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Wabash Greats Say Farewell


									                                                                                                                                                                     April 30, 2010
                                                                                                                                                                 volume 102 • issue 26

                                                                                                                                                                 It’s Official:
                                                                                                                                                                 “32 Brew”
                                                                                                                                                                 GARY JAMES ‘10

                                                                                                                                                                    After months of voting,
                                                                                                                                                                 Good to Go Xpresso has a
                                                                                                                                                                 new name. Nearly 80 votes
                                                                                                                                                                 were cast, and 55 percent of
                                                                                                                                                                 those votes were for 1832
                                                                                                                                                                 Brew, or Brew ‘32.
                                                                                                                                                                    The new owners, Logan
                                                                                                                                                                 and Ashley Kemp, were
                                                                                                                                                                 happy with participation from
                                                                                                                                                                 the Wabash community and
                                                                                                                                                                 hope the new name will foster
                                                                                                                                                                 a sense of ownership among
                                                                                                                                                                 their customers as well.
                                                                                                                                                                    “We wanted everybody’s
                                                                                                                                                                 input on [the name change]
                                                                                                                                                                 and to make [the shop] unique
                                                                                                                                                                 to Wabash,” Ashley said.
                                                                                                                                                                    And unique it is, said
                                                                                                                                                                 Library Director John Lam-
                                                                                                                                                                    “No doubt, it is uniquely
                                                                                                                                                                 Wabash,” he said. “Though I
                                                                                                                                                                 have a fondness for the corny
                                                                                                                                                                 when       it     comes       to
                                                                                                                                ALEX MOSEMAN | WABASH ‘11        library coffee shops (e.g.,
Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science David Maharry is one of four faculty and staff members retiring at the end of the year. For the retiring           “Learn-a-Latta” or “Giant
four, this last year has been full of bittersweet reminiscences on their time at the College.                                                                    Steeps” or “Book a Brew),
                                                                                                                                                                 the reference to the College’s
                                                                                                                                                                 founding date is more appro-

Wabash Greats Say Farewell                                                                                                                                       priate for an institution
                                                                                                                                                                 “steeped” in tradition.”
                                                                                                                                                                    Ashley and her husband
                                                                                                                                                                 Logan have been working at
                                                                                                                                                                 the College for several years
PETER ROBBINS ‘12                                   we’ll surely do some of that.”                      really wanted to do, and by ‘do’ of course, I            at Sparks and with Bon
                                                        Like the Maharrys, Bennett will remain          mean ‘teach.’”                                           Appétit. Ashley worked for
NEWS EDITOR                                         active in the Wabash community after his               Ms. Maharry recalled a similarly signifi-             Good to Go when the café’s
                                                    retirement. In fact, he’ll still be an important    cant technological transition that occurred              former owner Sharon Conklin
   In two weeks, seniors will graduate and          part of the music department, as he’ll be           soon after her arrival at Wabash.                        decided to open a shop in
move on to the post-Wabash chapter of their         teaching music history courses next year.              “I arrived at Wabash as a spouse in 1979              Lilly Library. When Con-
lives, but they won’t be the only ones saying       Whether they’re leaving for good or not, the        and nine years later began working at Lilly              klin’s husband Curt was
goodbye. Professor of Mathematics and               occasion of their retirement calls for reflection   Library, which was then busy converting the              transferred to Chicago from
Computer Science David Maharry, Cataloging          about their time at this place. For the Mahar-      card catalog to online,” Ms. Maharry said.               his job at the Department of
Assistant Virginia Maharry, Professor of            rys, it all started in 1979.                           Bennett too came from another small col-              Defense in Washington, D.C.,
Music Larry Bennett, and Professor of Biolo-            “I had been teaching physics at Franklin        lege before coming to Wabash, having taught              Sharon decided to move with
gy David Krohne will be retiring at the end of      College, but I wanted to teach computer pro-        at Upsala College in East Orange, N.J. since             him – and Logan and Ashley
this school year.                                   gramming (which later evolved into computer         1975.                                                    decided to try their hands at
   “It’s kind of like being a senior in college –   science),” Professor Maharry said. “So when            “In the 90s, there were financial problems            running a business.
I’m not really sure what I’ll be doing after        I first got here, I was the director of the com-    at Upsala, and ultimately, a 102 year-old col-              The ownership of Good to
this,” Professor Maharry said. “Both Virginia       puter center, which consisted of a single com-      lege closed in 1995,” Bennett said. “It was              Go was transferred officially
and I have been active here in town with            puter, and I taught computer programming.           really a year of turmoil for all of us: I had to         April 1, and Logan and Ash-
church and some other things, so we’re not          Over time, it evolved into a regular faculty        help transfer students and sell the depart-              ley have been working tire-
leaving town or anything. We like to travel, so     position. So I guess I came here to do what I                                                                lessly to put their own mark
                                                                                                                                See, RETIREMENT, Page 2
                                                                                                                                                                 on their new establishment.
                                                                                                                                                                 One of those marks is a name.
Elliott, O’Donnell Prepare to Speak                                                                                                                              Students and staff members
                                                                                                                                                                 submitted names, and six
                                                                                                                                                                 were chosen to be voted on:
                                                                                                                                                                 Bachelor Brew Café, Little
WYATT LEWIS ‘13                           with chronic and life-threatening ill-     on years here, I’ve been given a lot of                                     Giants Java, Brew 32, Little
                                          nesses. He also studied abroad in          opportunities that have changed my                                          Giant Latte, Wally’s Java
STAFF WRITER                              Salamanca, Spain and will attend           life: hanging out with an alumnus in                                        Stop, and Java for Giants.
                                          Duke University for medical school.        California, studying abroad (which                                             32 Brew received the most
    Wabash students recently learned         Elliott, a Political Science major      was pretty much paid for), and an                                           support with 42 votes, fol-
that this year’s commencement             and Theater minor, has acted in all 11     immersion trip to Israel. I received an                                     lowed by Little Giants Java
speakers will be Spencer Elliott and      plays put on by the College in his         internship through Wabash, and the                                          with 10, Bachelor Brew Café
Jon O’Donnell. However, what the          four years here. He interned at the        College helped me get into Teach for                                        and Wally’s Java Stop with 8,
College didn’t know is that the two       Indiana Repertory Theatre, complet-        America. The opportunities Wabash                                           Java for Giants with 7, and
seniors have been good friends ever       ed an internship as a program-facili-      has given me have literally shaped                                          Little Giant Latte with 1.
since they met in Wolcott the first       tator at a camp and a counselor at         my future,” Elliott said.                                                      When students return from
semester of their freshman year. In       another. He studied abroad in York,            O’Donnell quickly gave his per-                                         summer break in August, they
fact, each senior was unaware that        England, and will participate in           spective. “I agree with that entirely.                                      will see a transformation in
the other had applied.                    Teach for America after college in         I’ll add that what’s so enjoyable is the                                    the little corner by the
    The two seniors were chosen from      hopes of being a theater professor         time spent away from Wabash,”                                               library’s circulation desk. 32
a panel comprised of the division         one day.                                   O’Donnell said. “It helps you realize                                       Brew will have a new grand
chairs and deans to represent the stu-       Each expressed a deep gratitude         what Wabash is about. Wabash, as                                            opening, with a new name
dent body at Commencement.                for the opportunities that Wabash has      any good college should be, is a                                            and new specials to go along
    “We were both selected by the         afforded them.                             springboard toward your future,                                             with its new owners.
department heads; I submitted my             “I just look back at all the oppor-     whatever it may be. These experi-                                              Ashley said her hope is for
name a couple months ago, and did-        tunities Wabash has given me. It’s         ences have allowed me to know                                               32 Brew be an integral part of
n’t really expect anything to come of     kind of interesting - we had a senior      myself more than experiences in the             ALEX MOSEMAN | WABASH ‘11   the Wabash experience.
it,” Elliott said                         meeting, and an alumnus talked             classroom, where I learn about other       Seniors Spencer Elliott             “I just want it to be suc-
    O’Donnell, a Chemistry major and      about giving back to the College.          things.”                                   (top) and Jon O’Donnell          cessful and I want it to be part
Philosophy minor, has spent sum-          Some people are prone to say, “Oh              “I know who I am, and it sounds        (bottom) will speak at the       of the Wabash experience for
mers doing biology and chemistry          that’s terrible, the College hasn’t        so cheesy, but I know who I am             2010 Commencement
                                                                                                                                                                 the staff and the students
research and working at a camp the        done anything for me,’” Elliott said,                                                 Ceremony on May 16.
                                                                                                                                                                 [alike],” Ashley said.
summer after his junior year for kids        “But as a senior forced to reflect              See, COMMENCEMENT, Page 3

In This Issue:
 Making the Leap                                                                                                                Pr esident
                                                                                                                                Whit e’s Summer
                                          N e w s, 2
                                                                                                                                      Ca v elif e, 6
                                                                 Cam pus Gar den
                                                                 Gr oundbr eaking                            N e w s, 3
PAGE 2                •    News                                                                                                                                                        The Bachelor
April 30, 2010

BACHELOR                                From Page 1                                  Bennett also alluded to the               Dr. Maharry will hold on to a            place to be.”
 301 w. wabash Ave.
                                                                                  growth he has witnessed in his            simpler, physical, and seemingly               And thanks to the efforts of
crawfordsville, IN                                                                                                          everlasting element of Wabash.              Drs. Maharry, Bennett and
                                           ment’s pianos, and we were all         department.
        47933                           scrambling for jobs.”                        “I am proud to have been a part           “It’s hard to pick out just a few        Krohne, and Ms. Maharry, it is a
            Gary James
                                           Fortunately, Bennett was able          of building the music department          memories, but I’ll remember                 place which has been uplifted in
                                        to make the best out of an undeni-        as it is today, I love my colleagues      walking through the arboretum in            numerous ways for years, and a
                                        ably trying situation.                    in the Fine Arts center, and I love       early May,” Dr. Maharry said.               place which is bittersweetly
             Riley Floyd                    “That year, I saw an ad for a         the students,” Bennett said. “I           “This is a physically uplifting             grateful.               music professor at Wabash Col-            had the pleasure of hiring Dr.
            NEWS EDITOR                 lege, and it was a perfect fit,”          Makubuya, who introduced
           Peter Robbins
                                        Bennett said. “They needed                Wabash, the county, and in some
                                        someone to direct the Glee Club           ways the state to world music. As
           John Henry
                                        and chair the department. I’m             well as Dr. Hulen, who, along                eternally grateful to Wabash –            with Dr. Rogers, rounds out what
           SPORTS EDITOR                they saved my life! I was in my           I believe to be the best small col-
        Brandon Alford                  mid-50s, which is not the prime           lege music department in Indi-
                                        of a singing career, and I wanted         ana.”
         Joel Bustamante                to work more as a professor any-             Each of these retiring members               way.”                                     of the Wabash community point-
           PHOTO EDITOR                    In their time at Wabash, the           ed to a few favorite memories
         Alex Moseman
                                        retiring faculty and staff have had       they’ll take with them as they go.
            Copy Editor
                                        a hand in plenty of important                “The last three years I have
             Alex Avtgis
                                        improvements in their respective          been assisting in the Archives,
           Adam Becerra
                                        areas of influence.                       which has given me even more
                                           “I have enjoyed, and am proud          appreciation for the quality and
           Howard Hewitt                of, watching the move from a sin-         integrity of 177 year-old               gle Computer Science course to a          Wabash,” Ms. Maharry said. “We
                                        minor,” Dr. Maharry said. “The            have loved being part of the
 The purpose of The Bachelor is to      field of computer science was             Wabash community, and do plan
 serve the school audience, includ-
 ing but not limited to administra-     changing dramatically, and I was          to stay close.”
 tors, faculty and staff, parents,      evolving with it as I learned new            As for Bennett, a favorite
 alumni, community members and
 most importantly, the students.        things. Wabash has allowed me             memory includes the fulfillment
 Because this is a school paper,        to grow in many ways. I remem-            of his creative motivations.
 the content and character within
 will cater to the student body’s       ber Bill Placher talking about the           “A high point for me was pro-                                                                  COURTESY OF PUBLIC AFFAIRS
 interests, ideas and issues.           challenge of stepping up to the           ducing Hypemnestra last year,”            Professor of Music Larry Bennett, shown here after the production of
 Further, this publication will serve
 as a medium and forum for stu-         next level of the field you are in,       Bennett said. “I was able to bring        Hypemnestra, is retiring but will return as an adjunct professor of music
 dent opinions and ideas.               and Wabash encourages us to do            it here, choose the cast and pro-         history next year.
 Although an individual newspa-         that.”                                    duce it, which I so loved doing.”
 per, the Board of Publications
 publishes The Bachelor. The
 Bachelor and BOP receive fund-
 ing from the Wabash College
 Student Senate, which derives its
 funds from the Wabash College
 student body.                          From Page 1                               key part of their praise for              lipped, unwilling to unveil the            not going to reveal that until the
 Letters (e-mails) to the editor are                                              Wabash, O’Donnell noting that             content of their speech.                   speech.”
 welcomed and encouraged. They
 will only be published if they            now,” O’Donnell said. “I know          the teachers serve both as profes-           O’Donnell gave out a teasing               Likewise, Elliott remained
 include name, phone, or e-mail,        what I’m capable of and what I’m          sors and mentors, allowing you to         reply when questioned about the            enigmatic.
 and are not longer than 300
 words. The Bachelor reserves the       not capable of. I know what I’m           have dinner with them and spend           speech.                                       “My speech will concern how I
 right to edit letters for content,     good at and what I’m not good at.         the evening at their houses. Elliott         “I plan on talking about the lib-       relate to the memories I’ve made
 typographical errors, and length.
 All letters received become prop-      And it’s all because I was able to        thanked his professors for being          eral arts, and how that ought to           while at Wabash and how my fel-
 erty of this publication for the       be isolated in situations, away           wonderful role models, claiming           impact everyday interaction, and           low students should relate to the
 purposes of reprinting and/or
 redistribution.                        from Wabash, or away with                 that Wabash “gives you a unique           how it might, in fact, be everyday         memories they’ve made as well,”
 Profanity may appear in the pub-       friends.”                                 perspective.”                             interactions,” O’Donnell said.             Elliott said.
 lication, but only in cases of            Both men applauded the stu-               As for the commencement                “Basically it’s an exposition of the
 direct quote or if profanity is nec-
 essary to the content of the story.    dent-professor relationship as a          speeches, the two remained tight-         liberal arts, with a twist. But I’m
 Please do not confuse profanity
 with obscenity. No article or pic-
 ture of an obscene nature will
 appear in this publication.
 The Bachelor is printed every
 Thursday at the Journal Review
 in Crawfordsville. It is delivered
 freely to all students, faculty, and
                                        Seniors Prepare for the Unknown
 staff at Wabash College. To
 receive a year’s subscription,         JOHN DYKSTRA ‘13                                                                                      school that I would feel com-      selecting what grad schools
 send a $40 check to The                                                                                                                      fortable going to and enjoy        to attend, possible careers,
 Bachelor.                              STAFF WRITER                                                                                          attending. While looking at        and their next steps after
 All advertising published in The
 Bachelor is subject to the applica-                                                                                                          MFA programs I also looked         Wabash. Even though they
 ble rate card. The Bachelor
 reserves the right to deny
                                            After four years here at                                                                          for institutions that have Art     are graduating, seniors can
 requests for publication of adver-     Wabash and the demise of                                                                              Education certification,”          still use Career Services as
 tisements. Student organizations
 of Wabash College may pur-
                                        dead week, seniors cannot                                                                             Diaz said. “I know I want to       alumni.
 chase advertisements at half the       help but to be excited for                                                                            teach art at the secondary             “Seniors can still use
 listed rate.
                                        what is ahead of them. Only                                                                           level and since Wabash does        Career Services after they
 The Bachelor is a member of the
 Hoosier State and Indiana              finals stand in their way, and                                                                        not certify art teachers, I need   graduate. We really do not
 Collegiate Press Associations          then their time here is over;                                                                         to finish my requirements          make a distinction between
 (HSPA and ICPA).
                                        the godforsaken arch will no                                                                          somewhere else. For me it          students and alumni, so they
                                        longer gloom before them.                                                                             seemed easier to attend one        are encouraged to utilize us
 Announcements                          Graduation is near and the                                                                            institution and take care of       at any point,” Crawford said.
                                        college chapter of their lives                                         ALEX MOSEMAN| WABASH ‘11       two things as oppose to            “If graduates are looking for
Saturday, May 1                         is coming to an end. What is      Barrington Hodges is one of many seniors breathing a sigh           going to two distinct institu-     a job, preparing for grad
                                        next?                             of relief as their hard-working time at Wabash comes to a           tions.”                            school, or changing careers,
Cabaret: “Let’s                             First, to answer that ques-                                                                           The Arnold House has           we think it is important that
Misbehave” at Iron                      tion, let’s define success in                                                                         been very active with the          they know they can still use
Gate, 8 p.m.                            Director of Schroeder Center      what he wants to do ever         since then.”                       seniors as they have been          us.”
Sunday, May 2                           for Career Development,           since he was very young,             O’Donnell will be attend-
                                        Scott Crawford’s words:           having been inspired by          ing the Duke University
Cabaret: “Let’s                             “Students are going to be     medical treatments as a child.   School of Medicine this fall.
Misbehave” at Iron                      successful if they have pre-         “I do have a phenomenal           A group of seniors are still
Gate, 7 p.m.                            pared themselves for suc-         personal story that drives my    undecided about their career
Tuesday, May 4                          cess. We don’t define that        interest in medicine, specifi-   and elected to take a year off
                                        success; the student defines      cally oncology. My mother        before pursuing a possible
Midnight Munch at                       it,” Crawford said. “It is not    was diagnosed with Stage         career. Juan Diaz ’10
Sparks Center, 11                       up to me to tell a student        3B breast cancer when I was      switched his career of inter-
p.m.                                    what to do or if what they are    six years old, endured brutal    est from being a lawyer to an
Sunday, May 16                          planning is a good thing. It is   treatments and therapy that      artist before Senior Comps
                                        up to them to decide that. As     eventually ended in the fail-    took place. Diaz will be tak-
• Baccalaureate                         long as you are happy with        ure/death of her heart,          ing a year off to prepare for
Chapel, 11 a.m.                         what you’re doing, or at the      received a heart transplant,     the Graduate Record Exami-
•172nd                                  very least, it gets you to the    and survives as my hero          nation, which must be taken
Commencement                            next step in your career path,    today” O’Donnell said. “I        when applying for graduate
                                        that is what matters.”            witnessed all of this (from a    programs, business schools
Ceremony, 2:30 p.m.                         With that being said, sen-    variety of perspectives)         and fellowships.
                                        iors have made advance-           when I was young and form-           “Since I had changed my
                                        ments towards their highly        ative, and I have felt every     plans last minute I had little
                                        anticipated career paths. Jon     fiber of my being move in        time to look at my options
                                        O’Donnell ’10 has known           concert toward medicine          and to really look for a
The Bachelor                                                                                                                                            News        •   PAGE 3
                                                                                                                                                                  April 30, 2010

Students, Staff Break Ground
for Community Garden

    To celebrate Earth Day last
Thursday, April 22, Wabash
broke ground its first Communi-
ty Garden. The Students for Sus-
tainability, Environmental Con-
cerns Committee, Friends of
Sugar Creek, Girl Scout Troop
50218, and several others
attending the service and were
eager to help in the push towards
a greener campus.
    With the increasing amount
of recycling within living units,
the garden was simply the next
seed to be planted.
    According to Professor of Art
Doug Calisch, “Within the envi-
ronmental/sustainability move-
ment there are many guiding
principles. The garden project
utilizes a number of these princi-
ples: support local economies,
eat local, DIY (do it yourself),
use renewable resources, and                                                                                                                                   DREW CASEY | WABASH ‘12
reduce waste. The Garden proj-
                                      Members of the Environmental Concerns Committee and others gathered last week to break ground on the new Wabash Community Garden. The
ect accomplishes all this, plus it
                                      produce grown in the garden will be used by Bon Appétit and will reduce the College’s reliance on outside food sources.
is place for the Wabash commu-
nity to come together and share
                                     project about the same time. The    Environmental Concerns Com-         preparation of student meals,        closely with Campus Services
in an activity.”
                                     Crawfordsville Community Gar-       mittee” said Mondovics.             decreasing reliance on outside       for site approval and prepara-
    Indeed, the community has
                                     den, located about three miles         In addition to allowing stu-     sources for certain perishable       tion. “Campus Services has been
already begun to come together
                                     southwest of Crawfordsville,        dents, faculty, and anyone else     goods and increasing the fresh-      instrumental in the start up
as several students, faculty
                                     has been supported by Students      within the Wabash community         ness of the food the organization    efforts with the garden and we
members, and their family mem-
                                     for Sustainability now for two      to participate in an outdoor set-   offers.                              want to publicly thank them,”
bers worked alongside each
                                     years.”                             ting, the garden itself serves a       Because of the desire within      Calisch said.
other to make the groundbreak-
                                         Recently, discussion fueled     larger purpose. If the garden       partnering student organizations        Based on the level of interest,
ing a success.
                                     by Michael Mondovics ’13,           proves to be a success, the crops   to construct a community gar-        the plot has the potential for an
    Talks about development and
                                     Mary Jo Arthur, and others led      will be harvested and split up      den, the Students for Sustain-       orchard, flower beds, and a
utilization of a plot of land for
                                     to the groundbreaking late last     between campus food service         ability were granted funds by        grape arbor. Over the summer,
the growth of produce began
                                     week. “The garden is meant to       and donated to local food           Student Senate to purchase tools     those interested in participating
within the past few years. “Ear-
                                     be a student driven project;        pantries. While the selection of    and equipment necessary for till-    within the garden is encouraged
liest discussions started about
                                     therefore, any student wishing to   produce to be planted within the    ing the land, planting crops, cul-   to do so, with the prospect of
three years ago in the Environ-
                                     work on the garden is invited to    plot is undetermined, Arthur has    tivation, and harvest. Once gain-    receiving fresh vegetables in
mental Concerns Committee,”
                                     do so. The program itself will be   agreed to purchase an amount of     ing senate authorization for the     return. All are invited to attend a
Calisch said. “The student
                                     maintained and oversaw by Stu-      the vegetables on behalf of Bon     means to purchase necessary          planting party this coming Sun-
group, Students for sustainabili-
                                     dents for Sustainability and the    Appétit that will be used in        materials, the clubs worked          day.
ty, started talking about a garden

The Poetics of Gardening
                                                                                           Left: Freshman Michael Jon Mondovics,
                                                                                           Professor of Art Doug Calisch, Professor
                                                                                           of Psychology Eric Olofson, Mary Jo
                                                                                           Arthur, and Matt Levendoski cut the
                                                                                           ribbon for the new Wabash Community

                                                                                           Bottom left: Professor of English Marc
                                                                                           Hudson reads from a book of poetry to
                                                                                           commemorate the groundbreaking.

                                                                                           Bottom right: A group of students,
                                                                                           faculty, and staff gather just before
                                                                                           cutting the ribbon.

         Want to Write for Bachelor?
 Watch for a call out announcement in
  the annual Back to Campus issue.
                                                                                                                                                                    April 30, 2010
                                                                                                                                                                                   page 4

                                                           Bachelor Editorial Board
                                                                    The voice of Wabash since 1908
                       EDITOR IN CHIEF                                                OPINION EDITOR                                                MANAGING EDITOR
                        Gary James                                                     John Henry                                                        Riley Floyd
                         NEWS EDITOR                                                   SPORTS EDITOR                                                 CAVELIFE EDITOR
                       Peter Robbins                                                 Brandan Alford                                                 Joel Bustamante

          Treating the Symptoms of Our Country’s Problems
   In the United States, we have       The Issue:                            this arrogant mentality is the way    are keeping the poor down with         come up with ways of stalling it
a short sided arrogance that often                                           we approach our educational sys-      our educational policies, we           instead. People with chronic dis-
prohibits us from recognizing          Problems Facing the United            tems. We fund our schools with        institute unfair affirmative action    eases end up taking these pills
and treating the problems that         States Today                          the property taxes collected in       in our graduate schools. These         that stall diseases for the rest of
plague our society. It would take                                            those school districts. So for a      policies do not address the real       their lives, making millions for
a fool not to see that we have         Our Stance:                           school district in Carmel where       and apparent, social problems          the pharmaceutical companies
serious issues with our financial      Our arrogance blinds us, and          house prices average easily           with education, but instead            that would not have occured had
sector, medical system, primary        we treat the symptoms of our          more than $200,000-$300,000           ignore them and attempt to treat       they had cured the disease.
and secondary education, and           social problems rather than           the schools get a substantial         problems so far away from the             As a country, we need to rec-
class/race issues. Rather than         the problems themselves.              amount of money. On the other         source that we, in the process,        ognize our problems and cast
treat these problems at their                                                hand, inner-city schools in dilap-    create more problems.                  aside our arrogance. We don’t
source, we instead narrowly                                                  idated areas receive very little         The way in which the medical        always do things the right way
focus to preform triage on the         triage to save dysfunctional busi-    money and therefore simply can-       community and particularly the         and the lingering problems that
catastrophes and symptoms that         nesses like GM.                       not provide the same facilities       pharmaceutical companies oper-         we face every day are living
arise from them.                           As a culture we refuse to rec-    for their students.                   ate is perfectly analogous with        proof of that. Everyone makes
   Take the financial crisis for       ognize that we are doing things          We ignore the fact that the        this concept. Pharmaceutical           mistakes and if a country fails to
example. Rather than hold the          wrong and that sometimes those        rich continue to keep the poor        companies have no incentive to         recognize, fix, or apologize for
scoundrels who were responsible        symptoms need to be fixed at          down by hoarding their money in       cure diseases like cancer or           those mistakes it can be fatal. If
for the ordeal, both left and right,   their source. If we refuse to treat   this manner. Rather than balanc-      AIDS. They are not morally             we continue to treat the injustices
we bail them out. Had we recog-        a disease, and only treat its         ing the money to provide equal        upright individuals looking to         and diseases that plague our soci-
nized and treated the problem          symptoms, the problem will con-       opportunities for all of our citi-    better the world, they are busi-       ety with disregard, we will con-
from the beginning, from the           tinually arise in new and often       zens in their education, we allow     nesses like all of the rest.           tinue to have to fix the horrible
first signs of corruption, we          more menacing ways.                   this class warfare to continue.          There is no incentive for them      mistakes that effect every one of
would never have had to do                 Another glaring example of           Instead of recognizing that we     to cure a disease when they can        our lives.

                         Get the Most from Wabash: Get Involved!
TYLER J. WADE                          Wabash is becoming apathetic,         support our Little Giant athletes     liberal arts taken in their most       vow to include at least two
                                       which is only a single letter         during all sports seasons.            original form means “the arts          events a week—one of them
COLUMNIST                              removed from what it truly               But Wabash isn’t just about        that free men?” Now seems to           being Chapel on Thursday and
                                       means.                                athletic events. It’s about collo-    be the right time for man to           another of your choice: be it an
   Week after week, I sit in the          Every year in about the sec-       quiums, campus speakers, and          remove himself from the walls          art exhibit, a sporting event, a
Pioneer Chapel embarrassed at          ond week of November we               clubs. It’s about Student Senate,     of his academic discipline and         meeting of the Student Senate,
the pitiful attendance by the stu-     malign our neighbors to the           Senior Council, Glee Club con-        see what life is like on the other     or a lecture on gender roles and
dents and faculty. On the rare         South for not truly supporting        certs, and Wamidan. Wabash has        side.                                  underwater      basket-weaving.
occasion that there is a large         their athletic teams—and they         a plethora of successful artists         I know that life is busy and        You name it!
crowd, congratulations are often       don’t. But to be fair, Wabash         and impressive speakers on a          hectic, and that we have moun-            Now, the key here is to main-
handed out at the effort—but           students and faculty are often        weekly basis.                         tains and mountains of work to         tain this throughout the entire
should we really do that? Have         missing at many sporting                 Something that is really crazy     do. But, I think I have a solution     school year and gradually start
we become so distant from our          events. It’s easy to be a fan on a    is the face that Wabash allows        to this path that we are on. I’m       increasing the amount of events
past that we actually take the         sunny autumn Saturday and             you attend speakers that aren’t       going to take everyone back to         you try to squeeze in during the
time to congratulate people for        watch the football team, but          in your major or minor! It seems      the Enlightenment section of           week. Everyone is busy, but are
doing what they are supposed to        apparently its harder to come         to me that a true liberal arts col-   C&T, more specifically the             you that busy that you can’t take
do? Mandatory Chapels are a            out and watch an equally inter-       lege would have an audience at        Autobiography of Benjamin              2 hours out of a 40 hour work
thing of the past, but we still        esting basketball or baseball         Bio Society talks that aren’t just    Franklin. In this piece, Franklin      week? Like Dr. Olofson said in
owe it to one another to make          game, swimming or track meet,         Division I majors and profes-         embarks on a plan for self-            Chapel several weeks ago, “Just
our best effort to keep that tradi-    etc. You name it, and Wabash          sors. When the decision to end        improvement. I realize it’s prob-      shut up,” quit complaining
tion alive. Chapel isn’t the only      students are, for the most part       Cultures and Traditions was           ably too late to start this now so     about that Econometrics paper,
place where Wabash Men are, to         absent. If we are going to use        made, students exclaimed the          I hope you can remember this           and go see what Wabash has to
quote Yogi Berra, “staying away        this as ammunition against the        “death of the liberal arts.”          for next semester. Each and            offer, you might be surprised at
in droves.” On the whole               Dannies, we have to come out to          Need I remind you that the         every one of you should make a         what you would find . . .

                                                   Letters to the Editor
                                                 through all aspects of life, but why it                                                       body are encouraging and exciting. They,

       Ian Kelly                                 takes a lesson like this to create such
                                                 an epiphany, I do not know. What I do
                                                 know, is that I am living the pain
                                                                                                      Stipes                                   along with Senate members, were influen-
                                                                                                                                               tial in making the C&T discussion a posi-
                                                                                                                                               tive experience for Wabash and are becom-

                                                                                                    Reflects on
                                                                                                                                               ing more involved in the campus through a

      Speaks Out
                                                 brought onto the people who care most
                                                 and the clarity of my inconceivably                                                           number of activities like the ski-trip that
                                                 selfish actions is sharpening every day.                                                      took place in February and the upcoming
                                                                                                                                               freshman orientation event that will take

                                                    Since the incident and my suspen-
                                                                                                                                               place this August. Both bodies are showing
                                                 sion from Wabash, I have entered into                                                         that our student government, clubs and
     Dear Sir,
                                                 a drug abuse program to discover the                                                          organizations, and student leaders continue
     The trouble I’ve brought upon               underlying problems that would lead to                                                        to have a huge impact on the well being of
  myself has led me to many realizations         this point. I have also completed over            Dear Sir,                                   this campus.
  and is in no way excusable. My only            sixty hours of volunteer work with a                                                              One of the key reasons we have had
  hope is that second chances do exist           local park to truly appreciate the sim-           I want to take a moment and reflect on      such a successful semester is due to our fac-
  because now I have more to prove than          ple aspects of life and the value of           the past semester. Like most, as the final     ulty, staff, and administration. I want to
  ever to my family, the campus, organi-         moral actions. After becoming a suc-           days dwindle away, I start to look back and    thank the administration and faculty for
  zations, and Wabash itself I have dis-         cessful volunteer within the park’s            cannot believe how hastily these past few      their cooperation and management over
  appointed and misrepresented through           staff, I began my fulltime job working         weeks have flown by and how quickly the        C&T and their ability to move forward with
  my actions.                                    under a mason, learning the impor-             summer is approaching. However, I feel it      a new course that will become a foundation
     As soon as the crime was commit-            tance of true physical labor. The real-        is important to take a moment and look         of the curriculum for decades to come. I
  ted, I began to regret the foolishness         ity of being up at 6 a.m. six days a           back at the semester that was and also say a   want to personally thank President White
  and selfishness it must have taken me                                                         few words.                                     for approving the athletic fields project. It
                                                 week proves how blessed I was to have
  to believe risking my entire life for this                                                       First of all, I am extremely proud of our   is an amazing accomplishment for Wabash
                                                 a family willing to fund the journey at
  horrendous mistake was worth it.                                                              campus and the direction that we are head-     to be investing so many resources into our
  “Entire life” might seem like an exag-         Wabash College. These experiences              ing. We have grown as a community, and         facilities while other top schools continue
  geration, but I do not consider it to be       are combining to mock my previous              Wabash is better for it. We have matured       to do nothing but cut. It truly speaks vol-
  at all. Wabash College was my life             actions and make me more ashamed               because of the discussions over C&T. We        umes to the strong core Wabash has been
  and, at that very moment, had present-         but simultaneously more grateful for           have improved with the commencement of         and continues to be.
  ed the opportunities for a phone inter-        lost chances.                                  the athletic fields project. We continue to        As we go our separate ways next week,
  view for a small business internship              With the weight of these conse-             challenge each other as we face the obsta-     we can all be pleased with what we have
  this upcoming summer and to study              quences on my family and myself, I             cles that are in front of us. We have          accomplished. For some of us, next week
  abroad next spring in Valencia, Spain.         cannot express my sorrow enough. So            become a closer community. For that, I am      marks the beginning of a long awaited
     These were immediately thrown               rather than dwelling on the lost oppor-        proud of our college.                          summer break. For others, it marks the end
  away. More long term opportunities I           tunities and pain, my only wish is to             Secondly, I am proud of the work our        of a long Wabash journey and the start of a
  value and threw away include facilitat-        represent my family, Wabash College            student leaders and organizations are doing.   much more exciting journey into the real
  ing a turn-around for the soccer pro-          and all associated as well as I can. I         I have never been a part of a more deter-      world. To the seniors, good luck! You will
  gram, improving the excellence of the          believe changes have been made in my           mined and successful Student Senate. I am      no doubt have as great an impact on the
  Malcolm X Institute, and, most impor-                                                         proud of their efforts and their accomplish-   world as you have had on this institution.
                                                 character and priorities that will allow
  tantly, completing my Wabash educa-                                                           ments. I am proud of how the Senate has        Be safe, enjoy your summer break, and
  tion to the best of my abilities. The          me to exceed any previous expecta-             evolved from more than a 30-minute budg-       remember to spread the fame of her hon-
  question is, was I pursuing these              tions held of me and represent what            et meeting into a group of individuals who     ored name wherever your journey takes
  opportunities granted to me with my            original values were instilled by my           are discussing issues pertinent to campus      you.
  best ability? No, I was not, neglectful-       family and Wabash.                             and working to resolve them for the better-        In Wabash,
  ly so. This might seem as an under-                                                           ment of the College and the student body.
  statement to the gravity of the crime             In Wabash,                                     The evolution of the Senior Council and        Cody Stipes
  and its repercussions resounding                  Ian Kelly ‘12                               the leadership of all of the members of the       Student Body President
The Bachelor                                                                                                                                              Opinion           PAGE 5
                                                                                                                                                                       April 30, 2010

                                      Life’s an Approximation
   Life’s an approximation. We                                              work during the weekend. It              The third thing I’ve learned       low. I try not to take myself too
never really know where we’re                         GARY JAMES            was a pain, but it made my            at Wabash is oddly specific but       seriously. I remember that
going. We make decisions and                                                weeks much more manageable.           no less helpful than the rest of      humans can only do so much.
calculations in the midst of                          EDITOR-IN-               The second thing I’ve              my observations. Write often.         So, instead of obsessing over
uncertainty. As Editor-in-Chief                                             learned at Wabash is the power        So much of life, in and out of
of the Bachelor, I have had                           CHIEF                 of relationships. By working          Wabash, is about communica-
                                                                                                                                                        mistakes or successes, I just
                                                                                                                                                        keep moving forward, with a
nearly a year’s worth of practice                                           with the Bachelor, the Obama          tion. By writing as much I have,
                                                                                                                                                        smile and an open mind.
with making decisions to the                                                campaign, and other groups, I         with the Bachelor, papers, at the
best of my ability with the                                                 have had the privilege to talk to     writing center, I have developed         My four years at Wabash
information and resources I am                                              most professors on campus. But        an ear and an eye for the way         have been filled with nuggets of
given.                                                                      I did more than talk; I built rela-   things should sound and read.         advice from people and situa-
                                      year alone, I have sphinx club                                                                                    tions. I know these insights will
   As graduation day draws            members, student senators, a          tionships with them. I got to         This sense has helped me in
closer, I, in turn, grow more                                               know their interests, what            class but also in my applications     help me in life off this campus.
                                      fraternity president. We all wear
reflective, not just on my tenure     so many hats—including that of        drives them, what angers and          for internships and Teach for         But these insights would not
at the Bachelor, but on my four       students—that it can be a strug-      inspires them and, in some            America.                              have been gained if I had stayed
years as a student here. If I had     gle to know which of our many         cases, their families. So, when I        Finally, I have learned that       in my room or rejected opportu-
to sum up what I’ve learned at        responsibilities should take          had a problem, or when I need-        life is an approximation; some-       nities or responsibilities when
Wabash in 600 words or less, I        precedent at any given time.          ed to send a reporter for expert-     times we get things wrong. I          presented with them. Fortune
would say I’ve learned to plan           I’ve had this problem as well,     ise, or when I just desired stim-     certainly do. While this realiza-     favors the bold, and I would
ahead, to build relationships, to     which is why I always try to          ulating conversation, I knew          tion can be stressful and embar-      encourage all underclassmen to
write often and, most important-      plan ahead. Last semester, I          who to turn to. I’ve gained a         rassing, it’s also part of being
                                                                                                                                                        stay involved in the positive
ly, to remember that life is an       actually arranged my syllabi on       reservoir of insights from peo-       human. I do my best to perform
approximation.                                                              ple much more experienced             to the best of my ability, but if I   way. I would encourage my fel-
                                      my wall in front of my comput-
   It is a truth universally          er so that I would always be          than me. These relationships          do make a mistake, I try to own       low seniors to remain or to
acknowledged and often articu-        forced to confront the reality of     have helped get me through            up to it, learn from it, and move     become bold by realizing our
lated that Wabash men are             what I had to do. I did the same      Wabash and to this time in my         on. This piece of advice has          individual and collective pow-
active people. We do a lot.           for my job applications. I tried      life, and I like to think it can do   helped me keep life in perspec-       ers to make things happen and
When I think about the staff this     to do the upcoming week’s             the same for others.                  tive. I never get too high or too     to make them work.

              Finally Finding the Right Balance
   After four years it is quite                                             could be? Of course not! We           great need in our society for             Wabash is still sending
easy to become the cynical sen-                       JOHN HENRY            have much work to do to repair        understanding the context of          numerous young men to med-
ior, to see all of the bad and none                                         the tatters in the fabric of our      Western Civilization through the      ical, engineering, law, and other
of the good at the place in which                     OPINION               campus culture and our brother-       Classics or for true academic         professional schools. Wabash is
you have spent such a signifi-                                              ly bonds.                             appreciation of the work of the       still placing her men in top job
cant portion of your youth.                           EDITOR                   In four years, theft has been      Renaissance painters or the           and internship markets across
Having interacted intimately                                                rampant, personal and fraternity      symphonies of Beethoven.              the country and around the
with the community, there will                                              property vandalized, derisive         Surely, no one would contend          world. Wabash is still consis-
always be perceptions that are                                              commentary levied against fel-        that to be the case, less they be     tently ranked as one of the best
incorrect or expectations that                                              low students or professors, con-      misguided. We must continue to        liberal arts colleges in the
were just too high. The most                                                sistent alcohol and drug issues,      strive for what is best for the       nation.      Most    importantly,
                                      continue this journey of life.
important element to consider in                                            and many other broader societal       students and the College in this      Wabash is still succeeding in
                                         It would certainly be improp-
the fruitful discourse of our Col-    er not to look back on the four       and cultural problems. These          sensitive area. There are no          educating her men to think criti-
lege is that we, as seniors, are      years spent here and remark in        problems are part of the larger       easy answers, but we must still       cally, act responsibly, lead effec-
obliged to expose and comment         some way on the state of our          framework of our society and it       strive for the answers that can       tively, and live humanely.
on what we find to be the nega-       College. Wabash, if anything, is      is our place as responsible citi-     preserve the core of our curricu-         We all are guilty of viewing
tives in our College. However,        a place where young men can           zens to establish ourselves with-     lum.                                  Wabash with a certain degree of
to do so, without also stating or     transform themselves into liber-      in the larger framework in such          While there is still much to       exceptionalism. However, as
recognizing the good, would be        ally educated men who think,          a way as to preserve the core         fear, much to strive for, and         any student who has consistent-
irresponsible and disingenuous.       act, and live more fully than         tenets of our own community.          much to do in the future for we       ly visited other campuses
   Some of us seniors are leav-       they once did.                           Our future curriculum is sure-     Wabash men, there is still much       knows, there is something
ing Wabash with still much               It is certain that it will take    ly another area in which we are       that is right. The very fact that     markedly different about a
more intellectual and spiritual       more than an economic down-           struggling. A healthy liberal arts    we have endured in four years         Wabash man. A certain swagger
growth ahead of us, while still       turn or culture shock to damage       education cannot survive with-        the death of four students and of     and strength is profoundly pres-
others will begin to forge the        the core of an institution that has   out the Classics, Arts, and           Bill Placher, one of the most         ent in the Wabash community
framework for the rest of our         stood for nearly two hundred          Music. These areas of study are       respected Wabash men ever to          still today. So long as we can
lives. No matter the path, we are     years. The loyalty and brother-       so integrally linked to the liber-    walk these halls, the devastating     preserve the exceptional nature,
about to end this journey to          hood of her graduates is certain-     ally-educated man that to cut         financial meltdown, the loss of a     the brotherhood, and the passion
embark on yet another. Mar-           ly something that continues to        them to the point of failure is       fraternity, and the variety of        that we each feel for our alma
riage, jobs, furthering our edu-      run strong.                           foolish at best.                      smaller afflictions is testimony      mater, this College will not only
cation, and travel are just a few        Is this loyalty and fidelity to       That is unless somehow we          enough to our strength and per-       survive, but thrive, well into the
ways in which we will begin to        our alma mater as strong as it        are to contend that there is no       severance.                            future.

                   Want to be a
           Contact Riley Floyd
                                                                                                                                                                       April 30, 2010
                                                                                                                                                                                       Page 6

Teaching and ‘Tooning:
Morillo Reflects on “101”
Almost two decades worth of artistic achievement
GABE WATSON ‘13                         fun of and use humor against the
                                        powerless. It’s an asymmetrical
STAFF WRITER                            concept.”
                                            Morillo likened the concept to
   For the better part of the past      interaction       between     racial
two decades, Professor of Histo-        groups. The majority’s remarks
ry and Department Chair                 on minorities are seldom appro-
Stephen Morillo has lent his            priate and even less often humor-
humorous and artistic talents to        ous because it is they that hold
The Bachelor with weekly “Car-          the power. Jokes about the less
tooning 101” comics. As he pre-         powerful are simply not appro-
pares, however, to take on new          priate.
responsibilities, his cartooning            “As Division Chair I’m in just
contributions will be cut off.          a little bit too powerful of a posi-
   “I’ll be the next chair of Divi-     tion in the Wabash community to
sion III,” said Morillo, “and the       be making jokes about people,”
dean made one of the conditions         said Morillo. He recognizes that
for taking that job that I no           there are far too many complica-
longer do the cartoon.” But             tions waiting to arise by attempt-
                                                                                                                                                           COURTESY OF PROFESSOR STEPHEN MORILLO
Morillo was quick to add that he        ing to play both sides of the
was “in full agreement” with the        game. As he notes in his April          Blast from the Past: Professor Stephen Morillo’s very first edition of “Cartooning 101” for The Bachelor.
condition.                              16th cartoon, he is becoming a
   “And the principle there is one      part of “The Man,” at which he         he will take preceding its com-        he laughed.                            have, he has done so multiple
I actually stated in a Chapel Talk      has always poked fun in the past.      mencement.                                Once he completes his text-         times before as the result of trips
on the importance of humor a                Of course Morillo is making           “I will be in Crawfordsville                                               to North Carolina and Hawaii.
                                                                                                                      book, Morillo’s five-year term as
number of years ago,” he contin-        this transition “not without some      next year, but my job will be to                                              But Cartooning 101 has firmly
ued. “It’s okay for the powerless       reluctance, because I love doing                                              Division III Chair will com-
                                                                               finish writing my world history                                               anchored its reputation in the
to make fun of and use humor            the cartoon.” But he is looking        textbook and to pay as little          mence. Though this will be the         Bachelor, and will not soon be
against the powerful; it’s not          forward to his new position as         attention to Wabash as possible,”      longest break from his Bachelor
                                                                                                                                                                           See, MORILLO, Page 7
okay for the powerful to make           well as the year-long sabbatical                                              contributions that Morillo will

Running Around, Running                                                                                                                           The Bes t of Summer
Among Summer Priorities
Liberal Arts
dominate calendar
KENNY FARRIS ‘12                   bers. Target date: late May
                                   to early June (probably
STAFF WRITER                       before Big Bash).
                                       Let it always be the life of                                                                                                         Ca v elif e, 7
    Some Wabash men have           a small liberal arts college
internships; some have new         President to have to
                                   fundraise during the sum-
careers to begin. Some just
plan on going home and
recharging their batteries.
                                   mer.        White plans on
                                   fundraising for the new ath-
                                                                                                                                                        Pr of s’ Summer
    While President Patrick
White fits into the going
                                   letic fields and finalizing a
                                   large donation campaign to                                                                                           R eading R ecs.
home category, it is not the       be announced next fall.
case he will be recharging         “The rhythm doesn’t change                                                ALEX MOSEMAN | WABASH ‘11
his batteries.                     too much,” White said.
                                       Mark it on the list:           President White remains school-oriented during summer.
    “I really don’t know what
I’m going to do, actually,”        fundraising. Target date:
                                   everyday.                          Justice and Cultivating           which he fondly recalls is
President White said. After                                           Humanity: A Classical
                                       White reveals he wants to                                        the hometown of another
30 minutes of discussion, he                                          Defense of Reform in Liber-
                                   attend the summer meeting                                            President: Ronald Reagan.
revealed that the only things                                         al Education.
missing in his summer plans        of the Annapolis Group, a                                               And then there is his
                                   group of 130 liberal arts col-        I told White that Nuss-        undetermined three weeks
are the specific dates on the                                         baum would be a great
calendar.                          lege presidents meeting to                                           away, which infamously has
                                   discuss the liberal arts.          speaker on campus in the          caused some of his greatest
    I’ll help President White                                         midst of C&T restructuring.
fill in some of the dates on       However, unspecified meet-                                           adventures.
                                   ings in Chicago might derail       However, White informed              In 2003 on a trip to the
his calendar, or at least put                                         me that the professor is
his mental list in print. First    those plans.                                                         Grand Canyon, his wife
                                       Nonetheless, mark it on        booked for the next two and
on the list is Big Bash week-                                                                           Chris suffered heat-related
end, June 4-6. While I’m           the list: Annapolis Group
                                   meeting.        Target date:
                                                                      a half years.
                                                                         Cross that one off the list.
                                                                                                        health problems during a                                            Ca v elif e, 7
sure alumni would like to                                                White revealed to me that      hike to the bottom of the
see the President make             unsure.                                                              canyon. Ironically, Presi-
                                       Remember, however, that        one of his goals was to pre-
appearances throughout the                                                                              dent White, with the help of
weekend, President White is
slated to give a speech and
                                   President White’s job is
                                   more lenient during the sum-
                                                                      pare for the Wabash Cross
                                                                      Country Charlie Finch ’51
                                                                      Annual Alumni run held on
                                                                                                        his family, had to perform
                                                                                                        the duties of a nurse to the
                                                                                                                                                       The F inal “101”
present awards on June 6.          mer. “I do less evening                                              nurse and laid her in a creek
                                   events because there are less      the last weekend of August.
    Mark it on the list:                                              Drivers on Wabash Avenue          before       the      Devil’s
preparing and giving a             things on campus to attend,”
                                                                      and Main Street. That means       Corkscrew trail section. Just
speech to nine reuniting           White said.
                                                                      in town one can see White         last summer, White had an
classes. Target date: before           How does he plan on fill-
                                   ing his extra time during the      running from Elston to the        encounter with a bear in the
and on June 6.                                                        corner Firehouse and back in
                                   day? Aside from enjoying                                             Grand Teton Mountains in
    White remarked that he                                            preparation.
                                   them with his wife Chris at                                          Wyoming.
plans to reflect and discuss                                             Mark it on the list: run-
long-term planning for the         his Elston homestead, White                                             Mark another extreme
                                   has a summer reading list.         ning. Target date: whatever       adventure on his list? Not
College. Let this be a                                                his training schedule dic-
reminder to CFO Larry Grif-        Currently he plans to read all                                       yet. White has possible
                                   700+ pages of a book on the        tates.                            plans in either North Caroli-
fith and Deans Raters,                                                   Finally, White does plan
Phillips, and Klein to await       Thirty Years War from 1618-                                          na or Florida, but he did not
                                   1648. Also on his list are         on leaving Crawfordsville         rule out another adventure in
an e-mail from the Presi-                                             for some much-needed and
dent.                              some of University of                                                the western United States.
                                   Chicago Law Professor              well-earned leisure time. He
    Mark it on the list: reflec-                                                                        Target date: before the start
                                   Martha Nussbaum books,             plans to visit his mother in
tion and long-term planning
with the senior staff mem-         including Sex and Social           his hometown of Dixon, Ill.,      of school in Fall 2010.
                                                                                                                                                                            Ca v elif e, 7
The Bachelor                                                                                                                                         Cavelife         •   PAGE 7
                                                                                                                                                                    April 30, 2010

      Profs Pick                                               2010: The Year Media
       Summer                                                      Strikes Back
        Reads                                                 A bevy of entertainment to keep your summer strong
  Wondering what to do with all that free time this           JOEL BUSTAMANTE                                                                               for a little more of an adult
                                                              ‘11                                                                                           comedy than the franchise
summer? Once you rest your eyes from those final
                                                                                                                                                            is known for.
papers and exams, check out the following books rec-          CAVELIFE EDITOR
ommended by Wabash faculty and staff.
                                                                                                                                                                Iron Man 2
                                                                 Why? Because every                                                                             Returning to the role
   Paradoxes of Educa-
                                                              summer is an opportunity                                                                      that made Robert Downey,
tion in a Republic by Eva
T.H. Brann                                                    to kick back, relax, and                                                                      Jr. respectable again, is the
   This is a witty, insight-                                  enjoy all those little things                                                                 electro-charged       comic
ful book about liberal edu-                                   you couldn’t appreciate                                                                       book film Iron Man 2. Fea-
cation and some of the                                        because schoolwork decid-                                                                     turing even more cameos
obstacles and opportuni-                                      ed to dominate your life.                                                                     and characters (Scarlett
ties it faces in contempo-                                                                                                                                  Johnasson as the potential
rary America. It’s not                                           MUSIC                                                                                      double-spy Black Widow),
                                                                                                 Though technically not          Toy Story 3                the film looks to be a com-
exactly leisure reading,                                                                      a summer album since it            Pandering to a com-
but it is engaging. If you                                                                                                                                  plete nerdgasm. This, how-
                                                                                              was released this Tuesday,      pletely new audience, Toy     ever, won’t stop regular
want leisure, let me rec-                                                                     B.o.B’s debut album will        Story 3 returns audiences
ommend Simon Elegant,                                                                                                                                       movie-goers who just want
                                                                                              certainly lead the charge in    to their favorite make-       to see a pretentious rich
A Floating Life: The                                                                          fresh hip-hop during thos       believe toys. Woody, Buzz,
Adventures of Li Po. This                                                                                                                                   boy build a totally ridicu-
                                                                                              long days. Add the fact that    Cowgirl Jesse and the gang    lous-but-oh-so-awesome
is a fictionalized biogra-                                                                    he is ahead in the SCAC         all return to celebrate       mechanical suit that can
phy of the famous 8th-                                                                        polls and potentially           owner’s coming of age into    stop tanks and stuff. And if
century Chinese poet, Li Po (or Li Bo), who liked to                                          appearing this fall, B.o.B is   college life. Deciding to     you’re re-reading that sen-
travel, write poetry, and drink wine.
                                                                                              a must-have.                    emphasize less on chil-       tence to make it sound
   - Professor of Religion David Blix
                                                                                                                              dren’s toys and instead       more intelligent, you’re
                                                                                                 GAMES                        play on people’s memories,    probably wasting your
    The Children’s Book by A.S. Byatt
                                 This novel follows two          Streets of Gold - 3oh!3                                      the film aims to rekindle     time.
                              families of British intel-         3oh!3 returns from their        Transformers: War for        the love its once-young fan       Robin Hood
                              lectuals and artists from       sophomore album, Want,          Cybertron                       base had. Since most of           Russel Crowe returns to
                              the end of the 19th centu-      with the hotly anticipated         After years of terrible      those are now in college,     prove that he’s more than
                              ry through the first world      Streets of Gold. Featuring      video game adaptations lit-     like the owner Andy, look     just a gladiator, instead
                              war.     Byatt’s      vivid     fan-favorite crunk artist Lil   erally not worth playing                                      proving that he’s a gladia-
                              imagery, rich characters,       Jon, seminally sexy and         due to their extreme terri-                                   tor in tights, too. Helmed
                              and skilled storytelling        raging wonder Kesha, and        bleness, the Transformers                                     by Gladiator director Rid-
                              combine to make for an          more, the band looks to up      franchise looks to finally                                    ley Scott (...yes this looks
                              engrossing read and will        the ante from their smash       gett things right. Megatron,                                  and sounds exactly like a
                              provide weeks of vivid          mainstream debut CD.            Bumblebee,          Optimus                                   sequel masking as new
                              dreams, especially if read      More or less offering more      Prime and all your                                            material), Robin Hood
                              at bedtime. Best of all,        of the same, 3oh!3 looks to     favorites return to blow                                      updates the character into a
                              though, were the snippets       take over the party scene       things up and roll out. Fea-                                  new “ridiculously jacked
                              of dark, German-style           entirely this summer. Add       turing a storyline founded                                    and therefore awesome”
                              fairy tales sprinkled           their summer tour with          on classic Transformer                                        variation. Expect deep-
                              throughout the book—I           Cobra Starship, and this is     mythos, this game looks to                                    voice monologues and
still feel a shiver in my spine as I recall their elegant     clearly 3oh!3’s year.           finally get things right.                                     overwhelmingly          cool
melding of menace and beauty.                                                                                                                               action sequences that you
    - Professor of Biology Amanda Ingram                        The Adventures          of       MOVIES                                                     know never happened dur-
                                                              Bobby Ray - B.o.B                                                                             ing those days.

   Tender is the Night by
F. Scott Fitzgerald
   The French Riviera.
Dissipation.     Insanity.
What else could you ask
for in a light summer
   — Professor of English
Eric Freeze

   Wabash on my Mind and These Fleeting Years are
always good reads for a good Wabash Man.
   - Dean Michael Raters

                                 Reading Lolita in
                              Tehran: A Memoir in
                              Books by Azar Nafisi
                                  It is a fascinating story   Morillo
                              about how influential cer-
                              tain books can be and the
                              change they can bring in        From Page 6                     invited Morillo to write        of his cartoons that were     behaviors to last year’s
                              ourselves and the world                                         more, he was hooked.            burnt off the living unit     heartfelt remembrance of
                                                                 forgotten.                      Since then he has cer-       doors of African American
                              around us. It inspires me                                                                                                     Bill Placher ’70, Morillo
                                                                 Morillo’s involvement        tainly left his mark on the     students about ten years
                              to read more deeply,                                                                                                          has always provided com-
                                                              came from humble begin-         campus. “First of all, it is    ago. Through the tension
                              rather than just reading
                              more books.                     nings. In his first year at     Cartooning      101     that    caused came what Morillo      mentary on the times. He
                                 - Dean Will Oprisko          Wabash, he submitted a          invented the term ‘Wabco’       called “productive dia-       has helped shape the Bach-
                                                              cartoon as a letter to the      to refer to Wabash as an        logue and racial debate on    elor through his witty con-
                                                              editor in response to a stu-    entity that starts thinking     campus”
                                                              dent cartoon in the Bache-      like a business instead of a       From these controver-      tributions, and that wit will
                                                              lor. When editor at the         college,” said Morillo.         sial pokes at everything      be put to good use in com-
                                                              time Kaizaad Kotwal ’91            He also recalls a series     from students drinking        ing years.

                                                                     Wanna Write for
               Skip Tokar ‘10
    IAWM Student-Athlete Award Winner
            For information on IAWM events, visit
                                                                            Send thoughts, ideas, submissions to Joel
                                                                            Bustamante ‘11 at
PAGE 8     •   Cavelife                                                                                  The Bachelor
April 30, 2010

A Wally’s Guide to Summer
                   CONCERTS:                                                Seniors
                       May 7, 2010
              Pearl Jam w/ Band of Horses                If you would like to participate in the Senior Gift Campaign,
         Verizon Wireless Music Center 7:30 p.m.         contact one of your Class Agents, Gary James or Will
                                                         Hoffman. Or, talk to a member of the Senior Gift Campaign
                        May 8, 2010                      Committee.
                       The Verve Pipe
                      Radio Radio 8 p.m.                               Senior Gift Campaign Committee

                         May 12, 2010
                         Bryan Adams                     Aaron William Bonar           Bradley Martin Jones
                  Murat Egyptian Room 8 p.m.             Brandon Michael Cornett       Colin Micheal Ridenour
                                                         Dezhi Xu                      Jeffrey Roy Kessels
                   May 15, 2010                          John Benjamin Dewart          Joshua Nelson Lopez
3oh!3 and Cobra Starship: The Too Fast for Love Tour     Kevin Matthew Andrews         Khondoker Tanveer Haider
       Charter One Pavillion, Chicago, IL 7 p.m.         Mark Myers Thomas             Matthew Tyler Hudson
                                                         Patrick Daniel Griffith       Robert Lloyd Ritz
                     May 22, 2010
                                                         Stephen Anthony Tokar         Steven Robert Zajac
 Nickelback with Breaking Benjamin, Shinedown, and
                                                         William Jonathan Murchie
                      Sick Puppies
        Verizon Wireless Music Center 6:30 p.m.

                         June 19, 2010
                                                         For more informatioin, contact Joe Klen at the
                     Dave Matthews Band                  Advancement Office at or at 765-
               Verizon Wireless Music Center 7 p.m.      361-6052, or visit

                    June 28, 2010
                   311 and Pepper
      The Lawn at White River State Park 7:30 p.m.

                       July 6, 2010
                2010 Vans Warped Tour
          Verizon Wireless Music Center 12 p.m.

                          July 7, 2010
               Verizon Wireless Music Center 7:30 p.m.

                    August 3, 2010
Rihanna: Last Girl on Earth Tour with special guest
          Verizon Wireless Music Center 7:30 p.m.
                                                                                                                                                                                April 30, 2010
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Page 9

Track Makes Last Push Final Farewell
Toward National Meet for Summers
                                                                                                                                                  It seems like it was just                  COLUMNIST
                                                                                                                                              weeks ago that I was timid-
                                                                                                                                              ly walking out onto the                        CHUCK
                                                                                                                                              soccer field on a muggy
                                                                                                                                              August afternoon, fresh                        SUMMERS
                                                                                                                                              new notebook in hand,
                                                                                                                                              searching for quotes for
                                                                                                                                              my first story as a college
                                                                                                                                                  Yet here I sit, struggling
                                                                                                                                              to find the perfect words to     people like Mac Petty and
                                                                                                                                              form what may very well          Clyde Morgan, stories that
                                                                                                                                              be the last sports column I      continued well after I set
                                                                                                                                              ever write.                      the notebook in my lap and
                                                                                                                                                  A lot’s changed since I      laid the pen down, just lis-
                                                                                                                                              was that wide-eyed fresh-        tening. I loved the chal-
                                                                                                                                              man waiting awkwardly            lenge of carefully crafting
                                                                                                                                              for practice to end. Stu-        questions to try to break
                                                                                                                                              dents and coaches have           through Chris Creighton’s
                                                                                                                                              come and gone, buildings         seemingly impenetrable
                                                                                                                                              have been torn down and          wall of clichés. I loved the
                                                                                                                                              built up, and the Bachelor       opportunity to make some-
                                                                                                                                              has grown into something I       one think or question or
                                                                                                                                              never could have imagined        smile or laugh through my
                                                                                                                                              when I started.                  stories, even if it was just
                                                                                                                                                  Another thing that           one of my roommates.
                                                                                                                                              changed was my intended             But really, my commit-
                                                                                                                                              career choice, which shift-      ment to sportswriting here
                                                                                                                                              ed dramatically in the           goes deeper than the sheer
                                                                                                              ALEX MOSEMAN | WABASH ‘11
                                                                                                                                              midst of my Education 101        enjoyment. In an age
Freshman Jake Waterman (left) and sophomore Kevin McCarthy (right) competing recently in the 800 meter race.                                  class, around the time I         where college basketball
                                                                                                                                              looked hard in the mirror        one-and-doners football-
KYLE BENDER ‘12                                 Little Giants to race at the prestigious       in the decathlon (1500-meter run, 100-         and decided that this world      playing felons make a pub-
                                                Drake Relays. The 1600-meter relay             meter dash, long jump, shot put, high          could use a great teacher        lic mockery of the term
STAFF WRITER                                    team of Garret Bonk, John Haley, Jake          jump, 400-meter dash, 110-meter hurdles,       more than it could use a         “student-athlete,”        the
                                                Waterman, and Wes Chamblee, along              discus, pole vault, and javelin throw)         great sportswriter.              incredible commitment of
    Coach Clyde Morgan believes the             with Emmanuel Aouad in the 110-meter           where he finished in sixth place overall,          And so the question was      Wabash’s real student-ath-
score of this weekend’s NCAC Outdoor            hurdles traveled to Des Moines, Iowa for       earning the Little Giants three points that    posed to me not that long        letes must be celebrated.
Track & Field Championships will take           the event.                                     will carry over to this weekend’s confer-      ago, why still do it? Why        These men are not playing
care itself.                                        “It’s a very tough meet to get invited     ence meet.                                     scramble all over campus         for a high draft pick or
    In the meantime, he is preparing his        to,” Morgan said. “For us to have an indi-        “I don’t think Sam realizes how             for quotes and endure            fame or money. They sacri-
Little Giant athletes for the big event as if   vidual and a relay get accepted – it’s unbe-   important that performance was,” Mor-          some brutally long nights        fice time and sweat for the
it’s just another meet.                         lievable, especially for a school of our       gan said. “Those three points may very         in the computer-lined dun-       love of the game, a notion
    “The key is not to expect anything dif-     size. We made the long trip to Iowa            well be the difference between our team        geon known as the BOP            that seems sadly archaic
ferent from any other meet,” he said. “I        because I wanted to give those guys the        going third to second, or second to first in   office, if it had no bearing     today. They are not just
expect the guys to go there and be loose        opportunity to compete because they had        final standings, you never know.               on grad school or a future       great wide receivers or
and compete their butts off and have fun.       earned it.                                        “One thing about track is it’s a game of    job?                             point guards or hurdlers,
You don’t change anything going into a              “It was a great atmosphere for them,       inches, tenths of seconds, and half points.        It’s a good question, and    but great young thinkers,
big meet; just keep doing the same thing        just to be with other great college athletes   I’ve won championships by a half a point       one that has many, many          great young men with
to get after it.”                               and run in front of 15,000 people. To be       and I’ve lost championships by a half a        answers.                         incredible dreams and, in
    The elite competition that several          able to walk in front of Olympic medalists     point. Every point is important and for            The easy answer is that      virtually all cases, incredi-
members on the team saw the past week-          and be able to go up and talk to them, it      Sam to go out and get us three extra ones      it’s fun, albeit stressful. I    ble stories. Someone needs
end also can’t help their preparation.          will be something those guys won’t for-        – that’s huge!”                                love sports. I love writing.     to tell these stories, and I
Wabash sent men to the Purdue Open in a         get.”                                             While this is the last week the Bache-      I loved the opportunity to       feel absolutely honored to
last chance effort to qualify them for the          Morgan also mentioned the impor-           lor will cover the track and field team,       get to know many people          have had the opportunity to
conference mean average in order to qual-       tance of sophomore Sam Glowinski.              they still have the most eventful part of      in the Wabash community          do so.
ify them to race this weekend.                  Glowinski traveled to Oberlin College          their season to come. Following the con-       I wouldn’t have otherwise.          I’ve     heard      sports
    But perhaps the biggest honor of the        and participated in the NCAC Combined          ference championships, there are two           I loved to hear the incredi-     referred to as the “toy
season was the invitation extended to five      Events Championships. He participated                         See, NATIONALS, Page 10         ble stories and insights of          See, SUMMERS, Page 10

Freshman Pole Vaulter Reaches New Heights
RYAN LUTZ ‘13                                        focused on the National mark and didn’t
                                                     see it as a big accomplishment” said
STAFF WRITER                                         Knox. Knox had knee surgery in high
                                                     school, so breaking a 23 year old record
   Pole vaulting is a unique sport. Out of           during his first year is a testament to his
all the sports out there it is easily one of         work ethic. When asked how he made so
the most technical and Matt Knox has                 much progress Knox said, “Lots of tech-
quickly solidified his place among the               nique work. Pole vaulting is technique,
Wabash greats with his superb technique.             technique, technique.” Right now Knox
As a freshman, Knox has already broken               has his eyes locked on the National
the outdoor pole vault record for Wabash             mark, and striving to get higher and
College, and he plans to write his name              higher.
in the record books a few more times                     His pole vaulting coach, Horace Turn-
before his run here is done.                         er, has high hopes and expectations for
   “I started pole vaulting my freshman              Knox during his Wabash tenure. “I think
year, it just looked like something fun              he will be able to go much higher as he
and interesting to do” said Knox. “I orig-           continues to strengthen that knee,” Turn-
inally just wanted something to stay in              er said. “He is a powerful young man
shape for football”. From his freshman               who shows a lot of desire.” Knox is def-
year on, he kept working and progressing             initely grateful for all the help Turner has
until one day he got a call from Coach               given him. “He knows what you need to
Morgan and started considering Wabash                do right. That’s been a great help this
College. “During the first visit I loved             season. [Coach Turner] is always watch-
the feel of the college, and once I saw the          ing us and giving us encouragement,”
facilities I was hooked,” said Knox.                 Knox noted. “He is a good listener, an
With such a big contribution from Knox               extremely focused coach, and always
during his freshman year, it is safe to say          looking for new ways of practicing or
that they are more than happy to have                training,” said Knox.
him.                                                     Breaking the school record has done
   What attracts someone to pole vault-              little to slow down Knox, who is still as
ing though? Not too many kids grow up                focused as ever and chomping at the bit
wanting to be the next Sergei Bubka—                 to get to Nationals. “Right now my goals
the world record holder for pole vault.              are to get faster and stronger and to get
So what kept Knox interested in the                  my technique down. Also I want to get
sport? “I enjoy the uniqueness of the                stronger for next year and break the
sport; it involves a lot of different aspect         indoor vault record.” With Knox’s work
of other sports. Plus I was good at it,”             ethic, it won’t be long before his name is
said Knox.        And sticking with pole             found in more than one place among the
vaulting has turned out pretty good for              Wabash record books. The combination
Knox so far having already set the pole              of an unusual sport and an unusually
vaulting record with a height of 15 feet,            strong work ethic have come together to                                                                                      ALEX MOSEMAN | WABASH ‘11
2-1/4 inches.                                        cement Knox’s place as a Little Giant                 Freshman pole vaulter Matt Knox has been a standout so far this spring already owning a
   “When I broke the record I was more               even before his freshman campaign has
                                                                                                          school record in the event. Knox is among several national-qualifying hopefuls for Wabash.
PAGE 10            •   sports                                                                                                                                        The Bachelor
April 30, 2010

The Sports Desk
                                                                                                                                  Scores, Stats, Previews & More

Baseball Prepares for Playoff Push
Saturday’s double-header
split with Wittenberg
sends Wabash to second
consecutive NCAC
tournament appearance;
defending conference
champion and national
runner-up Wooster
awaits in semi-finals

   For nine years, the Wabash
baseball team failed to qualify
for the NCAC’s postseason con-
ference tournament. However,
that all changed last spring with a
West division co-championship
and subsequent berth in the
NCAC semifinals. With a 3-0
win in Saturday’s opening game
against division foe Wittenberg,
the Little Giants turned nine                                                                                                                                   ALEX MOSEMAN | WABASH ‘11
years of postseason futility into a
                                      Members of the Wabash pitching staff, along with catcher Grant McCloskey, look on during last weekend’s games against Witenberg at Mud Hollow.
second consecutive tournament
berth.                                division titles, including the last   us for anything we might see           Swart is well aware of the          offspeed      pitches,”      Swart
   What awaits the Little Giants      nine to go with eight conference      moving forward in the postsea-      offensive juggernaut he, along         explained.
is a familiar postseason foe:         championships. While that post-       son,” sophomore Andrew Swart        with the rest of the pitching staff,      If Wabash is to have a good
Wooster. Consistently a confer-       season track record may very          said. Swart’s complete game         will be facing Thursday. Wooster       shot of advancing deep into the
ence frontrunner and postseason       well make this series one-sided       shutout of Wittenberg on Satur-     led the conference in batting          tournament, it will need to win
fixture, the Fighting Scots were      on paper, the Little Giants have      day clinched Wabash’s playoff       average, runs, and slugging per-       early and avoid the lengthy road
also Wabash’s first round             faced their fair share of top-notch   berth. That seven inning per-       centage during the regular sea-        back through the loser’s bracket
matchup last postseason. When         competition this spring that they     formance was his sixth complete     son. However, Swart referred           in this double elimination-style
starting a discussion on NCAC         feel will have them more than         game effort of the season as well   back to those big-time matchups        tournament. For that to happen, it
Baseball and it’s picture on a        prepared for Thursday’s first-        as his second shutout of the        earlier in the season when dis-        will take another strong outing
national scale, the discussion        round matchup.                        spring. Saturday’s shutout cou-     cussing the plan of attack against     from Swart on the mound along
largely begins and ends with             “Having the chance to play         pled with one and two-thirds        the stout Wooster lineup. “We are      with an offensive punch that has
Wooster. The Scots have               teams like Birmingham South-          innings of shutout work against     going to do the same things we         been faltering of late. The bats of
appeared in all 19 postseason         ern, Purdue, Valparaiso, and St.      Purdue in relief helped the soph-   did against the hitters for Purdue,    John Holm, Tanner Coggins, and
tournaments that the NCAC has         Joseph’s during the year has          omore earn the NCAC’s pitcher       Valporaiso, and others. We are         Montana Timmons will be leaned
held, with the inception in 1991.     allowed us to see all kinds of        of the week for the final week of   going to keep the ball down,           on early and often starting Thurs-
Wooster has also won 13 East          quality competition and prepared      the regular season.                 pound the strike zone, and mix in      day afternoon.

From Page 9                                    thank you to Howard Hewitt, who
                                               taught a cocky young journalist
   section” of journalism, but I’ve never      more than he could have imagined.
bought into that. Sports are real and          A thank you to Brent Harris, an end-
powerful. They can inspire and blaze           less supply of stats, stories, inside
new paths and break down walls and             scoops and photographs, who legiti-
unite the most divided of people, if only      mately loves his job more than any-
for a short while. This rings true here at     one I know. A thank you to editors
Wabash where, amidst the heated and            Pat Smith, Pat McAlister and Gary
important debates about C&T and the            James, who trusted me enough to try
new all-college course and budget cuts,        pretty much anything I wanted in the
we can all still come together along the       sports section. And, of course, a
fence of Mud Hollow or in the stands of        thank you to everyone who has fol-
Hollett Stadium and cheer passionately         lowed my stories over the years. I
for a common cause. Sports are deeply          hope you’ve enjoyed them.
ingrained into our culture and identity,          Most of all, though, an enormous
and lie at the roots of so many of our         thank you to Wabash’s student-ath-
favorite myths and traditions. They are a      letes and coaches. Thank you for let-
metaphorical and physical link to our          ting me sit down with you and grill
past, from “Wabash Always Fights” to           you with questions. Thank you for
baby faced sophomores standing along           letting me share your stories with
with gray-haired alumni after a touch-         the world. Without your incredible
down to sing the same song. Sports are         talents and gifts, my job doesn’t
often poetic, cultural and political, a fit-   exist. Being able to do this has
ting obsession for any fan of the liberal      defined so much of my Wabash
arts. Sports are important at Wabash,          experience, and I am humbled and
and I’m still blown away that I had the        grateful.
opportunity to give it a voice for four
years.                                            Thank you.
   So, so many thanks are due. A

From Page 9                                       “I think it is extremely important
                                               that the guys take some time off
   “last-chance” meets scheduled at            early in the summer,” he said. “Just
Indiana University and North Cen-              to breathe a bit because it’s a long
tral College in May as opportunities           season and it’s important to get their
for guys close to qualifying for               bodies back. I expect them to
nationals to better their times.               run/bike at least twice a week and
   Finally, the NCAA Division III              lift Monday through Friday.
National Championships will be                    “I’ve seen guys go from not scor-
held May 21-24 at Baldwin-Wallace              ing a point in conference to lifting
College in Berea, Ohio where                   over the summer and coming back
undoubtedly, there will be at least            and      making       All-Conference.
several Little Giants competing.               Emmanuel Aouad and Justin Allen
   When the season finally does                are perfect examples of men who
come to a close, Morgan cites the              bought into the weight room and
ability for his athletes to get in the         now they are both school record
weight room over the summer and                holders. If you buy into the weight
stay active as the most crucial ele-           room over the summer, you will get
ments to off-seasoning improve-                results.”

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