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					Key Features OF tHe HandelsbanKen CasH Isa

For everyone who would benefit from a
tax free savings account. Would you?
This Key Features document describes the important features of the Handelsbanken Cash
ISA to help you to decide whether it is right for you. If there is anything that you do not
understand or if you would like further information on any aspect of the Handelsbanken
Cash ISA, please telephone or call in to your local branch.

The Financial Services Authority is the independent financial services regulator. It re-
quires us, Handelsbanken, to give you this important information to help you to decide
whether our Cash ISA is right for you. You should read this document carefully so that you
understand what you are buying, and then keep it safe for future reference.
Handelsbanken Cash ISA
– A Tax Free Savings Opportunity
The Handelsbanken Cash ISA is an easy way of making use of your tax free savings
entitlement without risking your capital on the stock market.

What is an ISA?
• an Isa is an Individual savings account, providing a         • there are two distinct types of Isa, a cash Isa and a
simple and easy way to protect your savings from both          stocks and shares Isa. Handelsbanken currently only
income and capital gains tax. they were introduced by          provides a Cash Isa.
the Government to encourage uK residents to save for
the future by investing in tax free savings.                   • a Cash Isa is only available for individuals aged 16
                                                               years or over who are resident and ordinarily resident
• because of the tax benefits the amount you can               in the uK for tax purposes. additional rules apply for
invest in an Isa is subject to annual restrictions set by      crown employees serving abroad and their partners.

• For the tax year beginning on the 6th april 2011,
the maximum investment amount is £10,680 for all
customers of which £5,340 can be saved in a Cash

      What are the main features of the Handelsbanken Cash ISA?

      • the Handelsbanken Cash Isa is a deposit                • Interest is calculated on the daily balance and
      account that pays a variable rate of interest. For       credited to the account annually on or around 5th
      details of the current interest rate please visit www.   april and on the closure of the account. Interest will or contact your local            be paid without the deduction of tax as long as you
      branch.                                                  comply with the relevant Isa regulations. the tax
                                                               treatment depends on the individual circumstances
      • the maximum Isa investment amount is £10,680           of each customer and may be subject to change in
      of which £5,340 can be saved in a Cash Isa.              the future.

      • the minimum balance required is £10.                   • the Handelsbanken Cash Isa enables you to
                                                               make subscriptions into the account in the first tax
      • you can make contributions by lump sum or by           year and each subsequent tax year providing that
      regular standing order payments.                         you make a subscription in each tax year. If you do
                                                               not pay any money into your Handelsbanken Cash
      • you can access your money at any time                  Isa in any tax year a new application form will be
      without any penalty.                                     required.
• you cannot apply for a Cash Isa, if you have already     • If you wish to transfer your Handelsbanken Cash Isa
subscribed to a Cash Isa, or have already subscribed       you must do so through your chosen Isa Manager. do
£10,680 to a stocks and shares Isa in the same tax         not withdraw the funds from your Handelsbanken Cash
year.                                                      Isa yourself, as you will lose the tax benefits.

• a Cash Isa can only be opened in an investor’s sole      Can I cancel my application?
name.                                                      • yes, it is important that the Handelsbanken Cash
                                                           Isa is right for you. If you change your mind you have
Who can apply?                                             14 days from the day we open your Isa account to
any Handelsbanken customer that                            cancel your application. any interest you receive during
• Is aged 16 or over; and                                  this time on the balance in your Handelsbanken Cash
                                                           Isa will be paid to you tax free and no charges will be
• Has not subscribed to either a Cash Isa or invested      applied.
the full amount in a stocks & shares Isa during the
current tax year; and                                      • you can cancel your application by writing to us at:

• Is resident and ordinarily resident in the uK. Certain   Handelsbanken
additional rules apply for crown employees and their       The Compliance Department
partners.                                                  3 Thomas More Square
                                                           London E1W 1WY
Who is it suitable for?
• you should consider a Cash Isa if you have surplus       If you choose not to cancel, the terms and conditions
income that you wish to save on a regular basis, a lump    of the Handelsbanken Cash Isa will apply to your
sum to invest or money sitting in an ordinary savings      account.
account where you pay tax on the interest.
                                                           • If you cancel your Handelsbanken Cash Isa within
Can I transfer an existing Cash ISA to                     this period you will still be able to open a Cash Isa
Handelsbanken?                                             with another Isa provider and you will retain your full
• If you find that an existing Cash Isa no longer          subscription entitlement for that tax year.
meets your requirements it can be transferred to
Handelsbanken. Please speak with your account              How accessible is my money?
Manager who will be pleased to help you.                   • you can withdraw your money at any time without
                                                           any loss of the tax benefit received. However, once your
• It is important that you contact us to arrange for the   investment limit has been reached for the tax year in
transfer. you must not withdraw the funds from your        question you cannot re-invest any money withdrawn at
existing Cash Isa yourself to make the transfer as you     a later stage i.e. if you had invested the full £5,340 then
will lose the tax benefits.                                withdrew £500, you would not be able to re-invest that
                                                           £500 in the same tax year.
Can I transfer my Handelsbanken Cash
ISA to another provider?                                   • you can make withdrawals through our internet or
• yes, provided your chosen Isa Manager is prepared        telephone banking service or by written request to your
to accept the transfer. you should contact your            branch. Further information regarding the operation
chosen Isa Manager who will arrange for the Isa to be      of your account, including the information required for
transferred.                                               a withdrawal request and the timing of receipts and
                                                           processing a withdrawal request are set out in the
                                                           Individual banking terms & Conditions, a copy of which
is available on our website.                                 you may also be entitled to complain to the Financial
                                                             Ombudsman service. your branch can provide
How do I pay money into my account?                          information on how to do this.
you can make lump sum or regular payments into your
Handelsbanken Cash Isa up to the annual limit by             What else should I consider?
direct transfer, standing order or by cheque. Further        • the interest rate on the Handelsbanken Cash Isa is
information regarding the operation of your account,         variable and may be changed by us. We will however
including the timing of processing of credits received       give you at least 30 days prior notice of any reduction
into your account are set out in the Individual banking      in the interest rate or such longer period as may be
terms & Conditions, a copy of which is available on our      required as a result of any change in law or regulation.
                                                             • Whilst investing in a Cash Isa provides tax
Will I receive a statement on my account?                    advantages you should carefully consider if it is more
• yes, an annual statement will be sent to you every         beneficial to repay any existing debt, particularly if you
april.                                                       have any debt that
                                                             accrues a high rate of interest.
• you can also view the balance of your Isa account
through our online banking service and if you need up        • the value of your savings may be diminished over
to date information on the balance of your account your      time by inflation.
branch will be pleased to help you.
                                                             • the Handelsbanken Cash Isa does not meet the
Are there any Charges?                                       requirements of a deposit-based stakeholder product.
no, there are no charges for the Handelsbanken Cash
Isa.                                                         Further Information
                                                             these Key Features provide a summary of the
What if I have a complaint?                                  Handelsbanken Cash Isa. they do not include all the
If you have a complaint we will seek to resolve the          terms and conditions of the account. Please read the
issue with you fairly and speedily. In the first instance    terms and conditions of the Handelsbanken Cash Isa
you should raise the matter with your branch.                before you decide if it is right for you. If you are in any
alternatively please send your complaint by post to:         doubt as to whether the Handelsbanken Cash Isa
                                                             is suitable for you, you should contact your financial
Handelsbanken                                                adviser. If you do not understand any of the terms or
The Compliance Department                                    require any further information please contact your
3 Thomas More Square                                         branch who will be pleased to assist.
London E1W 1WY
                                                             Important information regarding
or alternatively, you can call us on the following number:   compensation arrangements
020 7578 8000                                                We are part of svenska Handelsbanken ab (publ)
                                                             which is based in sweden. Most depositors are
We will acknowledge receipt of a written complaint           covered by the deposit Insurance act in sweden
within 7 days and will tell you how long it may take us      which establishes the deposit Insurance compensation
to respond more fully. We will also inform you of what       scheme (the “swedish deposit Guarantee scheme”),
to do if you are not happy with the outcome of any           which is also based in sweden.
                                                             this means that if our bank is unable to meet its
If you are not satisfied with our complaints procedure,      financial obligations, our eligible uK depositors would
be entitled to claim up to £87,870* from the sweden   be and is based on an exchange rate of 1 euro
deposit Guarantee scheme. Compensation is             to £0.8787 pounds sterling as at 31 March 2011
payable on a per depositor basis so for accounts      from the website
held by more than one eligible depositor, each        currencies
eligible depositor is entitled to compensation up
to £87,870*. this maximum amount relates to           IMPOrtant nOtes
the combined amount in all eligible depositor’s       english law will apply. this information is based
accounts with us, including their share of any        on the current Isa regulations by HM revenue &
joint account, and not to each separate account.      Customs. Future changes in legislation and tax
Compensation is payable on a gross basis so           practice could affect this information. Further
any outstanding loan or debt that you hold with       information on Isa’s can be obtained from www.
us will not automatically be deducted from any
compensation payable.
                                                      Handelsbanken is the trading name of svenska
For further information about the swedish deposit     Handelsbanken ab (publ). registered in england
Guarantee scheme (including the amounts               & Wales no. br000589. Incorporated in sweden
covered and eligibility to claim) please contact us   with limited liability. registered in sweden
by dropping into one of our branches or by calling    no, 502 007 7862 Head office in stockholm.
0207 578 8000.                                        authorised by the swedish Financial supervisory
                                                      authority (Finansinspektionen) and authorised
General information is also available from the        and subject to limited regulation by the Financial
swedish deposit Guarantee scheme by contacting        services authority. details about the extent of
then on +46 8 613 5200 or visiting their website at   our authorisation and regulation by the Financial                        services authority are available from us on request.
                                                      Handelsbanken is registered on the Fsa register
*the swedish deposit Guarantee scheme will pay        with registration number 149243. Its registered
a maximum amount of 100,000 euro which will be        office is Kungstradgardsgatan 2, se 106 70
converted into pounds sterling at the time            stockholm, sweden and for service in the united
the compensation is paid. the £86,870 amount          Kingdom at 3 thomas More square, london e1W
used here is illustrative of how much this could      1Wy.
Cash ISA Terms and Conditions
the terms and conditions set out below (these “terms”) apply to           the Isa regulations permit you to invest in one Cash Isa and one
the svenska Handelsbanken ab Cash Individual savings account              stocks and shares Isa up to the annual investment allowance each
(“Handelsbanken Cash Isa”) and are supplemental to the Individual         tax year.
banking terms & Conditions (the “Main terms and Conditions”)
governing your overall relationship with svenska Handelsbanken ab
                                                                          • the annual investment allowance in the current tax year is
(“Handelsbanken”, “we”, “our” or “us”). In the event of a conflict be-
                                                                          £10,680 and the maximum amount you can subscribe to a Cash
tween these terms and the Main terms and Conditions, the former
                                                                          Isa is £5,340.
shall take precedence with regard to the management of your Han-
delsbanken Cash Isa (“your Isa”). your Handelsbanken Cash Isa is
not a Payment account, as defined in the main terms & Conditions.         • these annual allowances are subject to review. If you make
                                                                          deposits into your Isa in excess of the amount prescribed by the
by signing the Isa application Form and returning it to us, you will      Isa regulations, the excess money will be returned to you or paid
be entering into a legal customer agreement with us on the terms.         into an account nominated by you.
these terms supersede any terms previously notified to you con-
cerning your Isa.                                                         Please be aware that you are not eligible to apply if you have already
                                                                          subscribed to a Cash Isa or have already subscribed £10,680 to
We can, by giving you at least 30 days’ notice, vary or change these      a stocks and shares Isa in the 2011 tax year. after the 6th april
terms (except changes in interest rates, which may be applied             2011, all people eligible for an Isa can save £10,680 of which the
immediately if the change results in an increase in the interest rate).   maximum amount that can be invested into a Cash Isa is £5,340.
We will give you 30 days’ prior notice of any reduction in the interest
rate payable or such longer period as may be required as a re-            4. Interest
sult of any change in law or regulation. Variations or changes will       Interest will be paid on your Isa at the rate published on our website
only be made where your Isa continues to meet the Individual sav-         at We may vary our rates from time
ings account regulations 1998, as amended (the “Isa regulations”)         to time and we may do so for a number of reasons, for example as
and is permitted under the Financial services authority Handbook of       a result of a change in base interest rates, market rates or changes
rules and guidance.                                                       in legal or other regulatory requirements affecting us. details of rates
                                                                          payable are available on our website, from your local branch and are
Further information about your Isa is set out in the Key Features         set out on your statement.
information which you received prior to opening your Isa.
                                                                          Interest is calculated on the daily balance and credited to the ac-
1. Applications                                                           count annually, on or around 5th april and when the account is
all applications must be made in writing on the Isa application Form      transferred or closed, if applicable.
provided. Please note that a faxed copy of the Isa
application Form will not be accepted. you must supply all the            Interest is payable gross provided HM revenue & Customs
details that we require to comply with the Isa regulations. If you fail   requirements are met and the Isa regulations continue to apply.
to supply us with your national Insurance number within 30 days of
the agreement coming into effect, your Isa will become void and the       If we reduce the interest rate on your Isa we will tell you of this
cash contained within your Isa will be returned to you.                   personally by way of a written advice no later than 30 days before
                                                                          we make the change or such longer period as may be required
2. Elegibility                                                            as a result of any change in law or regulation.
the Handelsbanken Cash Isa is a Cash Isa in accordance with the
Isa regulations. as an Isa Manager, approved by HM                        5. Statements
revenue & Customs, we will manage your Isa in accordance with             statements will be provided once a year on 6 april.
the Isa regulations. We will also manage your Isa in
accordance with the rules of the Financial services authority or          6. Withdrawels
other relevant regulator.                                                 you may withdraw cash from your Isa at any time, provided you
                                                                          have available funds in your account. you may not overdraw your
Cash Isa’s are only available to individuals aged sixteen years or        account. Withdrawal instructions can be given to us through our
over who are resident and ordinarily resident in the united               telephone or internet banking services or in writing. Withdrawals will
Kingdom for tax purposes. you must immediately inform us in writ-         be remitted direct to your uK bank or building society account in
ing if you cease to be resident and ordinarily resident in the united     accordance with the details advised to us. For your protection, no
Kingdom for tax purposes.                                                 payments in favour of third parties will be permitted. the minimum
                                                                          withdrawal is £10.
the Cash Isa must be held in your name only and will be, and              you should be aware that once you have reached the Isa
must remain, in your beneficial ownership at all times. you must          subscription limit for a tax year you may make no further
retain all the rights to your account and may not transfer any rights     subscriptions into your Isa, regardless of withdrawals.
to any person. you may also not use the Isa as security for a loan,
although it may be used as a means of funding the repayment of a          7. Telephone Security
loan, to the extent that you make withdrawals to do so.                   We may monitor or record telephone calls with you in order to check
                                                                          we have carried out your instructions correctly and to help improve
3. ISA Deposits                                                           our quality of service. We reserve the right to request additional ac-
the initial deposit and ongoing balance required for your Isa is £10.     count information as is reasonable to satisfy
If the balance of your account falls below the minimum balance,           ourselves that the telephone caller is in fact the account holder.
we have the right to close the account. any remaining funds will be       Please note that transactions can only be carried out when we are
returned to you within seven business days.                               fully satisfied that identification requirements are met.
deposits must come from your own resources and can be made by
transfer from another account, cheque, direct debit, or                   8. Cancellation
standing order.                                                           you have the right to change your mind and cancel your
                                                                          application to subscribe to a Handelsbanken Cash Isa provided
you notify us in writing at Handelsbanken, Compliance, 3 thomas             If we accept the transfer of an Isa to us, we will send you a transfer
More square, london e1W 1Wy within 14 days of opening your                  application Form. On receipt of the completed form we will forward
Isa or within 14 days of receiving these terms together with the Key        this to your existing Isa Manager within 5 business days. they then
Features, whichever is the later.                                           have 5 business days to transfer the cash and information to us.
repayment of funds plus gross interest at the appropriate rate will         On receipt of the cash we will apply this to your new Isa within 3
be returned to you within seven business days of receiving your             working days. the whole process should be completed within 15
instruction. subject to HM revenue & Customs conditions, you will           business days, this includes 2 business days to allow for first class
still be able to open an Isa with another Isa manager or us and             postage between the two Isa Managers.
your full annual subscription limits will remain. there are no charges
for cancellation.                                                           12. Delegation
                                                                            We reserve the right to delegate any of our functions or
9. Closure of your ISA Account                                              responsibilities under these terms to another person, provided we
you may terminate your Isa at any time by giving us a minimum               satisfy ourselves that such a person is competent to carry out those
of 30 days’ written notice. Closure is subject to the completion of         functions and responsibilities. you authorise us to disclose to that
outstanding transactions. the value of your Isa will be paid to you         person such information about your Isa as is necessary for this
within seven business days of receiving your instruction. there is no       purpose.
charge for closing your Isa.
                                                                            you may not, however, assign any of your rights, benefits, duties or
We have the right to close your Isa account. If we exercise this            obligations under these terms.
right we will give you at least 30 days’ notice in writing unless there
are exceptional circumstances which justify us closing it earlier, or       13. Your Information
without notice, for example fraud or if we are directed to close the        so that we can provide you with Isa products and services we need
account by HM revenue and Customer or for legal or regulatory               to collect, use and store personal and financial
reasons.                                                                    information about you. this includes the information that we reason-
                                                                            ably request for the purposes of managing your Isa and complying
We will notify you if your Isa has or will become void because of any       with our obligations under these terms and the Isa regulations
failure, either on our part or your part, to satisfy the Isa regulations.   together with information obtained from third parties, such as em-
If an Isa is made void, you may lose part or all of your tax exemp-         ployers, credit reference agencies or fraud prevention agencies.
tion relating to the Isa. We are required to provide HM revenue
& Customs with full details of any void Isa, including the personal         (i) COnFIdentIalIty
details of the investor.                                                    the information we hold about you will not be disclosed to anyone,
                                                                            other than where:
10. Death                                                                   •         we are legally required to disclose;
your Isa will automatically cease to be exempt from tax from the            •         we have a public duty to disclose;
date of your death, but we will continue to act on any                      •         the disclosure is made with your consent;
authorisation previously given to us until we are notified of your          •         the disclosure is necessary for the purpose of
death. We will then continue to act on the instructions of your per-        delegating our functions and responsibilities as set out in Clause 12
sonal representatives in accordance with the Isa                            above; or
regulations, as applicable, until your Isa is closed.                       •         as set out at (ii) and (iii) below.

11. Transfer                                                                Where information is disclosed to a person, office, branch, or third
(i) transFer tO anOtHer Isa ManaGer                                         party organisation in another country, we will ensure that they agree
you should be required by your new Isa Manager to complete a                to apply the same levels of protection as we are required to apply
transfer application Form, provided that they agree to the transfer.        under data protection legislation and to use your information strictly
your new Isa Manager then has 5 business days to forward the                in accordance with our instructions.
completed transfer Form to us. On receipt of your transfer request,
we will transfer the cash and information to your new Isa Manager           (ii) CredIt reFerenCe aGenCIes
within 5 business days. the new Isa Manager has 3 business days             We may share information with credit reference agencies (“Cras”)
to credit your new Isa with these funds. the whole process should           to verify your identity and suitability for a
be completed within 15 business days, this includes 2 business              Handelsbanken Isa, using information from the electoral
days to allow for first class postage between the two Isa Manag-            register and other public resources. Cras record details of a
ers. Whilst normally we will carry out the Isa transfer within the          search even if you do not proceed but the search will not be seen or
time stipulated, occasionally it may take longer to complete due to         used by lenders to assess your ability to obtain credit.
factors beyond our control. We will only transfer your Isa in full to
another Isa Manager, no partial transfers will be allowed. Where            (iii) CrIMe PreVentIOn and debt reCOVery
cash is transferred directly to another Isa Manager, all rights and         to prevent crime, verify your identity, to recover debt and to meet
obligations of the parties to the Isa are transferred with it to the new    our legal obligations we may exchange information (both within the
manager                                                                     uK and, where appropriate, overseas) with other members of the
                                                                            Handelsbanken Group and where appropriate, fraud prevention,
(ii) transFer FrOM anOtHer Isa ManaGer                                      law enforcement, debt recovery agencies and other organisations
We will only accept the transfer of an existing Isa from another            including other lenders.
Isa Manager if it conforms to the Isa regulations. We shall not be
obliged to accept the transfer of an Isa to us. We will only accept         14. Governing Law
transfers from another Isa Manager in full, no partial transfers are        these terms are governed by the laws of england and Wales. We
allowed.                                                                    will only communicate with you in english.
Application Form - Handelsbanken Cash ISA
Full name

Permanent residential address

                                           day              Month             year

date of birth

do you have a national Insurance number?                             yes          no

If yes, you please enter it here

you should be able to find your nI number on a payslip, form P45 or P60, a letter from the HM revenue & Customs, a
letter from the dWP, or pension order book.

I apply to subscribe for a cash Isa for the tax year 2011/2012 and each subsequent year until further notice.

I declare that
• all subscriptions made, and to be made, belong to me;
• I am 16 years of age or over;
• I have not subscribed and will not subscribe more than £10,680 in total to a Cash Isa and a stocks and shares Isa
in the same tax year.
• I have not subscribed and will not subscribe more than £5,340 of the overall £10,680 total to a Cash Isa.
• I have not subscribed and will not subscribe to another Cash Isa in the same tax year that I subscribe to this Cash
Isa, and
• I am resident and ordinarily resident in the united Kingdom for tax purposes or, if not so resident, either perform
duties which, by virtue of section 28 of Income tax (earnings & Pensions) act 2003 (Crown employees serving
overseas), are treated as being performed in the united Kingdom, or I am married to, or in a civil partnership with,
a person who performs such duties. I will inform svenska Handelsbanken ab (publ) if I cease to be so resident and
ordinarily resident or to perform such duties or be married to, or in a civil partnership with, a person who performs
such duties.

I authorise Svenska Handelsbanken AB (publ)
• to hold my cash subscription, Isa investments, interest, dividends and any other rights or proceeds in respect of
those investments and any other cash
• to make on my behalf any claims to relief from tax in respect of Isa investments.

I agree to the ISA terms and conditions.
I declare that this application form has been completed to the best of my knowledge and belief.

 signed                                                                          date
                    svenska Handelsbanken ab (publ)
                    Handelsbanken is the trading name of svenska Handelsbanken ab (publ).
                    registered in england & Wales no. br000589. Incorporated in sweden with lim-
                    ited liability. registered in sweden no, 502 007 7862 Head office in stockholm.
                    authorised by the swedish Financial supervisory authority (Finansinspektionen)
                    and authorised and subject to limited regulation by the Financial services
                    authority. details about the extent of our authorisation and regulation by the
                    Financial services authority are available from us on request.