        Jack Sures                   John & Margaret Aitken
         Grant McConnell           Johnny Pilurtuut             Takao Tanabe                 Sylvia Aitken
         R. F. M. McInnis          Mary Pitseolak               Sanaaq Tarkirk               Eleanor Akins
         Kevin McKenzie            Annie Pitsiulak              Lucy Tasseor Tutsweetok      Leah Allerdings
         Ron McLellan              Lipa Pitsiulak               Muckpa Tassugat              Rod & Jo Amberson
         Neal McLeod               Joseph Plaskett              Tayko                        Inez Anderson
         Gerald McMaster           Edward Poitras               Agnes Teenar                 Jean Anderson
         Don McVeigh               Jane Ash Poitras             Tracy Templeton              Loreena Anderson
         Phillip Melvin            Taras Polataiko              Althea Thauberger            Chris & Jeffie Anderson
         Dainis Miezajs            Leslie Poole                 David Thauberger             Lorie Annand
         Oqutaq Mikkigak           Napatchie Pootoogook         François Thepot              Violet Antic
         John Miller               Alicia Popoff                Anthony Thorn                Ann Antonishen
         Barbara Milne             Rick Pottruff                Barbara Todd                 Marnie Archer
         Ellen Nancy Moffat        Christopher Pratt            Simon Tookoome               Ethel Argan
         Carol Moisiewitch         Mary Pratt                   Claude Tousignant            Frank Armistead
         Kent Monkman              Mark Prent                   Serge Tousignant             Grant & Mary Armstrong
         Ron Moppett               Don Proch                    Douglas Townsend             Edith Arndt
         Michael Morris            Diane Pugen                  Martha Townsend              Bob & Gesa Arscott
         Wynona Mulcaster          Celina Seeleenak Putulik     Bob Troff                    Stephen Arsenych
         Greg Murdock              Qabaroak Qatsiya             Cecil Troy                   Dolores Ast
         N. E. Thing Co.           Ruth Qaulluaryuk             Therese Paolak Tugumiar      Don & Glayne Axtell
         Jeff Nachtigall           Monica Qayaq                 Qavaroak Tunnillie           Isabel Azzopardi
         Martha Nakoyak            Leah Qumaluk                 Tayaraq Tunnillie            Denise Babcock
         Josephie Nalukturuk       David Rabinowitch            Udluriak                     Beth Babcock
         Alexina Natar Nanordluk   Joan Rankin                  Monica Akkitok Ugjuk         Marjorie Badham
         Narliktooruk              Mike Rankin                  Thomas Ugjuk                 Eileen G. Badiuk
         Sarah Nastapoka           Larry G. Raynard             Uhutaq                       Ian Bailey & Sherry Wolf
                                                                                                                                              20 07/20 0 8 M ACKENZIE A R T G A L L ERY A NNUA L REP OR T

         Simeonie Nattuk           Gordon Rayner                David Urban                  Allan Bailey
         Ann Newdigate             Charles Ringness             Tony Urquhart                Janet Baker
         Jack Nichols              Milly Ristvedt               Marilyn Valby                Margaret Baker
         Adamie Niviaxie           Frances Robson               Joan Van Damme               Janice Baker
         John Noestheden           Anita Rocamora               Margaret Vanderhaeghe        Wilma Baker
         Ron Noganosh              Otto Rogers                  Bill Vazan                   Rhonda Baker
         Alison Norlen             Mariette Rousseau-Vermette   Rachelle Viader Knowles      Carla Ballman
         John Nugent               Abraham Anghik Ruben         Jeff Wall                    David & Gail Bamford
         Frank Nulf                Lorna Russell                Ian Wallace                  Cheryl Barber
         Alwyn O’Brien             Sylvia Safdie                Bob Waller                   Duane & Winnifred Barber
         Tom O’Flanagan            Kakulu Sagiatuk              Esther Warkov                June Barber
                                   Pauta Saila                  Rick Wear                    Ronald Barclay


annual_report_0708.indd 19                                                                                                     10/15/2008 9:03:47 AM
                                                                  Peter Barnacle               Thomas Bredohl &                     Kathryn Cochran                   Liz Dusyk
                                                                  Barbara Barootes                  Elizabeth Toporowski            Dan Coggins & Carol Schick        Shirley Dutchik
                                                                  Keith Barton                 Adelaide Brewster                    Kent Colemon                      Ruth Ebbels
                                                                  James Bastian                Elaine Britton                       Holly Coller                      Noreen Edwards
                                                                  Rosemary Baumuller           Anne Brochu Lambert                  Patricia Comfort                  Charles & Sharon Eisbrenner
                                                                  Mary Baylak                  Garnet & Paulette Brooks             Eileen Condon                     Robert & Rosemarie Eisner
                                                                  Lynne Bayne                  Gerald Brounstein                    Darryl Condon                     Bob & Barb Ellard
                                                                  Betty Beaglehole             Cindy Brown                          Jerry Coppens                     Margaret Elliott
                                                                  Susan Bear                   Beth Brown                           Roger Cotterill & Joan Eremko     Margo Embury
                                                                  Dale & Johanne Beck          Carol Brown                          Adrienne Cottrell                 Doug Emsley
                                                                  Isabelle Beckman             Alex Brown                           John & Janice Court               Geraldine Erickson
                                                                  Lorna Behrenshausen          Joy Brown                            David & Donna Cowley              Lynne Erickson
                                                                  Charles Bell                 Geoff Brown & Sheri Hupp             Diane Crease                      Carolyn Fay Eros
                                                                  Patricia Bell                Louis Browne                         Terry Creurer                     David Evans
                                                                  Betty Bennett                Bob Brownridge                       Nancy E. Croll                    Gwen Falconer
                                                                  Marianne Bennett             Irv Brunas                           June Crowe                        Gord Fawcett
                                                                  Elaine Bennett Fox           Donna Brunskill                      Barry & Edie Cubbon               Joanne Felstrom
                                                                  Esther Bercovich             Kelly Bryden                         Violet Cubitt-Cooke               Marcia Ferguson-Dark
                                                                  Norman Bercovich             B. Brydon                            Bob Cunningham & Lesley Halt      Elsie Feuring
                                                                  Jacqueline Berting &         Nancy Buchan                         Joanne Cunningham                 Carol Fiedelleck
                                                                        James Clark            Maureen Buhlmann                     Philip Curry                      Margaret Fielden
                                                                  Gertrud Bessai               JoAnn Buhr                           Bonnie Curtis                     Irene Firth
                                                                  Margaret Bessai &            Mo Bundon & Michelle Carr            Deryl Dangstorp & Laurie Nenson   Candace Fischer
                                                                        Gerald Saul            Rosemarie Burgess                    Doug Daniels                      Carol Fischer
                                                                  S.C. & Karin Bester          Debra Burnett                        B.R. & Indra Datta                Duncan & Doreen Fisher
                                                                  Verna Betker                 John & Zenny Burton                  Colette Davies-Eltom              Duncan & Elyse Fisher
                                                                  Catherine Bettschen          Edward & Lynda Busse                 Judy Davis & Murray Westerlund    Karl & Sandy Fix
                                                                  Roxanne Betz                 Gerald Butler                        Kate Davis & John Noestheden      Barbara Flaten
                                                                  J. Rawdon Bieber &           M. Isabelle Butters                  John & Valerie Dawes              Frank J. Flegel
                                                                        Graeme Mitchell        Myrna Buttner                        Deanna Dawson & Joan Effa         William & Janet Fleming
                                                                  Margaret Biffin              David & Elizabeth Calam              Dan & Barbara de Vlieger          Adeline Flengeris
                                                                  Gail Biletski                Delee Cameron & Ted Quade            Yvonne Dean                       Jane Fletcher
                                                                  Lawrence & Marlene Bintner   Bob & Jean Cameron                   Irene Deck                        Barbara Flowers
                                                                  Cameron & Dongyan            Jan M. Campbell                      Eltje & Marguerite Degenhart      Erika Folnovic
                                                                        Blachford              Anne Campbell                        Maurice & Janet Delage            Donna Fonkalsrud
                                                                  Lindsay Blacker              Chris & Deanne Cannon                Kathleen Delparte                 Atholl Forbes
                                                                  Mary Blackstone &            Nadine Carpenter                     Bill Demyen                       Darren & Traci Foster
                                                                        Cameron Louis          Rene & Bernice Carpentier Carrière   Ella Denzin                       Vernon Fowke
                                                                  Robin Blais &                Jan Carter                           Niki Deptuch                      M. L. Frederick
                                                                        Jan McGillivry-Blais   Carol Casswell                       Eleanor Desjardins                Kelly Froehlich
                                                                  Joyce Blake                  Andrew Caswell                       Gloria Desjarlais                 Donna From
                                                                  Denise Blakley               Sabrina Cataldo                      Joyce Deutscher                   Roger & Lois Fry
                                                                  Josef & Gisela Boersch       Marion Chabros & Joseph Lang         Neil G. Devitt & Lynn Crook       Mary Fullerton
                                                                  Isabelle Boisclair           Joseph Chabros                       Linda Dewhirst                    Darcy Furber
                                                                  Carla Bolen                  Vera Chadwick                        K. Diewold                        Hans & Merle Gaastra
                                                                  Betty Bolen                  Katherine Chang                      Bryan Dimen                       Doreen Gallagher
                                                                  Bill Bolstad                 William & Ellen Chapco               Susan Dishaw                      Dympna Gallet
                                                                  Barb Bond                    Judy Chamman                         Jo-Anne Distasi                   Jen Ganshorn
                                                                  Shirley Bonic                Bonnie Chapman                       Barbara-Lynn Dixon                Gail Garden
                                                                  Joel Bortnick                Sylvain Charlebois                   Chris & Florence Dizy             Edith Gardiner
                                                                                                                                                                      John & Ethelene Gareau
    20 07/20 0 8 M ACKENZIE A R T G A L L ERY A NNUA L REP OR T

                                                                  Lillian Borys                Gilles Chartrand                     Murray & Debby Dollard
                                                                  Irene Boss                   Marion Chase                         Bonita Dolmage                    David Garneau & Sylvia Ziemann
                                                                  Doug & Elaine Bouck          Dale & Jeannie Chastkiewicz          Henrietta Donkersgoed             Kellie Garrett & Jay Henryk
                                                                  Paul & Elaine Bourassa       Hilda Cheesman                       Lauren Donnelly                   Ronald Gates & Sherri Cybulski
                                                                  Delia Bourne Johnston        Sue Cherland                         Edward Doolitte                   Albert Gatin
                                                                  Gail Bowen                   Ted Child                            Peter Douglas & Lynne Murphy      Evelynn Gaucher
                                                                  Daphne Bowering              Duane & Lynn Chipley                 Carole Down                       Christelle Gaudette
                                                                  Darla Boyle                  Petrina Christoffel                  Terry Downie                      Angie Geatros
                                                                  Catharine Bradbury &         Lisa Ciz                             Cara Gay Driscoll                 Ted & Karen Geatros
                                                                        Rob Parrell            Gerry Clarke                         Jennifer Dube                     Isabelle George
                                                                  Gail Bradley                 Harry & Fran Clarke                  Joan Dudley                       Donna Gerlach
                                                                  Lydia Bramham                Sarina Clarke                        Patrick Duffy & Leslie Sparling   Karen Gibbons
                                                                  Bob Braun                    Kathy Cliche                         Pauline Duncan Bonneau            Mary Gibson
                                                                  Ken Bray                     Fred Clipsham                        Bonnie Durnford                   Shelley Ann Gibson
                                                                                               Herbert & Margaret Cobb              Joanne Durst                      Barbara Giesecke

annual_report_0708.indd 20                                                                                                                                                                  10/15/2008 9:03:47 AM
          Vicky Gillies                        Richard & Dorothy Hazel          John & Claudia Innis              Donald & Claire Kramer
          Kim Gillies                          Megan J. Hazel                   James & Elaine Ireland            Lisanne Kraus
          Alison Gillis                        Gail Headington-Mitchell         Tom Irvine & Sharon Pratchler     Dale Kraus & Dianne Fraser
          Sina Gillis                          Anne Heal                        Kathleen Irwin                    Arthur & Caroline Krentz
          Elaine Giroux-Sylvestre              Georgia Hearn                    Erika Jackle                      Michelle Krueger & Brian Baker
          Gordon Glaicar                       Elizabeth Heidt                  Heather Jackson                   Joan Kruger
          Lori Glauser                         Helga Hein                       Bonnie Jackson                    Chrystal Kruszelnicki
          Elizabeth Glendinning                Theresia Heinek                  Justice Georgina Jackson &        Greg Krywulak
          Mary Ann Globa                       Kathy Heinrich                         Gerald Tegart               Wendee Kubik &
          Sean Goalen & Valerie Phillips       Wayne Hellquist                  Melanie Jakobs                          Murray Knuttila
          Jesse Goddard                        Karen Henders                    Henry Jantzen                     Tracy Kuhtz
          Seema Goel                           Bill Henderson                   Denise Jenkins-Folstad            Kelly Kummerfield
          Lyn Goldman                          Graham Henderson &               Marj Jermyn                       Don Kuntz
          John & Pat Good                            Brenda Righetti            Barry Jijian                      Robby Kuntz
          Paul & Shirley Good                  David & Rita Hengen              Leanne Johns                      Francine Kurk
          Ralph Goodale &                      Antoinette Herivel               Joan Johns                        Veronica Kutarna (in memory)
               Pamela Kendal-Goodale           Joyce Herle                      Roger & Terry Johnson             Jana Kutarna
          Dr. Alice Goodfellow                 Ross & Dale Herington            S. Morrell Johnson                Kristin Kutarna Gates
          Heather & Wayne Goranson             Bruce Hesselink                  Douglas & Cindy Johnson           Dr. Janina Kuzmas
          Lorna Gorman                         Brett Hetland                    Norm Johnson                      Donna Kyle
          Gerri Grad                           Myrna Hewitt                     Robert & Sandra Johnson           Larry & Elva Kyle
          Barbara Graham                       Shirley Higgs                    Joyce Johnson                     Sharron Labatt
          Annabelle Graham                     Ian & Elaine Hill                kevin Johnston                    Erin Lang
          Dr. Ann Grahame                      Geoff & Catherine Hillier        Ward & Patricia Johnston          Chari Lalonde
          Cheryl Grant                         Audrey Hilton                    William & Sandra Johnstone        Timothy & Hiroko Landry
          Don & Thelma Grant                   Murry Hinds &                    Kim Jones                         Margaret J. Langstaff
          Kelly Grass                                Heather Waldern Hinds      Jon Orn Jonsson                   Diane Larrivee
          Glendene Gray                        Gordon & Rhonda Hipperson        Deborah Jordan                    Leslie Lasby
          Louise Greenberg                     Douglas Hipperson                Jerry Jordan & Ilene Chamberlin   Judy Lawn
          Sandra Greenough                     Donald & Nancy Hipperson         Carolyn Joyce                     Doreen Lawrance
          Lois Griffin                         Gayl Hipperson                   Angus & Devona Juckes             Kay Lawton
          Jade Gritzfeld                       John Hitken                      Deb Kachluba                      Doris Lazecki
          Terry Haczkewicz                     Carol Hixson                     Elizabeth Kalmakoff               Judy Le Roux
          Herb & Fran Haidl                    Violet Hobbs                     Vicky Kangles                     Tom & Peggy Leach
          Marlene A. Hall                      Ken Hoff                         Moses Kanhai                      Fred & Mary Leach
          Lesley Hall                          Louise Hoffert                   I.E. Karlonas                     Greg Leake & Lorraine Skinner
          A. Maria Hall                        Barbara Hogan                    Lou Karpinski                     Iris LeBoldus
          Suzanne Hamilton                     Jim & Donna Holmes               Elizabeth Kazymyra                Blaine & Beryl Ledingham
          Rose M. Hamilton                     Adam Holmes                      Kinda Kealy                       Diana Lee
          Vilma Hammond                        Margaret Holt                    Barbara Keirnes Young             Elsa Lee
          E.C. & Katherine Hamon               Shirley Holt-Edmondson           Laurie Keister                    Marilyn I. Lee
          John Hampton                         Michelle Hooker                  Mary Keller                       Allen & Gail Lefebvre
          Lousie Handford                      Caron & Elaine Hopfner           Stan & Althea Kellett             Bert & Paullette Legault
          Dona M. Hansen                       Marilyn Hopson                   Shelley Kelln-Trudelle            Denis Lehotay & Joan Scaglione
          Anne Hanson                          Lorelei Horacki                  William & Shelagh Kelly           Kelly Leichert
          Pat Hanson                           Hilary Horan & Barbara Lunney    Gayle Keple                       Kathryn Leier
          Jan Hanson                           PJ Horning Financial Services    Ann Kerr                          Marilyn Leier
          Elmer Hara                           Dave & Mary Hornung              Rick & Brenda Kilarski            Roger Lepage & Sylvie Bergeron
          Jean Harach                          Della Howe                       Patti Kindred                     Laurianne Lepage Ridgway
          Linda Harcourt                       Lorrie Howe                      Randy King & Sophie Grahame       Catherine Lepp
          Dr. Val Harding & Klaus Burmeister   David Howie                      Marj Kirkby                       J.C. & Edna Lethbridge
                                               Michele Howland                  Marvin Kist                       Sheila Leurer
                                                                                                                                                     20 07/20 0 8 M ACKENZIE A R T G A L L ERY A NNUA L REP OR T

          Britta Hardy
          Stephen & Lucia Harold               Patricia Hryb                    Sherry Klatt                      Gordon Lewis & Janet Blair
          Shirley Harris                       Cathy Huang                      Susan Klein                       Klaus & Freida Link
          Dave Harrison                        Craig & Marg Hubbard             Edward Klopoushak                 Harvey Linnen & Gail Anderson
          Paul Hartman & Martha McIntyre       Jack F. & Alice Huber            Joseph Kluger                     Brenda Liski
          John & Joanne Hartney                Joan Humphries                   Geraldine Knudsen                 Lin Liu
          Richard G. Harvey                    Darren & Amy Hunter              Maria Kolitsas Lang               Timothy Long &
          Lionel & Mary Hastings               R. Bradley & Michelle Hunter     Maureen Kolot                           Brenda Beckman-Long
          Frances M. Haug                      Roxanne Hunter                   Greg Konotopetz                   Eleanor C. Long
          Lynda Haverstock                     Joan Hunter                      Kathy Kontsiotis                  Wayne & Kathleen Lorch
          Robert Hawkins & Marie-France Menc   Jack Huntington                  Steven & Emma Korkola             Daisy Louis
          Maureen Hawley                       Dianne Hupp                      Rhonda Korpan                     Ken & Shelby Love
          Darlene Hay                          Gary Hutchings                   Brenda Kostiuk                    Hab Love & Betty Lou Earl
          Terry Haynes                         Wayne Hyde & Cheryl Bauer Hyde   Naomi Kral                        Cameron Lowe
                                                                                                                  Marie Luchenski

annual_report_0708.indd 21                                                                                                            10/15/2008 9:03:47 AM
                                                               Lise Lundlie                 Katrine McKenzie                  Vern Neuls                   Debbie Potter
                                                               Randy Lundy                  Maureen McLellan                  Lizabeth Nicholls &          Mary Jane Potvin
                                                               Darlene Luzny                Sandi McLeod                            William Asikinack      Stephen Powell & Pam Klein
                                                               Isabelle Lyon                Margaret McLeod                   Karen Nicholls               Io Powell
                                                               Loraine Lysak                Georgene McLeod                   Stan Nichols                 Prairie Sculptor’s Association
                                                               Arlene Macallister           Dr. Dena McMartin                 Marj Nicholson               Yuleeann Procyk
                                                               Alex MacDonald               Janet McMurtry & Ross MacNab      Scott Nicholson              Frank & Jean Proto
                                                               John & Jean Macfarlane       Anne Meggitt                      Judy Nicholson               Francine Proulx-Kenzle
                                                               Matylda Machnowska           Charlen Meldrum                   John & Linda Nilson          D.M. Pulfer
                                                               Donna MacIntosh              Naomi Mellor                      Kathleen Nolan               Sharon Pulvermacher
                                                               Janet MacKay                 Tanya Mengel                      Gerald & Vivian Norbraten    Marcelynne & Kirby Punshon
                                                               Harold & Jean Mackay         Twyla Mensch                      Erik Norbraten               Jim Putz
                                                               Ken & Patricia MacKay        Sandie Merkley                    Mary Lou Novak               Trevor & Norma Quinn
                                                               Elspeth Mackenzie            John & Joanne Messer              Roberta Nyhus                Judy Radwanski
                                                               Hugh & Lois MacKenzie        Doug & Joan Mieyette              Gerald & Helen O’Hagan       Faye Rafter
                                                               Kate MacLaehlan              Knud & Gloria Mikkelsen           Garret Oledzki               Beti Randall
                                                               Nancy MacLean                Michael Milani &                  Jancie Olinik                Ken Rasmussen &
                                                               Michael MacLean &                  Diane Runge Milani          Carole Olive                      Suzanne Posyniak
                                                                     Margaret McKinnon      Rita Milenkovic                   Frances Olson                Sadie Ratner
                                                               Kenneth & Amber MacLeod      David Miller                      Brandy O’Neil                Bob & Lee Rea
                                                               Aura Lee MacPherson          Christine Millar Chase            Arthur & Mary Opseth         Carol. Ready
                                                               Eilish MacSweeney-Casey      Drew Millard                      Joan Osborne                 W.F. & Fran Ready
                                                               Doug & Barbara Mader         Elaine Miller                     Beverly O’Shea               Marian Ready
                                                               Elizabeth Magee              Mariyln Miller                    Margery W. Ostler-Barker     Michelle Reavley
                                                               Margaret C. Mahood           Don & Elaine Miller               Frank & Maureen Ottenbreit   Gary & Laura Redhead
                                                               Patrick Maidorn &            Linda Miller-Wenman               Celia Overend                Dawn Redmond & Associates Ltd.
                                                                     Claire Polster         Shawn Milligan &                  S.F. Pace                    Regina Federation of Artists Inc.
                                                               Kathleen Maier                     Whitney Schaefer Milligan   Patti Pacholek               Randy Rein
                                                               Linda Malagride              Dr. Lynn Minja                    Daniel Paquet                Anne Reiter
                                                               Heather Malek                Donna Mintz                       George & Beatrice Parker     Bert Rendall
                                                               Shannon Maliteare            Roger & Jean Mitchell             Anne Parker                  Jack Renni
                                                               Penny Malone                 John Mitchell & Regan Hart        Donalda Parker &             Rheta Renwick
                                                               Geri Mang                    Rosella Mitchell                        David Anderson         Raymond & Christine Reyda
                                                               Derrick & Melissa Mann       George & Connie Mitchell          Susan Parkin                 Azita Rezaei
                                                               Floyd & Else Manz            Keith Moen                        Stella Partaik               Gerry & Charlotte Rich
                                                               Ray Marbry                   M. I. & Deborah Moffatt           Jack Partridge               Pam Richards
                                                               Karen Marchuk                John & Mary-Jean Mollard          Gail Paskey                  Don & Linda Richardson
                                                               Barbara Marshall             Terry Molloy                      Karen Pasterfield            Anna Righetti
                                                               Doug & Gwen Marte            Mike & Linda Monea                Donna Patterson              Joseph Riou
                                                               Nancy Martin                 Carolyn Montgomery                Karen Pattison               Marina Rist
                                                               Margaret R. Martin           Cynthia Moore                     Alexander & Linda Paul       Lynn Ritchie
                                                               Linda Mason                  Susan Moore                       Val Paulson                  Sheila Roberts
                                                               W. R. & Joan Matheson        Jeremy Morgan &                   Barbara Pawson               Collette Robertson
                                                               Vernon P. McCarthy                 Eleanor Cardoza             Terry Peart-Hollis           Carmen Robertson
                                                               Roberta McCaslin             Karen Morrell                     Joan Pederson                David & Jocelyn Robinson
                                                               Ross & Darlene McClelland    Dave Morris                       Joanne Pelletier             Harriet Ross
                                                               P. D. & R. A. McCloskey      Don Morrison                      Bob & Joy Pelling            Alan Ross
                                                               Neil & Ellen McClughan       Jacqueline Morrow                 Meagan Perreault             Merv Ross
                                                               Gerry McCudden               Molly Moss                              Nouveau Gallery        Brinda Ross
                                                               Sylvia McDonald              Linda Moss Hilford                Robert & Meta Perry          Howard Ross

                                                               Robert & Pat McEwen          Yvonne Moulding                   Joseph & Jan Pettick         Robin V. Ross
                                                               Brian & Pat McGillivray      Anne Mowat                        Dave & Joann Pettigrew       Bev Ross
                                                               Tracey McGillivray           John Mowbray                      Sandra Pettit                Dave & Shelley Roulston
                                                               Merle McGowan                Riley Munro                       Sheila Petty                 Jacqueline Roy
                                                               James & Elizabeth McHattie   Virginia Munro                    Ann Phillips                 Yvonne Rudichuk
                                                               Gloria McHugh                Timothy Murphy                    Marilyn Phipps               Sybil Rugg
                                                               Stuart & Jocelyn McIntyre    Mary Murphy                       André Piasta & Elin Viberg   Judy Russell Doan
                                                               Greg McIntyre                Greg & Lorrie Murphy              Jean Picketts                Ken Sagal &
                                                               David L. McIntyre            Melody Murray                     Derek Pipko                       Jane Thurgood Sagal
                                                               Bernadette McIntyre          Dean Murrison                     Jim Pitsula                  Rachel Sakundiak
                                                               Terence & Sheila McKague     Sailaja Nair                      Ray Plosker                  Luis Salgado De Leon
                                                               Susan McKay                  Patricia Nakrieko                 Grey & Penny Plosz           Heather Salloum
                                                               Roberta McKay & Elmer        Mal & Sharon Nattrass             Byron Pointer                Noel Sandomirsky
                                                                     Brenner                Gordon & Diane Neill              Darren & Anette Polasek      Joan Sandomirsky
                                                               Shirley McKay                Dwight Nelson                     Daniehl Porttris             Pat Sargent
                                                               Sandy McKenzie                                                                              Saskatchewan Express

annual_report_0708.indd 22                                                                                                                                                         10/15/2008 9:03:47 AM
                                                               Nettie Saul                        Tim Stodalka & Leslie Anderson             Janet Wahn                                                                      Margaret Anne Hodges &
                                                               Gail Saunders                      Kathy Stokes                               Arthur & Marjorie Wakabayashi                                                        Alice Goodfellow
                                                               Brenda Saunders                    Gertrude Story                             Nicole Wakelam                                                                  Susan Whitney & Gerald Kraus
                                                               Victor Sawa                        Brian Strachan                             Peggy Wakeling                                                                  Gary & Wendy Williams
                                                               Jean Schaan                        Suráya Stratton                            Kathleen Wall                                                                   Greg & Barbara Willows
                                                               Bonnie Schaffer                    Sandra Stretten                            Doug & Janice Wallace                                                           Brad & Twila Wilson
                                                               Gladys Scheidt                     Leanne Stricker                            Mary & Duncan Wallace                                                           Malcolm Wilson
                                                               Jackie Schmidt                     James Struthers                            Murray Walter                                                                   Chuck Wilson & Darla Hunter
                                                               Micky Schmitz                      Lyn Stuart                                 Marilyn Wappel                                                                  Ross & Joan Wimmer
                                                               Western Limited - Vaughn           John & Louise Sutherland                   Leslie & Shirley Warden                                                         Clay & Kathy Winslow
                                                                     Schofield                    Brenda Tallman                             Debra Wardle                                                                    Vera Winter
                                                               Becki Schultz                      Nancy Talsness Hordern                     Merv & Cathy Warner                                                             Shirley Wiseman
                                                               Sandi Schultz                      Mike Taschuk                               Jim & Virginia Warren                                                           Alex Wlodarczyk
                                                               Bryce & Susan Schurr               William Taylor                             Ada Lou Watson                                                                  Dana Wojcik
                                                               Lorraine Scott                     Marlene Taylor                             Claire Watson                                                                   Sharon Wood
                                                               Diane Secoy Smith                  Kevin Tell & Donna Kabaluk                 Bob & Jean Watson                                                               Lisa Ann Wood
                                                               Shirley Sefton                     Louise Tessier                             Robert & Brenda Watson                                                          Lena Woolley
                                                               Irene Seiberling                   Jim Tewksbury                              Doceil Webb                                                                     Garret Woynarski
                                                               Jim & Mary Seiferling              Richard Thatcher                           Gord & Laurie Webster                                                           Wendy Wright
                                                               Rommel Seno                        John & Shan Thiel                          Dr. C. M. Weicker                                                               Louanne Yanko
                                                               Ken & Bette Sexton                 Margaret Thomas                            Lorraine Weidner                                                                Thelfa Yee-Toi
                                                               Jeanne Shami                       Gail Thompson                              Rose Weisshaar                                                                  Elaine Yeomans
                                                               Judith Shannon                     Ken Thompson                               Grant and Donna Welke                                                           June Young
                                                               Lynn & Michael Shaw                Virginia Thompson                          Pat Wellings                                                                    Carol Young
                                                               Frank & E. Norine Showell          David Thompson                             Don & Carol Wells                                                               Myrna Young
                                                               Dr. Jacqui Shumiatcher             Waunie Thompson                            David & Wilma Wessel                                                            Marilyn Young
                                                               Helene Sidaway                     Claire Thorseth                            David West - Johnson                                                            Alex Yum
                                                               Colleen Silverthorn                Darlene Tincher                            Cherie Westmoreland                                                             Jim & Kim Zacaruk
                                                               Barbara Sim                        Norma Toews                                Irene White                                                                     Bernard & Rosalie Zagorin
                                                               Garry & Sheryl Simons              Mieka Tomilin                              Gill White                                                                      Marg Zahorski
                                                               Evanna Simpson & Kathy Hamre       Jim & Lynn Tomkins                         Victoria R. Whitmore                                                            Wendy Zaran
                                                               Jim Slater                         June Torrance                              Ruth Whitmore                                                                   Ted C. Zarzeczny
                                                               Penny Sloan                        Ron Torrens                                John & Susan Whittick                                                           Zarin Zavery
                                                               Herman Slotsve                     Elsie Toupich                              John & Tessa Whyte                                                              Larry & Karolee Zawislak
                                                               George Smallshaw                   Carol Tourigny                             Gordon & Ardella Wicijowski                                                     Norman Zepp & Judith Varga
                                                               Roy & Janet Smith                  Melva Towne                                Tom & Kathryn Wieclawski                                                        Diane Zoell
                                                               William & Sybil Smith              Maria Trebuss                              Linda Wiens                                                                     Nasreen Zohra
                                                               Marguerite Smith                   R. Troyer                                  Margaret Wigmore
                                                               Linda Smith                        Grace Tubello                              Ashley Wilkie
                                                               Janis Smith                        Wayne Tunison & Julia Krueger              George Will
                                                               Colin & Mae Smith                  Jack Tunnicliffe
                                                               David & Gene Anne Smith            Elizabeth Turnbull
                                                               Isaac & Kathryn Sneath             Jim Turner & Beth Miller
                                                               Allan & Carol Snell                Jan Turner
                                                               Shari Sokochoff                    Larrissa Tusa
                                                                                                                                      Collection of the MacKenzie Art Gallery, purchased with the financial support of the

                                                               Barb Soltys                        Evan Tyler
                                                               Vic & Irene Sotropa                Rod Tyler & Mary Ann Czekanski
                                                               Gerald Sperling & Maggie Siggins   Robert & Jane Ursan
                                                               Barbara Stange                     Kathy Valaitis
                                                               Dianne Stann                       Brenda Valiaho
                                                               Robert & Kathy Stedwill            Elaine Vallevand
                                                                                                                                      Canada Council for the Arts Acquisition Assistance Program

                                                               Kim Steele                         Tyler Van Alstine
                                                               James Steeves & Donna Brownlee     William Vancise & Sybile Tremblay

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    20 07/20 0 8 M ACKENZIE A R T G A L L ERY A NNUA L REP OR T

                                                               Mark & Janice Stefan               Joyce Vandall
                                                               Pat Sterzuk                        Jason Vanderzwan
                                                               Patricia Stevens                   Dr. Renatta Varma
                                                                                                                                      black and white giclée print, 50.7 x 75.9 cm

                                                               Gloria Stevenson                   Sandra Vass
                                                               Douglas Stewart                    Judy Verbeke
                                                                                                                                      Kevin McKenzie, Re-Animator, 2005

                                                               Jacquie Stewart                    Lourdes Von Ledebur
                                                               Carole Stewart                     Wilfred von Staden
                                                               Bonnie Stewart                     Dianna Waffle Insurance &
                                                               Cindy Stewart                           Investment Services
                                                               Bevan Sthamann                     Hugh Wagner
                                                               Dietlind Stice                     Andrea Wagner & Don Hall
                                                               Bea Still                          Jeanie Wagner
                                                                                                  Morley Wagner

annual_report_0708.indd 23                                                                                                                                                                                                                          10/15/2008 9:03:48 AM
                                                                                                        Phyllis Godwin                           Stan Nichols                           Rosemarie Burgess
                                                                THANK YOU!                              Richard Gorenko
                                                                                                        Lynn Goldman
                                                                                                                                                 John & Linda Nilson
                                                                                                                                                 Donalda Parker & David Anderson
                                                                                                                                                                                        Edward & Lynda Busse
                                                                                                                                                                                        M. Isabelle Butters
                                                                The MacKenzie Art Gallery gratefully    Gerald & Tonia Hauck                     Dave & Joann Pettigrew                 Bob & Jean Cameron
                                                                acnkowledges the support of all of our  Dorothy Knowles & William Perehudoff     Sheila Petty                           Marion Chase
                                                                donors and sponsors. Your continued     Larry & Elva Kyle                        Taras Polataiko                        Gerry Clarke
                                                                support enables much of the exhibitions La Bodega                                Sadie Ratner                           Harry & Fran Clarke
                                                                and programming that makes the          Klaus & Freida Link                      Rumors Hair Studio                     Herbert & Margaret Cobb
                                                                MacKenzie the Gallery it is!            Allan Harding MacKay                     Ken Sagal & Jane Thurgood Sagal        Terry Creurer
                                                                                                        Donald K. & Elizabeth MacPherson         Skyline home dècor                     Nancy E. Croll
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                                                                CHAMPIONS                                                                        David Thauberger                       Maurice & Janet Delage
                                                                                                        Gerald & Vivian Norbraten
                                                                Gold ($10,000 +)                        William & Terry Oehler                   Jim & Lynn Tomkins                     Joan Dudley
                                                                CBC                                     Robert & Meta Perry                      Peter von Tiesenhausen                 Ruth Ebbels
                                                                CTV                                     Saskatchewan Association of Architects   Andrea Wagner & Don Hall               Charles & Sharon Eisbrenner
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annual_report_0708.indd 24                                                                                                                                                                                10/15/2008 9:03:53 AM
   Frank & E. Norine Showell         Doreen Cudmore                   Heather Malek                         Hugh Wagner
   Roy & Janet Smith                 Roland Daum                      Mel Malinowski                        Wascana School
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         Investment Services         Bridget Fauser                   Jim & Jackie Nodge                    IN MEMORIAM DONATIONS
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         Home Economists             Laura Harness                    Jack Renni                            Ward & Patricia Johnston
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   Dale & Johanne Beck               Hinds                            Mary Neufeld and Dave Evans           Rebecca Belmore
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   Department of Canadian Heritage   Michele Howland                  Sybil Rugg                            Evelyn McFarlane
   Margaret Bessai & Gerald Saul     Sue Hunchuk                      Marie Saretsky                        Neal McLeod
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   Mary Blackstone & Cameron Louis   Dianne Hupp                      Vanda Schmockel                       Gerry Nelson
   Mel Bolen & Karen Holden          William & Sandra Johnstone       Bryce & Susan Schurr                  Donalda Parker & David Anderson
   Don Boyko                         Angus & Devona Juckes            ScotiaBank - Regina                   Sadie Ratner
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   Elaine Britton                    Vicky Kangles                    Rus-Tix Metal Artz                    Taylor Automotive Group
   Vivian M. Bruce                   I.E. Karlonas                    University of Regina                  David Thauberger
   Irv Brunas                        Shelley Kelln-Trudelle           Geordie & Liz Smith                   Karen Watt
                                                                                                                                                         20 07/20 08 M ACKENZIE A R T G A L L ERY A NNUA L REP OR T

   Kathy Buitenhuis                  Gayle Keple                      William & Sybil Smith                 June Whitney
   Gerald Butler                     Ann Kerr                         Amy Snider
   Delee Cameron & Ted Quade         Marj Kirkby                      Amy Spiers
   Philip Cameron                    Dan Kirkpatrick                  Janice Stefan
   Janet Campbell                    Gerda Klyne                      Sherry Stewart
   Gail Carlson                      Donald & Claire Kramer           James Struthers
   Marion Chabros & Joseph Lang      Giel & Belinda Kriek             James Tanner
   Vera Chadwick                     Kristin Kutarna Gates            Louise Tessier
   Kathy Cliche                      E. Germaine Kyle                 Judy Tryon
   Fred Clipsham                     Kelly Leichert                   Turtleford School
   Eileen Condon                     Erna Lepp                        U of R Employees Donations
   Jerry Coppens                     Catherine Lepp                   Val Marie School
   David & Donna Cowley              J.C. & Edna Lethbridge           Brenda Valiaho
   Joanne Craig                      Harry Lieb                       Suzanne Vance
   June Crowe                        Brenda Liski                     Morley Wagner
   Violet Cubitt-Cooke               Kate MacLachlan                  Jeanie Wagner                                                                             24

annual_report_0708.indd 25                                                                                                                 10/15/2008 9:03:53 AM
                                                                Management Responsibilities
                                                                Management of the Gallery is responsible for the integrity of the financial data reported by the Gallery. The following
                                                                summarized financial statements have been derived from the complete financial statements prepared in accordance
                                                                with Canadian generally accepted accounting principles which have been consistently applied. Copies of the full au-
                                                                dited financial statements are available by calling Gaynor Novak at (306) 584-4266 or by visiting our website at www.

                                                                Kate Davis, Director
                                                                April 25, 2008

                                                                Financial Highlights
                                                                • Effective April 1, 2007 the Gallery adopted the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants’ new recommendations
                                                                for the recognition and measurement of financial instruments.
                                                                • All assets and liabilities are consistent with the previous year with no variations outside of normal operating param-
                                                                • Self –generated revenue in the Gift Shop reached a record high, with Fafard licensed product particularly successful.
                                                                • Admission revenue received for Warhol: Larger than Life straddle both this fiscal and the 2008/2009 fiscal years.
                                                                • The Gallery was supported by the Department of Canadian Heritage through the Virtual Museums of Canada for the
                                                                development of the Boyer Retrospective. The total cost of this multi-year project will exceed $300,000.

                                                                Auditors Report
                                                                To the Members of MacKenzie Art Gallery Incorporated:

                                                                The accompanying summarized balance sheet, statement of fund revenue, expenses and fund balances are derived
                                                                from the complete financial statements of MacKenzie Art Gallery Incorporated as at March 31, 2008 and for the year
                                                                then ended on which we expressed an opinion without reservation in our report dated April 25, 2008. The fair summari-
                                                                zation of the complete financial statements is the responsibility of management. Our responsibility, in accordance with
                                                                the applicable Assurance Guideline of The Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants, is to report on the summarized
                                                                financial statements.

                                                                In our opinion, the accompanying financial statements fairly summarize, in all material respects, the related complete
                                                                financial statements in accordance with the criteria described in the Guideline referred to above.

                                                                These summarized financial statements do not contain all the disclosures required by Canadian generally accepted ac-

                                                                counting principles. Readers are cautioned that these statements may not be appropriate for their purposes. For more
                                                                information on the Gallery’s financial position, results of operations and cash flows, reference should be made to the
                                                                related complete financial statements.

                                                                Chartered Accountants
                                                                Regina, Saskatchewan
                                                                April 25, 2008


annual_report_0708.indd 26                                                                                                                                                       10/15/2008 9:03:53 AM
      MacKenzie Art Gallery Incorporated
      Summarized Balance Sheet
      As at March 31, 2008
      (in CDN dollars)

                                               Operating    Gift Shop    Acquisition      Capital     Sustaining         2008             2007

      Current assets
      Cash and short-term investments           883,601      145,358        35,869       288,938         83,709      1,437,475      1,394,842
      Accounts receivable                       288,518        11,729       20,000         3,556          1,748        325,551        173,446
      Inventories and prepaid expenses            5,381      143,824              -             -              -       149,205         147,620
                                                1,177,500    300,911        55,869        292,494        85,457      1,912,231       1,715,908
      Objects of art                                   -             -            -             1               -            1               1
      Capital assets                                   -            -             -     3,244,486              -    3,244,486        3,705,528
      Long-term investments                            -            -       185,425             -         52,774       238,199        228,689

                                                1,177,500     300,911       241,294      3,536,981       138,231     5,394,917       5,650,126

      Current Liabilities
      Accounts payable & accrued liabilities    701,250        4,852         12,599              -            -       718,701          551,832
      Deferred Revenue                           80,037            -              -              -            -        80,037           79,820
      Interfund payables (receivables)          384,596       92,016       (266,140)        (6,743)    (203,729)             -                -
                                               1,165,883      96,868        (253,541)       (6,743)     (203,729)     798,738          631,652

      Fund balances                                11,617    204,043        494,835      3,543,724      341,960      4,596,179       5,018,474
                                                1,177,500    300,911        241,294      3,536,981      138,231      5,394,917       5,650,126

      MacKenzie Art Gallery Incorporated
      Summarized Statement of Fund Revenue, Expense and Fund Balances
      For the year ended March 31, 2008
      (in CDN dollars)

                                               Operating    Gift Shop    Acquisition      Capital     Sustaining        2008               2007
      Operating grants                         1,240,546            -       20,000               -            -     1,260,546       1,256,046
      Programming grants                         379,841           -              -              -            -       379,841         240,869
      Fund raising                               276,718            -        11,140         2,000        10,000       299,858          195,758
      Earned                                     185,499     521,120          9,791         (2,255)      (2,806)       711,349        686,338
                                               2,082,604     521,120        40,931            (255)       7,194     2,651,594        2,379,011

      Administration                           1,256,787     133,435              -      488,672                -   1,878,894        1,861,181
      Communications & development                110,774          -              -            -               -       110,774          75,651
      Cost of goods sold                                -    289,612              -             -              -      289,612          240,761
      Programming                                671,321           -              -            -               -       671,321        465,724
      Collection management                        67,914          -         55,374            -               -      123,288         160,748
                                               2,106,796     423,047         55,374      488,672               -    3,073,889      2,804,065

      Excess of revenue (expenses)
      before the following                       (24,192)     98,073         (14,443)    (488,927)         7,194     (422,295)        (425,054)
      Permanent collection donations                    -           -      (335,298)             -             -     (335,298)        (140,595)
      Donations of art                                  -           -       335,298              -             -      335,298          140,595

      Excess of revenue (expenses)               (24,192)     98,073        (14,443)     (488,927)         7,194     (422,295)        (425,054)
      Beginning fund balances                     10,809     141,970       500,278      4,014,651       350,766     5,018,474       5,443,528
      Fund Transfers                              25,000     (36,000)         9,000        18,000       (16,000)            -                   -

      Ending Fund Balances                         11,617    204,043       494,835      3,543,724       341,960     4,596,179       5,018,474

annual_report_0708.indd 27                                                                                                       10/15/2008 9:03:53 AM
         The MacKenzie Art Gallery is a non-profit cultural organization supported by membership and volunteers and generously funded by individual do-
         nors, corporate sponsors, the University of Regina, Government of Saskatchewan, the Saskatchewan Arts Board, the Canada Council for the Arts, the
         Museums Assistance Program, Saskatchewan Lotteries Trust Fund for Culture, Youth and Recreation, City of Regina Arts Commission, Regina Public
         Schools, and Regina Catholic Schools.
         Mission: The MacKenzie Art Gallery welcomes everyone to experience visual art in all its diversity. We seek to engage the people of Saskatchewan
         through our exhibitions, permanent collection and programs.
         Joe Fafard
         Antoinette, 1995
         bronze, patina, edition 3/3
         193 x 107.5 x 52.5 cm
         Collection of MacKenzie Art Gallery, purchased with the assistance of Judge Ken and Mrs. Carol Halvorson
         and the Canada Council Acquisition Assistance Program

annual_report_0708.indd 28                                                                                                                       10/15/2008 9:03:54 AM

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