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									2007 Tax Questionnaire
   • Attach additional sheets as necessary to explain any particular circumstances or elaborate on anything we might need to know.
   • When you are finished, email or mail the form to the address above.

   I. Personal Information
                                             A. Taxpayer (If you are married, this     B. Spouse (if applicable) If you are
                                              should be the name you want listed         married, please provide spouse's
                                                   first on your tax return.)         personal information even if you are
                                                                                     filing separately or spouse is not a
                                                                                                   US citizen.

Full Legal Name
Social Security Number
Date of Birth (M/D/Y)
Which Tour(s) were you on?
Citizenship (If not US, please give
country of citizenship and also state
whether you are a US greencard or visa
C. Address to put on your tax return
(where the IRS would contact you if

D. Actual mailing address, if different:

F. Additional Contact Information
                        Alternate Email:
                           Home Phone:
                          Mobile Phone:
                           Work Phone:

G. Filing Status                                    "X" one of the following
                   Married Filing Jointly
             Married Filing Separately*
                     Head of Household
                             Don't know

                                            Did spouse live with you at any time
                                            during the past year? What dates?
           *If Married Filing Separately:
                                            Did/Will spouse file Sch. A (Itemized
                                            Deductions) for 2007?

H. Can someone else claim you or your spouse as a dependent?

II. United States Residency
                                                           Taxpayer                                 Spouse
   1. What US state are you a resident
   2. What county in that state are
   you a resident of?
   3. What school district in that
   county are you a resident of?
   4. On what date did you become a
   resident of that state?

   5. How many days did you spend in
   that state last year?

Now go on to Section III, Income.
III. Income
A. Employee Salary/Benefits. Please complete the chart below, providing annual, not monthly, figures. If your employer does not automatically provide
you with this information, please request it from your business office. Please also attach your W-2's and/or foreign statement of income. (If your
income is only from self-employment, see section D below and leave this blank.)
                                             Total amount received or paid on     Total amount received or paid on
Income Category
                                                 taxpayer's behalf in 2007             spouse's behalf in 2007
The amounts below are listed in what
B. Do you have Self-Employment income? If yes, please click on the Self-
Employment tab at the bottom of the screen and fill out the Self-Employment

C. Miscellaneous Income                                  Describe

Did you have any other sources of
income? (gambling, royalties, prizes,
awards, jury duty, etc.) If so, is any of
it from a foreign source? Attach

D. Real Estate                                   (Answer yes or no below)

1. Did you rent out property to
anyone? (If so, click on the Rental
Property tab at the bottom of the
screen and fill out the rental

2. Did you buy or sell property during
the past year? (If so, attach details.) If
you sold your primary residence,
please answer the questions below.

   a. What date did you purchase the
   b. What dates did you live in the
   c. What date did you sell the
   d. How much did you pay for the
   e. How much did you sell the
   property for?

   f. In the two years prior to the date
   you sold the property, did you
   exclude from income tax your gain
   on the sale of any other house?

E. Interest and Dividend Income
Did you earn/receive any interest or dividends in 2007? (yes or no)
If so, please submit all form 1099-INT's, 1099-DIV's, as well as information on any interest or dividends from foreign accounts. Please list here the
institutions which issued you these.
                  Payer                      Form (1099-INT, 1099-DIV, etc.)

F. Capital Gains and Losses
Did you have any capital gains or losses in 2007? (yes or no)
If so, please submit all year-end brokerage reports, 1099-B's, K-1's etc, or comparable statements from foreign accounts. If not included in the
reports, please provide the following for each sale of securities during the past year: Company Name, Number of shares sold, Date
Acquired, Date Sold, Sales Proceeds less Commissions, Cost or Basis including Commissions. Please list here the institutions which issued these
                  Payer                          Form (1099-B, K-1, etc.)

G. Unemployment Insurance Compensation
Please enter total amount received in the past year:
H. Other Miscellaneous Income
Did you receive any other form 1099's (MISC, R, S, G), or any other kinds of miscellaneous income, whether foreign or
US? If so, list the payers here and submit the 1099's or other documentation.

IV. Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) and Other Retirement Accounts

                                                        Taxpayer                                 Spouse
A. Traditional IRA Contributions for
2007 (amount and date of
B. Roth IRA Contributions for 2007
(amount and date of contribution)

C. Other retirement plan contributions
you made. (what kind and how much?)

D. Other retirement plan contributions
made on your behalf by your employer
(what kind and how much?)

E. Distribution of Pension/IRA

If you received any distributions from Pension or IRA accounts during the past year, please “X” to indicate whether or not you rolled over the distribution
into another IRA or pension fund. If not rolled over, please give amount of distribution and include 1099-R’s.

                                                       Taxpayer                                  Spouse

               No distribution received:

              Received and rolled over:

          Received and not rolled over:


F. IRA management fees paid in the past year:

Employee Expenses



AIRFARE/BUS FARE (work related)
AUTO MILEAGE (while on tour, if
applicable)                        We wil figure the per diem that is allowed
BEAUTY PARLOR/BARBER               per city that you stayed in.
CAR RENTALS (work related)         You are required to keep reciepts for
CELL PHONE                         all deductions that you write off. If you wish

COACHING/LESSONS                   to send the reciepts with your information, we
COMPUTER SUPPLIES                  will be happy to store them with your other tax
DANCE TRAINING                     information.
DRY CLEANING (work related)
EQUIPMENT                          Purchase date:
HOTELS (on last paystub of year)


LEGAL FEES (work related)
LONG DISTANCE (work related)

MAKE-UP (stage use)
MUSIC (rehersals/training)
PDA/PAGER/LAPTOP                   Purchase date:
TOOLS (work related)               Purchase date:
VI. Personal Itemized Expenses

A. Unreimbursed Medical Expenses: Total for the year (provide a list including medical insurance premiums paid by
you) (Total amount must be 7.5% or more of your adjusted gross income to be tax deductible.)

B. Taxes paid during the year

1. Real estate and property taxes:

2. Taxes paid to state or local
authorities to settle a previous year's
tax liability:

C. Interest Expenses
(Please include a copy of form 1098 or equivalent from your bank. If you purchased a home in the past year, please
provide the settlement statement or closing statement as well.)

   Mortgage interest paid:

   Points paid to purchase/refinance:

D. Charitable Contributions

Total during the year: Please include cash amount for gifts in check or cash form as well as non-cash amounts for gifts
of personal property such as clothing, furniture, books, etc. Note: Donations must be to US charities in order to be
deductible. Do not include donations to foreign organizations. You must keep your receipts to substantiate all
donations in the event of an audit.
              Organization                       Cash amount donated                   Value of non-cash donation

If non-cash donations total $500 or more, please complete the following (attach
additional pages as necessary):
1. Donated to (donee) name and

2. Describe the item(s):

3. Date of contribution:

4. Date acquired by you:
5. How acquired by you (purchase,
gift, etc.):
6. Your cost or basis amount:

7. Fair Market Value (FMV):

8. Method used to determine FMV
(donee determined/ independent
evaluation/your evaluation)
E. Casualty or Loss

Loss amount for each occurrence during the year. This figure must exceed 10% of your adjusted gross income in order
to be deductible. Please attach a statement as follows: give actual date of theft or destruction/loss and include
description of the items, original cost, date of acquisition, FMV at the time of the theft or destruction/loss, FMV after
(in case of damage), and total amount of reimbursements which you received from your insurance carrier.

Total casualty/loss amounts:

F. Job hunting expenses for the past

G. Education Expenses
1. Did you attend any university or
graduate school in the past year?
If yes, please provide:
                             Tuition paid:
            Full-time? Half-time? Less?

2. Did you pay interest on any school
loans? Amount? (Attach 1098-E.)

H. Safe deposit box rental fee
Amount paid in the past year:

VII. Additional Notes
A. Did you pay any quarterly
Estimated Taxes for the 2007 tax
year? If so, please complete:
Date paid                                 Amount
Date paid                                 Amount
Date paid                                 Amount
Date paid                                 Amount
Date paid                                 Amount
Date paid                                 Amount
Date paid                                 Amount
Date paid                                 Amount

B. Did you receive an IRS notice of change of a prior year return? (yes or no) If
yes, please submit.

C. How much did you pay in tax
preparation fees in the past year?
D. Is there any other information I should be aware of in preparing your
return? Attach an explanation if necessary.
E. How did you find out about Jackson Hewitt Tax Services? (Pick one)

Word of mouth (who?), Email announcement, Brochure, Poster, Search Engine,
TIE newspaper, TIE website, Escape Artist, International Schools Review,, Other website (specify), Google Advertisement, Other (specify)

VIII. Filing Details
A. Refund: If you expect to receive a refund this year, how would you like to       Paper check (mailed to you within 6-8
receive it? ("X" one)                                                               weeks)

                                                                                    Apply to 2008 estimated tax payments.

                                                                                    Direct deposit (deposited to your
                                                                                    account within 2 weeks) If you select
                                                                                    direct deposit, please submit a voided
                                                                                    check. (Must be a US bank.)
                                                                                                           Account Number
                                                                                                           Routing Number

                                                                                       Is this a checking or a savings acct?


Please don't forget to include ALL financial documents you used to support the information you have given. However, do NOT include receipts for travel,
moving, job hunt expenses, charitable donations, etc.; just keep them on file.

                                          Other Income Statements
                                          Tour Schedule
                                          Other year-end bank, brokerage, and investment statements, incl. K-1's
                                          Copy of last pay stub for 2007 (this has your hotel expense listed)
                                          Payment Sheet
                                          Voided check if you would like to receive any refund by direct deposit
                                          Additional details as needed for items in the above pages
                                    Any other documentation you think I should see

                                      ***ADDITIONAL NOTES***
If you need to add additional comments about anything in the questionnaire, please do so here, or attach a separate
letter if you wish.
Self-Employment Questionnaire

1. Whose business is this? (taxpayer or

2. Is this a US or an overseas business?

3. Type of business? (what do you do?)

4. Business name (if any) and business

5. Self-employment gross income:

6. Self-employment expenses: Attach a list
and describe type of substantiation, e.g.
receipts, check, estimate, etc. Do not attach

7. Do you use a portion of your home
exclusively for business? (yes or no) (If yes,
fill out the Home Office Questionnaire below.)

Home Office Questionnaire

A. Part of your home used for business
If you do not have exact figures, you can estimate. e.g. If your office is roughly 10% of your house, you can put “1”
Area used regularly and exclusively for

Total area of home:

B. Expenses
Please read these instructions carefully.
If you did not operate a business for the entire year, you can only deduct the expenses paid or incurred for the por

Direct expenses benefit only the business part of your home. They include painting or repairs made to the specific
direct expenses on the appropriate line in the Direct Expense column.
Indirect expenses are for keeping up and running your entire home. They benefit both the business and personal p
expenses on the appropriate line in the Indirect Expense column.

Exception. If the business percentage of an indirect expense is different from the percentage calculated from Part A
appropriate line in the Direct Expense column, and leave that line in the Indirect Expense column blank. For exam
laundry, and television. If you reasonably estimate $300 of your electric bill is for lighting and you use 10% of you
column next to Utilities. Then do not make an entry for Indirect Expenses for any part of your electric bill.

                     Item                                  Direct Expense
Casualty losses
Repairs and maintenance
Mortgage interest (if not provided previously)
Real estate taxes (if not provided previously)
Other expenses (explain)

C. Depreciation of your home

Provide the smaller of your home’s adjusted
basis* or its fair market value on the date
you first used the home for business.
Value of land included in that amount:
Date home was first used for business:
* Adjusted basis of your home means the cost of the home plus the value of any major
improvements you’ve made to the house. If you’ve done major work and need to figure
ly 10% of your house, you can put “1” for business area and “10” for total area.

e expenses paid or incurred for the portion of the year you used your home for business.

ainting or repairs made to the specific area or rooms used for business. Enter 100% of your
nefit both the business and personal parts of your home. Generally, enter 100% of your indirect

  the percentage calculated from Part A, enter only the business part of the expense on the
 irect Expense column blank. For example, your electric bill is $800 for lighting, cooking,
is for lighting and you use 10% of your home for business, enter $30 in the Direct Expense
r any part of your electric bill.

                        Indirect Expense
Rental Property Questionnaire
If you owned property which you rented out, please complete this section. This information is needed in order to ca
depreciation on your property for the year. If any (or all) of these figures are not in US dollars, be sure to specify th
questions, or need help with any of it.

Rental Start-Up Information
1. What kind of property is it? (house,
apartment, etc.)
2. What is the address of the
3. How much did you pay for the
4. What date did you purchase it?

5. How much did you pay for the
building itself, NOT including the cost
of land? (This may be stated on your
purchase agreement, or may be
available from your realtor.
Alternatively, check your tax
assessment to see how much the
assessor allocates to building vs. land
and give me both figures.) PLEASE DO

6. If the property was previously used
by you for personal use, what was the
fair market value of the property at the
time you made it available for rent?.

7. Do you own the property entirely, or
is it jointly owned with other people? If
jointly owned, what percentage do you

Repairs and Improvements You Paid for BEFORE 2007

              Work Done                               Date Complete
2007 Information
9. Did you or your family live in the
house at all during 2007? If so, what
10. What dates was the property
rented out in 2007?

11. What date was the property first
rented (if prior to 2007)? Has it been
rented or available for rent (not used
by you) continuously since then?

12. Are you actively involved in
dealing with this rental? (i.e. Did you
decide who would rent it, do you make
the decisions about repairs and
improvements, do you collect the rent,
etc. Or does a property manager
handle everything and just send you
the rent money and bills?)

13. If they weren't reported on a 1099
form, how much did you RECEIVE IN
2007 as rent payments?

14. Did you receive a security deposit
in 2007? If so, will it be applied to the
final month's rent or will it be
returned to the tenant if not needed to
pay for damage at the end of the

Repairs and Improvements Paid for in 2007
              Work Done                     Date Complete
Other Expenses Paid in 2007
              Category        Cost
Mortgage interest
Real Estate taxes
Property manager
 ction. This information is needed in order to calculate your net rental income and the
ures are not in US dollars, be sure to specify the currency. Let me know if you have


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