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					Scrubs 1 – The Coffee Addiction – Blended Script


G: green clothing, WB: blue smock, MB: blue smock, WW: woman in white lab coat, MW: man in white
lab coat, B: The teenage boy.

G: dida da pee

WW: Ohreally, ya thinkthatsfunny

G: alittlbit

WW: Carlakurtsdrinkncoffee

WB: No. Ifyourpregnant wifekanthavecoffee thenyoukant

MB: Oooo, pleasehavesumsortonut. Hazel.

MW: Karflturkelturn. Firstitsnocoffee. Nextthinguknowshesgoingtowantyouinthedelivryroomholding
hurhands whileshepushesthatlittlebuggerout.

WW: Myman will be there whenhisbaby isborn.

MW: Coursehewill. Itsadifferent generation. MW: Knowthis. Ninetypercent ofall r-

MB: Dude. IdbeamessifIhad to giveup myjoe. Ihave afullblown addiction. Ijusthope itwontcomeback

Flashforward Scene changes to MB with a mustache searching for a coffee machine under his son’s

MB (now in brown shirt with mustache): Wheredidyagetthis? Whotawtyahowtousethisthing?

B: You! Alright. Ilurnedfromwatchingyou!

MB (now in brown shirt with mustache): Damitbilly. Atleasthesusnggoodbeans.