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					In July 2005, Siemens Transportation
Systems received an order for 34 diesel-      Technical data
electric locomotives from Lithuanian          Wheel arrangement             Co‘Co‘
Railways (Lietuvos Gelezinkeliai). The        Track gauge                   1,520 mm
contract includes an option for a further
                                              Weight                        138 t
ten vehicles.
                                              Axle load                     23 t
The new locomotives are to operate on         Length over buffers           22,850 mm
the main lines of Lithuanian Railways and     Wheel diameter (new / worn)   1,100 mm / 1,020 mm
will haul heavy freight trains in double
                                              Structure clearance gauge     GOST 9238-83 / DSB 3A 16383
running mode from the southeast of the
country (Kena) in a northeasterly direction   Maximum speed                 120 km/h
to Klaipeda or in a southwesterly direction   Diesel engine rating          2,000 kW
to Kybartei. The maximum train loads          Power at the wheel rim        1,600 kW
planned are up to 6,000 t.
                                              Starting tractive effort      450 kN
                                                                            (at 23 t axle load and µ0 = 0.33)
The route running from the southeast to       Electric braking power        1,600 kW / with self-loading capability
the northwest is around 400 kilometers
                                              Tank volume                   up to 7,000 l
long, whereas the line from the southeast
to the southwest is about 200 kilometers      Ambient temperature range     –34 ° C at +40 ° C
long.                                         Noise                         to TSI-CR (acoustics)

The locomotives will be delivered between
June 2007 and April 2009.

        Diesel-electric freight locomotive
        Eurorunner ER20 CF
        for Lithuanian Railways (LG)

        Transportation Systems
The ER20 CF locomotives are based on        Electrical equipment                         Bogie
the Eurorunner platform for diesel          The standardized electrical block contains   In order to ensure high utilization of the
locomotives.                                one pulse-width-modulated inverter per       adhesion coefficient, low stressing of the
                                            bogie (redundancy concept), one braking      track during operation and a high level of
Equipment layout                            chopper per bogie and one integrated         passenger comfort, the bogies for the
The equipment installed in the machine      auxiliary converter unit.                    ER20 CF come with the following main
room comprises a few, prefabricated                                                      assemblies:
modules. They are located in the middle     A semi-suspended drive with its main-        • Complete secondary suspension with
of the vehicle and are easy to reach from   tenance-free AC three-phase induction          laterally flexible helical springs and
two aisles running the whole length of      motor ensures by means of its low pro-         spherical rubber bearings (for low
the machine room.                           portion of unsprung masses for reduced         track forces, good riding comfort)
                                            stressing of the track superstructure.       • Long traction link in the low-level
In addition, the machine room has reserve                                                  body-to-bogie connection for
space for extra, optional items of equip-                                                  transmitting the tractive efforts
ment (such as additional ATC systems,                                                      between the bogie and the locomotive
etc.).                                                                                     body (low axle weight shift)
                                                                                         • Wheel disk brake
                                                                                           (low acoustic emissions)
                                                                                         • Wheel flange lubrication
                                                                                           (low wheel tread wear)

   Braking resistor                            Generator                                    Main air reservoir
   Traction motor blower                       Combustion air intake                        Pneumatic brake
   Cooling system                              WC system                                    Fuel tank
   Diesel engine                               Automatic train control system               Batteries
   Exhaust silencer                            Converter / Electrical block

ER20 CF-LG, machine room layout
The locomotive is characterized by its
high starting tractive effort, low stressing
of the track, high level of passenger com-
fort, and low acoustic emissions.                                                                                                      M
Apart from these features, other important                                                                                3            M     Bogie 1
criteria for the operator were the vehicle’s                                                                                          3
low fuel consumption, low emission values                                                                                              M
and reduction of the life cycle costs.
                                                                  G           3                                                       3
                                                        DM       3                                                        3            M
                                                   Diesel-                                                                            3      Bogie 2
                                                   power                                                                              3
                                                   2.0 MW                                                 3
                                                                                                              3 transf. and       3    Auxiliaries
                                                                                                                filter                  440 V 3 AC
                                                        Exciter unit
                                                                                                                                       60 Hz
                                                                                                                                            Train bus
                                                                                                                                            1 AC
                                                                                                                                            1,000 V 22 Hz
                                                                                                                                            (1,000 V 50 Hz)
                                                                                                                                            500 kVA

                                               Main circuit diagram with optionally available train bus

                                                  Tractive effort [kN]

                                                            Maximum starting tractive effort
                                                                  Continuous tractive effort

                                                                                  3,000 t, 8.9 ‰


                                                             Braking effort

                                                                                                                              Acceptance inspection trip

                                                        0              20                40        60         80          100              120           140

                                                                                                                                                 Speed [km/h]

                                               Tractive and braking effort diagram
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                                 Transportation Systems
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