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Job Title:                   Training Specialist / Head-           Date:                [January XX, 20XX]

Job Description:

Conducting or arranging for ongoing technical training and personal development classes for staff members.
Conferring with management and conducting surveys to identify training needs based on company’s processes,
projects and other factors.

               Developing an end-to-end training road map and training calendar, as per company needs, in
                association with department managers, to deliver appropriate and effective training.
               Ensuring execution of training policy across a diverse workforce including diverse locations and skill
                sets. Elevating skill levels by effective coordination and presentation of IT training and development
               Identifying external agencies for training delivery, and evaluating them as per delivered quality, cost
                and conformance with company requirements.
               Successfully building relationships with external training agencies, negotiating contracts and
                maintaining an up-to-date database of training provi ders to access when required.
               Ensuring that adequate resources exist, preparing and gaining approval for training budget to meet
                present and future identified training requirements.
               Tracking training progress, monitoring access and constantly striving to improve the effectiveness of
                training delivered. Coordinating on procurement of certi ficates and training reports.
               Provided encouragement to individual trainees during each class to ensure they stay motivated and
               Updating the management and stakeholders during regular weekly meetings on training program
                status and updates.

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                                                                   Industry:           Adver tising, Agriculture,
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                             Service, Engineering, Finance]
Employment Status:           [Full-time, Part-time]                Employment          [i.e.: Employee, Internship,
                                                                   Type:               Contractor, Temporary

Monthly Salary Range:        [$9,000-$12,000]                      Manages             [Yes or No]
Number of Vacancie s:        [2]                                   Other:


     Bachelors or equivalent

          Training & Development
          Technical & professional course development
          Training budget preparation
          E-learning Modules & Solutions
          Leadership, Team Building, Motivational Skills, Interpersonal & Communication Skills
          Analytical Skills, Ability to Work under Pressure, Decision Making & Problem Solving Skills

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