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									                    Administration Job Descriptions

Administration Job Profile and Description

Administration consist the overall management or performance of business operations. They make
implementations in all the major decisions that may affect the business growth or its decline.
Administration has a universal meaning which involves the universal process of organizing people and
resources to achieve a common goal as in business and law. A business corporation’s goal is to gain
income and provide employees work and serve the majority of consumers. While law administrations’
objective is to secure peace and stability and enforce law. Administration therefore, can refer to any
internal bureaucratic and operational organization. The administration has the sole purpose (as in
business) of ensuring that its organization is performing well and produces quality products and
services so that they, as an organization or business entity, will continue to participate and contribute
to the community and the economy as well.

Duties and Responsibilities

Here are some primary responsibilities of an administration:

   Identifies responsibilities to be performed and dividing them into departments or divisions in order
    to maximize business efficiency and productivity at a relatively short period of time.
   Specifies organizational tasks and relationships associated to the organization’s goals and
    objectives to achieve coordinated efforts and responsibilities.
   Impose authority and control within its subordinates and supervisory units.
   Decides in the recruitment and its overall process, filling job positions with the right staffs or
   Leads and directs the organization to one common goal. It may also involve relocation and
    allocation of resources and provides effective support system.
   The administration decides on the crucial issues on the organization’s work force and the
    economic implications.
   Evaluates and asses quality production and mobility in all areas and detects potential and actual
    deviations in the organization.
   Ensures high-quality products or services and maintains efficient and punctual productivity.
   The top priority function of the administration is to ensure total customer satisfaction at all levels
    and maintains friendly relationship to keep their customers in their track.
   Maintains and directs the orderliness and worry-free environment of the organization.
   Gathers all information in relation to the organization’s survival, informs the management
    departments about the measure of their performance, and decides on the necessary and
    corrective actions of its subordinates for violations of the rules, policies, procedures and

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