Spend Rationalization

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					Knowledge Process Outsourcing Practice

Case Study

                                  Spend Rationalization
                                   Customer                                   ?
                                                                              Price monitoring – supplier audits
                                   The customer is a large UK-based           ? addressed
                                   consulting firm.                                – Computer supplies
                                                                                   – Stationary
                                   Business Challenge                              – Unclassified
                                   The customer was interested in                  – Facilities management
                                   rationalizing spend on office supplies          – Training and conference
                                   and identifying spend categories to               supplies
                                   be tracked.                                     – Machine and electrical spends

                                   Mahindra Satyam’s Solution                 Benefits
                                   ?Analyzed current spend data on            ? identified categories
                                   office supplies and suggested                 to be tracked
                                   possible savings for FY2007 with           ?
                                                                              Spend forecasting providing
                                   new vendor prices                             additional value on the range of
                                   Market analysis                               spend to be tracked for each of the
                                   ? analysis
                                   Consumption                                   item categories identified
                                   Price monitoring – internet based

                                   At Mahindra Satyam BPO’s KPO practice, we offer end-to-end solutions in the
                                   analytics domain across multiple industry verticals suiting the customers' service
                                   requirements. The analytics team leverages its industrial expertise in Market
                                   Analytics, Customer Analytics, Risk & Decision Analytics and Spend Analytics to
                                   deliver industry-best solutions to customers. Our KPO offerings include Market
                                   Research, Financial Research and Business Analytics.

                                   For further information please write to Connect@satyambpo.com
                                   and rfi@satyam.com.