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       The Accounts Officer

        Sub: Payment of arrears of stipend on switchover to IDA pattern reg…
        Ref1:induction training letter no and date
        Ref2:corporate office letter no 16-1/2004-trg dated at New Delhi the 07/11/2008

With respect to the above subject and references I wish to bring the following points to your
kind notice for necessary action at your end please.

1. I was recruited as JTO in BSNL for 2001 year of recruitment . I have undergone 4
    weeks induction/orientation training at RTTC Mysore from                  to
    and 10 weeks field training at               from                         to

2. During the induction/orientation and field training I have been paid stipend ( @70%
   basic+CDA) on CDA scales ie (70% of Rs.6500=Rs.4550+CDA) and now as per the
   subject & above references ,I am eligible for stipend arrears as per IDA pattern ie

Hence I kindly request you to do the needful for the payment of arrears of stipend on switch
over from CDA to IDA pattern as early as possible.

Thanking You.
                                                                 Your’s Faithfully

Encl:Ref1&Ref2 Letters