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     A bit of fun for my meter of the month this time! It is a rather nice example of an „Offset‟ (or
     mirror image print) seen on the reverse side of an envelope.

     „Offsets‟ of meter franks usually result when two events happen. Firstly, a previous (or later)
     item is over-inked and, secondly, the envelopes are stacked tightly before the ink has been
     allowed to dry. They are not as common as you might think and, certainly, clear examples
     like this one are well worth keeping as they can add interest to a collection.

     For the record, here is the
     correct image (produced by
     a Hasler 300 series machine,
     serial HT89891J).

     This month sees the usual „new year rush‟ of new series – and hence possibly some new
     machines (or machine variants at least). These have come from Pitney Bowes, Frama and
     Francotyp-Postalia and are illustrated on page 16-3.

     Still no sign yet of the new Hasler machine mentioned last month but this is not, perhaps,
     that surprising as new suffices from Hasler machines for a particular year do not appear on
     live mail until the end of March or the beginning of April as a general rule.

     I was hoping to continue my thoughts on meter frank valuations this month, but I have not
     yet completed the research I am doing in connection with this.

     On page 16-4, is some important news regarding the withdrawal of a number of older
     franking machines.


     Thanks this month for news and correspondence from the following:

     David Aspinwall and John Franey.

     Meter News                             Page 16-1                                          Feb 2002
Latest Numbers

Below is a list of my „Latest Numbers‟ as at 27th February 2002. Please could I have
updates for the next issue by 24th March. Thanks.

             Sensonic 21-2600   FSC 220966           15.01.02
             Sensonic 2000      FSC 265870           05.12.01      Static for 2 months
             Mailspirit         FSC 700375           08.02.02
             Sensonic 2000?     FSC 900583           11.02.02      New series. See p16-3.

          EFS 2000/3000         EFS 546012           05.12.01      Static for 2 months
          T1000                 T 542430             09.11.01      Static for 3 months
          JetMail               FJ0542596            30.10.01      Static for 2 months
          T1000                 T 003430             20.02.02      New series. See p16-3.

             Smile              HS 44478S            03.12.01
             300 Series         HT 29222S            05.09.01      *

             SM 22,26           4NE 19804            28.01.01
             5450, 5460         5NE 16606            23.10.01      Static for 2 months
             8500, 8550/8750    8NE 43758            21.12.01
             SM 75,85,95        9NE 50831            06.09.01      Static for 5 months
             IJ25               N1106598             21.02.02
             IJ65               N1202454             04.02.02      *

Pitney Bowes
          Paragon               PBP 04370            02.11.01      Static for 2 months
          Paragon?              PBP 81160            23.01.02
          Personal Post         PB248162             06.02.02
          DM 200, 250           PB305745             08.02.02
          Personal Post         PB401965             06.02.02      New series. See p16-3.
          DM 225, 300           PB374253             10.01.02
          Post Perfect          PB752641             15.01.02
          B921                  PB928591             01.08.01      Static for 6 months

             Alpha              ASA 90470            09.04.01      Static for 9 months
             Minipost           ASM 82261            19.09.01      Static for 5 months

*   These reports were kindly supplied by David Aspinwall.

Meter News                        Page 16-2                                    Feb 2002
New Series – Pitney Bowes

A new series „PB4‟
has appeared. The
first item shown here
is from Pitney Bowes
themselves and it
clearly indicates that it
is a „Personal Post‟
machine (PB400329).

A further example
(PB401965) has also
been seen –note the
very low item number
„00007‟. Has anyone
ever seen a lower item
number on any

New Series – Francotyp Postalia

This appears to be a
new T1000 type series
(thermally printed).

The illustration shows
meter „T003430‟.

New Series – Frama

This appears to be a
Sensonic 2000 type
machine (ink jet printed).

The illustration shows meter
number „FSC900583‟.

Further information and reports regarding any of the above would be much appreciated.

Meter News                       Page 16-3                                   Feb 2002
The Final Countdown

John Franey kindly sends a copy of a recent article entitled “The Final Countdown” from the
magazine „Sort it!‟ regarding the phasing out of the manual resetting meter franking
machines. An extract of the article is reproduced here:

“The new Royal Mail tracking standards come into force on 30 September 2002. It seems a
long way off until the franking standard deadline, but … you need to update your machine.

Why the change? Through independent research, design weaknesses have been identified
in some older models of franking machines. As a result, an initiative was launched to ensure
that all franking machines use the latest technology and that insecure machines are
withdrawn from the market place.

As part of this initiative, Royal Mail has an obligation to ensure that these new standards are
met across all industries where franking machines are used.

Anyone with any of the following „non-compliant‟ franking machine models needs to replace
them by 30 September 2002.

Category 1
At the end of September 2002, the franking machine licences (for all those machines listed)
will be withdrawn, and this means that those customers who have still not complied with the
new standards will be left without franking facilities. In addition, there are also a number of
machines that require a modification to their security systems to make them compliant.
Neopost: 105, 205, 305, 405, 505, 605, 2205
Pitney Bowes: 5300 series (manual & remote), 6300 series, 6600 series, Simplex, Automax
Francotyp Postalia: MS5
Frama: F100, (E3W and E4W value card machines)
Ascom: F66, F88, F104, F224, F1101, F1200, F1300

Category 2
Models to be modified by 30th September 2002
Frama: EPS
Ascom (TMS models): F301, F304, F310, F324, Smile
SECAP: Minipost SARA Credicard, Alpha SARA Credicard
Pitney Bowes: 6521, 6921, A921, B921, E421
Francotyp Postalia: T1000 (all models), EFS3000 (all models)
Neopost: 4350, 4450-4460, 5450, 5460, 7550-7560, 7750-7760, 8550-8560, 8750-8760

Category 3
Models to be modified by 30 September 2002 and then replaced by 31 st December 2004
If the machine is less than three years old, it will already have been modified in the factory.
SECAP: Minipost (manual reset), Alpha (manual reset)
Pitney Bowes: 6520, 6920, A920, E120
Neopost: EFM7, 4300, 4400, 5400, 7500, 7505, 7700, 8500, 8700
Ascom (non TMS models): F301, F304, F310, F324, Smile

Further information can be found at”

Meter News                          Page 16-4                                       Feb 2002