Application Programming Interface (API)

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					                Application Programming Interface (API)
An application programming interface (API) is a set of standards and specifications
that the android software development communicates. Serves as an interface
between software and simplifies their interaction like humans and computers. It can be
involved for routine, classes of objects, data structures and protocols communication
among the program for consumers and implementers of the API program. API created

       Operating Systems

All APIs are collected in libraries of programming.
Specifically intended is solve a problem such as Google
Maps API or Java API for XML Web Services. Language-
dependent is only available using the syntax and
elements of a language that makes the API convenient for
use. Independent of language is written while it may be
called from several programming languages. This is a
desirable property for a service-oriented API that is not
tied to a particular process or system and can be given
that the remote procedure calls or android web
development services.

Share Content Using API:

Images can be shared from sites like Flickr and Photobucket for social networks like
Facebook and MySpace. The content may be integrated, like a presentation on
SlideShare LinkedIn profile. Content can be dynamically deployed. Sharing live
commentary on Twitter with a Facebook account enabled their APIs. Video content can
be integrated into the sites that are served by another host. User data can be divided
into web community for outdoor use generates new web community that shares its data
to the user of open APIs.

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