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C R E AT I V E | I N N OVAT I V E | AG R I - F O O D | C O N N E C T E D

THE ROA D TO 2 0 2 0
                       Te Ara Whakamua

                                                                           2011 UPDATE
         “What drives us is our capacity to define the
         future of our nation and our commitment to
         taking what is special about New Zealand to
         the world.”
                                                Hon Steve Maharey, Vice-Chancellor

The Six Big Goals for Massey University
Nga Tino Whainga o Te Kunenga ki Purehuroa

 1   RESEARCH AND SCHOLARSHIP        We will promote the highest standards of research
                                     and scholarship and be a world leader in our areas
                                     of specialisation.
     TE RANgAHAU ME TE HAEPAPA       Kia eke rawa te kounga o ngä ähuatanga rangahau ki te
     MATATAUTANgA                    kömata taketake. Kia pürangiaho te märamatanga.

 2   TEACHINg AND LEARNINg           We will ensure an exceptional and distinctive learning
                                     experience at Massey for all students.
     TE WHAKAAKO TE WHAKANgUNgU      Ka kounga rawatia kia hira ngä mahi akoranga. Mä te ako ka
                                     punenga, ka hihiri, ngä äkonga katoa.

 3   CONNECTIONS                     We will strengthen our connections with local, national
                                     and international partners and stakeholders to gain
                                     mutually beneficial outcomes.
     NgÄ TÜHONOTANgA                 Ka whakamarohi, ka whakapakaritia ngä tühonotanga ki ngä
                                     röpü, ki ngä tängata, o konei, o te ao whänui, kia kökiri ngätahi
                                     ai. Mä tënei e tipu tahi ai ngä painga huhua.

 4   RESPONSIBILITY                  We will enhance our reputation as New Zealand’s
                                     defining university by contributing to understanding of,
                                     and innovative responses to, social, economic, cultural
                                     and environmental issues.
     TE ARONgA MANAAKITANgA          Kia kaha ake te manaaki i te tängata, i te ao turoa. Ka häpaitia ngä
                                     kaupapa, ngä ähuatanga päpori, ohaoha, tikanga a-tängata me te
                                     ao turoa e tipu kaha ai ki konei ki Te Kunenga ki Pürehuroa.

 5   gENERATINg INCOME               We will significantly increase our income to allow for
                                     more investment to enable the University to achieve its
     TE WHAKATIPU I NgÄ RAWA         Ka äta poipoi, ka äta whakatipuhia ngä rawa e matomato ai, e
                                     tutuki ai ngä whäinga o Te Kunenga ki Pürehuroa.

 6   ENABLINg EXCELLENCE             We will provide the very best working and learning
                                     environment for our staff and students.
     TE WHAKAHIRANgA I NgÄ TÄNgATA   Ka noho a Te Kunenga ki Pürehuroa hei whare whakahiranga i
                                     te tangata me äna mahi hängai ki ngä kaupapa whakaäko.

                                                          MASSEY UNIVERSITY – THE ROAD TO 2020     PAGE 1
Massey: defining

I     n recent years New Zealand’s place in the world has changed.
      A new New Zealand is emerging. New Zealanders are carving
      out a future for themselves confident that they have something
unique to offer the world. They aspire to achieve big things, break
new ground and mark out a distinct Kiwi world view. To succeed
                                                                            nations around the globe and a proud record of engagement with the
                                                                            communities we serve.

                                                                            Having been instrumental in defining the New Zealand of the past
                                                                            century, Massey is determined to play a central role in the New Zealand
                                                                            of the 21st century. We aim to be the engine of the new New Zealand.
in the challenging times that lie ahead, New Zealanders must be
creative, innovative and connected. They need to build on traditional       Over the past two years, Massey has developed an ambitious strategy
strengths that come from land-based industries. And they must find          designed to drive change in New Zealand and take the best of the
solutions to problems, like climate change, that affect the world.          nation’s intellectual capability to the world.

It is because New Zealand is building a new future for itself that Massey   Our strategy is based on the pillars of creativity, innovation, agri-food
University is so important. Throughout our history we have been seen        and connectedness as well as a readiness to take on challenging issues
as an engine of change. For 83 years we have provided the knowledge         like sustainability. Our colleges of sciences, business, humanities and
underpinning our agricultural and food industries; we have the nation’s     social sciences, education and creative arts are building their research
only veterinary school; for 125 years we have led design and fine arts;     and teaching programmes on these pillars. Our bold, innovative, “can-
20 years ago we were one of the first universities to create a College      do” approach will ensure progress is made.
of Education; 18 years ago we opened a campus in Albany on the
                                                                            This is the first major revision of our strategy since it was put into
North Shore of Auckland to meet the needs of the most rapidly growing
                                                                            practice in January 2009. It reflects the input of the University community
community in New Zealand; we have pioneered new fields of study in
                                                                            and changes in government policy which have in turn been driven by the
humanities and social science; ours was the first business school and
                                                                            world financial crisis. It continues to set out clearly our determination
the first MBA; we are committed to promoting indigenous knowledge
                                                                            to make a defining contribution to the future of our nation and build a
and advancing Maori achievement; we were the first university to
                                                                            world-wide reputation as a leading centre of tertiary learning.
develop a Pasifika strategy; 51 years ago we began what is now one of
the most respected distance learning programmes in the world; we host
two of the nation’s Centres of Research Excellence – the Riddet Institute
and the Allan Wilson Centre. As New Zealand and the world have
changed, so have we.
                                                                            HON STEVE MAHAREY
Today Massey’s reputation for outstanding research and teaching             CNZM, BA, MA (Hons)
grounded in real world issues is well established. We are New Zealand’s     Vice-Chancellor
national university, teaching 34,000 students, with a presence in 20        Massey University

Research and Scholarship

We will promote the highest standards of research and scholarship and be a world
leader in our areas of specialisation.

•   Secure institutional approval for a Massey University Research     Massey is a research-led university. We intend to excel in all
    Strategy which focuses upon excellence, academic leadership        areas of research undertaken by the University and be world-
    and engagement.                                                    leading in our areas of specialisation. Our teaching programmes
                                                                       are informed by research and will be enriched by case studies
•   Optimally position the Massey University 2012 PBRF Portfolio.
                                                                       developed with partners and collaborators. In a variety of ways
•   Lead the adoption of creative partnerships with other              we will seek to transfer and apply our knowledge. We will focus
    universities and research institutions globally.                   on making contributions in areas where our major strengths
                                                                       can offer support to the signature social, economic and cultural
•   Nurture and build Centres of Excellence in our defining areas of
                                                                       developments of the country.
    research specialisation.
                                                                       To meet our goals, we will need to sustain an environment where
•   grow research postgraduate numbers and secure completions
                                                                       research and scholarship thrive, standards are constantly being
    to align with international standards for excellence by 2020.
                                                                       enhanced, there is support for cross-disciplinary interactions,
•   Increase commercial opportunities and secure benefit from          and all researchers are encouraged to reach their potential
    targeted business development activity as part of promoting        through being embedded within a community dedicated to
    enterprise at Massey.                                              producing work that makes a difference to New Zealand and the
•   Enhance research capacity and capability through an improved
    application of the staff work load model, the appointment          To this end we will have a research strategy aimed at
    of experts in priority areas of specialisation and increased       fostering outstanding research and academic leadership in the
    scholarship provision.                                             University’s acknowledged areas of excellence, secure the
                                                                       income to sustain this, and ensure effective knowledge transfer
                                                                       to those who can benefit the most from our intellectual capital.

                                                                                       MASSEY UNIVERSITY – THE ROAD TO 2020         PAGE 3
STRATEgY                                             • Harnesses its unique positioning to build         hazards and resource management, nursing,
                                                       a much stronger culture of corporate              physics, psychology, public health, public
Massey University is a research-led                    alliance and academic citizenship within          relations, pure and applied mathematics, small
institution, not just a research-intensive, and a      the institution, both across disciplines and      and medium enterprises, sociology, social
research-informed institution. This distinction        geographical location.                            policy, sport, statistics and veterinary and
acknowledges the importance of the core                                                                  animal science.
                                                     Acting in accordance with these principles,
business of the University, namely advanced          Massey will strengthen its recognition as a         It is our intention to build upon these academic
education of the highest order. Thus, for the        world-class university, and by 2020, will achieve   strengths while constantly monitoring progress
University to achieve its teaching and learning      ranking in the top 50 universities in the world     in emerging and growing areas to ensure that
big goal – “ensuring an exceptional and              for all of its defining areas of specialisation,    we are responsive, flexible and adaptive to the
distinctive learning experience for all students”    for example, food and nutrition, animal health      needs and challenges of a modern society.
– it must build upon its pedigree as a research-     and welfare, agritechnology, sustainable            Where new strengths can be identified, they
led institution. Indeed, the great universities of   design, 21st century citizenship etc. In turn,      will be supported.
the world, those that stand apart from the rest,     our students will be provided with an excellent
are unashamedly research-led.                                                                            The measures of our success will include
                                                     research-led education. Further alignment
                                                                                                         the benchmarked calibration of the quality
The re-affirmation of our commitment to the          between our qualification portfolio and areas of
                                                                                                         of our published works by peer and expert
importance of research is entirely appropriate.      research strength must be on-going.
                                                                                                         communities, a schedule of invitations to
For several years now there has been a               We have already established the New Zealand         address key international conferences across
succession of ‘instruments’ driving the              Institute for Advanced Study (NZIAS) based          all disciplines, the number of prestigious
development of a new ‘culture’ for the nation’s      at the Albany campus. It showcases and              awards received by our staff, the strength
universities – a culture reflecting heightened       celebrates the achievements of some of our          of our partnerships with the public and
emphasis on research and research training.          world-leading scholars. It is tangible evidence     private sectors through externally funded
Most notable of these has been the PBRF              of the Massey University commitment to              scholarships and sponsorship support,
initiative, the establishment of CoRES and more
recently, a review leading to a new Ministry
of Science and Innovation and an ambitious
                                                     “We intend to excel in all areas of research
framework for future government investment in         undertaken by the University and be world-
research and development.
                                                      leading in our areas of specialisation.”
Planning for the future demands recognition
of the shifting paradigm for investment              fostering excellence in research and advanced       improving research and development income,
(both public and private) in research and            scholarship.                                        the national and international eminence of staff
its translation and development – the key                                                                who act as advisors and spokespersons on
                                                     We intend to both nurture and recruit more
priority will be a focus on critical mass and                                                            matters of significance, the demand for both
                                                     world-leading scholars, fostering excellence
the aggregation of excellence; creative                                                                  undergraduate and especially postgraduate
                                                     across all disciplines. For example, the
collaborations and innovative partnership                                                                student numbers, and other relevant measures.
                                                     NZIAS attracts high quality postgraduate
models will be of paramount importance. If                                                               We will devise and implement recognition and
                                                     students and enhances the undergraduate
Massey University is to successfully sustain its                                                         reward mechanisms for staff that reflect the
                                                     educational environment, while inspiring
research-led mission it must conduct its affairs                                                         importance of these measures.
                                                     New Zealanders and stimulating interest in
in a way that:                                       advanced scholarship across a broad range           As a major contributor to advanced Mäori
• Recognises that world-class research               of topics. While its mandate is firmly rooted in    scholarship and research, we will build on
  activity involves ‘the effective                   fundamental scholarship, the NZIAS is a key         the innovations launched through Te Mata o
  concentrations’ of leading researchers,            portal through which intellectual creativity and    te Tau, the Academy for Mäori Research and
  ‘state-of-the-art’ research infrastructure         academic innovation are being fostered for          Scholarship, and will establish programmes
  and ‘smart’ workload models to ensure that         longer term gain.                                   of high relevance and of value to the post-
  talented people have sufficient time and                                                               settlement era. There will be a particular
                                                     The University is committed to providing
  resource to pursue quality research and                                                                focus on sustainable economics and whänau
                                                     an environment where excellent research
  scholarship.                                                                                           development. We will establish a whänau
                                                     is the norm and we are well known for our
                                                                                                         research platform to explore the determinants
• Acknowledges that increasingly, world-             strengths in the following areas – agriculture
                                                                                                         of whänau well-being, the human, cultural,
  class research will be unsustainable in the        and biotechnology, cell and molecular biology,
                                                                                                         resource and functional capacities for whänau
  absence of functional collaborations and           chemistry, communication, design, earth
                                                                                                         and their implications for whänau outcomes,
  tactical partnerships, both domestically and       science, ecology, economics, engineering and
                                                                                                         and ways in which whänau well-being might
  internationally.                                   technology, evolution and genetics, finance,
                                                                                                         be promoted and sustained through policies
                                                     literacy education, energy, fine arts, food
• Accepts that no single institution can afford                                                          and programmes.
                                                     and nutrition, human resource management,
  be ‘all things in all areas’, and accordingly,     inclusive education, management, mäori              Our responsibilities in the Pacific will
  become more discerning and selective in            knowledge and indigenous development,               be recognised by establishing research
  determining its investment priorities.             marketing, mathematics education, natural           programmes leading to economic and social
                                                                                                         gains for Pacific peoples.

We will also develop selected research              ongoing alignment with our areas of expertise              provide leadership in this area, a new
collaborations with national and international      and capability. We will also establish whether             commercialisation model has been established
partners. Where appropriate, we will continue       research centres can deliver more for the                  to drive forward the exploitation of intellectual
to foster opportunities that enable us to share     University.                                                property, to secure licensing, to manage start-
expertise and develop facilities for the benefit                                                               up businesses, and the raising of capital. The
                                                    Massey sees itself as having a vital role to
of collaborative research activities at overseas                                                               Bio Commerce Centre at Manawatu and the
                                                    play in the expansion of quality postgraduate
sites. This will be reliant upon building key                                                                  e-Centre at Albany have been established as
                                                    education to meet the growing needs of New
relationships with world-leading partners who                                                                  the University’s commercialisation partners,
                                                    Zealand’s knowledge-led economy and in
                                                                                                               ensuring a network of commercialisation
                                                                               so doing, underpin
                                                                                                               capability across these campuses with
“Massey University is a research-led                                           a strong research
                                                                                                               the objective of increasing commercial
                                                                               culture. We intend
 institution ... ensuring an exceptional                                       to double the
                                                                                                               opportunities. This commercialisation model
                                                                                                               will be developed further. Other revenue-
 and distinctive experience for all ...”                                       number of research
                                                                                                               generating business development models will
                                                                                                               also be explored.
                                                    completions by 2020 and increase our support
want to be associated with us because of the
                                                    for students undertaking research degrees                  The University will continue to provide an
quality of our work and for our proven ability
                                                    through scholarships and fellowships. It is                environment supporting excellent research.
to exploit the intellectual capital from our
                                                    also notable that between 2000 and 2010 more               We intend to enhance the University’s
research into tangible socio-economic benefits.
                                                    than 60 doctoral degrees were completed by                 research capacity and capability by
Examples of current research collaborations
                                                    Mäori students at Massey. We will build on that            implementing a number of strategies. Staff
include the Peking / SheHezi partnership, World
                                                    experience to increase the number of Mäori                 work load models will be revised to ensure
Bank Project, Singapore Food Project and
                                                    doctoral completions over the next decade and              that at least 30 per cent of staff members’
Indigenous People/First Nations Project.
                                                    in doing so seek to align support for doctoral             time is engaged in research and advanced
Within New Zealand, the renewed emphasis on         studies with wider Mäori workforce capability              scholarship. We aim to appoint and resource
partnership in the use of public funding through    building that has special relevance to Mäori               at least 10 (new) experts in our priority areas
the leadership of the Ministry of Science and       social and economic development. We also                   of specialisation and within the next five years
Innovation will stimulate us to work more           intend to further develop the support provided to          we will secure more scholarships to support
closely with other universities and businesses      early career researchers, including the provision          doctoral candidates and other early career
and further develop our relationships with          of mentoring and career development advice.                researchers.
Crown Research Institutes (CRIs). We already                                                                   1
                                                                                                                   The use of Manawatu throughout the Plan
                                                    Of equal importance is the need to ensure
host Landcare Research and AgResearch                                                                              indicates our intention to integrate the
                                                    the University strengthens the culture                         Palmerston North sites (Hokowhitu and
on the Manawatu1 campus, and the Institute
                                                    where the transfer and commercialisation                       Turitea). If this is achieved, we will look to call
of geological and Nuclear Sciences on the
                                                    of ideas is advanced where possible. To                        the integrated sites the Manawatu campus.
Wellington campus. Our intention is to invite
other CRIs to locate some of their facilities in
close proximity to our major academic centres
in Manawatu, Albany and Wellington which
will enable closer research and postgraduate
teaching opportunities to be explored. As part
of our international focus, we will also explore
opportunities to invite overseas institutions to
co-locate their facilities on Massey campuses.
Massey currently undertakes a significant
amount of research on behalf of both public
and private sector agencies. Indeed, in
2010, 15 per cent of the University’s external
research funding was derived from commercial
contracts. It is our intention to increase the
diversity of our funding base for research and
to secure a larger proportion of this funding
from the private sector and through public and
‘third’ sector sources.
The University has a large number of research         Riddet Institute co-directors Professor Harjinder Singh (left) and
                                                      Distinguished Professor Paul Moughan (right) with Sir Ray Avery.
centres that reflect areas of specific expertise.
These centres offer an important way of             The Riddet Institute has partnered with award winning international development organisation Medicine
promoting cross-disciplinary work and linking       Mondiale to create a range of functional foods that improve global nutrition and reduce infant mortality rates.
our expertise with both the public and private
                                                    New Zealander of the Year (2010) Sir Ray Avery, who leads Medicine Mondiale, describes the partnership as a
sector(s). We will be undertaking a review of       perfect marriage of applied and fundamental research.
all the University’s centres to determine their

                                                                                                        MASSEY UNIVERSITY – THE ROAD TO 2020                     PAGE 5
Teaching and Learning

To ensure an exceptional and distinctive                                    As a multi-campus university based in Manawatu, Wellington
                                                                            and Albany, Massey offers the most comprehensive academic
learning experience at Massey for all                                       programme portfolio of any New Zealand university and offers
                                                                            distinctive specialisations at each campus. As New Zealand’s
students, we will:                                                          leading blended and distance education provider, we offer
                                                                            flexible and accessible learning for students both nationally and
•   Build on our reputation for providing applied, real-world,              internationally. Our key specialisations are:
    problem-solving learning opportunities and fully exploit                •    Accountancy, economics,        •    Innovation and
    opportunities provided by new digital media.                                 finance                             entrepreneurship
•   Build on our consolidated qualification portfolio by expanding          •    Agriculture, veterinary        •    Land, water and the
    and investing in Massey’s areas of strength, and identifying new             and life sciences                   environment
    disciplines and qualifications that connect with our research profile   •    Applied social sciences        •    Linguistics and
    and that meet the needs of the 21st century society.                    •    Communication,                      languages
                                                                                 journalism, marketing          •    Management and
•   Provide enhanced professional development and lifelong learning                                                  organisational studies
                                                                            •    Aviation
    opportunities for staff through the National Centre for Teaching and                                        •    Mäori knowledge and
                                                                            •    Design
    Learning, the Centre for Professional and Continuing Education and                                               indigenous development
                                                                            •    Defence and security
    the People and Organisational Development portfolio.                                                        •    Natural sciences
•   Extend our capability and expertise in blended and distance             •    Education                      •    Psychology
    education.                                                              •    Engineering and                •    Public health and health
•   Continue to be innovative in our approach to curriculum content,             advanced technology                 sciences
    teaching and assessment and our constructive engagement with all        •    English, media and             •    Sociology and
    students.                                                                    expressive arts                     anthropology
                                                                            •    History, philosophy,           •    Social services
•   Build high levels of student success, retention and progression to
                                                                                 classics                       •    Sustainability
    postgraduate study.
                                                                                                                •    Visual and fine arts
•   Offer mentoring, career development opportunities and
    professional development in academic leadership for our staff,          Massey is defined by its problem-based, learner-focused,
    and maintain and enhance positive relationships with the                research-led and applied approach to teaching and learning. Its
    Massey University Students’ Association Federation.                     strong commitment to access, equity and excellence has served
•   Strengthen our high quality learning support and pastoral care          many generations of learners. This commitment continues.
    services to students and co-locate the provision of learning            Our challenge in the years ahead is to continually examine the
    and teaching support at teaching and learning centres on each           Massey educational model to ensure that it meets the needs of
    campus.                                                                 the different learning communities that make up the University
•   grow the institution to ensure that we are well positioned to           in the 21st century. We will advance Massey’s commitment to
    meet the educational needs of the domestic population and to            tertiary learning that is relevant to society and its future and
    build our international student community.                              innovative in terms of what is taught and how it is taught. We will
                                                                            build on our reputation for graduating creative thinkers who are
                                                                            connected with their discipline, profession and society.

STRATEgY                                           well in all aspects of their lives. We are         Massey@Manawatu should provide a
                                                   developing curricula that will ensure all          comprehensive academic programme that
Massey is transforming the learning                Massey qualifications provide students with        will serve both internal and distance students.
experience of students with a significant          values, competencies and knowledge to              It will also be identified as the campus
investment in digital media and a commitment       work and live in a future world. Massey’s          leading in the vitally important development of
to offering a blended model of education           graduates contribute to New Zealand and            agri-food and related industries, both in New
by integrating face-to-face with online            the world through their creative thinking,         Zealand and internationally.
learning. Our aims are twofold. First, we          their innovative approaches and their
                                                                                                      Massey@Albany will offer a broad academic
want to broaden and enrich the learning            connectedness with industry, the professions
                                                                                                      programme while being identified as the
experience of all distance, internal and           and their disciplines. They benefit from
                                                                                                      campus leading innovation by bringing
international students and to ensure that they     opportunities to apply theory to practice in a
                                                                                                      together science, information technology,
enjoy similar learning experiences facilitated     variety of real-world learning contexts during
                                                                                                      education, arts, engineering and business.
through access to new technologies.                their study at Massey.
Second, as the application of new technology                                                          Massey@Wellington will offer a focused
                                                   Our future portfolio of qualifications and
allows, colleges will offer an expanded                                                               academic programme and be identified as
                                                   how it is delivered will be based on a strong,
suite of courses on multiple campuses and                                                             leading in the areas of creativity and design.
                                                   future-focused evidence base. We will stay
increase interdisciplinary and cross-campus
                                                   in close contact with employers to ensure the      Massey University will continue to develop
collaboration and cooperation.
                                                   ongoing relevance of Massey qualifications         programmes that have high relevance to
Our investment in new technology, primarily        and to create opportunities for students to        Mäori, at undergraduate and postgraduate
through ‘Stream’ (the University’s online          apply their learning in real-world contexts        levels across all colleges. The Triple
learning platform) is having an immediate          during their study. We want to increase the        A programme (Accelerated Academic
impact on Massey’s ability to enhance its          emphasis placed on developing our students’        Advancement) has been established to assist
blended and distance programmes and                employability, and preparedness for self-          enrolment at university, promote successful
to develop innovative approaches to our            employment, by increasingly embedding              completion of studies, and facilitate the
teaching. This will continue, and we will extend   workplace and applied learning opportunities       transition into professional careers. It will
our provision of study materials in a digital      within the curriculum, and by offering careers     foster campus and online opportunities where
format, while maintaining an appropriate mix of    advice on all campuses. We will develop an         scholarship, collegial networks, and cultural
digital, print and face-to-face provision.         Experience@Massey portfolio to enhance our         enrichment are integral to the learning
                                                   approach to the provision of applied learning      experience.
To increase the depth and breadth of the
                                                   opportunities and to enhance graduate
learning experience, we have significantly                                                            Massey University will continue to implement
consolidated and re-focused the number                                                                the Pasifika@Massey strategy by building
of degrees and papers offered by the               We believe it is vital that students have input    on well established links with Pasifika
University. Our future undergraduate               to the programmes offered by Massey and            communities in Wellington, Auckland and
programme portfolio will be built around a         we will ensure that regular consultation and       Manawatu and creating pathways for more
major commitment to curriculum innovation          research is undertaken.                            young Pasifika people to engage in university
in a range of world-class specialist and                                                              study. The Massey Pasifika forum will
                                                   We will ensure a sound qualifications
professional qualifications, both current and                                                         provide an inter-disciplinary platform to guide
                                                   framework and qualifications review policy
emerging. The qualification portfolio will                                                            further academic developments and identify
                                                   to maintain thorough and consistent quality
closely align with the research strengths of                                                          areas where there is both need and Massey
                                                   assurance of our academic portfolio.
the University. We will maintain Massey’s                                                             expertise.
reputation for quality teaching in our             As a multi-campus university, Massey has
                                                                                                      New migrant communities now make up a
specialist areas while identifying and             to consider what it should offer to students
                                                                                                      significant part of the New Zealand population
responding to new educational needs and            at each location. It is our intention that
emerging professional requirements. Massey
has long had a reputation for its multi-
disciplinary environment; we believe students
benefit from experiencing a wide range of
perspectives and we will seek to enhance this
element of our programme. We will enhance
the connections between research and the
classroom by encouraging students, at all
levels, to be involved in the research process.
Massey believes it is vital that its curriculum
provides students with both knowledge
and opportunities to develop values
and competencies that will serve them

                                                                                                  MASSEY UNIVERSITY – THE ROAD TO 2020         PAGE 7
and are growing rapidly. Massey intends to         and innovative teaching and to develop an                    their professional aspirations and expertise
build relationships with these communities and     integrated teaching awards framework and                     through short courses, or who find difficulty
develop relevant strategies to meet their needs.   ensure that teaching is given appropriate                    in studying a formal qualification because
                                                   weight during promotion rounds.                              of other obligations. The newly established
Transforming the learning experience for
                                                                                                                Centre for Professional and Continuing
students will place demands on the capacity        We will discuss with Tertiary Education
                                                                                                                Education (PaCE) will enhance access
and capability of both teaching and general        Commission annual growth in the number of
                                                                                                                to lifelong learning through the ‘Campus
staff. It is our intention to lift investment in   domestic students towards an incremental
                                                                                                                Passport’, and will augment and coordinate
professional development opportunities,            increase of EFTS, with a particular focus
                                                                                                                access to continuing education through
including a tertiary teaching qualification that   on building the Albany campus to meet the
                                                                                                                short course and professional development
“Massey’s graduates contribute to New                                                                           Massey will step up its recruitment activities
Zealand and the world through their creative                                                                    and make use of more scholarships to attract
                                                                                                                the kinds of students who will thrive in our
thinking, their innovative approaches and their                                                                 environment including international students
connectedness with industry, the professions and                                                                and school-leavers.

their disciplines. They benefit from opportunities                                                              As part of our student experience strategy,
                                                                                                                and to enhance student achievement and
to apply theory to practice in a variety of real-                                                               retention, we will implement initiatives that
                                                                                                                focus on the diverse needs of our students.
world learning contexts.”                                                                                       Our recruitment, retention and progression
                                                                                                                strategies will enable the University to
is flexibly delivered according to the needs of    growing educational needs of Auckland’s
                                                                                                                achieve its enrolment targets through high
new and existing teaching staff. We will also      North Shore population. We will also
                                                                                                                levels of retention, student success and
focus on the professional development needs        increase the number of international students
                                                                                                                progression to postgraduate study. We
of part-time and casual teaching staff and         studying domestically and in their home
                                                                                                                will ensure that all students are enabled
ensure their integration within the Massey         country and will consolidate and grow our
                                                                                                                to achieve success in their study though
academic community. To ensure that staff           presence in Southeast Asia.
                                                                                                                an integrated programme of academic and
members receive appropriate recognition for
                                                   Massey intends to provide expanded learning                  pastoral support.
their commitment to excellence in teaching,
                                                   opportunities for groups who wish to support
we intend to increase support for outstanding

                                                   Internship links business theory to practice
                                                   Creating high quality learning opportunities by linking theory to practice is the key objective of the
                                                   Internship in Business, providing an ideal transition from study to work. It delivers on the College of
                                                   Business’ mission of ‘Creating leaders Transforming business’ and enables students to maximise the transfer
                                                   of their learning from the classroom to the real world. First trialled in 2009, the Internship in Business offers
                                                   final-year undergraduate students the opportunity to apply in the ‘real’ world the skills and knowledge
                                                   learned throughout their degree.
                                                   Associate Professor Sarah Leberman, from the School of Management, led the development and
                                                   implementation of the Internship in Business together with Massey University’s Career Services unit,
                                                   the Manawatu Chamber of Commerce and Vision Manawatu. It takes the form of an internally assessed
                                                   business-related project with a local business and offers students a way to transition from university to the
                                                   work force. The students spend 180 hours working within the business on a pre-defined project. These
                                                   projects are identified by the business and have included, for example, community profiling, developing
                                                   marketing manuals and resources, HR manuals, economic sector profiles and accounting systems. Most
                                                   of the year is spent with the organisation, with class sessions taking place four to six times a semester. The
                                                   experience is capped off by a public presentation to host businesses and invited guests.
                                                   The success of the internship is best captured by the students’ own reflections: “This internship is the
                                                   most valuable thing that I have done in my three years of university and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole
                                                   experience.” Nine of the 10 interns from 2010 are in employment, with two of them now working in a
                                                   full-time capacity for the businesses they interned with. Similarly, businesses appreciate the opportunity to
                                                   have interns working with them as they bring new ideas and energy to their organisation. For Leberman,
                                                   “seeing the students develop personally and professionally during the year is a real privilege and knowing
    Associate Professor Sarah Leberman             that they are ready for work means that Massey is delivering on its objective of developing work-ready


We will continue to strengthen our connections and engagement with local, national
and international partners and stakeholders to gain mutually beneficial outcomes.

•   Establish Massey as the university of first choice for all        Over 125 years Massey has developed strong partnerships to
    potential students, especially school leavers in each locality.   support its pursuit of economic and social transformation and
                                                                      as a result the University is today a highly connected institution
•   Continue to develop the one university brand that positions       - globally. We have formed partnerships across the world with
    Massey as the defining university of New Zealand, while           other universities, research agencies, international institutions
    demonstrating the unique characteristics and defining             and industry. Students who join Massey have the opportunity
    qualities of each part of the University.                         to leverage off our connections. However, connection for our
•   Demonstrate the value of our connections to show potential        graduates involves more than mere relationships, networks and
    students how integrated they will become by studying at           shared practice. It also demands a deep understanding of world
    Massey.                                                           issues. What differentiates Massey students from those of other
                                                                      universities is that they have the opportunity not just to better
•   Continually adapt to the changing methods of                      themselves, but to use their knowledge and connections to make
    communicating with our key stakeholders including                 changes in issues facing the world such as climate change, energy,
    effectively using social media and online developments to         poverty, disease, and the supply of food.
                                                                      Massey is determined to further develop its links with its many
•   Develop and implement a university events and sponsorship         stakeholders through a strategy of active engagement. Our success
    strategy to facilitate the development and strengthening of       will depend on the strength of our relationships with business,
    relationships with key stakeholders.                              government, iwi, Pacific peoples, non-governmental organisations,
•   Further promote and expand the range and effectiveness of         the public sector including policy makers, and our connections
    our links with industry, business, the community and public       with schools, business, industries and local government in our
    sectors through a coordinated and proactive approach              regional communities in the central North Island, Wellington,
    across all colleges and campuses.                                 and the greater Auckland/Northland area. We need to make
                                                                      the best use of our geographical location in these areas as well
•   Engage with iwi, Mäori professional organisations and Mäori       as our blended and distance capacity particularly realising the
    educational interests to facilitate Mäori access to economic,     opportunities in the South Island and internationally.
    cultural and social development.
                                                                      Massey needs to be a welcoming, diverse, international university
•   Strengthen connections with Pacific communities in the            that is acknowledged as a world centre of tertiary learning. Its
    three campus regions and foster relationships with Pacific        importance within New Zealand needs to be matched by its ability
    professional groups in New Zealand and the wider Pacific,         to bring together talented staff and students from around the world
    Pacific states and Pacific universities.                          and, in turn, ensure there are opportunities for staff and students to
•   Implement a new plan to connect Massey’s alumni back to           learn and work in other countries.
    the University by offering opportunities to engage and stay       Massey will communicate a clear brand as the Defining University
    connected with Massey.                                            of New Zealand. The brand will be communicated in a consistent
                                                                      way in everything we do including the way we teach, the events
                                                                      we organise and support, and the way we talk to our stakeholders.

                                                                                        MASSEY UNIVERSITY – THE ROAD TO 2020            PAGE 9
STRATEGY                                           “Engagement with stakeholders will take
It is our intention to focus on building on        a university-wide approach with increased
our strength of being the most connected
of all the New Zealand universities. We            coherence between colleges and campuses.”
will pay particular attention to our local
communities in the central North Island            relationships with a number of private         postgraduate option in the Auckland
and Auckland City (in particular North             sector partners in this area such as Zespri,   area as it continues to develop a strong
Shore and West Auckland) and surrounding           KPMg and the Fairfax group.                    research culture. Particular subject
areas such as Northland, Taranaki and                                                             areas, such as food technology, animal
Hawkes Bay and in Wellington; to our               We have begun lifting our profile
                                                                                                  sciences, finance, economics and
strong partnerships with Defence, with             significantly in areas where Massey
                                                                                                  education, have the opportunity to
Mäori, Pacific communities and new                 already has a regional presence. We
                                                                                                  consolidate their pre-eminent reputation.
migrants; and to business, government,             have worked in partnership with local
non-government organisations and                   government to provide a special publication    To promote the transfer of knowledge
policy communities. In the context of the          focused on these areas to highlight Massey     from the University to the end user, we
Tertiary Education Commission’s focus              alumni and developed a strategy with           have been encouraging staff to explore
on regional coordination, we will, where           key stakeholders in Hawkes’ Bay to see         opportunities for the application of
appropriate, also work and partner with            how Massey can support the region by           Massey’s knowledge and follow up
other institutions.                                working more closely with businesses and       any revenue-generating opportunities.
                                                   lift our profile as the university of choice   Massey has made strong progress in
A more coordinated approach to all                                                                this area including collaborating with the
                                                   for potential students. This can be used
externally focused activities will ensure
                                                   as a pilot for how we engage with other        private sector, Crown Research Institutes
a better understanding of the University
                                                   regions such as Taranaki and Northland in      and other universities to access Public
across the community and lead to better
                                                   the future. Our sponsorship strategy also      good Partnership funding. Massey has
results in such crucial areas as student
                                                   includes support for relevant events in our    also signed a significant contract with
recruitment. We intend to develop
                                                   key regions including supporting regional      the World Bank to provide biosecurity
relationships with target groups and
                                                   business awards, the Young Enterprise          training for public health workers in Asia
organisations in local areas, nationally and
                                                   Scheme and business mentor programme,          to recognise and respond to potential
overseas and in doing so, bring the best of
                                                   the global Enterprise Challenge, Vex           epidemic outbreaks. We will develop
what is special about New Zealand to the
world.                                             Robotics, the Wellie Awards in Wellington,     further capability and establish processes
                                                   supporting Destination Manawatu and the        to ensure we maximise these and future
Massey’s reputation throughout its                                                                opportunities.
                                                   Reel Earth environmental film awards in
history has been closely associated
                                                   Palmerston North and sporting awards in        We wish to ensure we have sound
with agriculture and other land-based
                                                   the North Shore.                               relationships and partnerships with
industries. At a time when the world is
facing a food crisis and the need to shift to      As part of the University’s commitment         business and industry (and others) that
sustainable development because of global          to local communities, Massey has been          result in mutual benefits through research
warming, Massey will continue to build             strengthening its engagements with             and development, staff development and
on its leadership role in these areas. The         schools. Although students will often          exchange, student placement, equipment
University has been working in partnership         travel away from their home to study, in its   and services, and board memberships. Our
with other organisations in both the public        areas of specialisation, Massey intends        strategic relationships with iwi and other
and private sector, particularly focusing          to be seen as the university of choice         Mäori entities will enable Massey to play a
on the key area of agri-food, including the        both for students in its localities and for    significant role in the post-settlement era
entire supply chain from the paddock to            postgraduate and international students.       leading to improved economic, social and
the plate. Part of this initiative has been to     Massey has embarked on a number of             environmental outcomes. The provision
strengthen our linkages with a number of           new initiatives to take lecturers into         of industry-focused short courses will
entities across the sector including forging       schools and offering individual and group      bring Massey expertise, iwi interests and
a partnership with Lincoln University to           experiences on campus. Student liaison         community need closer together.
work together on agricultural projects             staff are now working with the marketing       We will place an increased emphasis on
of common interest and developing a                and communications teams to ensure we          communicating with the Mäori and Pacific
relationship with Countrywide group                have a consistent approach to this area.       community including through events such
through NZX to increase and improve                                                               as the Massey organised, Mäori Book
                                                   We see major opportunities to reinforce
Massey’s reputation and profile in the                                                            Awards and by having a high profile in
                                                   Massey as the preferred university for
agricultural sector.                                                                              national initiatives such as Mäori language
                                                   postgraduate students. The postgraduate
Enhancement of a proven Massey                     involvement at Massey@Manawatu is              week.
event, The New Zealand Food Awards,                already significant. Massey@Albany has         We will celebrate 125 years of creativity
has helped forge the development of                the opportunity to be seen as the best         and design at the Wellington campus in

2011 including strengthening the annual                 engaged, will provide benefits to alumni       including distance and blended learning.
BLOW festival which showcases the                       to ensure they stay connected to us. The       We are well equipped to make this
College of Creative Arts graduates, and 50              fostering of relationships between alumni      progression, already having experience
years of veterinary teaching (coinciding                and international students will also be        and a sophisticated operation with well-
with 250 years of veterinary teaching                   given greater emphasis.                        developed contacts around the world.
worldwide) and explore the best way
                                                        In the international arena, Massey has         We will explore the provision of
to mark 50 years as a university in 2013.
                                                        many partnerships and collaborations. We       opportunities for undergraduate
We will also continue to promote the
                                                        intend to prioritise these commitments         and postgraduate students to travel
University’s key role in distance learning
education after celebrating 50 years of
teaching this way in 2010.                              “We wish to ensure we have sound relationships and
We have also been working to strengthen
                                                        partnerships with business and industry (and others) that
Massey alumni who are a reflection of                   result in mutual benefits.”
the quality of the University’s teaching
and research and have a strong impact                   to ensure they are of value to both            internationally at sometime during their
on Massey’s reputation. Alumni can                      partners. We will also look at establishing    degree, where it will enhance their
also be major advocates for the Massey                  relationships where needs are identified.      learning.
brand and can provide a myriad of                       Engagement with indigenous peoples in          Massey has made progress in attracting
opportunities for the University, through               the Pacific, Australia, the United States      the most talented students to the
business connections, direct funding and                and Canada for research and exchanges          University. For example, it has introduced
research opportunities. A comprehensive                 will be expanded and will include Pasifika     a programme called the Captain’s
plan has been developed to connect                      scholarships for courses in disaster           Club which offers scholarships to high
Massey’s alumni back to the University                  management.                                    school students who have demonstrated
so that it can benefit from the reputation,
                                                        We intend to expand our position as one        leadership qualities such as head pupils,
connections and opportunities that our
                                                        of New Zealand’s pre-eminent providers         prefects, house captains, and sports
alumni offer to us. Massey will offer its
alumni opportunities to engage, and once                of programmes for international students,

                                                                                                                  The University’s Centre for
                                                                                                                  Defence and Security Studies
                                                                                                                  will offer postgraduate diploma
                                                                                                                  studies to members of the Royal
                                                                                                                  Brunei Armed Forces under a
                                                                                                                  three-year contract expected to
                                                                                                                  earn several hundred thousand
                                                                                                                  dollars. The agreement also
                                                                                                                  foreshadows future possible
                                                                                                                  academic exchanges between the
                                                                                                                  Brunei Defence Academy and
                                                                                                                  the University through research
                                                                                                                  and staff training programmes.
     Professor Emeritus Graeme Fraser and Sultan of Brunei, Hassanal Bolkiah.

                                                                                                 MASSEY UNIVERSITY – THE ROAD TO 2020         PAGE 11

We will enhance our reputation as New Zealand’s defining university by contributing to
understanding of, and innovative responses to, social, economic, cultural, and environmental issues.

•   Build the entrepreneurial capacity of Massey and promote        As New Zealand’s defining university, Massey has a
    and make available the expertise of our staff.                  responsibility to act in ways consistent with building a future
                                                                    for the nation. This responsibility relates to social, economic,
•   Aim to reduce Massey’s environmental impact by increasing
                                                                    cultural and environmental issues. Staff and students need
    sustainability practices and behaviour.
                                                                    to see themselves as part of an institution that takes these
•   Develop sustainability as one of the national and global        responsibilities seriously in its own activities and provides
    issues Massey believes it can enhance the understanding of      opportunities to make a positive contribution to issues of
    and provide innovative multi-disciplinary responses.            concern through participation at both individual and community
•   Further integrate sustainability issues into our research and
    teaching programme.                                             Much of this work is undertaken through our research,
                                                                    teaching and connections with partners, but we can do more.
•   Promote and value citizenship and leadership across
                                                                    It is important that Massey be seen to lead on issues where it
    Massey staff and students through the development of our
    campuses and communities they support, engage with, and         has identified strengths and that its expertise is available to
    benefit from.                                                   decision makers and others who can draw benefit from our
                                                                    intellectual capital.
•   Continue establishment of a Massey Heritage group to
    promote the University’s history.

                                                             “The Steering Group on Sustainability will bring
To further give sustainability momentum
within the University, we will integrate                     together academics and professional services
sustainability issues into the wider                         from across disciplines and campuses to work on
research and teaching programme.
Regardless of the course of study,
                                                             sustainability issues.”
all learners require an opportunity to                      mission that resonates with their values         produced research of national and
develop their understanding. To be more                     and their ideas about the role of the            international significance in energy,
sustainable, industry, government and the                   University. It encourages multidisciplinary      transport, waste management, life cycle
community need opportunities to learn                       teams that leverage the unique strengths         assessment, sustainable design and
and change their behaviours.                                of the entire institution. It connects the       freshwater solutions. This is also an issue
To make our expertise in this area more                     academic community with the world                of concern to New Zealand and the world.
widely available, the University will                       outside because complex issues cannot            We have committed ourselves to making
promote opportunities for knowledge                         be resolved without interaction with             sustainability central to everything we do.
transfer; the new Assistant Vice-                           the environments in which they occur
                                                                                                             The University has established the
Chancellor Research and Enterprise will                     and this connection, Massey believes,
                                                                                                             Steering group on Sustainability with
be responsible for business development                     makes the work of the University better.
                                                                                                             the aim of bringing together academics
in this area.                                               Our experience is that a focus on big
                                                                                                             and professional services from across
                                                            problems energises staff and students
With significant intellectual resources                                                                      disciplines and campuses to work on
                                                            as they, out of necessity, develop new
at its disposal, high expectations from                                                                      sustainability issues.
                                                            professional relationships outside the
its community and students committed                                                                         In the spirit of “practising what we
                                                            academic community. Picking problems
to making a difference in the world, a                                                                       preach”, the University is already
                                                            to tackle is an important part of the
university like Massey is attracted to big,                                                                  emphasising the need to act in ways
                                                            process. The best choices will be those
complex societal problems. Our mindset                                                                       consistent with sustainability. Through
                                                            that build on the University’s unique
is that we want to make a contribution                                                                       the Office of the Assistant Vice-
so we view these difficult problems                                                                          Chancellor and Registrar, we will
as opportunities. This problem-based                        An area of unique strength at Massey
                                                                                                             establish clear, simple goals based on
focus has many advantages. It energises                     that immediately recommends itself
                                                                                                             best practice for organisations of our type
students, staff and alumni around a                         is sustainability. We teach and have
                                                                                                             to be achieved in the years ahead.

 The Totara Valley Distributed Generation Project. Hydrogen is converted into a useable power supply
 for the rural community in this combined hydro, solar and wind energy project.

                                                                                                       MASSEY UNIVERSITY – THE ROAD TO 2020     PAGE 13
As a university with a leadership role                      While sustainability is the first major                       will be available to staff and students.
in land-based industries, Massey will                       issue Massey has identified, the intention                    The programme will provide support and
explore how its own farms can be                            is that other issues will attract attention in                placements for volunteers in a wide range
developed as vehicles for leading-edge                      the years ahead.                                              of local organisations. Massey University
research including sustainable farming                                                                                    already carries out voluntary work in
                                                            Staff have been invited to put up
practices.                                                                                                                the community. For example, staff and
                                                            proposals focused on other key problems
                                                                                                                          Manawatu campus Halls of Residence
We expect that Massey’s strong                              to the University’s Strategic Innovations
                                                                                                                          students completed a tree planting
commitment to sustainability will have                      Fund. The SIF will be able to grant up to
                                                                                                                          programme in the local community during
real advantages in areas such as cost                       $100,000 in any one year to support work
savings, staff and student recruitment,                     on an agreed issue or problem area of
public image, research and consultancy                      national significance.                                        To help build Massey’s identity and to
opportunities and a relevant curriculum                                                                                   promote the University’s history across all
                                                            Massey aims to build citizenship
and research programme.                                                                                                   campuses and including all collections,
                                                            and leadership into the core of our
                                                                                                                          a Massey Heritage group is being
Massey will seek to ensure that its                         engagement with the many communities
                                                                                                                          established, to be accommodated in
buildings and facilities are managed to                     we support. To promote service to the
                                                                                                                          Tiritea House.
meet the highest possible environmental                     local community, we intend to establish
standards.                                                  a Massey Volunteers Programme that

    Professor Ralph Sims with one of two Toyota plug-in hybrid vehicles based at the University as part of a global field trail in sustainable transport.

  Professor Ralph Sims has taught and researched sustainable energy topics at the University since 1974 and has achieved significant influence on climate change
  policy at an international level. He was lead author on reports for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, including a report that won the panel’s 2007
  Nobel Peace Prize, and currently has papers on transport and renewable energy due to be published next year.

MASSEY UNIVERSITY – THE ROAD TO 2020                 PAGE 14
Generating Income

We will significantly increase our income to allow for more investment to enable the University to
achieve its goals.

•    Develop a Financial Strategy and associated long-term financial   Recognising the need to be an entrepreneurial university,
     modelling.                                                        Massey is committed to significantly increasing our income
                                                                       to allow for more investment to enable the University to
•    Raise $100 million of external funding through the Massey
                                                                       achieve its goals. We will achieve fiscal sustainability by
     University Foundation.
                                                                       generating ongoing surpluses that meet the minimum Tertiary
•    Enhance financial stability by diversifying the funding base.     Education Commission return on income. This will allow for
•    Adopt a financial model that will provide incentives to reduce    re-investment, and support prudent borrowing.
     costs and raise revenue.                                          To implement the developments outlined will cost $400
•    Earn more income from non-state sources through developing        million over 10 years from a variety of sources including
     business opportunities that build on our core strengths.          state funding, earned income, and private funding. Effective
                                                                       income generation is needed to provide Massey with the
•    Improve the margins that we generate from activities.             freedom to pursue its goals and chart an independent course
•    Focus business development and capability on growing              for the future. Our goals are therefore to invest the resources
     revenue.                                                          required over the next 10 years and to double the University’s
                                                                       We have set out an ambitious strategy for the University that
                                                                       aims to see Massey acknowledged as New Zealand’s defining
                                                                       university and as a world centre of tertiary learning. This
                                                                       strategy is intended to provide more investment on behalf of
                                                                       staff and students while being of benefit to all stakeholders,
                                                                       locally, nationally, and internationally. We are aware that
                                                                       this will require a substantial increase in income. Given our
                                                                       history as a bold, innovative, “can do” institution, this is just
                                                                       one more challenge to be taken on.

                                                                                      MASSEY UNIVERSITY – THE ROAD TO 2020         PAGE 15
STRATEgY                                       to gain increased revenue through the           receives a small number of donations, but
                                               Research Office.                                we will seek to create more opportunities
We are aware that financial stability is the                                                   to interact with trusts, foundations, and
                                               Fees are currently regulated by the
first step toward achieving the strategy                                                       individuals who believe that, through a
                                               government and there is no reason to
for the University. Improving our financial                                                    relationship with Massey, they can make
                                               believe that this will change. Recognising
situation will require diversification of                                                      more impact on the challenges faced by
                                               this, Massey will ensure that fee levels
our funding base, further development                                                          society. Additional scholarship income
                                               are appropriate for the quality of service
of financial literacy throughout the                                                           will also be actively pursued.
                                               that we are delivering.
University, and a marked degree of
                                                                                               There is a growing market for short
financial discipline. This will be assisted    We will seek to increase the numbers of
                                                                                               courses designed for the needs of specific
by the development of clear financial          international students by an ambitious 500
                                                                                               learners. PaCE will develop a portfolio
indicators and ongoing comparisons with        studying domestically and a further 500
                                                                                               of short courses for both domestically
like organisations.                            studying in their home country by 2013.
                                                                                               based and international students and will
                                               This will be achieved through a growth
Our aim will be to ensure that, as revenue                                                     coordinate delivery of these courses.
                                               strategy that focuses our resources on
increases, investments are made into
                                               selected key markets, further develops          The University has the opportunity to earn
areas of direct benefit to staff, students,
                                               foundation and articulation pathways            further revenue from the utilisation of its
and our stakeholders. The generation
                                               to Massey, ensures timely responses to          facilities, and this may include leasing
of income and informed control of our
                                               student enquiries (both undergraduate           buildings and facilities to commercial
finances must be clearly linked to our
                                               and postgraduate) and is supported              interests. It may be possible, as is done
strategy of defining Massey and Massey
                                               by a robust scholarship and incentive           by the Printery, to offer Massey services
defining New Zealand. Massey will pursue
                                               programme.                                      to the private market.
additional sources of income through:
                                               Commercialisation of intellectual property      A number of universities have entered
•   Contract and trading activities.
                                               offers another source of revenue that           the retail market offering a wide range of
•   International students.
                                               will build on our success in this area          clothing, souvenirs and other products.
•   PBRF.                                      already. As a university with an applied        Massey will build on the initiatives in this
•   Commercialisation.                         orientation, Massey will seek to set the        area i.e. the launch of the alumni shop,
•   Short courses.                             standard in this area by helping stimulate      by actively pursuing options to earn more
                                               an entrepreneurial culture within the           revenue.
•   The Massey Foundation.
                                               University and an ability to commercialise
                                                                                               Direct fundraising offers the possibility
This will also involve embracing and           ideas where possible.
                                                                                               of earned revenue, particularly when
supporting innovative
                                                                                                                  it is associated with
approaches to
                                                                                                                  a specific project.
diversifying our     “Our aim will be to ensure that, as revenue                                                  Both the Alumni and
revenue base,
and a
                     increases, investments are made into areas of direct                                         Massey Foundation
                                                                                                                  organisations have the
re-organisation      benefit to staff, students and our stakeholders”.                                            ability to raise further
of our approach.
                                                                                                                  funds, and we will work
We are also intending, under the one-          As a university closely linked to business,     with them to establish clear plans.
university banner, to implement the            Massey will review its practices to ensure
                                                                                               The Massey Foundation has begun an
initiatives that were agreed as part of the    a more consistent approach towards
                                                                                               ambitious task to raise funds to support
Shared Services review and to continually      collaboration with industry. We will
                                                                                               teaching, learning and research in the
ensure we make best use of all resources       seek more partnerships and create more
                                                                                               strategic areas of agri-food, innovation
and avoid duplication.                         opportunities to increase our income.
                                                                                               and creativity, and in so doing contribute
We will also seek to increase our share of     A more focused business development
                                                                                               to the national economy. The Foundation
research funding from the PBRF and other       capability will be put in place to facilitate
                                                                                               supports only those projects that cannot
government and international sources.          this.
                                                                                               be funded from public money or student
We will explore opportunities for further      Private funding sources are increasingly        contributions. Donations to the Foundation
research revenue through contracts             seeking relationships with universities         are invested in an approved investment
with government and non-government             that share their goals and can advance          plan and all marketing costs are met
organisations. Staff will be assisted          relevant projects and knowledge. Massey         by the University. The Foundation has

launched ‘Advancing New Zealand’ its first major campaign                                 Massey is implementing initiatives to optimise the use of our
which will see it raise $100 million. As well as several large                            current asset base including the development of a strategic
strategic appeals, the Foundation’s fundraising includes a newly                          Asset Management Framework.
introduced student levy, direct from salary staff giving, and an
innovation fund to support early stage research.

      Dr Martin Johnson with Geoff and Trevor Logan

  North Shore technology company establishes research and innovation
  centre with Massey University
  Cleanflow Systems, a North Shore-based technology company that specialises in managing underground water infrastructure, recently distributed its industry
  leading technology to the City of Dallas. The company now has its technology in use in 35 countries such as China, Japan, Singapore and in Europe as well as 20
  states of the United States.
  Cleanflow is currently establishing a number of strategic partnerships with United States-based companies operating in the same market segment.
  One of the most anticipated outputs of the partnership will be the expanded work of Cleanflow’s research development team, based on the North Shore. The
  Cleanflow Research and Development team will expand its research function to supply research and development services for other companies in the strategic
  As part of its plan to develop expertise in research and development, Cleanflow is moving to new premises in Tarndale Grove and has constructed a purpose-built
  research and development facility together with a full test environment and extensive lab facilities.
  Cleanflow initially grew out of e-Centre at Massey University and most of its engineers and product designers are Massey University graduates.
  As part of its business innovation strategy, Massey University Engineering School will provide specialised support to assist Cleanflow, to help develop the research
  and development facility into a world class operation.

                                                                                                             MASSEY UNIVERSITY – THE ROAD TO 2020                  PAGE 17
Enabling Excellence

We will provide the very best working
and learning environment for our staff
and students.

 To achieve the ambitious goals set out in The Road to
 2020, we must create an innovative and adaptive culture
 – a culture that embraces change, delivers tangible
 results, and brings the University community together
 to make Massey New Zealand’s defining university. To
 create this desired culture it is imperative that we have
 an atmosphere of trust where our people understand
 the strategy and what it means for them and how they
 can contribute to its achievement. It is imperative that
 leadership is encouraged throughout all units at all levels
 across colleges, campuses and services.

 Many of the elements needed are already present - we
 need simply to enhance and advance them.

AN ENABLINg CULTURE                             and implement a portal of information        To support our academic community
                                                on development solutions that make it        to excel, we will build on our student
As Massey’s foundation Vice-Chancellor          easier for all staff to access the support   services and our university shared
Sir Alan Stewart pointed out, the University    they need for success in their roles.        services arrangements and focus on
has always embraced change. We are              We will also enhance our academic            the development of a service culture
seen as an innovative, bold, enabling           promotions processes to identify our early   and service capability. Our strategies
organisation. We will continue to                                                            here will include progressing an
                                                and mid-career stars and accelerate
develop a culture at Massey where
                                                their career trajectory. Shaping the         integrated framework for service
ideas are listened to and acted on where
                                                University’s organisational arrangements     excellence that enhances the service
appropriate, where our staff have the
                                                will also be important to ensure we have     and learning experience for our staff
capacity and capability to lead the way in
                                                the current and future workforce we          and students. This will bring together
teaching and research, where our services
                                                need and the right service functions and     service excellence training, a service
to students (through the University’s
                                                roles to support the achievement of our      excellence award system to recognise
shared services model) are among the best
in the world, and where investment in new       strategies. The University will increase     service achievements, a services staff
technology provides the foundation needed       opportunities for women in our senior        conference, and a focus on continuous
for services and academic programmes.           academic and general staff positions,        improvement in all our service areas.
Of particular significance to the future of     in particular by actively encouraging        We will also advance a university-wide
Massey is the need to invest in a world-        and supporting more academic women           enterprise reporting project, which
class digital experience for students, staff,   to access the academic promotions            provides integrated, decision-useful
and stakeholders. We need, in short, to         rounds and by implementing a suite of        information to support better and faster
ensure Massey can lead the way in tertiary      recommendations from the Massey Pay          decision making.
learning.                                       and Employment Equity Review (the first
To enable excellence in support of
                                                such review to be undertaken by a New        ENABLINg CULTURE:
the other big goals, we want to have
                                                Zealand University).                         OUR STUDENTS
partnerships between colleges and service       Engaging our talented workforce will be      Massey University students will
units that reflect a shared understanding       critical to achieving our strategies. We     experience higher education of a
of the University’s service culture. We         will begin to define a culture of shared     quality and kind that will enhance their
will also promote a culture of continuous       values by leading conversations about        confidence, flexibility and intellectual
improvement and, in so doing, always seek       things that matter and that we will hold     independence, with support and services
to lift our game.                               ourselves accountable to. To support that    aligned to their life-long personal and
                                                engagement we will conduct an all staff      professional needs. We aim to:
ENABLINg CULTURE:                               survey and implement action plans that
OUR STAFF                                       enable our people to take an active part     •   Align and develop student life services
                                                in making Massey a great place to work;          across campuses and for distance
Our people strategy will continue to focus      establish a leadership forum that enables        students within the one-university
on “attracting and engaging great people        meaningful engagement of established             strategy.
and providing them with an enabling             and emerging leaders, and supports wider     •   Implement enrolment system
environment”. We aim to:                        collaboration and exchange of ideas;             improvements as part of the
•   Renew investment in developing              create a safe and healthy workplace              University’s Enrolment Management
    people capability and capacity.             environment by implementing a range              Plan, including systems for providing
                                                of wellness initiatives; support positive
                                                                                                 better advice for students to support
•   Engage with our talented workforce.         workplace relations through a zero
                                                                                                 qualification planning.
•   Focus on the development of a service       tolerance of inappropriate behaviours
                                                and easy access to problem resolution        •   Further develop systems for
    culture and service capability.
                                                resources; review and align our reward           engagement with the student
                                                and recognition systems to support               associations and the student body.
                                                the kind of values, behaviours, and          •   Further develop service excellence
Underpinning an enabling culture will be a      discretionary effort that will be vital to       programmes to enhance services for
renewed investment in developing people         achieving the University’s strategies;
                                                                                                 students. Enhance responsiveness to
capability and capacity by implementing         operate a gender Equity Advisory
                                                                                                 student feedback through surveys and
a number of strategies. We will deliver a       group; and make improvements to
                                                                                                 other forms of evaluation.
broad suite of development programmes           our appointments and salary setting
and resources for staff and managers,           processes.

                                                                                       MASSEY UNIVERSITY – THE ROAD TO 2020      PAGE 19
STRATEgY                                          •      Purchase a commercial student             immediately that it is able to plan and
                                                         management system to replace our          react to changing business requirements
We will give greater support to our students             existing system.                          with confidence. We will provide a
by coordinating and aligning our services                                                          manageable toolset that is consistent and
                                                  •      Deliver a seamless campus IT
across campuses and colleges. We will                                                              well understood, contribute as appropriate
                                                         experience, anywhere, anytime on
continue making improvements to the student                                                        to policy and practice development, assist
                                                         (nearly) anything, access via federated
management system and align enrolment                                                              with data curation while providing secure
                                                         identity credentials.
processes with the Enrolment Management                                                            data management and access, and provide
Plan.                                             •      Develop a unified communication           training and project support as required.
We will continue with initiatives that make                                                        Collaboration and engagement.
ongoing improvements in all aspects of            •      Develop a robust and reliable
                                                                                                   Massey’s long tradition of distance
service delivery.                                        infrastructure and services, geared for
                                                                                                   learning and teaching places it uniquely
                                                         business continuity.
We will develop and implement a service                                                            to excel in the area of collaboration and
excellence programme that will enhance            •      Foster an underpinning culture of         engagement.
services for students on each campus                     service delivery, communication,
and for distance students. The Strategic                 innovation, rapid response, and           Our strategy is to facilitate the
Enrolment Management Plan will be aligned                consistent practice among staff.          implementation of productivity tools and
with the Academic Reform Project, as will                                                          to enable collaborative partnerships by
                                                  •      Upgrade the existing disaster recovery    removing distance as a consideration
our student recruitment and enrolment-
                                                         infrastructure.                           from everyday activity. It is to create a
related services. We will make better use
of IT in support of the student experience,                                                        working environment with which people
achieve enhanced coordination between             STRATEgY                                         are so comfortable and satisfied that they
campuses, improve communication with                                                               view it as a major attractor and retainer to
students and across the University, and           Information management.                          working and studying at Massey. It’s about
improve engagement with the students’             Data volumes and information requirements        putting the customer and their workflow at
associations.                                     are exploding. The caring, sharing, and          the heart of every matter.

Massey University campuses will be                harvesting of information will provide some
                                                                                                   Access and availability.
places where students from a range of             of our greatest challenges in the coming
backgrounds can learn from each other,            years.                                           Massey University is one of the largest
appreciate differences, and work together                                                          users of IT in New Zealand. To provide
                                                  Our strategy is to create a capability by
to achieve common goals. The campuses                                                              unimpeded access to research, teaching
                                                  which the University is able to differentiate
will not only reflect the diversity of                                                             and business systems and services is
                                                  itself by knowing its own business and
wider New Zealand society, but will also                                                           a growing challenge. The investment
                                                  information resources so thoroughly and
encourage students to engage with each
other in ways that promote respect and

Information technology is an important
accelerator for fulfilling The Road to 2020
We aim to provide an integrated,
collaborative, visual, intuitive IT
environment specifically intended to
significantly improve all aspects of the
on-off and cross-campus “e-” research,
teaching and learning experience for
academic staff and students.

                                                  College of Creative Arts, Wellington

The Hopkirk Research Institute

required here is high for equipment, staff        ENABLINg INFRASTRUCTURE:                            Academic Reform and Enrolment
and fundamental infrastructure. The               OUR CAMPUSES                                        Management plans.
stakes are also high in terms of business
                                                  Consistent with the one university              •   Progress capital development projects
continuity, reputation, confidence, security
                                                  approach, management of campuses                    in line with strategic investment
and remaining as a trusted partner, in every
                                                  will work closely together to ensure the            priorities.
sense of the word, to other institutions.
                                                  best possible environment for staff and         •   Ensure the campus experience
Our strategy is to build a capability that will   students. The spaces and buildings                  for students provides a model for
reliably provide standards based, secure          used by staff and students are crucial to           social cohesion, healthy lifestyles,
access by known individuals, to those             enabling the kind of university Massey              environmental sustainability.
things appropriate to their role, at any time,    aspires to be. Appropriate funds will
from anywhere, using (just about) anything.       need to be budgeted to ensure proper            •   Model, to the extent possible, sound
                                                  development, maintenance and renewal                social, cultural and environmental
Targeted growth of resilient and reliable         of the estate. This strategy commits us             practices.
applications and infrastructure.                  to the development of each campus, but
The risk to the University associated             other specific issues will be addressed         STRATEgY
with a large scale, unmitigated failure           that will help build collegiality and a
                                                  sense of community, as well as enhance          To ensure we are firmly established in our
in IT equipment is readily recognised as
                                                  student life overall. Massey takes its social   geographic locations, we will refurbish
catastrophic. A sustainable business
                                                  responsibilities very seriously, and will       the Manawatu campus and relocate
needs right sized, reliable and fit-for-
                                                  demonstrate that our campuses are models        Hokowhitu on to the main site, develop and
purpose solutions to stay viable.
                                                  for social responsibility and relevance into    implement a clear asset development plan
Our strategy is to ensure the University          the future. We intend to make Massey            for the Albany campus that will allow for
can fundamentally rely on IT infrastructure       an example of sound social, cultural and        substantial completion of building on the
to provide business continuity in times           environmental practices. We aim to:             campus within 10 years, and consolidate the
of adversity, can continuously know the                                                           Wellington campus with the development
                                                  •   Align campus services, coordinate
current and future cost of delivery and                                                           of a new creative arts building while
                                                      campus operations, and prioritise
growth on the current service roadmaps,                                                           exploring the possibility of establishing a
                                                      investment in buildings, facilities and
and can have confidence to run projects                                                           cultural industries precinct. The University
                                                      infrastructure on all campuses.
and use operational controls to redefine                                                          is committed to further upgrading of library
directions and implement change in a well         •   Refresh campus development                  buildings on all campuses.
understood and responsive environment.                plans for each campus in line with

                                                                                            MASSEY UNIVERSITY – THE ROAD TO 2020      PAGE 21
The marae at the College of Education, Hokowhitu

The University Library plans to enhance its            people studying full-time on campus. This      within the wider university setting. We will
services to blended and distance students,             will include the provision of facilities to    explore opportunities to enhance campus
to improve the quality and variety of space            deliver a more comprehensive science           life on all campuses in terms of buildings,
for the learning and study needs of students,          programme to meet current and emerging         facilities, services and events.
to continue to develop its programmes                  demand, the development of a student
                                                                                                      given Massey’s commitment to New
for Mäori and Pasifika students, and to                amenities building, and planning for future
                                                                                                      Zealand, we will seek opportunities to
strengthen its electronic collections,                 student accommodation requirements.
                                                                                                      support all forms of contemporary New
especially for the needs of research and
                                                       The commitment to relocate the Hokowhitu       Zealand sport, culture and performance. A
for e-research. A strategy and processes
                                                       campus remains a major objective for the       touring exhibition of art works contained in
will be put in place for library support for
                                                       University. The schedule of work to see        the Massey collection will be explored, and
offshore international courses offered by
                                                       this realised over the 2009 – 2015 period      preparations will be made to celebrate the
Massey. The Library contribution to the
                                                       will continue.                                 125th anniversary of design at Wellington
Massey Institutional Repository will be
                                                                                                      in 2011. A review will be completed on
further developed, beyond e-theses, to                 As part of the Massey Heritage programme,
                                                                                                      services, infrastructure and facilities
include the full text of research papers,              we will partner with the Massey
                                                                                                      required to support the University’s
reports, and other publications.                       Foundation to raise funds to develop the
                                                                                                      sporting programmes and students and
                                                       Old Main Building as the first step toward
There is an urgent requirement on both the                                                            recommendations implemented as agreed.
                                                       establishing a Massey Heritage Precinct
Manawatu and Wellington campuses to
                                                       consisting of Old Main (now The Sir            It is important that our campuses
upgrade current building stock to ensure
                                                       geoffrey Peren Building), Refectory, the Old   reflect the values of our nation and the
that buildings are both fit-for-purpose
                                                       Registry, and the former Vice-Chancellor’s     background of our staff and students.
and compliant. Planning for this will
                                                       residence (Tiritea House).                     By developing marae on all three
be addressed by updating the campus
                                                                                                      campuses, and affirming Te Reo Mäori,
development plans for each campus during               Development of science buildings and
                                                                                                      we acknowledge the place of Mäori in
2011.                                                  facilities will continue on the Manawatu
                                                                                                      our society, and by creating facilities to
                                                       campus, with new opportunities being
There is a need to continue with the                                                                  support students from a range of cultures,
                                                       explored in relation to food, veterinary and
building development programme at the                                                                 including Pasifika, we recognise New
                                                       sport science and innovation facilities.
Albany campus in order to move staff from                                                             Zealand’s place in the Asia-Pacific region
temporary to permanent accommodation,                  We are aware that there is a need for          and the world.
and to provide for planned growth in young             more social spaces for staff to get together

MASSEY UNIVERSITY – THE ROAD TO 2020               PAGE 22
Defining Massey: Massey Defining

We have mapped out a strategy for Massey that is intended to shape the
University and our work for the next 10 years. This strategy offers new
initiatives and builds on what already exists. For this strategy to succeed,
we need to reaffirm the commitment to change that has already served
the University so well. Our aim is to consolidate Massey’s position as New
Zealand’s defining university and as a world leader of tertiary learning.

This strategy is not everything. We expect to take opportunities as they arise
and maintain our reputation for responding to new challenges. This has always
been the Massey way. We do not expect the future to be limited to the actions
outlined here. There will always be more…

                                                               MASSEY UNIVERSITY – THE ROAD TO 2020   PAGE 23
Key facts and figures* about Massey University
•   $1061 million total assets
•   $400.7 million operating revenue

                                        government grants ($173.5 million)
          17% 10%                       Domestic student fees ($78.6 million)
                                        International student fees ($34.8 million)
     20%            43%                 Research ($69 million)
                                        Other charges for services ($39.9 million)
                                        Other income ($4.9 million)

•   3080 staff (full-time equivalent)

         51%                            Academic staff (1117 FTE)
                                        general staff (1553 FTE)
                                        Contract and trading (410 FTE)

•   36,125 students (19,994 EFTS)                                                                          Undergraduate (27,638 HC)
                                                                          3%               77%
                                                                                                           Postgraduate (7228 HC)
                                                                            20%                            Doctorate (1259 HC)

                       10%                                                           40%
                                        Domestic (32,373 HC)                                               Under 25 (14,277 HC)
         90%                            International (3752 HC)                                            25 and over (21,848 HC)

          52%                                                                   44%
                                        Internal (18,637 HC)                                               Full-time (15,811 HC)
                48%                     Distance (17,488 HC)                                               Part-time (20,314 HC)

•   3548 Mäori students (1877 EFTS)
•   988 Pasifika students (522 EFTS)

•   114 doctoral completions in 2009 (includes PhD and doctoral degrees).
•   1600 students accessed our disability services.
•   Two National Centres of Research Excellence and a partner in five others (as well as numerous University-based research centres).
•   Provider in the four Primary growth Partnerships.
•   153 formal academic arrangements with overseas institutions.
•   Massey is among the top 10 users of information and communications technology (ICT) in New Zealand.
•   11 research projects received Marsden funding totalling $7.8 million in 2010 (13% of $60 million allocated to 13 organisations).
•   83% of students (internal and distance) rate their educational experience highly.
•   84% of distance students rate the University’s services highly.
•   80% of students rate the University’s facilities and services highly.
•   78% of students rate the University’s online learning environment highly.

*Further information is available on the Massey University website ( or by contacting the Office of Strategy Management.
All figures are based on December 2009 unless otherwise stated.
                                                                                                 MASSEY UNIVERSITY – THE ROAD TO 2020   PAGE 25
Massey People
Having an innovative spirit is about the way you face challenges – and addressing them by creating
new and valuable ways of doing things to create a better future.
Throughout the University, Massey people epitomise that spirit. Here are some highlights of the
recent achievements of staff and students.

OUR STAFF                                                                    Antonia Lyons is leading a Marsden-funded research project that
                                                                             aims to contribute to understanding young adults’ drinking cultures
                                    gallagher, the international animal      in New Zealand, and the role that new technologies play (eg. social
                                    management systems company,              networking sites such as Facebook, Youtube, as well as camera and
                                    will shortly be selling a product set    video mobile phones). The project investigates drinking cultures and
                                    to redefine sheep weighing and           explores how young people project their identities through particular
                                    drafting. Professor Tony Parker          drinking practices, drinking cultures, and the public display of drinking
                                    was enlisted in the design and           experiences.
                                    development of the sheep auto
                                                                             Ann Shelton, a senior lecturer in photography, won the Anthony Harper
                                    drafter. Its unique composite
                                                                             Award for Contemporary Art.
                                    material means that not only is it
                                    robust, but it’s also very quiet. This   Distinguished Professor Bill Tunmer was appointed as an expert
                                    keeps stock calmer and the whole         consultant for the Harvard University Reading for Understanding
                                    operation running quickly, smoothly      research project. Dr Tunmer is one of the world’s top 10 reading
                                    and efficiently.                         researchers.
                                    Dr Martin Berka, of the Department       Associate Professor Karen Witten received $805,000 over three years
 Professor Tony Parker              of Economics and Finance, was            from the Marsden Fund for her inner city Auckland study into the
                                    invited to be a research associate       constraints and opportunities that exist for children growing up in an
of the globalisation and Monetary Policy Institute in the United States.     urban environment.
The institute promotes research on globalisation and its implications for
monetary policy.                                                             OUR STUDENTS
Dr Angie Farrow, senior lecturer in the School of English and Media
Studies, won a Sustained Excellence award at the Tertiary Teaching           Hannah Broederlow was awarded one of 12 Zonta International Jane
Excellence Awards in 2010.                                                                                  M Klausman Women in Business
                                                                                                            Awards. It is the third year in a row
Professor Simon Hall, professor of electrochemistry and director of                                         that a Massey College of Business
Massey’s Anzode Research Centre, won the 2010 Bayer Innovators                                              student has won the award.
Award for research and development for his role in developing a
revolutionary new zinc battery.                                                                                  Journalism graduate Amanda Fisher
                                                                                                                 won the Qantas Media Award for best
Dr Darryn Joseph, from the School of Maori Studies Te Pütahi-a-Toi,                                              student journalist, the third time in the
won the 2010 Kura Pounamu Mäori Language category of the Library                                                 past four years a Massey student has
and Information Association of New Zealand’s Children’s Book                                                     taken out the prestigious prize.
                                                                                                                 College of Creative Arts (CoCA)
In 2010, New Zealand Institute of Advanced Study co-director, Prof                                               graduate Annabel Goslin took out
Peter Schwerdtfeger received both the Humboldt Research Award                                                    top prize at the International Red Dot
(germany) and the Fukui Medal (Japan) for outstanding theoretical/                                               Design competition. Her innovative
computational chemists in the Asia-Pacific region.                                                               hockey face protector called ‘The
Professor Paul Rainey was awarded the James Cook Research                                                        guardian’ was one of more than
Fellowship to investigate modern evolutionary synthesis. He also             Hannah Broederlow                   12,000 entries from 60 countries.
became the first New Zealand academic to deliver the 2010 Skerman                                                Robot designers mentored by
Lecture at the University of Queensland.                                     Massey University engineering experts, in partnership with a Chinese
Byron Taylor and his team at Agricultural Services successfully              team, won the grand final of the Vex Robotics World Championships, a
integrated 65 research trials, 37 teaching activities, six field days        United States competition sponsored by NASA. The University’s student
and more than 35 visiting national and international groups into the         teams also reached the finals, with the Albany campus team coming
University’s farm operations as part of his unit’s mission to provide        second in its category.
a sustainable and commercially successful farming platform that              For more information about Massey people, visit
encourages and supports world leading agricultural teaching, research
and information transfer.

Governance and Management

University Council members                                           Council appointees on the nomination of the
                                                                     Kura Denness, MBA, CA
Chancellor                                                           Chris Kelly, MVSc, MACVSc
Dr Russell Ballard, CNZM, MAgrSc, PhD Florida, FNZIM                 Dr Alison Paterson, CNZM, HonDCom, FAC, FIoD

Stephen Kós, QC, LLB (Hons) Well., LLM Camb.

Vice-Chancellor                                                      Senior Leadership Team members
Hon Steve Maharey, CNZM, BA, MA (Hons)

Members appointed by the Minister of Education
                                                                     Hon Steve Maharey, CNZM, BA, MA (Hons)
Dr Russell Ballard, CNZM, MAgrSc, PhD Florida, FNZIM
Stephen Kós, QC, LLB (Hons) Well., LLM Camb.
                                                                     Deputy Vice-Chancellor
Professor Sir Ngatata Love, gNZM, JP, BCom, BCA (Hons), PhD Well.,
                                                                     Professor Sir Mason H. Durie, KNZM, CNZM, MB, ChB Otago, DPsych
                                                                     McGill., DLitt, HonLLD Otago, FRANZCP, FRSNZ, FNZAH
Alastair Scott, BBS

                                                                     Pro Vice-Chancellors (Colleges)
Elected permanent member of academic staff
                                                                     Professor Lawrence C. Rose – Business , MA Northern Illinois, PhD
Dr grant Duncan, MA, PhD Auck.
                                                                     Texas A&M, FFin, FCPA
                                                                     Professor Sally J. Morgan – Creative Arts, BA(Hons), CNAA Sheffield
Elected academic staff of the Academic Board
                                                                     College of Art, MA (Dist) Warwick, KASKA Royal Academy of Fine Arts
Professor Tony Signal, BSc, PhD Adelaide
Professor Cynthia White, BA(Hons), PhD, DipTESL Well.
                                                                     Professor James W. Chapman – Education, MA Well., PhD Alta.,
Permanent member of general staff                                    DipTchg, FIARLD
Fiona Coote, DipBusStuds                                             Professor Susan Mumm – Humanities and Social Sciences, MA Sask.,
                                                                     DPhil Sus., FRHS
Massey University Extramural Students’ Society                       Professor Robert D. Anderson – Sciences, ONZM, MAgrSc, PhD C’nell.,
(EXMSS) and Massey University Students’                              DDA, FNZIAS
Association appointee
Tiri Porter, BBS                                                     Assistant Vice-Chancellors
                                                                     Professor Ingrid Day – Academic & International, BA(Hons), PhD UniSA
Massey University Student Association                                Cas Carter – External Relations, BSocSc Waikato
Representative                                                       TBA - Finance, Strategy and IT
Kent gearry                                                          Professor Sir Mason H. Durie, KNZM, CNZM, MB, ChB Otago, DPsych
                                                                     McGill., DLitt, HonLLD Otago, FRANZCP, FRSNZ, FNZAH
President Extramural Students’ Society                               Alan Davis – People and Organisational Development, LLB Cant., MBA
Ralph Springett, BA                                                  Well.
                                                                     Professor Brigid Heywood – Research and Enterprise, BSc (Hons)
Elected members from the Court of Convocation                        Man., PhD Liv.
                                                                     Stuart Morriss – University Registrar, BAgrSc, DipBusStuds, MPP Well.
Lesley Whyte, JP, MBA
Bruce Ullrich, OBE, BCom Cant., MBA, ACA, FInstD

                                                                                        MASSEY UNIVERSITY – THE ROAD TO 2020       PAGE 27
College of Business                        Manawatu Campus                        Assistant Vice-Chancellor
Pro Vice-Chancellor                        Campus Registrar                       – Mäori & Pasifika
                                                                                  Professor Sir Mason H. Durie
Professor Lawrence C. Rose                 Dr Sandi J. Shillington
                                                                                  Private Bag 11222
Private Bag 102904                         Private Bag 11222
                                                                                  Palmerston North 4442
North Shore                                Palmerston North 4442
                                                                                  Telephone: +64 6 356 9099 ext 3558
Auckland 0745                              Telephone: +64 6 356 9099 ext 4311
Telephone: +64 9 414 0800 ext 9558
                                           Wellington Campus                      Director – Communications
College of Creative Arts                   Campus Registrar                       James C. gardiner
Pro Vice-Chancellor                        Deanna K. Riach                        Private Bag 11222
Professor Sally J. Morgan                  PO Box 756                             Palmerston North 4442
PO Box 756                                 Wellington 6140                        Telephone: +64 6 350 5255
Wellington 6140                            Telephone: +64 4 801 5799 ext 62302
Telephone: +64 4 801 5799 ext 62322
                                                                                  Director – Professional
                                                                                  and Continuing Education
College of Education                       Creativity                             Andrea M. Flavel
Pro Vice-Chancellor                        Associate Professor                    Massey University
Professor James W. Chapman                 Claire Robinson                        Private Bag 11222
Private Bag 11222                          Associate Pro-Vice Chancellor,         Palmerston North 4442
Palmerston North 4442                      College of Creative Arts               Telephone: +64 6 356 9099 ext 5188
Telephone: +64 6 356 9099 ext 8938         PO Box 756                                        Wellington 6140
                                           Telephone: + 64 4 801 5799 ext 62436
College of Humanities                            Director – Research
                                                                                  Management Services
and Social Sciences
Pro Vice-Chancellor
                                           Innovation                             Mark Cleaver
                                                                                  Private Bag 11222
Professor Susan Mumm                       Distinguished Professor                Palmerston North 4442
Private Bag 11222                          gaven J. Martin                        Telephone: +64 6 356 9099 ext 81338
Palmerston North 4442                      Private Bag 102904           
Telephone: +64 6 356 9099 ext 5257         North Shore                        Auckland 0745
                                           Telephone: +64 9 414 0800 ext 41124    Director – International
College of Sciences                              Bruce C. graham
                                                                                  Private Bag 11222
Pro Vice-Chancellor
Professor Robert D. Anderson
                                           Agri-food                              Palmerston North 4442
                                                                                  Telephone: +64 6 350 5599
Private Bag 11222                          Mark Jeffries
Palmerston North 4442                      Agri-Food Strategy Manager
Telephone: +64 6 356 9099 ext 5130         Private Bag 11222                  Palmerston North 4442                  Director Teaching, Learning
                                           Telephone: +64 6 356 9099 ext 5178
                                                                                  & Distance Learning
Albany Campus                                                                     Associate Professor Mark E. Brown
                                                                                  Private Bag 11222
Campus Registrar                           Sustainability                         Palmerston North 4442
Andrea L. Davies
                                           Dr Allanah M. Ryan                     Telephone: +64 6 350 5014
Private Bag 102904
                                           Private Bag 11222            
North Shore
                                           Palmerston North 4442
Auckland 0745                              Telephone: +64 6 356 9099 ext 2623
Telephone: +64 9 414 0800 ext 9516

          2011 UPDATE

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