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EXPLETIVE            TO BE       SUBJECT

There                are         carriers of hepatitis in the area

There                is          a sick person in the room

For the past tense of the verb’to be’ am and is are changed to was and are is
changed to were

Examples : the report was on the historyof patients.in the old days German
measles and pertusis were commoneven in big cities

His body temperature was low yesterday morning

Sentence trasformation

A sentence employing the verb to be is changed into a question by placing the
verb to be in front of statements. A negative ‘not’ to the sentence. Observe
the word order in the following examples:

His body temperature is 370C (statements)

Is his body temperature 370 (interrogative)

His body temperature is not 370C (negative)

What is his body temperature ?(question with question word what)

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