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									                       Welcome to Larkin High School Athletics
                                      and the
                            Larkin Athletic Booster Club

The MISSION as the LARKIN ATHLETIC BOOSTER CLUB is to support and promote
ALL athletic teams at Larkin High School; to unite parents, coaches, athletes, faculty and
staff, and the community, in a way that enhances the sharing of school spirit, and provides
moral as well as financial support, so that there will be an ongoing improvement to all
Larkin High School athletic programs.

The Larkin Athletic Booster Club raises money through:
   • Selling concessions
   • Selling official Larkin Novelty items
   • Annual Booster Bash held in late February or early March
   • Annual Golf Outing held in June
   • Market Day sales
   • MVP Program
   • Sports Physicals

By raising this money we are able to provide, assist, and purchase:
   • Uniforms
   • Senior athletic banquet
   • Awards
   • Scholarships
   • Weight room upgrades
   • Coaches wish lists
   • Homecoming give away
   • Improvements to all LHS sports programs
   • 8th grade Meet the Coaches Night

          All parents/guardians of LHS athletes are members of the Booster Club
Accordingly, it is anticipated that all members of the Booster Club participate by donating his or
her time and talents for one of the various fund raising efforts by the Booster Club. You are
encouraged to fill out the volunteer sheet on the back side for any one of these activities
throughout the year.

All Booster Club meetings are held the first Tuesday of each month in the Larkin H.S. library.
The Club is organized with a Board of Directors and Executive Board. All are welcome to
attend. Contact us if you are interested in serving on the board. Please visit our website
through the link on the Larkin High School home page for more information. If you have any
questions, comments or suggestions, you may contact me evenings at (224)659-2833.


Larkin Booster Club President
                               LARKIN HIGH SCHOOL BOOSTER CLUB

The Larkin Booster Club has been in existence since 1962 to support and promote all athletic
teams at Larkin High School. The purpose of the Booster Club is to foster school spirit and
provide moral and financial support for the various athletic programs. All LHS sports programs
benefit from the Booster Club’s financial support. We can’t do this without the help of Larkin
parent volunteers working along with us. Please consider helping out for an hour or two this
year …. if we all do a little, we can accomplish a lot!

Name __________________________________________ Phone _________________

I’d be available to help out at: (please circle choices)

_____Football Games:         Sophomore Varsity         Either
_____Boys Basketball:        Sophomore Varsity         Either
_____Girls Basketball:       Sophomore Varsity         Either
_____Boys Soccer or          Girls Soccer
_____Sell Fridays at School during lunch
_____Sell Football Games Sophomore Varsity             Either
_____Assist with Booster Bash
_____Assist with Golf Outing
_____Work at Market Day – 3:30 – 5:00 once a month on Wednesday

It is now more important than ever to provide additional support for the athletic programs
and we need your help……

                           So Become an MVP Today!
        May we acknowledge you with your name in a newsletter or program?   Yes   No

_____   $10 MVP Team Player – MVP window cling
_____   $25 MVP Team Captain – MVP window cling & 2 tickets to LHS home game
_____   $50 MVP All Conference – MVP window cling & 4 tickets to LHS home game
_____   $100 MVP All State – MVP window cling & 8 tickets to LHS home game
_____   Corporate Sponsor MVP!
        Would your business like to make a donation to the Larkin Athletic Programs?
        All corporate sponsors receive our MVP Plaque to display as well as tickets or spiritwear

            Make check payable to: LHS Booster Club and return with registration

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