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                               THE SCIENCE OF ROMANCE
                                                                                                                                                           I wonder how he knows I’m
                                                                                                                                                             off the birth control pills!
THREE STAGES OF LOVE…CAN YOU LOVE MORE                                                             I’m crazy
      THAN ONE PERSON AT ONE TIME?                                                                About you!
  Excerpts from Jeff Kluger’s excellent article in TIME, 1/28/08, clinical notes & the Internet

   Losing our faculties over a matter like sex ought not to make much
sense for a species like ours that relies on its wits, but the lure of losing
our faculties is one of the things that makes sex thrilling. After all, your
principle job while you’re alive is to conceive offspring, bring them to
adulthood and then obligingly die so you don’t consume resources better
spent on the young.
   But mating and the rituals surrounding it make us come unhinged in
other ways, ones that are harder to explain by the mere babymaking im-
perative. There’s the transcendent sense of tenderness you feel toward a
person who sparks your interest. There are the flowers you buy and im-                                                                                               Sniff
pulsive trips you make to the other side of the world just so you can spend                                                                                           Sniff
48 hours in the presence of a lover who’s far away.
    What makes us go goofy over love? The more scientists look, the
more they’re able to tease romance apart into its individual parts—the                              —————————————————————————————————-
visual, auditory, olfactory, tactile, petrochemical processes that make it                                              LATE BREAKING NEWS
possible. None of those things may be necessary for simple procreation,                                    ********************************************************
but all of them appear essential for something larger. What that some-                                 NOW HEAR THIS...The annual MARCO meeting and banquet for 2008
thing is, is now coming clear.                                                                      will be held at the Holiday Inn, Dayton North, 2301 Wagner Ford Road in
   The human reproductive behavior is a complicated thing. On the one                               conjunction with the Dayton Hamvention at the Hara Arena in Dayton,
hand, we’re driven to mate a lot. On the other hand, we want to mate well                           Ohio. The meeting will be held from 8:30 a.m. until 12:00 noon on Friday
so that our offspring survive. If you’re a female, you get only a few rolls                         May 16th. The banquet will be at 6:30 P.M. Saturday May 17th. There is
of the dice in a lifetime. If you’re a male, your freedom to conceive is                            limited space being held for MARCO members at the hotel. Make plans to
limited only by the availability of willing partners.                                               attend the Hamvention, meeting and banquet. Call 937 278 4871 for res-
    One of the most primal of desires is that a possible partner smells right.                      ervations. Be sure to let them know you are a MARCO member .
Good smells and bad smells are fundamentally no different from each                                    NOTICE: Please send membership dues to our Secretary Danny
other, both are merely volatile molecules coming off an object and provid-                          Centers at 2712 Bryant Dr., Cleveland, TN 37311 and not to the In-
ing some clue as to the thing that emitted them. Humans, like animals ,                             dian Rocks address. Your misdirected check has a chance of being
quickly learn to assign values to those scents, recognizing that, say, putre-                       mislaid in forwarding All other correspondence should come to the
fying flesh can carry disease and thus recoiling from its smell and warm                            Indian Rocks address.
cookies carry the promise of vanilla, sugar and thus being drawn to them.                              ATTENTION HAMVENTIONEERS….Several members are concerned
Other humans carry telltale smells of their own, and those can affect us in                         because of high hotel rates during events such as the Dayton May 15-18
equally powerful ways.                                                                              convention .. We hope to have solved that! Why pay for a double bed,
   The best –known illustration of visible influence of scent is the way                            four-in-a-room rate when you are going alone? By room sharing we can
the menstrual cycles of women who live communally tend to synchro-                                  cut the price and we can still enjoy the pool, the hot tub and the ping pong.
nize. In a state of nature, this is a very good idea. It’s not in a tribe’s                            The biggest problem is the snorers. One of our members has devised a
interests for one ovulating female to monopolized the reproductive                                  new secret device that can solve this and make your vacation cheaper and
attention of too many males. Better to have all the females become                                  more exhilarating. He promises to bring his knowledge to the Dayton
fertile at once and allow the fittest potential mates to compete with one                           meeting.
another for them.                                                                                      If you would like to share a room let Danny know by email:
   But how does one female signal the rest? The answer is almost cer-                      or Warren KD4GUA at : It
tainly smell. Pheromones—or scent-signaling chemicals are known to                                  should be another Great meeting.
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                    THE SCIENCE OF ROMANCE
                                                                                     kissing over a long period may be a way to pass some of that natural
exist among animals, and while scientists have had a hard time unraveling            aphrodisiac to the woman, in causing her arousal and making her more
the pheromonal system in humans, they have isolated a few of the com-                receptive to greater intimacy.
pounds. One type, known as driver pheromones, appears to affect the                      If we have succeeded in becoming such efficient reproductive ma-
endocrine systems of others. Since the endocrine system plays a critical             chines—equipped with both a generous appetite for mates and a cool
role in the timing of menstruation, there is at least a strong circumstantial        ability to screen them for genetic qualities—why muddy things up
case that the two are linked. “It’s thought that there is a driver female who        with romance? Just being attracted to someone doesn’t mean that
gives off something that changes the onset of menstruation in the other              that person is attracted back, and, few things drive us crazier than
women,” said a Philadelphia chemist.                                                 wanting someone we cannot get.
   It’s not just women who respond to such olfactory cues. One surprising                The elaborate ritual of dating is how romance pays off—when you
study showed that strippers who are ovulating average $70 in tips per hour;          finally feel you’ve found the right person—then the true-love thrill
those who are menstruating make $35; those who are not ovulating or                  hits, and studies of the brain with functional magnetic resonance imag-
menstruating make $50. Women report when they're ovulating, their part-              ers show why it feels so good. The sensation of romance is processed
ners are more loving and attentive and more jealous of other men.                    in three areas—the ventral tegmental, a clump of tissue in the brain’s
   Scent not only tells males which females are primed to conceive, but it           lower regions, which is the body’s central refinery for dopamine.
also lets both sexes narrow their choices of potential partners. Among the           Dopamine does a lot of things, but the thing we notice most is that it
genes that control the immune system are those known as the Major Histo-             regulates reward When you win a hand of poker, it’s a dopamine jolt
compatibility Complex (MHC) which influences tissue rejection. Con-                  that's responsible for the thrill that follows. When you look forward to
ceive a child with a person whose MHC is too similar to your own, and the            a big meal or expect a big raise, it’s the dopamine that makes the an-
risk increases that the womb will expel the fetus. Find a partner with suffi-        ticipation such a pleasure. Now, in romance this little factory near
ciently different MHC, and you’re likelier to carry a baby to term.                  the base of the brain is sending dopamine to higher regions. It creates
   Saliva contains a compound that may partly explain the custom of kiss-            craving, motivation, goal-oriented behavior and ecstasy.
ing, particularly those protracted sessions that stop short of intercourse.              When love becomes a habit. Even with its intoxicating supply of
Kissing might be a taste test!.                                                      dopamine, the ventral tegmental couldn’t do the love job on its own.
   Precise as the MHC-detection system is, it can be confounded. One                 Most people eventually do leave the poker game after all. Something
thing that throws us off the scent is the birth-control pill. Women who              has to turn the exhilaration of a new partner into what can approach an
are on the Pill—which chemically simulates pregnancy—tend to choose                  obsession, and that something is the brain’s nucleus accumens, lo-
wrong in the taste test. When they discontinue the daily hormone dose, the           cated slightly higher and farther forward than the ventral tegmental.
protective smell mechanism kicks back in. Does the Pill contribute to                Thrill signals that start in the lower brain are processed in the nucleus
divorce? Women pick a husband when they’re on birth control, then quit               acumens via not just dopamine but also chemical neural-transmitters
to have a baby and realize they’ve made a mistake.                                   serotonin and importantly, oxytocin from the posterior pituitary gland.
   Less surprising than the importance of the way a partner smells is the            Love generates a euphoria similar to that produced by cocaine, it
way the partner looks and sounds. Humans are suckers for an attractive               uses the neural mechanisms that are activated during the process of
face and a sexy shape. Men see ample breasts and broad hips as indicators            addiction, we become literally addicted to love. The neuro-
of a woman’s ability to bear and nurse children—though most don’t think              transmitters serotonin (relaxes), oxytocin, vasopressin (causes bond-
about such matters at the time. Women see a broad chest and shoulders as             ing) and endogenous opioids (called “Endorphins, or internal mor-
signs of someone who can furnish a steady supply of food and protection.             phine”), begin to flow heavily. Using anti-depressants such as Prozac
And while a hairy chest and a full beard have fallen out of favor in the 21st        inhibits the flow of serotonin and tends to surpress the love flow.
century they are historically seen as signs of healthy testosterone flow that            New mothers are flooded with oxytocin during labor and nursing—
gives rise to both fertility and strength.                                           one reason they connect so ferociously to their babies . Fathers, whose
   A deep voice, also testosterone driven, can have seductive power. Men             partners are pregnant experience elevated oxytocin too.
with deep voices tend to have more children. People whose voices screen                  The last of the three major stops for love signals in the brain are the
high on attractiveness also had physical features considered sexually ap-            caudate nuclei, a pair of structures on either side of the brain. It’s
pealing, such as broad shoulders in men and a low waist-to-hip ratio in              here that patterns and mundane habits, such as knowing how to type
women. This suggest either that an alluring voice is part of a set of sexual         and drive a car, are stored. Motor skills like those can be hard to lose,
qualities that come bundled together or that simply knowing how to look              thanks to the caudate nuclei’s indelible memory. The idea that even
appealing encourages you to develop a voice to match. (Marilyn Monroe,               one primal part of the brain is involved in processing love would be
sex symbol, was taught to talk “sexy” by holding a toothpick between her             enough to make the feelings powerful. The fact that three are at work
two front teeth.)                                                                    makes that powerful feeling consuming.
   Every kiss may also carry a chemical Mickey, slipped in by the male.                  Love gone wrong. Romance doesn’t always work. It can play us
Though testosterone is found in higher concentrations in men than in                 for fools, especially when it convinces us that we’ve found the right
women (women manufacture it in the adrenal gland) it is present in both              person, only to upend our expectations later. Birth-control pills that
genders and is critical in maintaining arousal states. Traces of testoster-          mask a woman's ability to detect her mate’s incompatible MHC are
one make it into men’s saliva, particularly among men who have high
blood levels of the hormone to start with, and it’s possible that a lot of                                            Continued on Page 3
                                                                               3   FLIRTING …. One of the reasons we flirt is that we can’t help it.
                     THE SCIENCE OF ROMANCE
one way bad love can slip past our perimeters. Adrenaline, from the            We’re programmed to do it, whether by biology or culture. Studies of
                                                                               African tribes found that the women there did the exact same prolonged
adrenal gland just above the kidney, is another. Any overwhelming
                                                                               stare followed by a head tilt away with a little smile that are seen in Amer-
emotional experience that ratchets your sensory system can distort your
perceptions, persuading you to take a chance on someone you should             ica...flirting is like taking out mating insurance.
   People who meet during a crisis—an emergency landing of their
airplane say—may be much more inclined to believe they've found the
person meant for them. It sounds a lot like what happens when people
meet and date under the regular influence of drugs or alcohol, only to
sober up later and wonder what in the world they were thinking, that’s
because in both cases powerful chemistry was running the show.
   Even a love fever that’s healthily shared breaks eventually, if only
because—like any fever—it’s unsustainable over time. There are dan-
gers in maladaptive love in MRI studies who have been rejected by a
lover and can’t shake the pain. In these subjects, as with all people in
love, there is activity in the caudate nucleus, but it’s specifically in a
part that’s adjacent to a brain region associated with addiction. If the
two areas overlap, the jilted lover has a hard time breaking off the affair,       MARRIAGE #2… is like a health insurance policy. People who
similar to stopping smoking.                                                   never married were 58% likelier to die during that time than married folks
   Happily, romantic love can succeed.. The goal is to pass beyond             were. Marriage means no more drinking at singles’ bars until closing; no
serial dating—even beyond the thrill of early love—and into what’s             more eating uncooked noodles out of the bag and calling it a meal. Mar-
known as “companionate love.” If partners are going to stay together           ried people are less likely to smoke or drink heavily than people who are
for the years of care that children require, they need a love that bonds       single, divorced or widowed. These sorts of lifestyle changes are known to
them to each other but without the passion that would be a distraction.        lower the rate of CV disease, cancer and respiratory diseases.
   Some can however retain the MRI studies of some of those loving                All the health benefits of marriage are consistent across age, race, edu-
pairs and initial results show that their brain indeed look very much like     cation and income groups, and while researchers have not conducted
those of people newly in love, with all the right regions lighting up in all   equally exhaustive studies of gay couples, the benfits probably flow to
the right ways. These however are the exceptions and nearly all rela-          them too.
tionships must settle or cool.                                                    For all its benefits, marriage is not a gift certificate for good health. It’s
   Romance may be nature’s way of perpetuating the species but noth-           fattening. Married people are most likely to be overweight or obese.
ing can convince a person in love that it’s reason.                            Married men seem to pack on the pounds after they say their vows.
                             MARRIAGE #1                                           THE FUTURE OF PREDICTING RELATIONSHIPS
         Taken from “Patient’s Guide to Medicine” by Warren J. Brown, M.D.
                             —————————————                                                      ******************
    Having the same mate day in and day out can be a good habit or a              Data reveals that 39% of divorces occurred among couples with no de-
bad habit. Today’s marriage is quite different and more difficult than         pendent children; 26% occurred among those with one child; 19% oc-
yesterdays. The marriage institution has been turned inside-out! Most          curred among couples with two children; and 7% of divorces among cou-
people used to marry primarily to preserve the family line and to pass         ples with three children. Humans tend to divorce during and around the 4
on inheritance: happiness was secondary. Now, to many, happiness is            year mark. This nullifies the so-called “7-year itch!” 57% of American
primary; property, land and children have taken on a secondary role.           marriages last for life.
The compatible close relationship that modern marriage expects is diffi-           Love in all its glory, is just, it seems, a chemical state with genetic roots
cult to attain and retain, for the closer people are to each other the         and environmental influences. Can scientists create a type of “Paradise-
harder it is for them to get along together. It is like a meal with dessert    Engineering” dedicated to abolishing the “biological substrates of human
at the beginning.                                                              suffering?”
    Yet, love is not a word make up of two vowels, two consonants and              Progress in predicting the outcome of relationships, and information
two fools. It is what makes the world go around. To live is to love and        about the genetic roots of fidelity, might make proposing marriage more
to love is to live. However, love must be earned, not accepted. To keep        like a job application—with associated medical, genetic and psychological
our income we must work for it; to keep our love and respect for each          checks. If it were reliable enough, would insurers cover you for a di-
other we also must work for it. Nothing makes nothing; a lot makes a           vorce?
lot.                                                                               Drugs might also help people fall in love, or perhaps fix broken rela-
    Marriage is like a roller coaster ride; ups and downs, thrills and         tionships. It is known that drugs might enhance portions of the “love ex-
sometimes spills. When two people married for seven years get along            perience” but fall short of doing the whole job because of their specificity.
all the time, they just aren’t human.                                          And if a couple fall out of love, drugs are unlikely to help either.
    Always keep the “hot line” open. Lose communications and you                  The administering of serotonin can help someone get over a bad love
lose understanding. Never reach the point of no return. However,               affair faster. Using it long-term can turn one’s hormone cycle in reverse.
words, without meaning are just static. Remember the old saying, ”It is             It is possible to trick the brain into feeling romantic love in a long-term
better to remain silent and appear a fool then to open your mouth and          relationship by doing novel things with our partner. Any arousing activity
remove all doubt.” Silence sometimes is golden; those shrieks of si-           drives up the level of dopamine and can therefore trigger feelings of ro-
lence may lose a battle but in the long run may save a marriage.               mance as a side effect. This is why a holiday can rekindle passion. Ro-
    Most people subconsciously play games and often mean the opposite          mantics have always know that love is a special sort of chemistry. Scien-
of what they say, thus confusing an already confused relationship. For         tists are now beginning to know how true this is.
instance, jealousy usually indicates “self love” rather than love for              Love is a drive not an emotion. It consists of three stages: Lust,
another. It is most difficult for man to understand others when basically      romantic love and attachment. It is possible to love more than one
he doesn't understand himself. We learn from experience that certain           person at one time.
things work and these are what we seek.                                            Women tend to more imaginative and have flood light brains and like to
    Queen Victoria built an empire by not making decisions. Most prob-         talk, especially during ovulation. Men tend to have spotlight brains, the
lems solve themselves; try letting them before making decision which           ability to concentrate on one thing more thoroughly.
are usually wrong decisions (Continued on Page 10)
                                                                                        4                     DID YOU KNOW THAT….
                                                                                           Wait for a bus or walk? One of the worst aspects of a long wait at a
                                                                                       bus stop is confronting the nagging question: Would it be quicker to start
                                                                                       walking, or to stay put? According to a math formula it is nearly always
                                                                                       better to cool one’s heels at the first stop than to walk and hope to catch the
                                                                                       bus when it reaches a stop further down the line. In most cases, it doesn’t
                                                                                       make much difference how many stops there are on the journey or how
                                                                                       long the wait is between buses. If the traveler is contemplating walking, it
                                                                                       is best to start walking immediately. Any time spent at the stop deliberat-
                                                                                       ing over whether it is better to walk or to wait for the bus is only wasted
                                                                                       time. Keep this in mind!
                                                                                           Cat owners live longer? A new study suggests owners are less likely
                                                                                       to die of a heart attack or stroke than people who don’t own cats. And
                                                                                       dogs don’t do the same trick. The study by researchers at the University of
                                                                                       Minnesota, found feline-less people were 30 to 40% more likely to die of
                                                                                       CV disease than those with cats. The study was presented at a stroke con-
                                                                                       ference in New Orleans where a stroke expert, said he decided to raise the
                                                                                       question                  because other studies suggested pets can help
       Letters to Marco…EXTRA, EXTRA...Marc, K9PET,                                                     WOW
                                                                                                                   reduce stress. His team analyzed 4,435 people
                                                                                                                   who answered questionnaires about pet owner-
who created “Casual DX” will be guest speaker at the Dayton Banquet.
He will invite families to join DXers on up-coming expeditions.                                                    ship. The cat-dog differential came as a surprise.
                                                                                                                       Do Drug Reps Corrupt Doctors? Bob
   Sister Mary Emmanuel, KC5AQ informs us from Texas:                                                              Smithwick submitted an article which states “If
“….Something about whether I had access to a radio...the answer is no!                                             drug companies can’t market drugs efficiently,
Even if you rounded one up for me, I couldn’t use it. Besides, I read that                                         they will cut research spending.” New drugs
“radio as we knew it” will be a thing of the past when that High Definition                                        lead to better health. They keep people out of the
thing happens, next year. Lordy, lordy...remember when Single Side Band                                            hospital. A recent study estimated that a pre-
happened?” Sister sends Easter greetings to all Marco members and tells                                            scription for a new drug costs an average $18
us she is now in good health.                                                                                      more than an older one but reduces other medical
    Joanne Kopas, KC8VSO, recently replied to our Secretary Danny                      costs, including hospital and office visits, by $129. Finally, by leading
Centers about our booth at the Dayton Hamvention in May. “Hello                        consumers to purchase newer drugs, marketing increases investment in
Marco: I have recently join back inside Exhibits Team. I am in the proc-               innovation and thus makes research more likely. A widely cited 2000
ess of verifying all applications. Credit Card application will be last to             article in the JAMA summarized studies critiquing the interaction between
charge. Please make you have carefully read the application as some                    doctors and drugs reps. Notable feature of these articles, as quoted in the
fields have changed. If you requested for us not to hold your credentials, I           summary paper: “No study used patient outcome measures.” That is, in
will be mailing out packets as in previous years. I will sent a mass                   all of the medical literature on drug sales, there was no evidence of harm to
emailing confirming applications. Joanne.”                                             patients caused by doctors and drug reps breaking bread. These articles
    Danny W4DAN responded to us: “I hope and pray that our Dayton                      were written by physicians who by their oaths put patient welfare at the top
booth will be handled OK, as usual. This is not the same good response                 of the list, but they were critical of the industry based on analyses that
and service that we received last year. Just wanted to let everyone know. I            totally ignored this measure. Any comment?
am a little concerned because they won’t return my phone calls and this is                 Do you like guidelines? Results of a recent poll indicated 56% of
the second email have received that does not confirm receipt of the appli-             doctors interviewed thought clinical guidelines were important; 38% said
cation I sent them.”                                                                   “sometimes,” 6% said, “No, I don’t like cookbook medicine.”
    Bruce KM2L responded to Danny: “Interesting. I guess the gist of her                   Daylight Saving Time wastes Energy….For decades, conventional
response is that we should wait a bit before resorting to panic. She appears           wisdom has held that daylight-saving time reduces energy. Up until two
to have learned to speak English by watching Borat movies.” (Explain                   years ago, only 15 of Indiana’s 92 counties set their clocks an hour ahead
Borat movies Bruce.) Dayton is going to be FUN TIME!!! The Satur-                      in the spring. The rest stayed on standard time all year. Using more than 7
day night banquet is on the house!                                                     million monthly meter readings covering nearly all the households in
    Jay Garlitz AA4FL, writes: “Shands Hospital in Gainesville, Florida                southern Indiana for 3 years gave a University of California economics
had a simulated emergency communication drill and the Gator Amateur                    professor the facts he needed. Results of his study revealed: residential
Radio Club members at the University of Florida helped out. The Dental                 electric usage increased between 1-4% amounting to $8.6 million a year.
School club station location ( used our satellite                   Social costs from increased emissions were estimated at between $1.6
ground station and distributed an email-like message through the use of an             million and $5.3 million per year. (During WW II, we had nation-wide
Israeli satellite carrying amateur radio (GO32). This would be useful if               daylight savings time all year—known as “War Time.”)
phone and internet services were down. My response and the emergency                       Google to offer Health Records on the Web...with the Web service,
message sent world-wide by satellite follows: “Congratulations on our                  expected to be called “Google Health” consumers will be able to enter
use of satellite messaging in support of the Shands simulated test. I think            their own basic medical data and invite their doctors to electronically send
using GO32 as an emergency last resort in a disaster would be useful.”                 information that would be stored by Google. This information would be
    Doug WB6TWC sent in this story about a talking dog. “In East Texas I came          available on call by any doctors anywhere. Sounds good?
across a sign that read, “Talking Dog for sale.” I needed a break so I stopped and         The correct way to vote...William Poundstone’s new book, “Gaming
found a nice looking Labrador sitting in a backyard. “You talk” I asked. “Yep,” the    the Vote,” states “one person, one vote,” is wrong! Instead, voters should
dog replied. After I got over the shock, I asked “What’s your story?” He replied, “I   have the opportunity to rank candidates on a 5-point scale. Your prefer-
like your VUU screwdriver antenna on your truck.. Yes, I’m a ham. I got my ticket      ence of three candidates could receive a 5-3-1 preference rather than just
when I was a young pup. The CIA heard about me and I did some spy work for
                                                                                       one vote for one person. Such schemes are not unusual as Amazon and
them. Now I’ve decided to settle down. Why don’t you buy me?” I said, I would
see what I could do. I went to the owner and asked him what he wanted for the dog.
                                                                                       YouTube both ask their online visitors to vote for books or video clips on a
He answered , “Ten dollars” “Why so cheap? “Because he is a liar. He never did
                                                                                       five-point scale. This system would have prevented Ralph Nader and Ross
any of that stuff, He’s just a No-Code Tech!” (Any talking horse stories around?)      Perot from changing the results of previous presidential elections.
                                                                                                                                      NEWS FROM
DO YOU AVOID PUBLIC RESTROOM DOORKNOBS?                                           5                   I chased
                         If You Do, You are not alone                                                  Bowser                            CANADA
               *******************************************************                              Woof!
    Many people avoid contact with bathrooms handles by using paper tow-
els. Some push the door open with their feet. One Massachusetts state Rep.                                                           By Bob Morgan,
James Vallee introduced a bill that would require all public-bathroom doors                                                                VE3OQM
to open outward. That way, one could use a shoulder or rear end to open the                                                     and his cat “Bowser”
door..                                                                                                                            *******************
    A study by the American Society for Microbiology found that 34% of                                                        “Bob and I are back collecting
males observed at public bathrooms didn’t wash their hands; 12% of fe-
males didn’t wash up. It’s good to be clean but are we getting obsessive?
                                                                                                                               Canadian ham and medical
    Stonewood Grill & Tavern has outfitted its 18 restaurants with Sanidoor,                                                      news—Here goes….”
an automatic door made by a Florida company. Costing $1,000 installed,                            “Where’s the cat?”
the sensor-controlled doors open with the wave of a hand.                                                                       The Canadian Press reports: “The
    At Dick’s Diner in Murrysville, Pa., the bathrooms have been outfitted                                                      luring of MDs is a crime.” The
with Sanihandles, a door handle connected to a pair of ultraviolet lamps that         poaching of doctors, nurses and pharmacists from sub-Saharan Africa by
kills germs but patrons are warned not to stare into the blue light.                  developed countries ought to be viewed as an international crime. The
    Another contraption is a canister installed above the door handle that            practice of richer countries filling their health-care vacancies by recruit-
sprays it with disinfectant every few minutes. The company says the solu-             ing in South Africa and other personnel-poor countries is a violation of
tion dries instantly so the handles don’t stay wet.                                   the human rights of African people. “There are more Malawian physi-
    Anybody have any ideas? Or are you just staying out of public bath                cians in Manchester, England, than there are in Malawi” said a medi-
rooms?                                                                                cal epidemiologist with the B.C. Centre.
——————————————————————————————                                                            Those going to the Beijing Olympics should realize a few precautions
  HI-LIGHTS FROM ELECTRONIC RECORD LECTURE, FEB. 24th                                 can make the difference between having fun or falling very ill. Hepatitis
                   ******************************************                         vaccine is important. Keep in mind many animals have rabies; mosquito
 Everyone is extolling the glories of the electronic health record but most of them   borne illnesses are not uncommon such as malaria, Japanese encephalitis
  don’t work well—they are not “user friendly.” What we need is a good system.
                                                                                      and dengue fever. Air quality in the big cities is notoriously polluted and
    Bruce KM2L was telling of his experiences using the VistA VA system               will be tough on those with breathing problems. Also remember the
which is apparently “free” but requires a $3,000 license fee. Chip Keister in         food—either boil it, cook it, peel it or forget it.
New Orleans “chipped” in describing it as a free elephant with prohibitive                                                  Proper use of the blood pressure
maintenance costs.                                                                                                      machine...List ways of determining
    For those scouting for a Electronic Health Record (EHR) sys-                                                        whether the blood pressure cuff is the
tem..”Family Practice Management” magazine lists—”Measures of overall                                                   correct size for the patient. 1. Many
satisfaction of thirteen systems.” The most satisfactory was Praxix, fol-                                               cuffs have a built-in marking scheme so
lowed by Amazing Charts, eClincalWorks, Practice Partner EMR, e-                                                        that if the cuff is too small for the arm, a
MDs Chart, EpieCare, HealthMatics, SOAPware, Centricity, NextGen                                                        warning such as “use larger cuff” will be
EMR, Misys EMR, TouchWorks and Cerner PowerChart Office in that                                                         exposed when the cuff is applied. 2. the
order.                                                                                                                  width of the cuff should exceed the di-
    The UK is going 100% for electronic medical records by 2010 whereas                                                 ameter of the patient's upper arm by 20%.
the USA has set a date for around 2018. It has been coming for thirty years,                                            What errors in BP do you obtain if the
will it be accepted by 2018?                                                                                            cuff is too small or too large? If the cuff
——————————————————————————————                                                                                          is too small, the readings may be too high.
                        THAT SENIOR MOMENT…..                                                                           If the cuff is too big, the BP may be too
                   ******************************************                                                           low. (remember big cuffs for big peo-
    Researchers at the University of Michigan studying 11,000 older Ameri-                                              ple).. What err in BP do you obtain if the
cans found that people over 70 are sharper than ever. Over a nine-year pe-                                              cuff is too loose? The BP will be artifi-
riod, the investigators report, the rate of significant cognitive impairment,                                           cially high. Should you listen with the
including Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia, declined                                                     diaphragm or the bell of the stetho-
from12.2% of the sample population to 8.7%.                                                                             scope? The bell. Does the position of
    Some memory loss is inevitable with age, but the improvements shown                                                 the arm affect the BP readings? Yes, if
in the study suggest that at least some lapses can be held off, in part by pro-                                         the arm is held above heart level, the
tecting the brain with mental stimulation and keeping the heart healthy,                                                readings may be falsely low. If the arm is
which enhances circulation and keeps neurons active.                                                                    held below heart level, as often happens
                                                                                                                        when the patient is sitting, the pressure
                     A Simple Test for Alzheimer's                                                                      may be falsely high. If you measure the
1.   What is the date today? 2. What day of the week is it? 3. What is                                                  sitting blood pressure be sure to hold the
     the name of this place? 4. What is your telephone number? 5.                                                       patient’s arm at heart level. Why should
     What is your address? 6. How old are you? 7. What is your birth                  the manometer be inflated rapidly? If the cuff is inflated slowly, the
     date? (month, day and year) 8. Who is the President of the U.S.?                 sounds will become fainter. The result is a false reading., with the sys-
     9. Who was the previous President? 10. What is your mother’s                     tolic being too low and the diastolic too high. If you reinflate the ma-
     maiden name? 11. Subtract 3 from 20 , serially. (20,17,14 etc.)                  nometer immediately after an initial reading to check the accuracy
                                                                                      of your result, what error is likely to occur? The second reading is
                                  Scoring                                             likely to be artificially low and the diastolic reading artificially high.
Scoring: 0-2 mistakes, O.K.; 3-4 errors, borderline; 5-7 errors, probable             How can you recheck the BP immediately after taking it without induc-
Alzheimer Disease but can live alone, unable to handle finances or medi-              ing errors? Have your patients raise the arm with the attached but de-
cines; 8-11 errors, severe impairment, cannot live alone.                             flated BP cuff above their head. Ask them to hold the arm in that posi-
                                                                                      tion while they clench and unclench the fist about 10 times. Immediately
    Alzheimer attacks between 2-10% of the population 70-85, and then                 thereafter have them lower and relax the arm as you hold it in the usual
rises after 85. It is more common in women.                                           horizontal position . Inflate the BP cuff rapidly. You will find the
                                                                                      Korotkoff sounds are loud and clear.
         MEDICAL AMATEUR RADIO COUNCIL, Ltd.                                                   MESSAGE FROM MARCO PRESIDENT
                  MediShare International                                                         ARNOLD KALAN, WB6OJB
               Robert C. Smithwick, DDS, W6CS, Founder                                                                            *****************
                     Supported by the Luden Fund                                                                       I read an interesting article which
         Robert C. Smithwick, W6CS, 25215 La Loma Dr.,                                                              appeared in the Feb. 2008 edition of
                 Los Altos Hills, CA 94022-4540                                                                     Obstetrics & Gynecology concerning
                           Executive Director.                                                                      orogenital sex in pregnancy. A 29-
                                                                                                                    week pregnant woman presented to the
                                                                                                                    E.R. unconscious one hour after engag-
                NOTHING TO REPORT THIS EDITION.                                                                     ing in orogenital sex. The cardiology
 This should not prevent your donation to this worth-while humanitarian                                             service was consulted due to the tro-
                    radio, medical and dental service.                                 Arnold Kalan, M.D.           ponin elevation. Assessment was the
                                                                                       Arnold Kalen M.D.
          *******************************************                                                               patient had likely suffered an air embo-
          WHAT’S MY MARCO MEMBER NUMBER?                                                                            lism with associated troponin leak.
   Our Secretary, Danny Centers W4DAN has provided us with Marco                                                    The conclusion: Although a rare clini-
Member Numbers. This edition will include those numbers from 1-200.              cal event, air embolism from air insufflation of the vagina can result in
                              *****************                                  troponin elevation and should be considered in the differential diagnosis
‘0001    Joseph Boris MD                 Founder           Inactive              in pregnant patients with a history of orogenital sex. The baby and
‘0002    Lewis O. Levitt DDS             WB2NDI            Silent Key            mother survived.
‘0005    Robert P. Thomas, Jr., MD W5EPB                   Founder, SK?
                                                                                     Another case involving a young primigravida at 37 weeks who pre-
‘0006    Alban Papineau MD               W4JMD             Silent Key
‘0010    J. Stanley Carp MD              KT1V, Past Pres. Inactive
                                                                                 sented to the E.R. after appearing to have had a seizure at home. She
‘0011    Al Coonin DDS                   W4KLU             Silent Key            had been using the birth-training device (Epi-No) which stretches the
‘0013    Elbert A. White III MD          W4TX, Founder     Active                perineum The patient likely suffered a venous air embolism in associa-
‘0014    Frederick J. Halik DDS          K2EU              Active                tion with the use of the birth-training device which had been inflated in
‘0018    David G. Fraser MD              W6DZN             inactive              her vagina. Air embolism from vaginal insufflation was first reported
;0019    Alfred E. Greenwald MD          WA2CBA, Emeritus Active                 in 1936— You learn something new every day!.
‘0020    Andy J. Williams MD             W4LDU             Inactive              *********************************************************
‘0024    Gene Simon MD                   W2KOY             Silent Key
                                                                                   BEES AND TELECOMMINCATION—a personal experience:
‘0025    Perry Nott MD                   W2EXK             Inactive                                           By Paul Lukas, N6DMV
‘0027    Nelson D. Large DDS             W4FQV             Inactive                                    *****************************************
‘0032    J. Charlie Jordan, Jr MD        K4IEP             Silent Key
‘0033    Carl W. Boyer, Jr. MD           KH6FDG            Inactive
                                                                                      Elements of the dance convey the bees particulars of the find: quan-
‘0034    Ralph H. Edson MD               K4CYH             Inactive
‘0036    George P. Vennart MD            W4RZS             Inactive
                                                                                 tity, quality, direction, etc. Navigating ability is extraordinary. They
‘0044    Leonard M. Lechan DDS           WA1AVS            Inactive              seem to remember the sun angle when they leave, the translated angle
‘0048    Anson R. Hyde MD                K4EK`             Silent Key                                          that guides them back to the hive. Some
‘0050    Harold L. Berk DDS              N2HB              Active            
                                                                                * *                           people speculate if the Earth’s magnetic field
‘0051    Bill Joy MD                     K2VVK             Inactive          
                                                                                * *            *              has anything to do with their precise navigat-
‘0054    Felix DePinies MD               WB2OMU            Inactive              *      *           *          ing ability. All this without GPS equipment,
‘0064    Chester L. Samuelson            K8WYP, Past Pres Silent Key
‘0066    William L. Sprague MD           WA6CRN            Silent Key        
                                                                                ** *                          or more accurately, with the help of their
                                                                                                               built-in GPS system all in a cubic millimeter
‘0076    Edward M. Schlaefer Jr MD W4KGO                   Active            
                                                                                *                             size brain!
‘0082    Jack London MD                  K2JVA,Past Pres Silent Key
‘0083    Charles H. Gray MD              WA1FMY,Emeritus Past. Pres.                                              It is regretful that in the past few years the
‘0095    Al Briney MD                    K6DKG             Inactive                                            bee population was decimated by a virus-
‘0100    Walter Shriner                  W9CBG, Past Pres. Silent Key                                          borne sickness. Certain areas have lost 70%
‘0102    H.Chester Moore DDS             K6ICZ             Inactive                                            or more of the number of bees, which are
‘0106    William B. Lee DDS              KDOIL             Inactive                                            essential in pollinating the crops. Before the
;0108    Lloyd M. Smith MD               W6TAV             Inactive              virus attack I would lay down next to the pool to sunbathe, and my
‘0113    John W. Schnepper MD            W6FUW             Inactive
                                                                                 sweating body would attract dozens of bees and wasps to quench their
‘0114    Milton A. Foor MD               W6YEB             Active
‘0119    George Aldredge Jr. MD          KF5KB             Joined 1967
                                                                                 thirst by drinking my salty sweat. They never stung—why would they?
‘0123    Louis L. Levy II MD             WA5IEV            Inactive              They are far more civilized than the human kind—only attack when
‘0127    Walter E. Howen MD              WB6KMM            Silent Key            threatened or hurt. In the past 3 years few were visible in our small
‘0133    Stanley M. Bach MD              WA0IIX            Inactive              garden. Then last year they started to return. Hopefully the sickness
‘0139    W. C. Hazell DO                 W4TAD             Silent Key, ’08       had passed.
‘0142    Art B. Martin MD                K5FZK             Inactive                  At the end of January in California, the sun is warm at noon. One
‘0143    Harold J. Ellner MD             K7SMY             Inactive              can sunbathe again after the chilly winter. Such was the case one day in
‘0152    Robert G. Chapman MD            W0ISL             Active
                                                                                 February. I sat down on a seat near our small garden, enjoying the
‘0153    Robert P. Clifford MD           AA8L              Silent Key
‘0155    Ian A. Kellman MD               K3IK              Active
                                                                                 warm rays. Then I noticed a bee had fallen in the pool. It was mo-
‘0161    Frank Haley MD                  VE6KF,Emeritus Joined 1967              tionless. I took it out and dried his body in my hand and later on the
‘0170    Thomas J. Coleman MD            K6VW              Inactive              warm cement floor. Slowly it started to move and in 10 minutes it was
‘0171    Christine H. Haycock MD         WB2YBA , Past P. Active                 moving freely. It then took off, but could not make it— fell into the
‘0173    Thomas H. Raymond MD            W5JM              Inactive              cold water again. After fishing it out and drying it again I had chores to
‘0174    Ted M. Newland                  G3TMN             Silent Key,05         perform and left. Thirty minutes later I returned but the bee was gone.
‘0179    Frederick T. Doob DDS           W2KKA             Inactive                  The next warm day I sat again in the sun when I noticed a strong
‘0183    Eugene C. Clark MD              W4AYK             Inactive
                                                                                 sweet honey smell. Looking around, I saw a bee—the same size as the
‘0186    Jacob Sharp MD                  W6DUH             Active
‘0189    Guy Marcoux MD                  VE2AMI, Emeritus Joined 1967
                                                                                 one before. Could it be the same one? He was on a flower but as I
‘0191    Richard A. Wet zel MD           W8KNT             Silent Key            approached, he left. I sat back and the bee came back and then left
‘0193    R.S.Pace DDS                    G3SOI             Silent Key            again. Resigned to defeat I sat down only to have the bee return.
                                                                                                                Continued on Page 11
Our Secretary is unable to account for missing numbers submitted by Robin
                                                                                          7                MARCO OFFICERS, 2008
                                                             ated jokes                       President:
                                                              upright;                         Arnold Kalan, M.D., WB6OJB
                                                              caffein-                         16690 Channel Lane,
                                                              ated in-                         Pacific Palisades, CA 90272

                                                                                               Harry J. Przekop, PA-C, WB9EDP
                                                                                               950 West Lake St.,
                                                                                               Chicago, IL., 60607
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I want you to take care of the patients.” “Yes Sir,” answers Seamus. The                      MediShare:
doctor goes hunting and returns the next day and asks, “So Seamus, how                        Robert W. Smithwick, D.D.S., W6CS
was your day?” Seamus tells him he took care of three patients. “The                          25215 La Loma Dr.,
first one had a headache, so I gave him Tylenol.” “Bravo, Seamus, and                         Los Altos Hills, CA 94022-4540
the second one?” “The second one had stomach burning and I gave
him Maalox, sir,” says Seamus. “Bravo, bravo! You’re good at this.                             Newsletter Office:
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                                                                                              Bob Morgan, M.D., VE3OQM  
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eternity chained to this ugly man.” The next day, the second woman steps on a
                                                                                              Bruce Small, M.D., KM2L   
duck and St. Peter does the same thing. The third women is very careful now, she              Bud Clark, M.D., KE2DT              Fair Haven, N.J.
manages to go months without stepping on a duck, but one day St. Peter comes up               T. Chip Keister, M.D. N5RTF
 to her with the most handsome man she has ever seen. St. Peter chains them to-
gether. The happy woman says, “I wonder what I did to deserve this” The guy
says, “I don’t know about you, but I stepped on a duck!”
      MEMORIES OF YEARS AGO IN MARCO ,                                           8
                              Our History Book                                       STANDINGS of the BOB CURRIER MARCO
                                                                                       CME GRAND ROUNDS OF THE AIR.
HI, I’m Bruce                        Bruce Small, KM2L                                   ************************************
                                         MARCO Webmaster                         CALL     HRS          RANK         NAME                      QTH

                                                        .                        WB9EDP 8              1            Harry                     Chicago, IL
                                                                                 KD4GUA 8              1            Warren                    Largo, FL
                        (This is a “brain vacancy
                                                                                 W3FYA 8               1            Doug                      Baltimore, MD
                        box — It contains all the              Empty             WB5BHB 8              1            John                      Vancleave, MS
                        correspondence we missed                   box           N5RTF 8               1            Chip                      New Orleans, LA
                        this month.)                                             N6DMV 8               1            Paul                      Torrance, CA
                                                                                 KC9CS 8               1            Bill                      Largo, FL.
   ********************************************************                      WA1HGE 8              1            Lou                       Francestown, NH
                                                                                 KG8JLE 7              2            Paul                      Atherton, CA
                 FIFTEEN YEARS AGO IN MARCO                                      WB6OJB 7              2            Arnold                    Pacific Palisades, CA
                       ************************                                  VE3OQM 7              2            Bob                       Hamilton, Ontario
    APRIL 1993 was time once again for the Dayton meeting. WA3TVG                NU4DO 7               2            Norm                      Largo, FL
presented a bit of history regarding Marco’s relationship with Hamvention.       W4DAN 7               2            Danny                     Cleveland, TN
Former President Merv Grossman, K5CY was a big fan of the Dayton                 W3GAT 7               2            Tom                       Shreveport, LA
hamfest and was instrumental in bringing the Marco meeting there for the         WA9HIR 6              3            Bill                      Berwyn, IL
                                                                                 KE2DT 6               3            Bud                       Fair Haven, NJ
first time in 1981. In the mid-1890s a motion was passed to hold the meet-       KC9ARN 6              3            Ellen                     Chicago, IL
ing in conjunction with Hamvention every other year, and this tradition has      KM2L   6              3            Bruce                     Clarence, NY
been honored ever since 1986.                                                    KE6BQK 6              3            Linda                     El Paso, TX
   The April issue of the Newsletter also carried Smitty’s lengthy report to     W8LJZ 6               3            Jim                       Detroit, MI
the membership regarding our “Medical Equipment Placement Program.”              WA3QWA 6              3            Marc                      Chesapeake, VA
This was originally presented at the annual meeting in Las Vegas, held in        K3IK   6              3            Ian                       Shavertown, PA
March of 1993.                                                                   KE8GA 6               3            George                    Fairview, NC
    Speaking of Las Vegas, Secretary Bill Sprague WA6RN and 8th Call             N9MO   6              3            Rich                      Marshfield, WI
                                                                                 W4UVS 5               4            Ed                        Oak Ridge, TN
Area Director Dick Shoupe W8QP appeared in a marvelous photograph,
                                                                                 WA6VEY 5              4            Bob                       San Diego, CA
hobnobbing with a statue of a guard outside the Excalibur Hotel..                N8GMB 4               5            Chuck                     Willoughby, Ohio
    John Thompson K3MD shared two photographs of his state-of–the-art            N5JDT 4               5            Willis                    Alamogordo, NM
radio shack. His antenna farm included a 110 foot tower carrying three 6-        N4MKT 3               6            Larry                     St. Petersburg, FL
element 10 meter monobanders, three 6-element 15 meter monobanders,              K4RLC 3               6            Bob                       Raleigh, NC
and an 8-element beam for 6 meters. Atop another 110 foot tower were a           W3DRB 3               6            Miles                     Elizabethtown, PA
pair of 5-element beams for 20 meters and a 4-element 40 meter beam.             N9ST   3              6                                      Jacksonville, FL
The 60 foot tower carried a 3-element beam for 6 meters and a KT34XA             N9GJ   2`             7            Greg                      Langley, VA
                                                                                 KQ4IC 2               7            Ted                       Palmetto, GA
tribander. On the operating bench were a TS950-SDX and Alpha 76P, a
                                                                                 K9CIV  1              8            Rich                      Knox, Indiana
Commander HF 2500, and a hot 386SX-16 computer..                                 KE3XB 1               8            John                      Rochester, NY
                                                                                 KM5VU 1               8            Bobby                     Blenham, TX
                    TEN YEARS AGO IN MARCO                                       W1DCB 1               8            Josh                      Magnolia, Mass.
                         *******************                                     WB5ACE 1              8            Don                       Texas
   The April/May 1998 Marco Newsletter of course trumpeted the upcom-            W8CRK 1               8            Roger                     Cincinnati, Ohio
                                                                                 WB4ACE 1              8            Don                       New Mexico
ing annual meeting in Dayton. The banquet speaker was to be Greg Lapin
                                                                                 N2WEC 1               8            Bill                      Buffalo, NY
N9GL, and the topic, “Just How Dangerous in RF Energy?” An adden-                N4TFC 1               8            Gary                      Mobile, AL
dum to the short article about Greg and his qualifications (he has many)         N9JWK 1               8            John                      Wisconsin
carried the news of his appointment as Chair of the ARRL RF Safety Com-          VE3LZU 1              8            Joe                       London, Ontario.
mittee, a post he continues to hold.                                             W5DUC 1               8            Donny                     Texas
   The February 22 Grand Rounds summarized “What’s New in Medi-                  N0OVR 1               8            Tom                       Missouri
cine.” What was new? Meridia (sibutramine) was approved for weight               K8NUT 1               8            Walt                      USA
loss and worked by blocking serotonin reuptake. Posicor was approved as                  ***************************************************************************
an antihypertensive. Arthrotec hit the market. Zomig (zolmitriptan) was                           GRAND ROUND CHECK-INS PER YEAR.
approved for treatment of migraine.
   We welcomed new members victor AA2LT, Philip N9PM, Andrew                     YEAR      TOTAL CHECK-INS                       AVERAGE PER SUNDAY
W2NKC (a returning member), Marvin K2IPH and Avery KB1WM.
************************************************************                     1998             694                         14.46
                                                                                 1999             766                         15.95
                                                                                 2000             1,035                       20.29
 graduates from medical school. (Tnx to Molly Goldberg)
                                                                                 2001             1153                        22.60
 gins. In tradition, the fetus is not considered viable until after it
                                                                                 2002             1383                        26.15
    There is a big controversy on the Jewish view of when life be-               2003             1489                        28.63
                                                                                 2004             1534                        29.50
   “FOR TWENTY LONG & WONDERFUL YEARS,” mused the                                2005             1517                        29.17
                                                                                 2006             1531 (one extra Sunday)     28.89
gentleman at the bar. “My wife and I were deliriously happy.” “Then
                                                                                 2007             1591 (one extra Sunday)     30.02
what happened?” asked the bartender. “We met!”                                   2008             221 (7 nets, as of 3/15)    31.57
   SURPRISE! A man was walking home late at night when he sees a                 ———————————————————————————————-
woman in the shadow “Twenty bucks” she says. He’d never been with a                 SILENT KEYS: W4TAD, Bill Hazell, Largo, FL., KI2OS, Jocko, Costa
hooker before, but he decides—it’s only $20! A few minutes later a policeman     Rica. KF6RM, John Dellis, Atherton, CA.
shines his flashlight on them. “What’s going on” asks the policeman. “I’m           NOT HEARD FROM in 2007: W3WFB, Lee, Wayne, PA; N4IN, David,
making love to my wife,” he replies. “Oh, I’m sorry, I didn't know,” says the    Bardstown, KY. KE4WME, Andy, Virginia, W5DJH, Joe, Houston.
cop. “Neither did I,” says the man, “until you shined that light on her face.”
                                                                                   9                        THE HOSPITALISTS
                                                                                                   As presented on Marco Grand Rounds, March 2, 2008
   ROBOTIC SURGERY, THE WAVE OF THE                                                                                ************************
               FUTURE                                                                     Hospitalists reduce the length of stay in their hospitals by 10-20% and
                      *************************************                            nearly half of all US hospitals now have hospitalists. A hospitalist is a
Excerpts from lecture at Morton Plant Hospital, Clearwater, FL., on Feb. 19,           doctor who has no office except the hospital.
     2008 by Drs. Scott Klavens, Hector Arango and Jennifer Hayes.
                                                                                          Some doctors have to send their patients to hospitalists because their
    Robotic prostate surgery was approved by the FDA in 2000. In                       HMOs won’t pay for hospital visits. Others say, “I love hospital work,
2005, it was approved for GYN surgery (female organ surgery) and                       but it got to the point that it was impossible to do and run a busy office
today at Morton Plant Hospital in Clearwater, FL., over 900 prostates                  practice.” Other physicians refuse to send their patients to hospitalists
have been removed by “robots” and nationwide over 22,000. Mitral                       because they truly believe to keep up skills and maintain a higher level of
valve repair by robot is being performed in some centers. Each robot                   quality care one needs to see patients in the hospital.
costs 1.8 million dollars and requires extended learning curves of                        There are now about 20,000 hospitalists, four times as many as there
about 40-60 cases. The surgeon must be qualified to do conventional                    were in 2002, in the US
surgery should there be mechanical failure.                                               Many doctors believe that hospitals control hospitalists, whether or
    “Robotic” surgery is really computer generator surgery where the                   not they employ them, and that is often the case. It is estimated hospitals
fingers of the surgeon sitting in a booth are transferred by computer                  pay or subsidize the salaries of 80 to 90% of them. The reason they have
into the fingers of a robot. The surgeon appreciates being able to sit                 been found to reduce the length of stay by up to 20%—which could re-
rather then perform back-bending hours standing up.                                    sult in big savings for the facilities that employ them.
    Advantages: No large incisions, less pain, minimal blood loss,                        On average, hospitalists maintain or improve the quality of care. It is
spares the nerves, minimal infection, overnight stay in the hospital,                  rare for HMOs or hospitals to require doctors to use them but there are
and 10 X visualization in 3-D high intensity by the surgeon. Possible                  some who state it’s hospitalists or no admission.
tremors in the surgeon are blanked out and the surgeon is better able to                  Some doctors have the freedom to refer to hospitalists as needed—
preserve vital nerves and vessels. Catheters remain only 5-7 days in                   only on weekends, say, or when they go out of town. This option will
prostate surgery whereas in open surgery they may remain for weeks.                    soon disappear because it’s not good business for hospitalists groups.
    In 2005, robotic surgery for gyn problems such as hysterectomy,                       Will hospitalists help or hurt your bottom line? Push you out of the
endometriosis, fibroids, bladder suspension, uterine prolapse, ovarian                 hospital altogether? Increase your liability risk? Erode your relationship
tumors, cervical cancers and adhesions was approved. Over 300 pro-                     with your patients? These are your concerns expressed by office-based
cedures have already been performed in Morton Plant Hospital.                          physicians in view of the rapid growth of this medical specialty. Look at
    Advantages over laparoscopy? The instruments are not rigid and                     the issues: physician earnings—some doctors say they made more money
left is left rather than left is right with the laparoscope. Laparoscopic              by making rounds because there was no overhead. Others say their earn-
surgery is 2-D whereas robotic surgery is 3-D.                                         ings went through the roof when they spent all their working time in the
    Disadvantages of robotic surgery? It takes twice as long usually as                office. Hospital privileges. Despite the concerns of some doctors, few
open surgery but the surgical fee is the same. The surgeon is equip-                   who prefer to hospitalize have lost hospital privileges as a result.
ment dependent. However, the surgeon is better able to dissect lymph                   ********************************************************
nodes and smaller defects and the results are somewhat better. The                           HOW TO SOLVE THE HIGH SCHOOL DROPOUT RATE
surgeon loses his “tactile” touch, his ability to feel tumor, but this is                                              *****************
rapidly mentally acquired as the learning curve advances.                                  Michael Goldstein, founder of the MATCH Charter Public High
     Usually 4-6 ports are utilized and large tissues are mulched prior                School in Boston has figured a way out of the 25% dropout rate in the
to removal through the scope. Crews must be highly trained. Anes-                      U.S. It is simple: Let the student drop out. Take the $15,000 a year
thesia is lighter but longer.                                                          per student that it costs and bank it (the amount that normally would
    Summary: Robotic surgery is rapidly taking the place of conven-                    have been spent during his junior and senior year).
tional surgery. The possibility of one qualified surgeon sitting in                       Now it’s essentially “go through the motions but resists every effort to
Washington D.C. doing battlefield repairs is practical but not com-                    learn, but at least show up” or “officially drop out.” It’s not just the sec-
mon. Cleaner margins result but long term 5-year morbidity results                     ond option that smells, but the first—the existing school where everyone
are not yet available since these procedures have been in use for a                    lowers the bar until the bar is merely “show up.”
limited time.                                                                             In other words it’s not that great for society if a failing student man-
    It will take time for younger robot-trained surgeons to replace con-               ages to creep across the finish line and graduates.. He’s still a kid with
ventional surgeons.                                                                    very low academic skills. The win is not much of a win. The option
————————————————————————————-                                                          should be “Graduate from a high school which features only rigorous
                   And now….THE GAMMA KNIFE !                                          classes” or “Bank the money we went to invest later in your education
                               ******************                                      and do your own thing for a while.”
    Contrary to what its name suggests, the Gamma Knife is not a                          Let’s say that instead of 50% taking the dropout option the short term,
knife, but a non-surgical treatment that does not require an incision. It              70% would take the “drop out and bank the money” option. That’d be
involves the delivery of a single, precisely targeted dose of gamma                    great, if scary! The schools would then have the 30% who want to be
radiation. Advance imaging and three-dimensional planning tech-                        there. The teachers would like their jobs more. In future years, it’d be
niques are used to pinpoint the area involved.. The equipment’s preci-                 easy to get the 31st percent, the 32nd, etc...because younger students
sion is the key to effectiveness and its ability to avoid harming adja-                would perceive school as meaningful, and would be more likely to
cent tissue.                                                                           choose it. We’d keep adding kids who chose “rigorous high school” until
    Today the Gamma Knife is the gold standard from stereotactic                       we reached equilibrium.
radiosurgery—the performance against which other technologies are                         Meanwhile, we’d create a plausible “later in life” high school and
measured. With Gamma Knife surgery, there is no cutting, no anes-                      higher education pipeline through the set-asides...the existence of that
thesia and no prolonged recovery.                                                      dropout fund money would attract a whole bunch of education reform
                      And now...THE CYBERKNIFE                                         entrepreneurs. Would you support a massive change where only 11th
                           *************************                                   and 12th graders who wanted to be here were here? Let them go.
    The Gamma Knife uses 201 Cobalt-60 sources located in a ring around a              They will eventually get tired, and you can round them up and put them
central treatment point. It is equipped with a series of 4 collimators and is          back in an older high school paid by the banked $15,000/year.
capable of accuracies of 1 millimeter. The Cyberknife is the name of a frame-             What do MARCO members think? A solution? Do magnet
less robotic radiosurgery system. It is used for treating tumors anywhere in the       schools work better?
body, including the brain. It uses a 6 MV linear accelerator and a robotic arm
which allows the energy to be directed at any part of the body in any direction.
                                                                             10                  MARRIAGE #1 (Continued from page 3)
                                               CHANGE                                 Women, take heed to the old formula for a successful marriage:
                                          *********************                   “Keep this stomach full and his prostate empty.” Since most divorces
                                        By Danny Centers, W4DAN                   start in the bedroom, never go to bed angry. And forget about twin
                                                                                  beds; they have a high mortality.
                                      It seems we are hearing the word                Women must realize they cannot remain desirable by becoming
                                   “change” more and more lately. The time        grossly obese, unkempt, and unfeminine. A famous motion picture
                                   just recently changed, the polarity of the     actress once said, “Sex appeal knows no age barriers; it is judged by the
                                   new sunspots have changed, the weather is      packages it comes it.”
                                   changing from winter to summer, and every          Buying a larger girdle and then spending a fortune at the hairdressers
                                   time I look in the mirror, I see change.       makes as much sense as an obese individual polishing off a fudge sun-
                                   Even though all of these are different         dae and then dropping a saccharin pill in her coffee.
                                   changes, they are somewhat related when it         Men must realize they cannot take their wives for granted and use
                                   comes to radio propagation.                    and abuse them. Developing large protruding stomachs does not gener-
                                      These changes affect amateur radio re-      ate a close working relationship.
                                   gardless of standard time, daylight time,          Deep concentration, common sense, and respect used in making
high sunspots, low sunspots, winter, summer, spring, or fall. I didn’t men-       daily decisions will make us all winners. Flighty thoughts, poor judg-
tion the face in the mirror in the above sentence because, though it also         ment and disrespect will make us all losers.
changes, it is a result and not a symptom. If the changes are favorable to            When the time arrives to say goodbye to Mother Earth, the hate and
radio operation, then the face I see has a smile. If not, the face shows frus-    anger will be forgotten, but the love for another human being will never
tration. I’ll bet you thought the change seen in the mirror had something to      be forgotten. No love was ever wasted.
do with age, didn’t you?
    For the last several years, I have heard a lot of comments concern-
ing the bad conditions on the ham bands. Almost everyone wants to see
                                                                                               TYPES OF COLONOSCOPY plus….
a change in the sun, i.e., more sunspots. The time has changed, which
compounds some of the problems brought on by band conditions. I am                    Nearly 150,000 Americans are expected to be diagnosed with colo-
                                                                                  rectal cancer this year, and almost 50,000 will die from it. Screening
referring particularly to conditions during the Sunday morning Grand
Rounds of the Air net. Just when the sun starts to rise earlier as the days       tests can nip precancerous polyps in the bud, saving lives.
get longer, Daylight Saving Time goes into effect. This change reverses               Virtual Colonoscopy: Actually, a CT scan of the lower part of the
                                                                                  digestive tract. Prep consists of laxatives and clear liquid diet before.
the relative time by one hour, causing operation during conditions that had
previously been slowly improving to revert back to poor. Had the time not         And while there's no long tube, there is a short one inserted into the
changed, 20 meter skip would have shortened and conditions would have             rectum to pump air into the bowl. It may miss small polyps less than 1
                                                                                  cm in diameter and flat depressed cancers. If negative, should be re-
improved within the same hour of net operation.
    We can’t prevent the change, but we can endeavor to make our own              peated every 5 years after age 50. If lesions are found you will have to
changes to possibly counteract the undesirable results of the symptoms.           undergo regular colonoscopy. Disadvantages: If lesions are found you
                                                                                  may have to undergo two preps unless the gastroenterology service is
Our biggest enemy is our unwillingness to make the adjustments that can
cause an undesirable situation to turn around. I suppose it is human nature       prepared to scope you the same day. It is expensive, more than $1,000
to want to reject change and to cling to the familiar. The changes that we        and insurance may not cover it. Radiation is involved
                                                                                      Regular Colonoscopy: Also expensive but usually covered by in-
are now facing are ones that we can do nothing about. We can’t paint
spots on the sun, we can’t revert to standard time, and we can’t start the        surance and can detect smaller lesions less than 1 cm. If polyps are
Sunday net an hour later because of the “fly boys.” I can’t do anything           found they can be excised without duplication of preps. If polyps
about the ugly mug that I see in the mirror.                                      found repeat in 3 years, if not in 10 years.
    The following are ideas we should possibly consider and experiment                Sigmoidoscopy + Double-Contrast Barium Enema: This is the
                                                                                  cheapest and can usually detect tumors larger than 1 cm.
with. I am sure others have thoughts concerning our dilemma, and hope-
fully, they will let them be known and an open discussion of the pros and             Other Tests: A new stool DNA test can be done at home but re-
cons can take place.                                                              quires you to package up an entire bm and send it for testing.
                                                                                  Swallowing a one inch pill-shaped camera-capsule (PillCam COLON)
    I suggest:
1. A temporary trial of other bands and frequencies. A good starting              is not yet approved in the USA. Protein Blood tests are in the works
      point may be to move to a 40 meter frequency.                               but not yet available. DNA Mutations in Blood Samples is under
2. Stay on 20 meters but change the time to a later hour. A good starting
      point may be to move the time to 1:00 p.m. Eastern Time.
3. Establish alternative frequencies and times after experimentation to             tions. Traffic and emergency nets would be deemed useless if they
      determine the frequencies and times that may possibly work better on          could not overcome undesirable conditions by using measure such as
      days that conditions on 20 meters are bad.                                    changing frequencies, relaying, having pre-planned procedures, and
4. Hold an abbreviated CW net when SSB becomes impossible. If not                   prescribed methods to continue with the business at hand.
      possible to continue on the SSB frequency, have a predetermined                   I am not saying these suggestions will work. I do think it will be a
      frequency in the CW sub band.                                                 good exercise to try some different ideas. It cold be an interesting,
5. Educate the members of the net to be prepared to tune adjacent fre-              challenge and even fun to explore the possibilities. I know there will
      quencies and locate net control if he has to move due to the frequency        be objections to these suggestions, but the alternative is to stay where
      being occupied by parties that are unwilling to relinquish it. Remem-         we are and put up with bad conditons most of the time for at least
      ber that claim cannot be laid to any frquency just because it is regu-          .
                                                                                    three to four years. Even after we are well into climbing to the peak
      larly used by an organization in a particular time slot. In other words,      of cycle 24, we will encounter times of poor conditions.
      the rule of first come, first serve applies. The ability to tune the band         Send your email messages to to voice your
      and locate the party you are seeking is good operating skill and prac-        opinion. Using the MARCO list server for this discussion may also
      tice.                                                                         be a possibility . If there is enough response, I will follow up in my
   Even though the MARCO Grand Rounds of the Air net is not presently               next column to convey the feelings of those submitting comments
involved in traffic handling or emergency operations, it wouldn't hurt to be        and suggestions. Please limit comments to net procedure. Nothing
prepared with better operating skills. These skills include being able to           you say or do will help the ugly mug. 73
remain organized and continue with communications under extreme condi-
                                                                      11                          WHAT’S DADDY’S DNA?
                  THE FIRST TRANSISTOR                                              Excerpts from Christine Rosen’s article in Feb. 22 Wall St. Journal.
                      Submitted by Robert C. Smithwick                                                **********************************
    Sixty years ago, on Dec. 16, 1947, three physicists at Bell Laboratories        The problem of female infidelity is equally as serious as that of
                                                                                  the male particularly when it results in the birth of a child. When a
in Murray Hill, N.J., built the world’s first transistor. William
Shockley, John Bardeen and William Brattain had been look-                        woman strays, how can a man know if the child is really his? And
ing for a semiconductor amplifier to take the place of the                        how can the woman know who the real father is?
                                                                                      “Paternal discrepancy” is the official term for a situation where
vacuum tubes that made radios and other electronics so im-
possibly bulky, hot and power hungry. They were so intently                       a man is unknowingly raising another man’s child. It has in the
                                                                                  past had little impact on the public consciousness unless it involves
certain they’d found their answer that they didn’t speak a
                                                                                  celebrities. That is about to change!
word of it to anyone for six months, until they could experi-
ment further and apply for patents.                                                   In a recent journal article researchers who had studied families
                                                                                  in the U.S., Europe, Russia, Canada, South Africa and several other
    Then, on June 30, 1948, they held a press conference in
                                                                                  countries wrote that they had found rates of paternal discrepancy of
New York City. They showed the world not only a big model of a transis-
tor but also a TV and a radio with transistors in place of the tubes. Nobody    about 4% on average (1 out of 25).
                                                                                    Between 1991 and 2001, the number of people seeking paternity
was talking about anything like computers yet, but it was a first look at the
                                                                                tests more than doubled in the U.S., to 310,490. Although it is diffi-
future we all live in. The world’s response? The New York Times ran an
item at the bottom of its “News of Radio” column on page 46.                    cult to measure whether infidelity is on the rise, these numbers sug-
                                                                                gest that suspicion about it might be.
    I sounded like a gimmick and just too good to be true. The historian
Robert Friedel quotes a Bell Labs engineer as saying, “The transistor in           Now a company “Identigene” is selling an over-the-counter pater-
1949 didn’t seem like anything very revolutionary to me. It just seemed         nity test. Available in Rite-Aid and Meijer drugstores nationwide (as
                                                                                well as over the internet), having a suggested retail price of $29.99
like another one of those crummy jobs that required one hell of a lot of
overtime and a lot of guff from my wife.” Only 20% of them worked and           (plus an additional $119 lab fee). The box states that in from 3-5
they were hard to manufacture. They required the design of new kinds of         days after you send in cheek swabs from the child and “alleged fa-
                                                                                ther.” Identigen promises to put your mind at ease.”
circuits. Even if they could eventually, theoretically, replace the vacuum
tube the tube worked well enough. How could they be worth the trouble?              The Identigene web site notes that 32% of all paternity tests ex-
    But the technology kept improving. It got its first consumer application    clude alleged fathers. Inexpensive paternity testing could level the
                                                                                playing field for men involved in child-support cases; court-ordered
in December 1952 in a hearing aid, where it replaced one of three tubes
and lowered battery costs. Then it took off. By 1954, the transistor was in     tests can cost as much as $500. Paternity fraud litigation is on the
                                                                                rise; a 2006 study in New Hampshire found that nearly 30% of fa-
97% of hearing aids and sales of the devices were up 50%. That year the
first transistor radio came out. It cost $49.95, the equivalent of $380 to-     thers paying child support were not the biological parent of the
day. Still, as of 1955, a total of just 4 million transistors had been manu-    child they were helping. Fathers’ rights advocates have been
                                                                                working to change state laws that, although well-intentioned in their
factured. That many vacuum tubes were produced every two days.
                                                                                effort to protect children from the taint of illegitimacy, have long
    Revolutions can take time. We think of the information revolution as
having changed our world in an instant. But it took two later break-            held that married men are legally assumed to be the fathers of chil-
                                                                                dren born to the marriage, even in the face of genetic evidence to the
throughs, each a full decade apart, before the transistor could even begin
its ascent to the pinnacle of its capability.
    Between 1958 and 1959 two men working independently, Jack Kilby at            Paternity testing raises new challenge not least with regard to pri-
                                                                                vacy and consent. Identigene hawks a version of its product called
Texas Instrument and Robert Noyce at Fairchild Semiconductor, figured
how to combine a sequence of transistors on a single wafer of silicon crys-     the “Discreet Paternity Test,” which encourages consumers to send
tal. Now true miniaturization and mass production would begin to be pos-        in “licked stamps, ear wax, fingernail clippings, socks, chewed gum”
                                                                                to surreptitiously test another person. Although it not that such test
    Then, at the end of the 1960s, the microprocessor, the computer on a        results might not be legally binding in court, the company adds that
chip, was invented. It leapt another order-of-magnitude hurdle in the           “sometimes it is important that the DNA test is done without the
                                                                                knowledge of others.”
miniaturization and interconnecting of transistors. It was put on the market
by Intel in 1971. That opened the floodgates— more than 20 years after              Not everyone believes in monogamy, but everyone lives as
the birth of the transistor. Thanks to the microprocessor, by the mid-1970s     though they do. New technologies might help us discover infidelity
                                                                                with more accuracy and convenience, but they are unlikely to solve
the idea of a personal computer, almost undreamt of a few years before,
was becoming familiar, even if very few people had one yet.                     the more vexing and timeless dilemma of why we stray.
                                                                                                                 THE BEE
    Today, a single advanced microprocessor can contain 1.7 billion tran-                                  Continued from Page 6
sistors, and the transistors can be as small as 200 billionths of meter. The
numbers become dizzying. Gordon Moore, who quantified the effect of all           He flew directly to the left side of my head, about 4 inches away. It
those devices with his Moore’s Law, estimates that every year, “We make          then landed on the top of my head. I felt something in my hair. Now
on the order of 1E17 transistors. That’s a one followed by 17 zeros...we         this is getting exciting. After a few seconds it left my hair and flew
make about one transistor for every ant on earth these days—every year.”         within inches of my nose—looking at me hovering. I was by now so
    There’s something satisfying about being able to trace back that truly       fascinated that I could not move, just smiled. After a few seconds, the
ubiquitous, transformative technology, which we carry with us everywhere         bee returned to the flowers.
in numerous places on, and sometimes inside, our bodies. It runs almost              I ran for my camera—I have to take a picture of my new friend. I
everything in our lives that isn’t strictly mechanical—to trace all that         set the camera to close-up. The bee paid no any attention to me. I
back to three men in a research office in 1947. It would be even more            started taking pictures—with flash too, at about 3 inches—no re-
satisfying if those thee men could have possibly envisioned what would           sponse, just continued working on the flower. I could hardly believe
grow out of their work.                                                          myself—this is extraordinary! I called it the “alpha bee.”
    But that was no more possible than it is for us to see today what                The next day there were two, then three bees. This is strange, ex-
nanotechnology and whatever grows out of it will bring us 60 years from          citing, even fantastic! Now comes the clincher: I could approach to a
now. The only thing we can be sure of is that the revolution isn't over.         distance of 4 inches and the four paid no attention to me. I took more
Hard as it is to fathom, it's only just begun.                                   than a dozen pictures—how did they get the message not to be afraid ?
                                                                                 Are they radio amateurs (beemateurs?) or better? Communication is
                                                                                 wonderful! If somebody is aware of such a phenomenon, please in-
                                                                                 form me. I did not find any similar bee-havior in the literature.
         NEW* MEMBERS* & RENEWALS                                                     MEDICAL AMATEUR RADIO COUNCIL, LTD.,
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