USBSF Combine by ghkgkyyt


									                                                                         USBSF Combine
                                            Testing protocol
                                 The USBSF Combine must be conducted as follows:

Sprints: All sprints should be conducted on a track surface and must be measured by a laser or infrared timing
system. To start, athletes must have at least one foot within one meter of the first timing eye (heel on one meter line).
The first timing eye should be 15 inches off the ground while the rest of the timing eyes should be set up at least 36
inches from the ground.
    1. 60-meter sprint. Times will be given for 0-15, 0-30, 0-45, 0-60 and 15-45 (30m split).
    2. Only men’s bobsled is scored in the 60 m sprint.
    3. Only women’s bobsled & all of skeleton are scored in the 45 m sprint.
    4. Athletes will be given a time in all the sprints but point totals will only be added in 8 items.

Broad Jump: Standing with toes on the line jump into pit. It is the distance from the edge of the board (line) closest to
the sand pit, to the farthest back mark in the sand

Shot Toss: Shots (not a medicine ball) must be thrown forward and underhand with two hands. Distance is
measured from a consistent take-off point to the nearest tenth of a meter. Athletes may fall forward and cross the
take-off point only after they have released the shot. Men’s bobsled will throw a 16 lb shot. Men’s skeleton and
women’s bobsled will throw a 12lb shot. Women’s skeleton will throw an 8lb shot.

Additional testing will take place at National Team camps. Athletes should be prepared to do 1-3 repetitions at
maximum weight in the power clean and back squat. Other Olympic lifts may also be tested.

                                           USBSF Combine
Age:                 Weight:
                                                      Attempt        1        2         3       Best      Score
60 meter sprint (from standing):
1.                                               0-15m time
2.                              0-30m time
3.                   15-45m split (flying
4. w/bob & m/w skeleton scored   0-45m
4. men’s bob scored only                         0-60m time
5. Broad Jump:
6. Shot toss (16lb MB/12lb WB&MS/ 8lb WS):
7. Power Clean:                   1 rep max
8. Back Squat:                    3 rep max
                                             Overall rank

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