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                                    Implement sales force strategy through optimized field alignment and get
                                    better resource utilization and target coverage; our complete territory
                                    field alignment and deployment process is designed to facilitate better change
Analytics   Technology   Research   management and field buy-in

Territory                           According to a market research study, nearly eighty percent of US companies have imbalanced
                                    sales territory alignment and that includes pharmaceutical companies as well. When territories
Alignment                           are out of balance, too much effort is deployed against low potential customers and too little
& Sales Force                       is deployed against many high potential customers. The result is that companies often leave
                                    millions of dollars on the table.
                                                                              Why is territory alignment so important?
                                                                                                 Workload Imbalance
                                                                                            Customers are underserved while
                                                                                            the sales team is overworked


                                                      Workload Index


                                                                                                 Under-utilized resources

                                    With access issues and a competitive marketplace, it’s a challenge for any pharmaceutical
                                    company to align its territories effectively and then deploy its sales forces according to the
                                    skills and capabilities of its sales people with respect to its product-portfolios. An important
                                    aspect in this scenario is the timely availability of information in an integrated and easy to use
                                    manner. Even when the data is available, most companies lack the sophisticated analytical
                                    tools to analyze it, and understand the impact of adding/reducing number of sales reps in a
                                    particular territory.

                                    We at marketRx, understand that a territory alignment affects all your customers and your own
                                    people. Through our domain expertise and vast experience in providing actionable solutions to
                                    our clients, right from strategy to implementation, marketRx offers high quality territory
                                    alignment and deployment solutions using proven methodology and flexible tools across the
                                    entire territory allocation process.

                                    Our Methodology
                                    At marketRx we have designed a well tested process that delivers on four key success factors
                                    to ensure successful implementation of the field force strategy.

                                                               Database                          Territory         Management   Representative
                                             Design                             Location                                                         Implementation
                                                               Development                       Optimization      Design       Replacement

                                              Strategy Implementation- Ensure deployment / design decisions are aligned with strategy

                                              Change Leadership- Fully integrated mechanisms for stakeholder buy-in and communication

                                              Process Management- Client-centric process utilizing tools and design stops
                                                                  to support the process

                                              Data Management- Manage data flows to support management decisions,
                                                               enhance quality, and ensure timely delivery
Our Offering
marketRx delivers robust analyses to support critical business decisions, such as deployment of resources, best territory
headquarter locations and the overall optimization of territory alignment. Our solution is backed by our iAlign™ toolkit and
industry leading third party tool AlignStar. Combined with our in-depth knowledge of pharmaceutical sales and marketing domain,
our solution provides answers to a host of business issues, such as:

              Sales Force                 Expansion/
                                          Reduction                               Some of the many pressing questions we have answered
                                                                                  successfully for our clients are:
                                                                                     What is the best sales force structure and deployment
           Merger                                    CSO                             to implement my sales and marketing strategy?
         Integration           Alignment          Deployment
                                                                                     How can I “do more with less” and increase sales force
                                                                                     productivity and therefore my Return on Investment?

      Representative                              Goal                               How can we enhance customer coverage, increase
       Placement                                 Setting                             performance and lower travel costs?
                                 Sales                                               How do I minimize disruption and manage change
                              Organization                                           effectively while resizing my sales force?

marketRx works with sales operations and human resources to develop the objectives and constraints of the sales deployment
process (in the context of the issues such as new launch, integration of forces, level of disruption, future changes, redeployment).
   Create an alignment database based on the expected activity by customers and the location of target customers or accounts
   Create workload indices and use local geographical knowledge to design territories
   Review proposed territories (with maps and reports) with field and deployment team to finalize territories
   Conduct DM sessions to finalize rep assignment, territory changes. Build communication plan
   Deliver ZIP-TERR files, Rep Placement and change management plans
We will also help you validate your alignment periodically through the Territory Expert Report Card.

                                                             Territory Expert Report Card
                                 Below is the Territory Expert's report card based upon the selected variable: Norm P MD Ind
                                    Overall Grade:           Detailed Grade:
                                                               Data Linking: A

                                                                Contiguity: C+

                                       C+                         Balance: D-

                                                           Rep Distribution: C+
                                                              Compactness: A

                                                           Travel Efficiency: F

Our Benefits
marketRx is a leading provider of complete sales and marketing effectiveness solutions to global life sciences companies,                                    and
utilizes its strengths in analytics, research and technology to deliver actionable and measurable results. Territory Alignment                               and
Deployment solution from marketRx lets you benefit from our vast experience in building sales force strategy capabilities                                    and
implementing the same for our clients across all major global markets and therapeutic categories. Key benefits are:
    Geographical footprint for sales teams to provide best customer coverage & resource utilization
    Territory and management unit boundaries while maintaining even workload
    Capability of handling physician-based, account based or hybrid territory alignment plans
    Incorporation of both resource utilization as well as personnel aspects of sales force deployment resulting in rep buy-in                                and
    better acceptance

Sales Operations & Management                        Product Management                             Market Research
marketRx combines market research, analytics and technology to provide solutions that enable our customers at global
pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to improve effectiveness of their sales and marketing initiatives. With all
of the top 20 global pharmaceutical companies as customers, marketRx is the leading provider of integrated marketing
and sales effectiveness solutions.
                                                                                                                         www.marketrx.com email: info@marketrx.com

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