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					     ThE PAR AIDE

     quality CONStRuCtiON GiveS yOu tHe edGe
     • Each hole cutter is made individually, by hand.
     • Hardened steel blades are heat-treated to resist rock
       damage. They’re so strong, a high-speed drill or
       grinding wheel must be used for sharpening.
     • Blades are dip-treated to add corrosion resistance.
     • Par Aide’s attention to detail assures the precision of
       the cutting blade.
     • Choose from foot or lever extraction for plug removal.
     • New — Par Aide welcomes the popular HiOTM
      “pound in” hole cutter.

58   toolS
                                                                                                                             hOLE CUTTERs

                                                                                                                                            depth gauge

                                                                                                                                     1007                    1008

                                                                                                                                               4                neW
                                                                                                                                      hole cutter blades

                          1                                                           2
                                                                                                                       3. depth gauge
               original lever action                                  original Foot extraction                           Unique single set screw design allows for
                   hole cutter                                              hole cutter                                  easy locating, straightening and tightening.
                                                                                                                         Cast aluminum and anodized black, fits all
                                                                                                                         hole cutters.
1. original lever action hole cutter                       2. original Foot extraction hole cutter                       1034
  A back-saving design that allows for easier                 Turf plug is extracted by stepping down on foot plate.     $   29.00
  plug extraction.                                            1002-1 With Scalloped Blade, Inside Edge
  1001-1 With Scalloped Blade, Inside Edge                    1002-2 With Scalloped Blade, Outside Edge
  1001-2 With Scalloped Blade, Outside Edge                   1002-3 With Straight Blade, Inside Edge                  4. original hole cutter blades
  1001-3 With Straight Blade, Inside Edge                     1002-4 With Straight Blade, Outside Edge                   Our redesigned, 1/2 in. longer, hole cutter blade allows
  1001-4 With Straight Blade, Outside Edge                                                                               you to cut and set your cup deeper. USGA rules state
                                                                                                                         that a cup must be set a minimum of 1 in. below the
                                                              1002-19 With Scalloped Blade, Inside Edge and              surface of the green.
  1001-19 With Scalloped Blade, Inside Edge and                       Bubble Level
                                                                                                                         hole Cutter Blade, 7-1/2 in. (18 cm) Plain
          Bubble Level                                        1002-29 With Scalloped Blade, Outside Edge and
                                                                                                                         1007-01 Inside Sharpened Edge
  1001-29 With Scalloped Blade, Outside Edge and                      Bubble Level
                                                                                                                         1007-02 Outside Sharpened Edge
          Bubble Level                                        1002-39 With Straight Blade, Inside Edge and
  1001-39 With Straight Blade, Inside Edge and                        Bubble Level                                       $   38.50
          Bubble Level                                        1002-49 With Straight Blade, Outside Edge and
                                                                                                                         hole Cutter Blade, 7-1/2 in. (18 cm) Scalloped
  1001-49 With Straight Blade, Outside Edge and                       Bubble Level
                                                                                                                         1008-01 Inside Sharpened Edge
          Bubble Level                                        $170.00                                                    1008-02 Outside Sharpened Edge
  $   200.00                                                                                                             $   40.00

                                          Suggested Blade Use: Inside sharpened for sandy soil, outside sharpened for heavier soil. 1-888-893-2433                                                                                                                                               toolS      59
                           hOLE CUTTER
                                                            tHe aRt Of HOle CuttiNG takeN uP a NOtCH
                                                            It’s been called the best pound-in hole cutter on the market. Now the patented
                                                            HiO Hole Cutter joins the Par Aide product family, giving you a choice of the two
                                                            best hole cutters available. Superintendents everywhere have been won over by
                                                            its precision, ease-of-use and time- and body-saving ability. To operate, simply
                                                            pull out the pin, lift the handle, and the hammer action drives it into the ground.
                                                            Enjoy the following advantages:
                                                            • Perfectly round holes with clean edges.

                    neW!                                    • Easy on arms and shoulders — no twisting required.                                       !
                                                            • Easy for any crew member to operate.
                                                            • Powerful action works great on clay-based “push up” greens.
                                                            • Achieve uniform hole depth.
                                                            • Saves time.

                                                            Extremely Important Blade Selection:
                                                            • “push up” and native soil greens — outside sharpened blade required.
                                                            • Sand-based and uSga greens — inside sharpened blade required.

                                                            1. par aide hio hole cutter
                                                              With its patented design, the HiO hole cutter means perfectly cut cups that keep greens
                                                              looking great and playing true, all while saving you time and effort.
                                                              1003-1 HiO Hole Cutter with inside sharpened blade — sand-based, USGA greens
                                                              1003-2 HiO Hole Cutter with outside sharpened blade — native soil “push up” greens
                                                              $   550.00
                                                              1009-01 HiO inside sharpened replacement blade — sand-based, USGA greens
                                                              1009-02 HiO outside sharpened replacement blade — native soil “push up” greens
                                                              $   99.00
                                                            depth gauge
                                                              Unique single set screw design allows for easy locating, straightening and tightening.
                                                              Cast aluminum and anodized black, fits all hole cutters.
                                                              $   29.00

     Place HiO Hole Cutter in    Remove pin. Lift handle                      HiO Hole Cutter cuts holes                            HiO Hole Cutter leaves a
      desired cup location.     and hammer action drives                      with one plug, every time.                           perfectly round, clean hole.
                                  cutter into the ground.

60   toolS
                                                                                                            hOLE CUTTER
                                                                                                        1. steel Handle
              2. rubber Grip

                          3. locking Pin

                                                                                          6. ejecting rod

                                            4. outer tube

                                  5. ejecting Handle
                                                                                       7. cleat

                                  8. rope

                                                                                               9. rubber ring

1. two-piece Steel handle                   5. ejecting handle     9. rubber ring                               13. Stop ring & pin kit
  1003-21 (hardware and grips included)       1003-8 (complete)      1003-13                                        (not shown)
  $   39.00                                   $   31.00              $15.50
                                                                                                                   $   6.00
2. rubber grip                              6. ejecting rod        10. triangle plate (not shown)
  1003-9 (pair)                               1003-10 (complete)     1023-6-1
  $   8.25                                    $   24.00              $   6.00

3. locking pin, Spring &                    7. cleat               11. inner tube (not shown)
   ball kit                                   1003-16                1003-25 (complete)
  1003-22                                     $   4.25               $115.00
                                            8. rope                12. piston (not shown)
4. outer tube                                 1003-17                1017 (complete)
  1003-7 (complete)                           $   4.25               $15.50
  $104.00 1-888-893-2433                                                                                                                toolS   61
     GREEn TOOLs

                                                                                                  cup puller

                                                                                                                                           hole cutter handle with
                                                                                                                                            built-in bubble level
                        cup hole cleaner

                                                                                                                                                                      neW n!
                                4                                                                   5                                                   6            deS

                    hole cutter guide                                                Superintendent tool ii                                         cup Setter

     1. cup hole cleaner                                        4. hole cutter guide                                          7. hole cutter replacement parts
       All-steel construction. Designed to prevent unsightly      Made from highly durable ABS plastic. 23 in. x 19 in.        Hole Cutter Piston        Wooden Handle for
       dirt stains on green by removing water from hole           (58 cm x 48 cm). Place on green when cutting cup hole        1016                      Hole Cutter
       when changing cups, prior to inserting turf plug. Just     to eliminate heel marks, minimize raised hole edges                                    1022
       remove cup, insert cup hole cleaner, press down            and encourage a straight cut.                                $15.50
       slowly, forcing water into unit, and remove. No more       1030                                                                                   $  10.00
                                                                                                                               Lever Arm only
       mess on green or pants.                                                                                                 1020                      Main Shaft for Lever
                                                                  $   60.00
       950                                                                                                                                               Action Hole Cutter
                                                                                                                               $   31.00
       $   55.00                                                                                                                                         1023
                                                                  5. Superintendent tool ii                                    Push Rod only             $   69.00
                                                                  This superintendent tool features a unique coring tine       1021
     2. cup puller                                                                                                                                       Main Shaft for Foot
                                                                  perfect for repairing ball marks or removing small           $   22.00
       Features long rod and rubber handle for maximum            trouble spots in greens. Stainless steel multi tool                                    Extraction Hole Cutter
       leverage and comfort. Plated steel construction.           contains a coring tool, ball mark repair tool, scissors,                               1024
       Three-hook design pulls cup out of hole straight and       file, knife, and a FID — rope splicer. Each tool comes in
       with ease, with no damage to turf.
                                                                                                                                                         $  79.00
                                                                  a nylon pouch with Par Aide Logo and belt loop.
       1032                                                       1035
       $16.50                                                     $   39.00

     3. hole cutter handle                                        6. cup Setter
        with built-in bubble level
       Made of turned hardwood with a recessed bubble             Cast aluminum with powder-coated white finish. The
       level. Straight cup every time, regardless of who’s        redesigned Cup Setter now sets cups an extra 1/8 in.
       using it — from the novice hole cutter to the              (1-1/8 in. total) below the surface of the green. USGA
       experienced veteran. Optional item for all Par Aide        rule states that the putting cup must be set at a
       hole cutters and fits most major brands.                   minimum of 1 in.
       1029                                                       1031

       $   30.00
                                                                  $   37.50

62   toolS
                                                                                                                     CREW CADDY™
When it’s time to grab your tools and get to work, let Par Aide’s innovation go to work for you. It’s the Crew Caddy, the most convenient way to help
you organize your greens tools so you can keep everything you need within reach. That’s another way Par Aide helps you save time and effort on
the course.
• Constructed of durable, lightweight plastic so it’s ready for the rigors of the job.
• Ergonomically designed so it’s easy to work with.
• Separate compartments make organizing and finding your equipment a snap.
• Ingenious features like hole cutter straps and removable soil containers for added convenience.
• Includes water bottle.

                                                                  Separate compartments keep cup, paint, flags, water bottles, small
                                                                  tools, radio and more where they belong.

Convenient Velcro strap
holds hole cutter securely,
avoiding damage.

Removable soil container,
                                                                                Curved edges for carrying comfort.
perfect for holding cup
plugs and excess soil on
the green.

                                   1                                       Removable soil container.

                              crew caddy

1. crew caddy                                                                                                                          Smooth base won’t leave marks when
   1038                                                                                                                                placed on greens.
   $   82.00 1-888-893-2433                                                                                                                                     toolS        63

     This tool cuts aeration time drastically and offers the most streamlined way to clean cores from greens. Just walk a straight line through your green as it
     plows all cores in its path into a neat pile right off the green. Then shovel it up and move on to the next green. The Core Hog easily mounts to walk
     behind greens mowers with brackets compatible with Toro® 1000, Toro Flex 21, Jacobsen® PGM and John Deere® 220, 220A and 180A. Patent pending.

     • Up to 70% faster than manual cleanup.
     • Provides safe green contact with smooth plastic wear bars.
     • Stainless steel hardware designed for long-lasting wear.
     • Made of powder-coated 10-gauge steel.



              1                                                                      See a product video at
       core hog

     1. core hog with                                     core hog with
        universal bracket                                 toro Flex 21 bracket
       1075                                                  1076
       $   285.00                                            $   295.00

                                    Replacement bracket sets available.
      Toro is a registered trademark of Toro, Inc.; Jacobsen is a registered trademark of Textron, Inc.;
                             John Deere is a registered trademark of Deere, Inc.

     2. aerifying cup plugs
       • Made from durable, lightweight, weather-resistant foam material.
       • Used when aerating greens to protect integrity of the hole.
       • Used when topdressing greens to keep sand from filling up cup hole.
       • Can be left in holes during winter months.
       • Aeration tines able to penetrate plug without pulling it out of the hole.
       • Sold in sets of nine.
       • Can be reused 2–3 times.
       1070 Regulation Cup Size
       1071 Practice Cup Size                                                                                         2                     Cup Plug protects hole from
                                                                                                                                              damage when aerating.
       $   51.00/set of 9
                                                                                                              aerifying cup plugs

64   toolS
                                                                                       CORE bUsTER DRAG MAT

Our innovative Core Buster Drag Mat breaks up cores easier, faster, better. Made of durable polyethylene, it’s safer on your turf than steel mats.
The interlocking 20 in. x 20 in. x 2 in. (51 cm x 51 cm x 5 cm) grid panels let you create a variety of sizes, so you can add or subtract to fit your
fairways, tees and greens. Plus, the Core Buster is durable and rust free, and the panels are stackable or can be hung for easy storage. Also works
great for breaking up grass clippings, dragging in top dressing on greens, and working in seed when overseeding. Easily handled by one person.
Watch video on and see how.

                                                   core buster drag Mat i

                          2                                                3                                          4                                    5
           core buster drag Mat ii                                 individual panel                                draw bars                       hardware kit

1. core buster drag Mat i                                   3. individual panel                                           5. hardware kit
  Includes 24 panels, draw bar and all hardware.               (20 in. x 20 in.) (51 cm x 51 cm)                               Includes four eye bolts with washers and nuts, and
  1081 160 in. x 60 in. (406 cm x 152 cm)                     1080-10                                                          four quick clips.
       (8 panel x 3 panel)                                                                                                     1080-11
                                                              $   26.75
  $   865.00                                                                                                                   $   8.50

                                                            4. draw bars
2. core buster drag Mat ii
                                                              1080-12 Single Section Only, Complete
  Includes 15 panels, draw bar and all hardware.
  1080 100 in. x 60 in. (254 cm x 152 cm)                     $   26.25                                                             expanding the Par Aide
        (5 panel x 3 panel)                                                                                                         Core Buster Drag Mat
                                                              *Now made from galvanized steel for added strength                    To add an additional vertical row:
  $   540.00                                                                                                                        order one draw bar, one hardware kit and
                                                                                                                                    three individual panels.
                                                                                                                                    To add an additional horizontal row:
                                                                              See a product video at
                                                                                                                                    Order five or eight individual panels.
                                                                                                                                    No hardware or bars needed. 1-888-893-2433                                                                                                                                                toolS     65

                        Par Aide is proud to offer Mechanix Wear, the “original” high-performance work glove. If your job demands a glove that is light-
                        duty and cooler, with better grip and more padding, then these are the gloves for you. Choose from the well-rounded performance
                        of the Utility Gloves, or the dual thickness of the Padded Palm Gloves for more comfort and performance.

                                                       1                                                                            2
     1. Mechanix Wear par aide utility gloves                                                2. Mechanix Wear par aide padded palm gloves
       Protect your hands with these versatile utility gloves. They feature a comfortable      For extra palm protection, slip on these padded gloves. They’re made with a spandex
       spandex top and Lycra panels between fingers for extra ventilation and flexibility.     top and tricot lining for extra comfort, plus thermal plastic rubber ribs and neoprene
       With Dura-Fit™ synthetic leather on thumb, index and middle finger to improve grip      knuckles for added flexibility. In addition, the palms are contoured with dual padding
       and strength. Available in black and olive.                                             for maximum protection. Available in black and olive.
       13591-01 Utility Glove — Black — Medium                                                 13592-01 Padded Palm Glove — Black — Medium
       13591-02 Utility Glove — Black — Large                                                  13592-02 Padded Palm Glove — Black — Large
       13591-03 Utility Glove — Black — Extra Large                                            13592-03 Padded Palm Glove — Black — Extra Large
       13591-21 Utility Glove — Olive — Medium                                                 13592-21 Padded Palm Glove — Olive — Medium
       13591-22 Utility Glove — Olive — Large                                                  13592-22 Padded Palm Glove — Olive — Large
       13591-23 Utility Glove — Olive — Extra Large                                            13592-23 Padded Palm Glove — Olive — Extra Large
       $16.50                                                                                  $   27.00

     Keep your greens in shape with this durable, easy-to-use tool. Our Green-Saver quickly repairs ball marks with one simple step. It utilizes an 8-prong
     design that moves from the outside of the ball mark to the inside. A simple press of the handle sends the first set of 4 prongs into action. Then the
     second set enters the turf at an angle and closes the turf around the ball mark. The base acts like a tamp to flatten the newly repaired area, leaving a
     smooth putting surface.
     Features include:
     • Stainless steel parts.
     • Self-lubricating bushing.
                                                                                                           See a product video at                    1
     • Precision laser-cut components.                                                           
     • Removable tabs on housing that
       allow for easy cleaning by flushing
       with water.


                                                             1. green-Saver
                                                                1090                                                                                4
                                                                $   250.00

66   toolS
                                                                      WhIPPInG POLEs / sAfETY nET
 Choose between two lightweight, durable whipping pole models for removing dew and worm casts from greens.
 • Each whipping pole offers two-piece design, with a lightweight anodized aluminum handle.
 • Each whipping pole has a durable, 8 ft. (2.4 m) tapered fiberglass tip.
 • On our original whipping pole, the handle and fiberglass tip are secured together by two thumb screws.
 • On our E-Z Whip design, the fiberglass tip slides inside the handle during storage and transportation and easily extends out
   for whipping.

                                                                             1. original Whipping pole              2. e-Z Whip Whipping pole
                 1                                                              1040                                  1060
                                                                                $   52.00                             $   57.00
original Whipping pole
                                                                             original Whipping pole                 e-Z Whip Whipping pole parts
                                                                             parts (not shown)                      (not shown)
                                                                                fiberglass Tip (includes coupler)     fiberglass Tip
                                                                                1045                                  1065

                 2                                                              $   28.50                             $   28.50
                                                                                handle with hand grip                 handle with hand grip
                                                                                1046                                  1066
      e-Z Whip
    Whipping pole                                                               $   27.50                             $   27.50
                                                                                Rubber grip
                                 Fiberglass tip slides in and                   1047                                  Rubber grip
                                 out of handle (cut-away view).                                                       1067
                                                                                $   3.00
                                                                                                                      $   3.00
                                                                                Thumb Screw
                                                                                Package of 4
                                                                                Coupler for Tip
  Fiberglass tip slides inside                                                  $   4.00
  handle for transport.                      Slides out easily for use.

                                            Safety net

 The 6-1/2 ft. x 6 ft. (2 m x 1.8 m) net provides
 ample protection for employees doing work in
 the line of fire. Its collapsible frame has aluminum
 uprights with fiberglass upper and lower cross
 pieces and heavy-duty “step-in” stakes that
 secure the uprights. The net is high-strength
 polypropylene with high-visibility safety yellow
 borders. Literally set up in seconds!

 1. Safety net
    $   225.00 1-888-893-2433                                                                                                                   toolS   67

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