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                       How To Maintenance Your Laptop Battery | Battery Technology

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       Dated: May 27, 2011

       You have to understand that it does not matter how well you care about your laptop battery, it will lose
       power and one day it will die.

       Laptop Battery Maintenance – What to do? | Battery Technology

        You have to understand that it does not matter how well you care about your laptop battery, it will lose
       power and one day it will die. Of course, your exploits will slow the aging process of the battery. In warmer
       environments, while the laptop is used and the battery is warm, your battery will drain energy faster.

        For this reason, the number one rule: Keep your laptop cool. Try to keep your battery at room temperature.
       But not your battery in a freezer or Refrigerator. This will make your battery useless.The second most
       important point is, each filling-emptying cycle (or use) of the battery to reduce power. Obviously this is not
       surprising. But after the time when you compare the first use, it will surprise you.

        If users keep the battery constantly remember and continue with the current battery to charge and
       discharge. If you have a fully charged battery to work before warm Laptops will be considered battery
       faster than normal. According to a forecast level of loading is (for each company) to the battery supply
       current laptop AC adapter fills extra power. Notebook Battery for the increasingly old, to increase gradually
       self-discharge is connected to and depending upon use, is.

        Normally lithium-ion batteries can cause a 600-800 charge / discharge cycle. This means a life of 1.5 to 3
       years. As described above, if your Laptop battery refill source (AC adapter) is unnecessary note.

        As an indication, most think laptop users, it is best to fully charge the battery is discharged to complete.
       But this case is nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd) batteries method. Today’s batteries have different chemical
       reactions and have different characteristics.
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        The best way is when charging lithium-ion batteries use is between 10% and 20% said the best time to be
       filled again, the healthyreduce your way to a slower capacity. To charge the battery when it is completely
       empty, this is an old way and a wrong belief. Windows operating system warn us in adapter plug if it is the
       best time to get your battery (10%, 20%, etc.).

        Some advice for the laptop battery usage:
        1 – New Laptop batteries are generally offered empty. The first charge must be as long as possible (at least
       4 hours) and do not use the battery fully charged before.
        2 – If yourBattery to cool, keep it. But that does not provide for it in freezer or something like that.

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PR Log - Global Press Release Distribution

3 – Do not plug in the battery when you are plugged in via an adapter.
4 – Do not wait to be completely empty battery to charge again, the method for old batteries.
5 – If you do not your battery for a while, do not try to charge it, use it at least its utilization is 10%.
6 – When you purchase a backup battery, do not wait for your battery to die, because your Backup battery
will die if they wait.

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