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					Benefits Of Noni Fruit

          April 3, 2011
        Authored by: Diana
                                                                       Noni Fruit

                                        Noni Plant Characteristics

                                        IIndonesia is typical of plants growing in forests and on the pages to a height of 1000 m above sea level.
                                        High tree can reach 3-8 m. The leaves are thick and Iebar, oval shaped, shiny and lies opposite. The flowers
                                        are small white cup-shaped. The fruit is yellowish green, spotted-leopard and a lot of seeds but also the
                                        other half there is no seed. If it is old becomes yellowish and smelly.

                                        Ingredients & Benefits of Noni

                                        This plant contains substances: methyl, asetilester from kapron danasam-kapril, morindadiol and
                                        soranyidiol. The content of methyl acetyl esterberguna to kill germs. The compound was efficacious as
                                        moridon obatpencahar while soranyidiol compounds useful for the launch keluarnyaair art. Noni is also
                                        efficacious as de-worming. The following are other benefits of Noni fruit that have been scientifically

                                        Increase Endurance Body

                                        Clinical investigations conducted by Dr. Schechter (Institute of Natural Medicine in California) to produce
Benefits Of Noni Fruit | 4/3/2011

                                        the necessary data about the ability of Noni juice, which stimulate the production of these T cells in the
                                        immune system (T cells play an important role in fighting the disease); strengthen the immune system,
                                        especially makrofaset and lymphocytes from white blood cells; showed anti-bacterial effect; have the effect
                                        of anti-sense of pain (analgesic); inhibit the growth of cells pre-cancer / tumor that is the ability to
                                        normalize the function of abnormal cells. Mona Harrison, MD from Boston University School of Medicine
                                        and medical director at DC General Hospiial, USA reported that Noni increases the function of the thyroid

gland and thymus gland, which is believed to act against infection and problems associated with the immune

Normalize Blood Pressure

According to Neil Solomon, MD.PhD, health problems of American researchers reported that the Noni
fruit contains a type of phytonutrients, namely scopoletin which serves to widen the channel of the blood
vessel constriction. This causes the heart does not have to work too hard to pump blood, so blood pressure
became normal. The result of testing on animals shows that scopoletin lowering high blood pressure and
normal to be low (hypotension abnormal). However, scopoletin contained in Noni fruit can interact
synergistically with nutraceuticals (functional foods for the treatment), another to regulate high blood
pressure became normal, but do not lower blood pressure is normal. It never found a case where the blood
pressure down to normal lead to low blood pressure (hypotension).

The experts from Stanford University, University of Hawaii, University of California (UCLA), Union
College of London, University of Meets in France who has studied the Noni agrees that these plants
contribute to lower blood pressure in many cases.

Simple clinical trial conducted by Scott Gerson, MD (from Mt. Sinai School of Medicine in New York)
shows that many users Mengkudu reported that their blood pressure becomes high when stopped drinking
Noni juice, and return to normal when taking Noni juice is regularly.

Fighting Cancer and Tumor

An interesting papers that were presented at the annual meeting of the American Association fin. Cancer         Benefits Of Noni Fruit | 4/3/2011
Research 83rd in San Diego, California, in 1992, is the Anti-tumor activity of Morinda citrifolia on Lewis
Lung Carcinoma in the mouse injected. In this study, rats were given an injection of Lewis Lung Carcinoma
(a type of cancer). All mice that did not receive treatment with Mengkudu die within 9-12 days due to
cancer. While the mice that received treatment with Mengkudu able to survive 105 percent to 123 percent
longer (40 percent of the rats live up to 50 days or more).This study is repeated several times and each time
Mengkudu found to significantly extend the age-old rats exposed to cancer compared with rats not treated
with Noni. In summary, the results of this study revealed that Noni can inhibit tumor growth. There are

                                        some cases of cancer patients who consumed Noni fruit juice and be cured, among other cases, patients Dr.
                                        Harrison (DC General Hospital), who suffered from liver cancer and stomach swelling caused by fluid

                                        During the 7 days consuming Noni juice, swelling in the stomach is reduced significantly. Testing haru
                                        stomach fluids showed that cancer cells have disappeared. According to Drs. Judah Folkman of Harvard
                                        University, Noni works synergistically with other micronutrients in inhibiting blood flow to the tumor
                                        cells. The mechanism is similar to the oil squalen (from shark liver) that control brain tumor growth and
                                        prolong experimental mice by destroying the means of circulation of the blood supply to tumor cells.

                                        Eliminate Pain

                                        Noni fruit's ability as an analgesic substance has been known in the history of traditional medicine, so that
                                        the plant is called painkiller tree or tree headache. Scientific research has proven beneficial effects of Noni
                                        to cope with pain.

                                        In 1990, researchers found a significant relationship between dose of Noni juice extract with analgesic
                                        activity of rats (generally, the more widely used, the analgesic effect will be stronger). Many theories
                                        explaining how the mechanisms work Mengkudu relieve pain. One is the theory of Dr. Ralph Heinicke
                                        (famous biochemist from the U.S.) who said that xeronine that play a role in relieving pain.

                                        This is associated with the ability to normalize xeronine protein in abnormal cells, including cells of brain
                                        tissue, where sourced pain. Some cases of chronic pain such as headaches constantly, nerve pain in muscles
                                        and joint pain cured after taking Noni juice.
Benefits Of Noni Fruit | 4/3/2011

                                        Anti-inflammatory and Anti-allergic

                                        The compound scopoletin (hydroxy-methoxy-coumarin) is very effective as an anti-inflammatory and anti-
                                        allergic. Medical literature reports the successful treatment of arthritis, bursitis, car-pal tunnel syndrome
                                        and allergies by using scopoletin.

Bryant Bloss, MD, orthopedist from Indiana, the U.S. reported the success of Noni juice cure back pain
they experienced as well as 15 people and patients. Meanwhile, the 8 patients reported knee pain
(osteoarthritis) almost does not feel over taking Noni juice.

Three of the patients Dr. Bloss who suffer from asthma progress with the reduction in cough. Some patients
experience sore joints also began to experience the real progress after drinking Noni juice. He offers Noni
juice as additional food / supplement, and not as a drug to his patients.


Results of research journals published darn Pacific Science (vo1.4, 1950) reported Mengkudu bahma
contain anti-bacterial ingredients that can be used to treat heart disease digestive problems.

There is lots of anthraquinone compounds in Noni roots turned out to fight bacteria that menyehabkan
Staphylococcus infection in heart and Shigella bacteria that cause dysentery.

Noni is anti bacterial against: Bacillus subtilis, Escherichicr coli, Proteus morganii, Pseudomonas
aeruginosa, Salmonella montevdleo, schotmuelleri Salmonella, Salmonella typhi, Shigella dysenteriae,
Shigella flexnerii, Shigella paraciysenteriae BH und III-Z, Staphylococcus aureus.

Dr. Robert Young, a microbiologist from Utah, USA find yeast molds and fungi with a toxin that can
produce cells menyehabkan sick because of the degree of acidity (pH) increases.

By consuming Noni juice, the situation can be overcome because Noni helps regulate the body's pH balance,
thus increasing the body's ability to absorb vitamins, minerals and protein.

                                                                                                              Benefits Of Noni Fruit | 4/3/2011
Set the Mood Cycle (Mood)

One of the capabilities possessed by seopoletin is to bind serotonin. According to Drs. Harrison
(DC.General Hospital, USA), scopoletin can increase the activity contained peneal gland in the brain, which
is a place where serotonin is produced and then used to produce the hormone melatonin. Serotonin is an
important substance in the blood granules (platelets) lining the human gastrointestinal tract and brain.

                                        In dalarn brain, serotonin acts as neutrotrcrnsmitter, advice and precursor signals conductor of the
                                        hormone melatonin. Serotonin and melatonin helps regulate some of the body such as sleep, body
                                        temperature regulation, mood (mood), puberty and egg production cycle, hunger and sexual behavior.

                                        Lack of serotonin in the body can lead to migraine disease, dizziness, depression, and even Alzheimer's

                                        Setting the Body's Energy Cycle

                                        Dr. Harrison also reported that the body's energy frequency changes are also caused by the positive
                                        activities of Noni juice. The effects are; to stabilize blood sugar, reduces menstrual period pain, reduces the
                                        desire to urinate at night for men who experience swelling of the prostate.

                                        According to Drs. Heinicke (biochemist from the U.S.), xeronine also play a role in the process of the
                                        body's energy cycle. He explained the mechanism is as follows, xeronine will be absorbed in the space
                                        adjacent to the absorption of endorphin and act as a precursor hormone (co-hormone) to activate the
                                        receptor proteins that give good feeling / comfort. As a result, people will feel comfortable and have more
                                        energy after consuming Noni juice.

                                        Main Benefits

                                        Research on Noni continues to grow, both conducted by doctors and botanist and biochemist. Research
                                        focused on the components / chemical composition contained Noni and its therapeutic effects against
Benefits Of Noni Fruit | 4/3/2011

                                        various diseases.

                                        These studies show that Noni juice can stimulate the immune system, regulating cell function and
                                        regeneration of cells damaged tissue. The facts show that Noni can set the cells at the primary level and it
                                        may be critical to explain why Noni can be used for a variety of health conditions.

                                        The doctors in the United States already provides many reports about the successful use of Noni juice to his
                                        patients. Dr. Richard Dicks (from New Jersey, USA) said, we began to realize that we must return to the

fundamentals of our body. What is meant by metabolism in the body is burning nutrition. Noni juice
protects our body by providing nutrients needed by the body.

Benefits-Additional benefits

Noni has a property-other properties that have not been proven medically, but empirically have been many
people who experience health improvement after consuming juice. Some medical problems can be
overcome by using Noni:

    1. Digestive System: Flatulence, injury to the small intestine, stomach ulcers, vomiting and food

    2. Respiratory system: cough, bronchitis, sore throat, tuberculosis, cholera, fever in infants, sinusitis,

    3. Cardiovascular System: high cholesterol, thickening of the heart muscle, increasing oxygen
        transport within the cell.

    4. Skin diseases: burns, wounds, scabies, boils, cellulite, skin worms, dandruff, ringworm, and
        inflammation of the skin, ulcers on the skin, and skin problems on the other.

    5. Mouth and throat: Sore throat, bleeding gums, cough, mouth sores, toothache.

    6. Menstrual disorders: premenstrual syndrome, irregular menstrual cycles, pain during

    7. Long-lasting youth: Noni juice can be used as a tonic to overcome the wrinkles due to the aging           Benefits Of Noni Fruit | 4/3/2011


    8. Diseases in body: Diabetes, chronic hepatitis, pelvic pain, headaches, impaired renal function,
        bladder stones, disturbances in thyroid hormone.

    9. Immune deficiency disease of Epstein-Barr virus, chronic candidiasis, diseases caused by HIV
        infection, lack of energy (AES = altered energy syndrome).