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                azine Proclaim September 24, 2011
            Seven Ann nual Muuseum Day
        —             n       nsor for F
        —CITGO Signs on as Spon                 secutive Year—
                                       Fifth Cons
          k,           3
New York NY (May 3, 2011)—De        esignating Sa  aturday, Sept tember 24 the seventh an  nnual Museum
Day, Smi                             oud                         s
          ithsonian magazine is pro to announce CITGO’s fifth consec                       of
                                                                              cutive year o program
sponsorship. An enor    rmously succ               tive that cele brates educa
                                     cessful initiat                                       e
                                                                              ation, culture and the
dissemina              wledge, Muse
           ation of know             eum Day invi               m
                                                    ites museum partners to emulate the free admissi   ion
policy of the Smithson               on’s Washing
                       nian Institutio             gton, D.C.-ba              s                        free
                                                                ased facilities by opening their doors f
         e             w                           m
of charge to anyone who downloads a Museum Day Admis             ssion Card frrom
Smithson  seumday.

Experienc           ntial growth since its ince
         cing exponen            s            eption in 2005 this year’s Smithsonian magazine
                                                           5,                       n
                   ed           he            nt          m              n
Museum Day is poise to outdo th 2010 even in museum participation and public attendance. In
2010, mo than 500,000 museum    m-goers down   nloaded 227,              from
                                                            ,747 tickets f
Smithson                         v
                    seumday to visit more tha 1,300 ven
                                              an                        0           shington, D.C
                                                           nues in all 50 states, Was           C.
and Puer Rico.

       m            ive         n,
“Museum Day, inclusi by design fulfills Smit           dia’s core go of making cultural
                                            thsonian Med           oal
        n           —and approa
education accessible—                                  a,”
                                achable—across America said Jenn                Group Publish
                                                                   nifer Hicks, G           her,
Smithson            “           ntinued support of CITGO we look for
        nian Media. “With the con                      O,           rward to reacching more
                                M                       for
consumers—and enhancing the Museum Day experience f repeat mu                    s,
                                                                    useum-goers online visittors
and museeums in 20111.”

Smithson                         e                          t
         nian expects to announce additional sponsors next month. Spo     onsors typica combine their
                     onal print ads and adverto
sponsorship with natio            s                         e
                                              orials, on-site activities at designated museums and
custom content at            rs
                                 om. Sponsor may also re    eceive logo iinclusion on web pages, in
television commercials on the Smithsonian Channel, on Mu    useum Day a               ckets, in bann
                                                                          admission tic            ner
         o           m
ads and on in-museum counter-ca   ards.

                                sonian maga
For more information about Smiths                        m
                                            azine Museum Day 2011 and links to participating
        s’           ors’
museums and sponso sites, ple     
                                ease visit Sm                    day.

       mithsonian Media
About Sm

       nian Media co
Smithson            omprises Sm            agazine, Air & Space, goSmithsonian Smithsonia
                               mithsonian ma                                   n,           an
        gital Network and the Sm
Media Dig           k                      hannel. Smith
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