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                                              September/October 2010

      visual tire                                                               iN this issue
PERFORMANCE INDICATORS                                        NWTDA Golf Classic  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .page 3
  Nick Hodel, President of Tire                               TIA Hall of Fame  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .page 3
Performance Indicators, has
announced his company’s new                                   Phil Wick Passes Away  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .page 4
product line. The company has
                                                              Oregon Jobless Rate 10 .6%  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .page 6
developed color-coded, nylon
plastic stud pins called Visual                               Klyde Thompson to the Rescue  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .page 8
Tire Performance Indicators
(VTPIs). It’s a patented product                              Hercules Celebrates 50 Years  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .page 8
that shows drivers when their
                                                              Global Tire Expo  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .page 10
tires need maintenance or
replacement related to tread
depth, inflation, alignment and
                                        Nick Hodel               2010 GLOBAL TIRE EXPO
  The lightweight VTPIs can be inserted into existing or
                                                                    POWERED BY TIA
new tire molds with winter tire studding equipment.            The Paris Hotel will be the host for the 2010 Global
  Originally black, the indicators turn yellow when wet      Tire Expo - Powered by the Tire Industry Association.
weather traction has been diminished, showing motorists   Scheduled for Nov. 1 - 5 in Las Vegas, the Global Tire
that their tires may need to be replaced soon. The Expo is part of the 2010 Specialty Equipment Market
indicators turn red when the tires need to be replaced Association (SEMA) show. The show will kick off with
immediately.                                            a Wine and Cheese Social Nov. 1 at the Paris Hotel.
  The VTPIs will be available with a new private label         This will be followed immediately by the Tire Industry
tire called Icon, which will be made by a Chinese            Honors, a ceremony honoring this year’s inductees into
manufacturer called Innovative Tire L.L.C. The first         the Tire Industry Hall of Fame and marking the official
shipment of Icon tires should be available during            passing of the torch from current TIA president Wayne
2011’s first quarter but limited to SUV/light truck sizes,   Croswell to incoming President Mike Berra, who is vice
according to Pat O’Brien, TPI’s founding member and          president of Community Tire Retreading in St. Louis.
inventor of the VTPIs.
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                                                                     2010 TIRE INDUSTRY
                                                                   HALL OF FAME INDUCTEES
                                                                    The Tire Industry Association (TIA) has announced
                                                                  the recipients of the 2010 Tire Industry Hall of Fame
                                                                     Nick Hodel, co-founder and former CEO of Northwest
                                                                  Tire Factory LLC, was a past president of the Northwest
                                                                  Tire Dealers Association and past president of the Tire
                                                                  Association of North American (TANA), a predecessor
                                                                  organization of TIA. Nick is currently the president of
            NwtDa aNNual                                          Tire Performance Indicators, based in Vancouver, WA.
             GOLF CLASSIC
                                                          Also named to the Hall of Fame are: Gus Hawkinson,
  The NWTDA will hold the 7th annual golf tournament   the owner of Hawkinson Tire Consulting in Las Vegas;
on Wednesday, September 15th a McMenamin’s Russell MacCleery who created the government affairs
Edgefield in Troutdale, Oregon.                        program for the National Tire Dealers & Retreaders
                                                       (NTDRA); Gary Nash, currently the Director of OTR
   Once again Bill Dodak and Rick Mustion will be the Sales for Yokohama Tire Corporation; Jerry White,
cochairmen and contact people for this annual event. chairman of White Tire Supply; and Don Blythe, the
Registration is only $25 for a great afternoon of golf former executive director of Western Canada Tire
along with some great prizes for the winners.          Dealers Associaton (WCTDA).
  Dave Montei’s team from Richey’s Tire Factory in     The Hall of Fame inductions are a part of TIA’s Tire
Vancouver, WA are the reining champions and plan to Industry Honors event, which will take place from 6:00
bring home the trophy again this year.              p.m. - 7:30 p.m. on Monday, November 1 2010, at the
  For more information please contact Bill Dodak at Paris Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Top Rich Wheels at 503-669-1575 or Rick Mustion at
Cascade Truck and Auto at 503-258-5555.

  Goodyear’s board of directors has elected Richard
Kramer chairmen, effective Oct. 1. Mr. Kramer, who
will continue as president and CEO, succeeds Robert
Keegan, who will step down as chairmen and a director
and retire from the company.
    Mr. Kramer succeeded Mr. Keegan as president and
CEO on April 13. Since joining Goodyear in 2000,
Mr. Kramer has served as vice president of corporate
finance, senior vice president of strategy, chief financial
                                                                               CTS TRAINING
officer, president of the Akron-based tire maker’s North                       IN PORTLAND
American Tire unit and chief operating officer.
                                                         NWTDA held a Commercial Tire Service (CTS)
   Mr. Keegan, 63, joined Goodyear in 2000 as chief Certification training class in July at the TDW tire
operating officer. He became president and CEO in warehouse in Portland. A big “thank you” goes to Dave
January 2003 and chairman of the board in July of that Simas and his team, who hosted the training and provided
same year.                                             lunch for our attendees.
 L & I PROPOSES CHANGES                                            PHIL WICK PASSES AWAY
  Washington State’s Labor & Industries is proposing               Phil Wick, former chairman and president of Les
changes to the workers’ compensation insurance system            Schwab Tire Centers Inc., died August 17th at the age
that could be beneficial to NWTDA members who are                of 66.
on the Washington Retail Association’s Workers’ Comp
Retro program.                                                     Mr. Wick was born in Puyallup, Washington and
                                                                 began his career at Les Schwab in 1965 as a 21-year-old
  Public hearings will be held in Tumwater, Tukwila and          hourly sales and service employee. Within three years
Spokane in September to record reaction before possibly          he became manager of Les Schwab tire center in Walla
changing retrospective rating refund calculations in             Walla and was one of the youngest store managers in the
January of next year.                                            company’s history.
  Some of the changes were suggested by an independent
                                                               In 1983, company founder Les Schwab tapped Mr.
actuarial firm hired under a directive from the 2007 State
                                                             Wick as president, and the two worked together to
                                                             establish many of the dealership’s innovative employee
  The first of the proposed changes would allow programs, according to a company release. The two
employers more choices in workers comp plans, including maintained a steadfast focus on exceptional customer
risk levels and the authority to hold their financial losses service.
to a defined maximum. This change could increase Retro
refunds for members on the program.                            In 2008 Mr. Wick retired as chairman of Les Schwab,
                                                             one of North America’s largest independent tire
  A second change would help those larger employers dealerships, but he remained a member of its board. At
who are self-insured.                                        the time, he said in a statement that the dealership had
                                                             “always been more than a job, it’s a way of life. Our
  Details of the hearings will be reported in our
                                                             employees and customers make this company a great
November issue.
                                                             place to work an I am of our accomplishments.”

                                                                   The company said Mr. Wick was committed to building
       AFTER-HOURS PARTY                                         people and was a great mentor and friend to countless Les
            AT SEMA                                              Schwab employees. He enjoyed recruiting and training
                                                                 employees and helping them to be successful.
  Falken Tire Corp. and Pro-Motion Distributing are
teaming up to produce the “After-Hours” party at the               His enthusiasm and personal warmth was infectious and
2010 Specialty Equipment Association (SEMA) Show                 he will be deeply missed, according to the company.
in Las Vegas.
                                                        Mr. Wick is survived by his wife Lesley, son Jeff,
   Falken said the event-which will be held Thursday,
                                                      daughter Heather and their families.
Nov. 4 in the LAX Night Club inside the Luxor Hotel
& Casino in Las Vegas-will be returning for a ninth
year in association with K&N, AEM Induction, Shining     Tire Service Trucks, Cranes & More!
Monkey Car Care Products, AEM Electronics, Alanine,
DC Sports, Stop Tech, Powerslot, Sparco and a number
of other companies.

    Falken will have an invitation-only private reception                              Travis Glidden
at the club from 9-10 p.m., with the party “open for VIP’s                        Regional Sales Manager
from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. Making appearances at the event                                 800-321-3741 ext. 4254
                                                                                         Fax: 641-923-9026
will be Team Falken and the Falken Tire Umbrella Girls,”
the company said.                                                
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                                                                TPI said the indicators are inexpensive and have
              visual tire                                      passed DOT FMVSS-139 federally required testing.
               Continued from front page

                                                                 The studs turn yellow when the weather traction
                                                               diminishes . A red indication means the tires need to
                                                               be replaced immediately .

  Visual Tire Performance Indicators are nylon                   More information on the product is available at the
plastic stud pins that change color as tires wear .            company website:

  Icon tires equipped with VTPIs will be available in                  www .tireperformanceindicators .com
passenger tire sizes for both the broadline and high-
performance sectors in 2012.
                                                                        OREGON JOBLESS
   TPI said that since tire makers have placed stud pins in
winter tire molds for more than 30 years, the technology                      RATE: 10.6%
involved with the indicators is familiar and capitalization
                                                              Oregon’s unemployment rate remained stubbornly high
needed to insert the indicator into existing or new molds
                                                            last month, with more than 10 percent of job seekers
is relatively inexpensive.
                                                            unable to find work.
   TPI currently is in discussions with multiple U.S.
                                                              The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for July
distributors to establish exclusive sales markets from
                                                            was 10.6 percent, up slightly from the June rate of 10.5
coast to coast. Mr. Hodel said his role is to concentrate
                                                            percent. The rate has barely budged since last fall,
on the marketing of the tire indicators to the industry.
                                                            hovering for nine months between 10.5 percent and
   One of the big advantages of the product, according to 10.7 percent.
Mr. Hodel, is that the tire manufacturer is in control of
                                                              “The numbers of people who’ve been unemployed
the products standard. That is the manufacturer can tell
                                                            for 52 weeks or more has really skyrocketed during this
TPI which tread depths it would like the pinholes to be
                                                            recession,” said Tom Fuller, a spokesman for the state
built into its tire. For example, the studs can be custom
                                                            Employment Department. “And that’s one of the reasons
built to show yellow at 5/32-inch tread and red at either
                                                            the unemployment rate is staying up there.”
3/32-inch or 2/32-inch, depending on the manufacturer’s
standard.                                                     Nick Beleiciks, a state employment economist, said he
                                                            doesn’t expect a dramatic change in the months ahead.
   The product can be custom built for insertion in any
                                                            Even if the economy starts adding jobs, he said, the
tire type or size, including passenger, SUV, light truck,
                                                            rate would likely remain high because people who have
medium truck, bus, or off-road tires, according to TPI.
                                                            stopped looking for work would return to the hunt.
   Pat O’Brien and Gary Daniels, former president and
                                                              The Oregon employment report contained some bright
CEO of Johnstone Supply Inc., are partners with Nick
                                                            spots, such as a 3,500 job gain in the construction industry
Hodel in TPI. Nick came onboard as a consultant in
                                                            and a 500 job boost in manufacturing. But the bad news
August of 2008 then became an equity partner and
                                                            was that the government shed almost 33,000 jobs in July,
took on the title of president at the partners’ request in
                                                            a month when a loss of 27,700 jobs is expected because
                                                            local schools employ fewer people.
                KLYDE TO
               the rescue
  Michelle and Rich Perry of Sunnyside, Washington
found themselves in big trouble on this past 4th of July
weekend. They had two flat tires and were stranded
just across the bridge from Astoria on the big holiday
weekend when many businesses were closed.

  “We were lucky enough to get connected the Klyde
Thompson of Del’s OK Tire Factory,” said Michelle,
“and he was kind enough to not only bring us a spare but
to go back to his shop, which was close for the holiday,
and put four new tires on our vehicle.”
                                                                   DISCOUNT TIRE OPENS
  Michelle wrote a letter to the Astoria newspaper saying,             New stores
“I just wanted to let the people of Astoria know that we
appreciate Klyde’s kindness. I truly can’t tell you how       Discount Tire Co. Inc. opened retail stores in Richland,
much it meant that Klyde went out of his way to help us. Washington, Brighton, Mich. and Smyrna, Tenn. in
There aren’t that many nice caring people anymore, and recent weeks, expanding the chains network to 778
he was terrific. He truly was a lifesaver and is a blessing stores in 23 states.
to Astoria”.                                                  The Richland store (pictured above) is Discount’s 29th
  Klyde really is a lifesaver, as he is currently the       in Washington and is managed by Stewart Esteba an
assistant chief of the volunteer fire department. He has 8-year veteran. The store opened with five employees.
been the chief of the department too and just recently
celebrated his 40th year with the volunteer group.
                                                                  HERCULES AND COOPER
  Mary Kay, Klyde’s wife, says he really is a lifesaver,           CELEBRATE 50 YEARS
as he has saved at least one man’s life by applying first
aide technics that he has learned while being “Astoria’s      This year Hercules Tire and Cooper Tire & Rubber
#1 fire volunteer.                                         Company marked 50 years as partners in the tire
                                                           business together. Both companies recently celebrated
  Del’s OK Tire Factory is celebrating 62 years of service this significant milestone with Hercules dealers at the
to the greater Astoria area. Klyde’s father Del Thompson Hercules dealer incentive trip in Hawaii.
went to work for OK Rubber Welders in 1952 and in
1962 he bought the business.                                  Hercules Tire & Rubber Company is a leading
                                                           marketer of replacement tires, distributing its Hercules
  Great job Klyde, keep up the good work.                  and associate brands around the globe. Cooper Tire
                                                           manufactures the Hercules brand in addition to Cooper
                                                           and other associate and private label brands. Together,
                                                           both companies have been involved in the manufacture
                                                           and distribution of millions of passenger and light truck
                                                           tires to independent tire dealers across the United States
                                                           and around the world.
                                                                 “Fifty years in business together, serves as a testament
                                                               to the great relations that has been forged between our
                                                               two companies and how our customers have supported
                                                               the alliance for over half a century,” said Bill Trimarco,
                                                               President and CEO of Hercules Tire.
                                                             As part of TIA’s efforts to open up the Expo to
               2010 GLOBAL                                 all segments of the tire industry, they are adding an
                TIRE EXPO                                  educational session track on Wednesday and Thursday
                                                           entitled, Truck Tires at 10. The Wednesday seminar
                continued from front page
                                                           will focus on the relationship between certain types
  The new Global Tire Expo - Powered by TIA will of bead lubricants or release agents and chamber fires.
be tire industry focused, and is open to all segments of Experts from the tire, retreading, insurance and chemical
the tire industry, from automotive and commercial tire industry will outline the hazards related to using these
dealers to retreaders and recyclers. To reinforce this new products and introduce extensive research on new bead
focus, the Expo will have its own branding, entrance lubricant and release agent that is petroleum-free and
units and color scheme. Tire manufacturer’s booths will non-flammable.
receive a greater level of prominence. The Expo has          Thursday’s Truck Tires at 10 will cover a new reference
one goal - to be THE tire industry event of the year - for publication from the Technology and Maintenance
everyone in the tire industry.                             Council (TMC) of the American Trucking Associations
  The Global Tire Expo is part of the largest automotive      (ATA). The TMC Radial Tire & Disc Wheel Service
aftermarket event in the world that attracts over 100,000     Manual is a project that took years to complete and is the
attendees annually. And, while the focus on the rest of       work of TMC’s S.2 Tire and Wheel Study Group.
the show is always automotive, the Expo is primarily            Tires at 2 has been part of TIA’s education program
about tires. Located on the main floor of the South           at SEMA for a number of years and it will be returning
Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center, the Global           again this year. “Successful Tire Dealers Share Their
Tire Expo will be the first thing you see when you walk       Secrets,” has always been a great session to sit in on.
through the main entrance to the South Hall floor, with
distinct signage and a different color scheme from the          On Wednesday, Steve Ferrante will address the
rest of the show. The aisles directly in front of you will    economic challenges currently facing the retail tire and
be dedicated to tires and related tools and equipment         auto service industry in his session, “Strong Selling in
and will stretch the entire length of the building. The       a Weak Economy.”
middle of the floor will consist of multiple, large-island
                                                            Kevin Rohlwing will be leading Thursday’s Tires
booths; most of which will be related to tires and the
                                                          at 2 session. He will be enlisting the help of fellow
far right-hand aisles will be dedicated to wheels. This
                                                          experts to give attendees a comprehensive look at each
change is the first step towards creating a new identity
                                                          component of wheel torque program. This session will
for the Global Tire Expo.
                                                          also discuss the latest torqued tool technology in addition
   Another change is the host hotel. TIA decided to go to the recalibration requirements for all types of torque
back to Paris and everyone is very excited about the control devices.
$125 / night room rate. That is a significant discount
                                                            For more information on all the training being offered
from last year.
                                                          by TIA we suggest you check out their web page at:
   Tuesday morning marks the opening of the Expo
floor. With all of the tire exhibits concentrated in one
area, it will be much easier for everyone to see the
                                                            Dave Salvione
products and services that have the greatest impact on      Regional Manager Sales
                                                            KUMHO TIRE U.S.A., INC.
tire operations. Another change for 2010 is the expansion
of the educational session tracks, starting with TPMS
at 10. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, TIA will         KUMHO TIRES
conduct different TPMS sessions at 10:00 a.m. in the
South Hall, moving all educational sessions upstairs to     10299 Sixth Street        503-652-4072 Tel
                                                            Rancho Cucamonga          503-652-4356 Fax
larger, easier-to-access rooms that will accommodate        California 91730
more attendees.                                   

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                                                                                                   FA L K E N          F K 4 5 2
                                                                                                  Falken’s world debut of the FK Series ushers in a new generation
                                                                                                  of luxury sports tires. The FK452 covers the application spectrum
                                                                                                  from OEM fitment to Micro-Low profile and super wide staggered
                                                                                                  fitment for wide body premium tuned automobiles.

                                                                                                      Ava i l a b l e i n s i z e s 1 6 ’’ - 2 2 ’’ / 2 5 - 5 5 S e r i e s

                     Northwest Tire Dealers Association 2010 Officers
 President........................John Carver                   TIA Board                                                Board Member ............ Kelly Brown
                                                                Member .................... Warren Secord
 Vice President ............ Dan Kennedy                                                                                 Board Member .............. Bob Beaver
                                                                TIA Board
 Secretary/                                                     Member ..........................Ken Brown               Board Member ........... Dan Kennedy
 Treasurer ......................Bob Thomas                                                                              Executive Director ... Dick Nordness
                                                                Board Member ..................Ed Miller
 Past President ....... Klyde Thompson
                                                                Board Member ........... Rick Mustion
                                                                Board Member ........ Nick Schneider