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Name_____________________________                     !                  !           Room 6
!    !                                            !                      !           Theresa Shepherd
!    !                                            !                      !

To be paid at school

Parent Donation!                                  $30.00 per child or
!      !                                          $40.00 per family

Worksheets!                                       $20.00!
1x Document Wallet!                               $ 3.00!                                             !
for Student Profile & Achievement Record
(if new to Mapua School)
!       !                                         !
!       !                                         TOTAL COST!                $

Room 6    Class Stationery Requirements
To be purchased at the stationery outlet of your choice

1 x Pocket Document Wallet (for loose paper)
1 x 3B1 Notebook
2 x 1H5 Maths books - named (Maths)
5 x 1I5 exercise books - named and labelled (Writing, Topic, Language, Handwriting, Home Learning)
1 x 1A5 exercise book - named and labelled (Art)
6 x HB pencils - named (Staedtler brand only please)
4 x Rubbers (Faber Castel)
1 x 30cm ruler - no flexible rulers please
1x 20 page Clearfiles (Assessment Folder) Reuse last year’s if you wish
1 x box tissues - 200’s for use throughout the year
2 x Glue Sticks - Amos brand only please
1 x Pencil Sharpener enclosed to catch shavings
1 packet coloured pencils
Book bag (can reuse last year’s one)
Pencil case - small to hold basic writing tools
1 x Yellow Highlighter
1 x Vivid marker

Please feel free to reuse items from last year.	


Please name all items in permanent black marker before the start of the year.

For internet banking: Account: 03 0751 0223766 00
Please use student’s surname and room number as reference so your payment can be allocated to the correct student.
If you could send an email to the office indicating what you have paid for, that would be very helpful for our records.
Email address:

A date for your diary: Middle Team “Big Day Out”, 17 February 2011. Costs is $5 per student and $5 per helper.
More information and a request for parent help will be sent home early in Term 1.

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