The Notorious Jumping Frog of Calaveras County Notes by fdh56iuoui


									The Notorious Jumping Frog of Calaveras County Notes

Frame Narrative -- A plot structure which involves telling one story within another story

      What are the two frames of NJF:

      What distinguishes the two:

Tall Tale -- A folk story associated with the American frontier regions; elements include:

      •   Humorous situations
      •   Wildly exaggerated details
      •   Creative invention
      •   Bold, but sometimes foolish, characters
      •   Characters with extra-ordinary or superhuman abilities
      •   Not intended to be believable

      Identify an example of each element in NJF:


Local Color -- The portrayal of behaviors distinctive to a region, such as speech, behavior,
dress, food, beliefs, etc.

      What elements of local color (besides language) are apparent in NJF:

Regionalism -- An emphasis on themes, characters, and settings from a particular
geographical region

      What regional details are provided in NJF:

Vernacular — Ordinary, everyday speech of a particular country or region; informal speech
Idiom -- A saying that takes on a special meaning apart from the literal meaning of the

      Identify one idiomatic expression from the Easterner:

      Identify one idiomatic expression from Simon Wheeler:

Dialect -- A variation of a language spoken by a particular group; may differ in vocabulary,
      pronunciation, or grammar; vernacular language

Syntax -- Word order and sentence structure

Diction — Specific choice of words

Irony -- A contrast between appearance or expectations and reality

      Verbal Irony—saying something but meaning the opposite (sarcasm)

      What verbal irony is present in NJF:

      Dramatic Irony—when the audience knows something which the character
      does not

      Provide an example of dramatic irony in NJF:

      Situational Irony—when the outcome of a situation is different than the audience

      Provide an example of situational irony in NJF:

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