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Shopping _amp; Sightseeing ideas


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									Shopping & Sightseeing ideas	
This list is work in progress ! Please note that it is just a list of many possible activities that are available in
Marrakech. Some we know well & some are brand new discoveries. Do please let us have your feedback if
you try them.

1. Ideas in Marrakech

Here are a few recommended places where, though you’ll spend a little more than the places you will
randomly stumble upon in the souks, the quality and style are excellent. Haggling isn’t expected in most of
these places, though if you are charming & polite, and you buy in bulk, you may get a small discount.
Some of our own local favourites that we use for items in maison mk & also for gift ideas…
Hicham Jamil for beautiful metal items such as water bottle covers, decorative pots, ash trays, etc, etc …
Situated just 50 metres past the Mouassine fountain on the right hand side.
The man with the Kohl eyes has a great selection of carpets and sells at a fair price & with great charm.
Speaks great English. Just by the Bouganvilia café in Mouassine.
La maison de l’artisanat - meet Mohammed Elmati and tell him we sent you ! A great shop with lots of
choice of all types of Moroccan creations (lanterns, pottery, etc). Bab Taghzout, not easy to find but ask
the maison mk staff and we’ll show you the directions.
Abderrahim, the king of the tassel is just up the street from us. Very good quality and good prices, if you
have 2-3 days before you leave, you can order any tassel you’ve been dreaming of – colour, shape, size,
decoration !
Mustapha, is doing beautiful leather poufs in a tiny shop next door to Kulchi .
Atelier moro- a ‘by appointment’ shop, almost unrecognisable by the mouassine fountain. Ring the bell &
the staff will come down the steep little staircase & let you in. Embroidered kaftans, fabric wraps from
West Africa, calf skin saddle bags, and great silver jewelery.
Kif kif - Stephanie created this shop a few years ago & its become one of the must-see little boutiques of
Marrakech. You’ll find nice handbags, interior design, jewellery and accessories and, …. it is just next door to
maison mk!
Warda la mouche - for nice clothes that combine Moroccan embroideries and fine materials. riad zitoun
Akbar Delights Place Bab Teuh, just inside the medina, is a European-owned little den of shimmery pretty
things, mostly Indian, all well-selected and beautifully presented.
Mustapha Blaoui 144 rue Bab Doukkala, is recommended for furniture, mirrors, poufs, throws — you name
it. The best one-stop shop.
Kulchi again, just 30 metres from maison mk has a very cool (and quite expensive) selection of dresses, bags
& decorative items. Supposedly one of Sienna Miller’s favourites.
Centre Artisanal 7 Derb Baissi, Kasbah. One-stop alternative to a last-minute dash round all the souks —
convenient rather than fun.

                                                       maison mk
14 Derb Sebaai, Bab L’Ksour, Medina, Marrakech, Morocco | t: +212 (0) 524 37 61 73 | e: stay@maisonmk.com | www.maisonmk.com
       Sidi Ghanem
The up & coming industrial estate on the edge of town. Sounds boring, but its actually becoming the main
place for design & artisan shops that are more sophisticated. E.g. ceramics shops, furniture shops, lighting
shops. Worth spending a morning at, but get a map first so you can plan it, and have the taxi stay with you
for the morning.
Some of the places to see : candles at Amira Bougies or Nour Bougies, soap/oil and beauty products at
Sens de Marrakech, lamps at Henry Cath, ceramics at Akkal or interior design at Leon L’africain.

You could write a whole book on this one. The basic idea is to get your bearings from the central square &
just plunge into the narrow alleys & barter hard to get to the ‘right’ price. You will get lost & its all ok. Just
ask a shopkeeper (not a roving person or you will have a friend with you all the way that will want paying!)
for “la Place” & they will direct you back to the centre. Open from about 10am, quiet at lunch, and close
about 7pm. Friday afternoons closed for prayers.


       Art Galleries
A few really nice galleries in marrakech – Tindouf	
  and Matisse	
  are a couple that have interesting work always on show. Mostly featuring local, or North
African artists.

       Shopping in maison mk
Many of the items we have chosen for maison mk are also for sale in the riad, including beautiful beaded
hangers, pretty tea bags, scented oils, teapots, slippers, and our own art work which can be customised to
your requirements.

       Personal shoppers
When you need a really understanding person to help with interior design ideas & searches for specific
items, use a professional personal shopper, not a guide. They know all the unusual places & make the whole
process efficient, fun & ensure you have a successful outcome. Cost is about 200 euros a day including

       Shipping goods abroad
If you have over-indulged on the shopping & the luggage allowance is simply not enough, you can arrange
for shipment of your purchases back to your home country. Most of the main tourist shops can arrange
this for you & will crate up the items & feedback from clients is that they seem to arrive & arrive in one
piece. We can also arrange fed-ex for you, but the shipping cost is generally much higher than the goods
themselves !

                                                         maison mk
  14 Derb Sebaai, Bab L’Ksour, Medina, Marrakech, Morocco | t: +212 (0) 524 37 61 73 | e: stay@maisonmk.com | www.maisonmk.com
        maison mk taxi service
Single journey taxi in Marrakech – our driver will come to the maison mk door & take you to your
destination in a people carrier. Price is 10 euros during the day, and 20 euros during the evening. Return
prices are 20 euros during the day, and 30 euros in the evening.

If you’d like to book a car for a half day with the driver, the price will be 45 euros.
Taxi for the whole evening – the driver meets you at maison mk & takes you to your first destination,
perhaps a bar for an aperatif. When you come out, he takes you on to dinner, then waits until you emerge
& takes you on to a club or maybe back to maison mk. He can take up to 7 passengers. Cost is 60 euros for
the taxi.( rises to 75 euros if the return is after midnight)


       Sightseeing in Marrakech

We have been working with only two guides because they are not all about trying to sell you products that
you don’t want ! They will gently wander around the old city explaining life in Marrakech, showing you
things of interest, and generally being fascinating on all things Moroccan. Typically takes about 3 hours and
costs 35 euros per couple & some of the places that they can show you are listed here.
la koutoubia
The most famous monument in Marrakech. This minaret is a jewel of Muslim architecture. Built by the
Almohad dynasty in 1158, the Koutoubia is a beautiful example of skilled work by ancient craftsmen.
Entrance is allowed only for Muslim people
jemaa el fna square
A world heritage site – this is the epicentre of Marrakech. Sparsely populated during the day, it comes
alive at usk with hundreds of food stalls and barbeques, story tellers, snake charmers, musicians, and the
odd belly dancer (don’t assume they are women…an ancient tradition in the square !)
bahia palace
Built during the 19th century, the bahia palace belonged to the Ahmed ben Musa, used to house his
numerous ‘other halves’ (four wives and twenty four concubines!)
merdersa ben youssef
Medersa ben youssef is a Koranic school that was built in 1570 by the saadiens for the teaching of Islamic
law & scripture. At one time, it could lodge up to 900 students in the 145 rooms.
menara gardens
With a vast central water basin dug in the 12th century at the time of the Almohad era, the garden of the
menara is all planted with orchards & with olive trees often centuries old.
saadiens tombs
Located beside the mosque of the Kasbah, the tombs of the saadiens contain the sacred mausoleums of
the sultans of the saadien era. They were accidentally discovered as recently as 1917.
majorelle garden

                                                         maison mk
  14 Derb Sebaai, Bab L’Ksour, Medina, Marrakech, Morocco | t: +212 (0) 524 37 61 73 | e: stay@maisonmk.com | www.maisonmk.com
Owned by Yves saint Laurent, this is an exotic jumble of plants from around the world – especially cacti &
palms. Lily ponds, an Islamic museum, and a café make this a lovely place to while away a couple of hours
in the shaded gardens


       The Square
The world heritage sight and center on the ancient medina. By day its fairly quiet (except for the snake
charmers, monkeys, and orange juice stalls). But at sundown, hundreds of food stalls are set up & the
square transforms into a stunning, vibrant cacophony of noise & bbq smoke and people. An absolute must-


The modern French part of town. Wide boulevards, modern shops, bars & restaurants. You will probably
nip between the medina & the new town at least once or twice each day.


       Big Red Bus (temporarily out of action)
Many people use this on their first day to get their bearings in the city & work out what to come back to
later. Cost for adults 13 euros.


       Horse Drawn Carriage Ride
“Caleches” are seen all over the streets on Marrakech & are a really pleasant way to spend an hour. The
hold up to 4 or 5 people & there are two main areas to go. One is from the old town to the new town, but
our preference is the route straight through the ancient Medina, past Café de France in the main square.
Cost depends on haggle skills and the length of the trip – about 20 euros.


       Nightlife / Casino / Clubs
Generally, it is safe to assume that most restaurants, cafes, and bars in the Medina (old town) do not serve
alcohol, and those in Gueliz (new town) do serve alcohol.
In the Medina, at night time is the Kozy Bar (especially thurs-sat when there is live singer). Also, 5 minutes
walk from maison mk is the Café Arabe, with a nice roof terrace to watch the sun go down.
Club Lotus – newly opened cool bar (& restaurant), close to Le Comptoir restaurant.
In Gueliz most restaurants will serve alcohol. Café de la Poste (I know that name…!) does nice early evening
drinks on the terrace outside, or up on the top floor. Also a good roof terrace at the Bab Hotel .

La Mamounia - the grand old lady of Marrakech (a little like the feel of the Savoy in London). Just re-
opened & very luxurious & opulent. Also very expensive, but worth visiting for a wander around and a
drink at one of the 3 bars there.

Jad Mahal – is a lovely place with belly dancers, & then a very good live band most nights at 12.30 am. A
natural place to go to after dinner at Le Comptoir which is a 5 minute walk away. Gets busier from about

                                                         maison mk
  14 Derb Sebaai, Bab L’Ksour, Medina, Marrakech, Morocco | t: +212 (0) 524 37 61 73 | e: stay@maisonmk.com | www.maisonmk.com
Late night – Pacha has an up-market restaurant (Cristal), a chill bar, and a club open from 12 till 6am. A
new club in town is Silver – underneath Jad Mahal, or an old favourite is Teatro by the Sofitel Hotel

Casino – The Es Saadi has a casino open every night –a jacket is required (and I imagine trousers are as well

There are many clubs in Marrakech, the main ones that are popular at the moment are Pacha, Silver, &
Teatro. Generally they get busy from about 1am and are open until 6am. Entry is about 15 euros per head.

       Film Festival
Held annually in November / December, the film festival attracts a lot of attention from the Art House /
Independent film crowd. There are always a few big names in town as well – Leonardo di Caprio, Susan
Sarandon, Martin Scorsese, etc & there is a giant screen in the main square with screenings of winning films,


Possibly one to avoid – its definitely a tourist trap, but many people have also found it worth going to see.
Just don’t let the ‘guides’ push you into buying things you don’t want or need. There is a sprig of mint
offered for you to hold under your nose – my advice is that, with or without the mint, it still stinks there,
but it’s interesting to visit.



                                                         maison mk
  14 Derb Sebaai, Bab L’Ksour, Medina, Marrakech, Morocco | t: +212 (0) 524 37 61 73 | e: stay@maisonmk.com | www.maisonmk.com
2. Ideas out of Marrakech
We organise these excursions on demand, just ask Pauline, and she’ll organise taxis, lunch and everything
for you. The price indicated below is for the private hire of minivan and the driver, but does not include

       Ourika /Oukaimden

60 km away from Marrakech, the Ourika Valley owes its name to the river that comes from the high atlas.
One of the best preserved valleys in Morocco – beautiful, dramatic, lush & green. With the Berber villages
perched high in the mountains, the road from Setti Fatma follows the river in the bottom of the dramatic
valley. There are also waterfalls you can reach after a small trek. On the way through the valley, you can
taste a local tajine, eating at the edges of the river – 110 euros per couple (including the guide
Same direction, the ski resort of Oukaimeden is located 70km south-east of Marrakesh. Outside of the ski
season, Oukaimden is a beautiful location for mountain walks

       Atlas mountains
1.5 hours drive from Marrakech, you’ll cross the mountain passes of Moulay brahim up to Asni, a charming
village at the foot of Mount Toubkal, which is the highest peak in north Africa (4165m). After Asni, you’ll
discover a sumptuous valley of greenery, extending along the river which curves between the sides of the
of Atlas mountain range. Visit Kasbah Toubkal, a mountain hotel where you can take mules from the local
village up to the hotel that serves meals out on the terraces with stunning panoramic views of the
mountains. You can also stop at kasbah tamadot, Richard Branson’s place for a very nice lunch or just for
drink on your way back. – 140 euros per couple (including the guide)

2.5 hours away from Marrakech is the fishing village of Essaouira. All the buildings are white & the Atlantic
Ocean washes up on the sandy beaches – a haven for surfers, and the inspiration for many poets, singers,
painters, writers. There is also a huge world music festival held once a year, thousands of people turn up to
hear musicians from all over the world playing traditional music. Taxi is 150 euros per couple.

       Cascades d’ouzoud -
At a little more that 2.5 hours (150km) north east of Marrakech in the Middle Atlas Mountains are the
Cascades d'Ouzoud. The waterfalls are considered to be one of the most magnificent sights in the whole of

                                                        maison mk
 14 Derb Sebaai, Bab L’Ksour, Medina, Marrakech, Morocco | t: +212 (0) 524 37 61 73 | e: stay@maisonmk.com | www.maisonmk.com
The falls are at over 100m high and it is possible to take a refreshing dip in the pools at the bottom of
them. Around the falls are several working watermills, olive (Ouzoud in Berber) trees and fabulous
landscape, the focus of many preservation associations. For the more energetic, the area lends itself well
to short treks. 150 euros

Many different tours can be organised with Adil, the driver/guide.
One day trips (190 euros up to 4 people)
       •   The 2 valleys, (from asni to ourika valley)
       •   The plateau du kike (from the takerkoust barrage to asni and then to the ourika valley)
       •   Ouarzazate through the pist (the green snake) joining kasbah du telouet to the ait benhadou (220
2-3 day trip or more - this is organised on request by Adil to the desert.
Adil : mfadil3@yahoo.com



                                                         maison mk
  14 Derb Sebaai, Bab L’Ksour, Medina, Marrakech, Morocco | t: +212 (0) 524 37 61 73 | e: stay@maisonmk.com | www.maisonmk.com

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