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					                           MACALESTER COLLEGE

                    The Mosaic
Fall 2010
                            The Newsletter of the Department of Multicultural Life, Macalester College
Volume 8, Issue 1

                                        Editors: Karla Benson Rutten & Afifa Benwahoud

   The Context For and Against Bullying                                                                  By Tommy Woon

   Bias, harassment, hate, and          her family lived. She went to classes in       as unwor-
   bullying continue. This isn’t        her elementary, middle, and high               thy       of
   news to people who experience        school where she received permission           respect or
   them every day. What’s new is        from teachers to conduct a survey.             equality.
   that bullying is getting more        She wrote “China” on the black board           When
   attention in the media and ex-       (before white boards existed) and              children
   posing something that’s been         asked students to write their reactions.       in     par- Orientation Lunch for
   happening forever. What is           At every level there were many hateful         ticular          Students of
   not getting into the news is an      responses such as “Chinese multiply            learn be- Color/Multiracial
   analysis of the ways the climate     like rabbits, we should gather them all        ing gay is        Students
   for bullying is created and can      together, and drop an atomic bomb on           a       sin,
   be overcome.                         them.” She was stunned because her             pathological, or unnatural
           In early 1980’s I spon-      town didn’t have any Asians living in          in places where moral au-
   sored a project by a college stu-    it. At this time we were not at war            thority is assumed, attacking
   dent who conducted a survey of       with China nor was China any threat            gays can easily lead to at-
   children’s views of China. This      in any real way.                               tacks on gays in person.
   student went to schools in the               People who bully learn some-
   small rural community where          thing that allows them to treat people                             Cont. Page 4

   Cultural House Mad-lib                                             By the C-House Residents   Inside this issue:

            This semester, we, the cultural      net neutrality and danced (verb-ed) to          DML Programs       2-3
   house residents, got to know each other       protect it. We love org programs! They          Tapas/Soup &
   and tried to learn a new skill together—      help us bond epically (adv) over leftover       Substance/
   writing a Mad Lib. We weren’t so suc-         midnight snacks. Alina is our highlighter       Cultural House
   cessful, but we hope you enjoy it:            (n). Every Tuesday cultural orgs come to
                                                 the kitchen to cook nation state (n). Last      New Organiza- 4
            Living in the Cultural House is                                                      tion on Campus:
   fuzzy (adj). The C-House rooms are so         Tuesday I ate a deep-fried ski lift             MR M
   noble (adj) compared to the dorm              (n). Our favorite YouTube video is “I
                                                 play     (v)  my    hair     back     and       Poem:              5
   rooms and my house-mates are ridicu-                                                          “Collective”
   lous (adj). We host many giant (adj)          forth.” Everyone is welcome to come
                                                 visit the C-House! You can get in with          Remembering        6
   programs! During my favorite program I                                                        Carnaval...
   got to skipping (v). Someone was glit-        your D-tooth (n). We hope you’ll look
   tery (adj) at the block party. Hollaback      out for our upcoming events.                    Snapshots from     7
                                                                                                 DML Programs
   Café was gnarly and different (adj). All            COME TO THE POETRY
   the participants were spicy (adj) about       SLAM ON NOV. 12!
Xpressions: Snap That!
                                                                                      By Lucy Chen ‘12 and Rose Huey ‘13

         On September 28th and 30th gram staff, and many students who            individuals
from 12-1PM, Xpressions invited the were previously unaware of the               in      one
Macalester community to navigate DML’s presence on campus.                       piece was a
new spaces and explore other realities            We were very lucky to have     formidable
through the use of photographs. We beautiful weather during the two              challenge.
posted ourselves outside the Leonard days that this event was held, and          The     fin-
and Campus Center, inviting people many community members seemed                 ished piece “Snap That!” Exhibit at the
to use the disposable cameras pro- eager to participate. The pictures            was a won-       Lealtad-Suzuki Center
vided to capture a                                       manifested as peo-      derful re-
new perspective,                                         ple climbing trees,     minder that although every individ-
and solidify mo-           “Our intention was to have                            ual has a different way of perceiving
                                                         sitting in plants,
mentary thoughts, people challenge their way of taking pictures up               campus, we are all united through
feelings, and emo-                thinking…”                                     our physical surroundings.
                                                         close, being near
tions. Our inten-                                        the ground and                   So far, we have heard of
tion was to have people challenge taking pictures of the sky, and some
                                                                                 many positive opinions expressed
their way of thinking, by projecting even took pictures while riding tan-
                                                                                 about the event and the photo com-
their younger/older self, aspirations, dem on a bicycle! We found that
and fears anonymously through the the process of creating the final              pilation. Our hopes for the future
pictures. Through our event we suc- compilation to be the most reward-           of this piece is to have it travel
cessfully engaged much of the ing part of our jobs as facilitators.              throughout campus for short exhib-
Macalester community from students Finding a cohesive stream of vision,          its, while ultimately ending up at
familiar with the Department of Mul- and presenting the work of many             the Cultural House as a permanent
ticultural Life, to faculty, campus pro-                                         fixture.

                                                                                            By Gaby Deal-Marquez ’12 and
Tapas Series: Conversing Across Differences                                                           Katie Hinkfuss ‘13

         "E(race)ing Identities?: Por-    had towards Islam in general at this   ics of a U.S. trajectory of racializing
trayals of Muslims in the Media," was     point in time, and how this was        Muslims and those perceived to be
the opening program for the Tapas         receiving so much press. It made us    Muslims.
Series 2010-2011, sponsored by the        wonder about the portrayals of Mus-             Sources used to generate
Lealtad-Suzuki Center. Drawing from       lims in the media and how this may     discussion ranged from clips from
different media sources, the conversa-                                           news broadcasts to documentary
tion explored different ways that Mus-     “Our title stemmed out of these       footage. We placed special emphasis
lim identities are portrayed in the me-                                          on examining how these portrayals
                                             broader conversations on
dia, both negatively and positively.                                             have been affected since 9/11, and
                                             representation toward the
          We came up with the topic                                              in light of the recent debates over
while discussing the recent debates        specifics of a U.S. trajectory of     the Islamic Center in New York
over the Islamic Center in NYC, that          racializing Muslims…”              City. The great turn out of students
we had both followed pretty closely                                              and faculty of different back-
over the Summer, and were intrigued       have changed with certain events       grounds contributed to a unique
by how different news sources were        such as (more historically) 9/11 or    conversation. We hope the event
covering the debates while choosing       (more recently) debates over the       encouraged people to use dialogue
to highlight certain issues over oth-     Islamic Center. Our title stemmed      as a way to explore issues that may
ers. We were also perplexed about         out of these broader conversations     be hard to talk about, but are preva-
the negative feelings many Americans      on representation toward the specif-   lent in our society.

  Page 2
Soup & Substance: Race, Ethnicity, and Nationality
Outside the Mac Bubble"
                                                                                                          By Jon Cole ‘12

         In the middle of October, from there, it gets complicated to           nic part of
around forty members of the Mac explain that part of herself to peo-            yourself.”
community came together in the ple from outside her country. In the                      “I
basement of Kagin for Soup and Czech language there are two                     hope that
Substance. The purpose of the equivalent words for the English                  by the end
event was to reflect on identity in use of “nationality.” There’s the           of the four
and out of the                                             “nationality” of a   years I am              October’s
Mac bubble, with                                           state with bor-      seen        as     “Soup & Substance”
regards to the “I think of my nationality as for ders. There is also            Vera. It [my
experiences of the sure Czech.” But from there, it “nationality” as             identity] is not that same as before,
panelists. One of          gets complicated…”              the many identi-     because I’ve changed.” She’s made
the panelists was                                          ties and ethnici-    many friends, and “In some close
Mac senior Vera Sidlova ‘11.          ties within a state.                      relationships my Czech identity has
         If you don’t know Vera, Transition to living in the United             become tangible.” That is to say,
she’s an animated talker and pas- States involved a lot of challenges           “As relationships become deeper,
sionate thinker about whatever top- and triumphs for Vera. Reminiscing          what Czech means to me becomes
ics cross her path.                   about her first year she remembers,       apparent to them.” Vera, in reflec-
         Vera sat down with me for “You want to preserve a part of              tion of her time at Mac, feels that
an interview on the same topic as yourself.” Eventually Vera came to            internally and externally it can be
Soup and Substance. She is upfront realize that there are many parts of         apparent that, “Czech and Vera,
about her identity, “I think of my one’s identity, and the piece you            none is a total image of the other.”
nationality as for sure Czech.” But retain “doesn’t have to be the eth-

Cultural House ‘s Haiku                                                                            By Rebecca Jackson ‘13

-Lavender Reception -                                                           -Hollaback Café on Net Neutrality-
LGBTQ                                                                           Save the Internet!
and allies, making buttons,                                                     Fight corporate greed, protect
talking, eating yum.                                                            Online equality.

-C-House Block Party-                                                           -C-House Poetry Slam-
                                                  C-House Block Party
Music, snow-cones, chalk,                             Fall 2010
                                                                                Is gonna be tight!
popcorn and love. Water fight.                                                  Speak of the invisible.
Love this bright Partaaaaaay!                                                   Speak for all to see.

-ITKW The C-House-
Food from all of us
warm, happy kitchen. Crazed but
                                                  The New Face to the
Glad to see you all.                                Cultural House

                                                                                                                  Page 3
The Context For and Against Bullying...continued

                                  It    ture. He reminds us that survivors      licensed as both a psychologist and
is not hard to imagine children bul-    may be trapped by abuse in the          a marriage and family therapist. He
lying when they absorb unchal-          home or other inescapable situa-        is the author of numerous books.
lenged stereotypes and ignorance in     tions. In such instances he offers      His private practice is in Saint Paul,
their families and communities. A       seven practical strategies with valu-   Minnesota, where he lives with his
need for useful context for survivors                                           wife. His most recent book, Honor
is equally important.                   “It is not hard to imagine children     Betrayed: Sexual Abuse In America’s
                                            bullying when they absorb           Military addresses, among other
         Recently, a Macalester           unchallenged stereotypes and
alumnus, Dr. Mic Hunter ’79 wrote                                               things, the mistreatment of gays and
                                          ignorance in their families and       lesbians. His forth-coming book,
“Advice to GLBT Kids Coping with                   communities.”
Bullies” and is asking for help to                                              Back To The Source: The Spiritual
circulate it. I encourage you to read                                           Principles Of Jesus, will be released in
his work. He provides additional        able context to help survivors and      late 2010 or early 2011. In it he
context as well as practical advice.    allies to overcome bullying.            addresses the mistreatment of
He warns it isn’t helpful just to en-           It’s great to see a local Mac   women, gays, and lesbians.
courage victims of bullying to cope     alumnus such as Dr. Mic Hunter
by imagining a better life in the fu-   doing such wonderful work. He is

New Organization on Campus: MR M                                                                         By Jon Cole ‘12

                                        is, sexism harms men as well as         der-violence we would love to have
                                        women, and all people have a stake      your help:
                                        in dismantling a cultural system        • Speak Out against violence in any
                                        biased towards men.                         form.
                                                    At MR M we are working • Challenge Stereotypes that frame
                                        to create a model of masculinity            men and women as opposites,
                                        that is                                                    enemies, or having
                                        positive,                                                  “natural” gender
                                        t h a t “A big part of our mission is to address traits.
         I wanted to let you know a     s h o w s how restrictive notions of masculinity
little about a new organization on      r e s p e c t can negatively affect the everyday lives • Join Up with a
                                                                 of Mac students.”                 community anti-
campus called: Macalester Reclaims-     for      all
                                        people                                                     sexist organization
Masculinity: MR M. MR M
                                        with words and deeds, without op-           like MR M, FIA*STARSA, or
(pronounced “Mister Em”) is de-
                                        pressing any persons. Obviously,            Queer Union.
voted to eradicating sexual violence
on campus by addressing the role of     we’ve got a long way to go in this • Read Up to learn more about
men as perpetrators.                    world of ours, and need all the help        what you can do in your personal
                                        we can get from people of all gen-          or political life.
        A big part of our mission is
to address how restrictive notions of
masculinity can negatively affect the           If you’ve got a stake in cul-
everyday lives of Mac students. That    tural change around gender or gen-

Page 4
                                                C o lle c ti ve

we are all collectors of

acquire sleepovers and game nights,
pillow-fights and movie marathons,
                                                                       By Spero Walkowiak ‘13
parties, concerts, and acquire

acquire midterms and stress
break-ups, break-downs, and insults
crying, the shoulder of a friend, and acquire

we are all collections of

be skin color, be sexuality
be woman, man
domestic, international                                     be target and survivor
faith, non-faith,                                           weather insults and intolerance
athlete, academic, artist                                   make yourself a center you can stand in
be genuine                                                  and know what you stand for
                                                            you will always be more
                                                            than ignorance will make you out to be
                                                            be amazement

                                                            we are all collectors of memories
                                                            and collections of identities

                                                            remember who you are
                                                            and love that wholly

                                                                                                      Page 5
Studying Abroad in São Paulo, Brazil:
Remembering Carnaval                                                                                    By Angela Gutierrez ‘11

         While the twin cities have ber when my host mom invited me
lots to offer in the worlds of art, cui- to participate in a citywide parade
sine and music, São Paulo, a city with that happens every year during car-
just under 19 million inhabitants, nival. The parade is a competition
feels like a revolving door of cultural between the various samba schools
events that seem last all through the that are traditionally associated with
night and happen all year long. I ar- a particular neighborhood, and can
rived there in January, and after a be very competitive.                                    Angela in her beautiful outfit
month of adjusting to the language,               I had no idea what I was
the noise,                                               getting into until I                 Four hours later, after danc-
the                                                      attended one of the         ing my feet off and singing the
             “I knew it was going to be an experience
crowds                                                   rehearsals at the           school’s anthem over and over, I
             to remember when my host mom invited
on      the                                              samba school, Rosas         felt like I had just been a part of
metro        me to participate in a citywide parade…” de Ouro (Golden                something amazing. During the pa-
and living                                               Roses). Expecting a         rade, among giant floats and cheer-
with a host family, I got my first taste formal rehearsal where we learned           ing crowds and huge, ridiculous
of the fervor and excitement that specific steps, I was definitely mis-              costumes, I felt like I had been
came to define my experience in Bra- taken when I arrived at the school              transported to another world. I was
zil.                                      and several hundred people were            delighted to hear when the winners
         Carnival is an event that is milling around amongst beer and                were announced that the Rosas de
celebrated all over the world in differ- food vendors. When the music                Ouro had placed first in the compe-
ent cultural forms, but Brazil’s version started, everyone began to dance            tition! It was only the beginning of
is perhaps the most famous. I wasn’t and sing along to words that, by the            what would come to be an incredi-
sure what to expect, but I knew it was end of the night, I knew by heart.            ble experience of cultural participa-
going to be an experience to remem-                                                  tion in Brazil.

Playing Pretend Is Not Just For Kids                                                                              By Jon Cole ‘12

          On a Friday night I like noth-   you had fun, you won!                     ling. Not every role-playing experi-
ing better than getting together with                To me, role-playing is not      ence is as literal; in the game Dogs in
friends to play a game over drinks.        all fun and games. It’s entertaining      the Vineyard, players make-believe as
The drinks in this case are milkshakes     of course, but role-playing is not        Wild West gunslingers, but the
at The Neighborhood Café, and the          simply thoughtless escapism. As a         game is functionally about making
game is Dungeons and Dragons or oth-       personal way to interact with new         moral choices in situations without
ers like it. That’s right, I am unasham-   ideas and think about how I might         clear answers.
edly a nerd, one who likes to role-play    relate to unfamiliar experiences, it is           To be sure, role-playing is
on the weekend. As role-playing            unparalleled in my experience. An         like any art form with its high and
games have evolved since their genesis     illustration can be found in the          low points—you have your Do The
in the 1980s, this way of playing pre-     game Steal Away Jordan, a sober           Right Thing games, and your Con Air
tend has become an adult activity (not     meditation of the lives of enslaved       games. Role-playing, my favorite
like that) which involves chatting         Africans in the 19th Century United       cinema of the imagination, is as
around a table more often than wav-        States. Each player steps into an         broad as a valley and deep as a sea
ing foam swords. The make-believe          experience that is as much a history      trench. Why not try it out some-
events take place in the mind’s eye        lesson as it is collaborative storytel-   time?
and the game play is collaborative—if

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                                  Snapshots from our various Programs

                                                                          “Tapas Series”
   “Host Family Program “                                                 October 2010

                                                 MSA Iftar
                                              September 2010

“Pluralism & Unity Program”                                             “Soup & Substance “
         2010-2011                                                       November 2010

       Orientation Lunch
                                              Lealtad-Suzuki Center         Lavender Reception
           Fall 2010
                                               Open House 2010                  Fall 2010

  Lealtad-Suzuki Center’s Staff                                            Cultural House Staff
           2010-2011                          DML Staff 2010-2011              2010-2011
                         Fall Events of the Department of Multicultural Life

 November 4:               “Soup & Substance: Class Dynamics Outside the Mac Bubble”

 November 06:              “Host Family Program Pot Luck”

 November 10:              “Tapas: Culture Shock! Language, Taboo, and Identity”

 November 18:              “Xpressions: Mobile Me”

 December 2:               “Soup & Substance: The Politics of Religion and Spirituality Outside the Mac

                  Please send submissions for the next edition of The Mosaic to

           2010-2011 Pluralism and Unity                                    Department of Multicultural Life Staff
                 Program Facilitators
                                                                     • Tommy L. Woon, Dean of Multicultural Life
                                                                     • Karla Benson Rutten, Director Lealtad-Suzuki Center
• Karla Benson Rutten, Director, Lealtad-Suzuki Center
                                                                     • Alina Wong, Assistant Director Lealtad-Suzuki Center
• Ryan Prosser, Hall Director, Residential Life
                                                                     • Afifa Benwahoud, Department Coordinator
• Robin Hart Ruthenbeck, Associate Director Campus
  Programs                                                           • Sedric McClure, Multicultural Counselor, MAX Center

• Marlon James, Assistant Professor, English


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