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Head nurse (smiling timidly)... Thank you Dr.Gunawan... (then changes the
subject) i understand that you are doing some research on tropical diseases. Dr.
Smith. Have you been to other hospitals?

Dr Smith : So fari’ve been to only two hospitals. This is the third one. But
Dr.Gunawan promised to take me to the community Health Centers

Dr. Gunawan : i think the community health centers should be number one on
your agenda, Dr.Smith

Head nurse : i’ve some reports here from several community health centers. It
seems that gasto-entritis is still the major cause of infant deaths in some parts
of the city.(gands some paper to Dr. Smith) you can have them. I think they will
help you in your research.

Dr. Smith : Thank you, Miss Pratiningsih ... (pronounces the name correctly now)
this will help a great deal.

Dr.Gunawan : (looking at his watch) i think our next visit is the childrens
department.wouldyou proceed to the hall, please?

Dr. Smith (shakes hands with Miss Pratiningsih)... it was a pleasure meeting you,
Miss Pratiningsih

Head Nurse : I’m very pleased to have met you

Dr.Smith :Would you be able to join us ?

Head Nurse : No, Thank you. Dr.Smit. I thinki will just stay You see Doctor,
babiesdon’t usually tell us when exactly they are going to be born

Dr Smith and Dr. Gunawan : (laughing and amused by the joke) We’ll see you
soon. Good bye

(Dr.Smith and Dr.Gunawan exit)

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