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Types of Laser Used for Hair Removal in Northern Ireland


Laserase medical skin care clinic is specialist in botox injections, acne treatments, cosmetic surgery, sculptra, stretch marks and laser Hair removal in Belfast and Northern Ireland UK.

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									 Types of Laser Used for Hair Removal in Northern Ireland
The Laser technology is a new, effective method for unwanted hair removal,
helping people improve their appearance and boost their confidence. Tested
extensively, it is today widely available to the common people in Northern Ireland
and elsewhere.

With laser hair removal technique, it’s time to bid adieu to the painful and tedious
methods of removing hair. Laser hair removal is a clinical process and must be
carried out by trained and qualified practitioners. It has proven to be an effective
method for eliminating unwanted hair as well as impairing hair re-growth. There
are several types of laser for hair removal, depending upon the type of skin and
hair. The different types of laser hair removal treatments in Northern Ireland are:

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Hair Removal: IPL devices are equivalents to lasers, but
offer the same selective photothermolysis for unwanted hair removal. IPL has
been found to be effective on all skin types and removes almost all types of hair.
However, you may trust only skilled technicians with IPL devices, as these are
difficult to operate than lasers. In Northern Ireland it is also regarded as one of
the safest methods for hair removal. It does not cause any damage to the
surrounding skin and can be customized depending upon factors like hair depth,
hair colour and skin tone.

Ruby Laser Hair Removal: It is one of the oldest laser hair removal technologies. It
works best for light or fair skin tone and is ideal for light/fine hair types. It is not
suitable for dark or tanned skin. Compared to other lasers, it covers a relatively
smaller area. Be aware that you may need to undergo a longer period of
treatment owing to its slower repetition rate.

Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal: This laser technology is suitable for light skin
tones and is known to be one of the fastest laser types. It can cover larger body
areas. It is quite effective with finer or thinner hair types where other lasers fail to
produce the desired results.

Diode Laser Hair Removal: This laser hair removal technique is suitable for darker
skin types, as it features a longer wavelength and allows for deeper penetration.
It is also suitable for treating larger body areas. It is less effective in case of finer
or thinner hair. It is regarded as one of the best overall laser hair removal
treatments for all skin types .

If you are looking for a reputed medical skincare clinic in Northern Ireland for
permanent hair removal, you may trust Laserase Medical Skincare Clinic. Based in
Belfast, (Northern Ireland) it has been providing laser and skincare treatments
since 1993, adhering to the highest possible standards of treatment. The products
used at this Medical Skincare clinic are of highest quality. In addition, all processes
are administered by trained and experienced practitioners.

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