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Brain Wave Entrainment  for Better Brain Power 
“Unleash the hidden power of your subconscious mind and naturally attract Power, Wealth and Success into your life”



If you have the ability to influence your mind, you will have  the ability to influence your life because your mind dictates  how your life is going to be.


The full potential of your mind could be reached if you know this …


Special Report: Brain Wave Entrainment for Better Brain Power


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    Unlock Hidden Power of Your Subconscious Mind


                                                                                                                 Special Report: Brain Wave Entrainment for Better Brain Power 


  Note: Before you begin with this report, please turn off your mobile phone and/or pager. Close  the  door  to  minimize  distractions  and  if  you  have  kids  to  attend,  please  ask  your  spouse  to    assist you.   

Brain Wave Patterns
The brain is made up of approximately 100 billion nerve cells called neurons which communicate with each other twenty-four hours a day using electrical signals. The combination of millions of these neurons sending electrical signals at once produces an enormous of electrical activity in the brain and these electrical discharges can be detected by using EEG technology (Electroencephalography). EEG records this electrical activity as ‘Brain Wave Patterns’ - because of its “wave” and cyclic-like nature. The presence of these electrical discharges indicates the different states, particular your mental state at a certain time. However, these patterns are not random; they are closely correlated with your emotions, your thoughts, your state of being, and every function of the various systems of your body. In short, the entire quality of your life has something to do with these patterns. It also means that what you do to yourself can influences your brain wave patterns. It’s like a meter that displays the state of your consciousness. Brainwave patterns can be categorized into four main groups according to the frequency (Hz) range that they are in.

Brainwave Beta (13 Hz – 30 Hz)

Mental State The normal state of wakeful consciousness; the state you are now while reading this report. High level of Beta is associated with alertness but it could also be linked to anxiety, uneasiness, stress and panic. At the higher end of beta, at around 38 Hz – 70 Hz, the brain will fall into the Gamma

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    Unlock Hidden Power of Your Subconscious Mind


                                                                                                                 Special Report: Brain Wave Entrainment for Better Brain Power 

Alpha (8 Hz – 12 Hz)

This is a state of relaxation and self relief. Hypnosis, autosuggestion is done at this level. This state is also known as ‘Accelerated Learning State’ because the brain seems more to be receptive and open to new information, particular suggestion. You normally experience alpha just after you awake and before falling into sleep. It’s the door to the unconscious.

Theta (3 Hz – 8 Hz)

A deep state of relaxation. Dreams (REM Sleep) and deep meditations are often associated with theta. Access to the unconscious mind.

Delta (0.5 Hz – 3 Hz)

Dreamless or Non-REM sleep. A state of trance and loss of body awareness. Maintaining awareness during theta could enable one to access to the unconscious and super-conscious mind (exp. people like Yogis and Zen monks who have practiced meditation for decades and attained higher consciousness).

                                                                                               Table 1: Brain Wave Pattern  
We spend some amount of time in each brain state everyday; it is part of life cycle and most likely the state changes according to the activity that we are engaged in. If you have glanced through the above table carefully, you would have noticed that each brain state plays a different role in maintaining life’s vitality such as relaxation and self-relief, accelerated learning, accessing the unconscious and etc. Now here’s the ULTIMATE question: what if there’s a possibility that we can train or induce our brain to go into the different brain states at will (anytime) and utilize the power of the brain state possesses? For example; by inducing your brain into alpha, you can reprogram your subconscious with new beliefs that serve you and drop those that limit you.

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    Unlock Hidden Power of Your Subconscious Mind


                                                                                                                 Special Report: Brain Wave Entrainment for Better Brain Power 

And in case that if you are not aware, the biggest obstruction that most people face in ‘self-development’ is having to change the past limiting beliefs. They either do not know how to do it or not knowing that beliefs are held in the subconscious, and again, which could be done in alpha; the path that connects the conscious to the subconscious. Besides, by tapping into the power of the various state of consciousness, you could easily replicate the mind of a genius; think about Einstein’s or Mozart’s. …the answer lies in Brain Wave Entrainment

  Brain Wave Entrainment
‘Entrainment’ is actually a physics term that coined by Christian Huygens in 1665 to describe the phenomena of cyclical energies recalibrating to fall into rhythm with one another. Christian observed that when two different bodies that vibrate at different rates are brought together, they would tend to lock into phase and vibrate in harmony. For example, if a tuning fork which produces a frequency of 350 Hz is struck and then brought into the vicinity of another 350 Hz tuning fork, the second fork will begin to vibrate as well. Here, the first fork is said to have entrained the second fork. Entrainment has demonstrated that even very subtle cyclical energies have a substantive impart on their neighboring cyclical energies. It is not a force like gravity but instead, a phenomenon; a conservation of energy that enable two cycles to work more efficiently.

The Possibility … 
After numerous of extensive researches and experiments, scientists and neurologists have found that this same phenomenon could also be applied in training the brain, (by using exactly the same principle that Christian Huygens discovered). Brainwave entrainment is defined as any practice with the purpose of causing the brainwave frequency to fall into the same beats of the external periodic stimulus, which is having a frequency corresponding to the intended brainstate (for example, to induce sleep or relaxation).

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    Unlock Hidden Power of Your Subconscious Mind


                                                                                                                 Special Report: Brain Wave Entrainment for Better Brain Power 

How It Works 
First, stimulus is introduced to the brain, whether through the ears, eyes or other senses. Such stimulus will make the brain responds by emitting an electrical charge, known as ‘Cortical Evoked Response’. This electrical responses travel throughout the brain to become what an individual sees and hears. The strength of this cortical evoked response depends on the type and effectiveness of the stimulus, which is very important in gaining a significant result particular for the purpose of entraining the brain. When the brain is consistently exposed to periodic stimulus, such as flashes of light or drumbeats and/or chanting, the brain will tend to tune or entrain its electric cycle to match the external stimulus (as described in ‘Entrainment’). The tendency of the brain to tune in to and match the external stimulus frequency is known as ‘Frequency Following Response’ or ‘FFR’ and this phenomenon can be used to effectively alter the brain wave patterns.

Diagram 1: The Entrainment Process
That’s basically how brain wave entrainment process works.

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    Unlock Hidden Power of Your Subconscious Mind


                                                                                                                 Special Report: Brain Wave Entrainment for Better Brain Power 

Why Altering The Brain Wave?
The Benefits of Altering the Brain Wave Frequency   

The Beta State (13 – 30 Hz) Studies have shown that most people brains are actually ‘underutilized’ or ‘functioning at low capacity’ and by targeting the specific brain wave band that is related to states of intense concentration and strong focus (sometime to the higher end, the Gamma state), scientists have been able to assist individuals improving their performance, whether academic, sports or relationship. It takes less time for an individual to learn or accomplish a task.

The Alpha State (8 – 12 Hz) Besides, people who suffer from anxiety, stress or depression could use Brain Wave Entrainment or ‘BWE’ to induce states of relaxation/self-relief and even deep states akin to deep meditation. Don’t you think that this method is much more better than using anti-depression pills which could have long term side effects? Think about gaining weight or losing hairs or even some serious damages to your internal body system in the long run. With BWE, you are safe since there is nothing physically introduced into your system as opposed to pills. Some other advantages of Alpha State include: • • • • Stimulates the right brain potentials and sharpen your imagination and visualization skills Improves your concentration, clarity of thought and memory Accessing the subconscious to reprogram your belief system (eliminate mental blocks) The brain starts to release endorphins but not as much as in the theta state

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    Unlock Hidden Power of Your Subconscious Mind


                                                                                                                 Special Report: Brain Wave Entrainment for Better Brain Power 

The Theta State (3 – 8 Hz) Theta is the state of dreaming sleep and it is where the subconscious is. The benefits of Theta state include: • • • • • Increasing creativity, super learning Ideal for meditation and sleep replacement Curing insomnia and improving sleeping patterns Making positive changes in belief and habit patterns could be done quickly At the slower theta state (3-5 Hz), the brain releases lots of relaxing endorphins, the hormones that induce euphoria and melt your stress away

The Delta State (0.5 – 3 Hz) The brain wave pattern of dreamless sleep, and generally people are asleep in this state. However, there’s a possibility to maintain awareness in delta, which has been known to open the path to the infinite intelligence. When in delta: • The brain releases highly beneficial substances including human growth hormone, which we make in decreasing quantities as we age. • The body is performing self healing and resetting its internal clocks.

Vital Hormones Production in Slow Brain Waves States 
Numerous experiments have been conducted to study the correlation between slow brain waves patterns and the production of body vital hormones: melatonin, DHEA and cortisol. • • The findings show that the amount of melatonin and DHEA is significant boosted in the brain during alpha and theta states. In certain cases, it was reported that the DHEA level could reach by at least 50% while melatonin a tremendous 300%, with the average increment of 100%.

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    Unlock Hidden Power of Your Subconscious Mind


                                                                                                                 Special Report: Brain Wave Entrainment for Better Brain Power 


On the other hand, the production of cortisol (a stress hormone normally produced in high-beta brain waves), declined by nearly 50%!

  Why are these hormones important to you? 
Melatonin Melatonin is the hormone that helps you to create restful sleep and restoring your physical energy during sleeping. When you are in deep sleep, the brain will produce numerous rejuvenating substances and perform self-healing. However, due to the aging process, we make less melatonin and thus, the inability to sleep soundly can dramatically decrease the quality of our life and greatly accelerate the aging process. New research has even revealed that melatonin is a powerful antioxidant.

DHEA DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone) is a steroid hormone, a chemical cousin of testosterone and estrogen which is produced by the adrenal glands. DHEA is a precursor or the source ingredient for virtually every hormone that your body needs. News reports have called DHEA “the mother of all hormones” and a book has even called it a “superhormone.” When DHEA levels are low in your body, you are more susceptible to aging and disease; and when they’re high, the body is at its peak – vibrant, healthy and able to combat disease effectively. It also acts as a buffer hormone to stress related hormones such as the cortisol. The total quality of your life is influenced by DHEA and again, DHEA declines as you age.

Cortisol Cortisol is yet another vital hormone that is secreted by the adrenal glands. This hormone involves in the functions of proper glucose maintenance, inflammatory response, blood pressure regulation, insulin release for blood sugar maintenance and etc.

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    Unlock Hidden Power of Your Subconscious Mind


                                                                                                                 Special Report: Brain Wave Entrainment for Better Brain Power 

However, higher and more prolonged levels of cortisol in the bloodstream could lead to negative effects such as chronic stress, impaired cognitive performance, increased of abdominal fat and etc. In fact, cortisol has even been termed as “the stress hormone.” For that reason, it is very important for the system to activate the ‘body’s relaxation response’ so that the body could return back to normal following a stressful event. DHEA is one of the hormones that act as a buffer to cortisol.


Introducing ….. 

Quantum Mind Power with ‘The Morry Method’ (TMM)
A Proven Revolutionary NEW Breakthrough Technology in Brain Wave Entrainment!

Most of the brain wave entrainment programs that are currently sold in the market come in the form of binaural beats. What is binaural beats you may ask?

Binaural beat refers to the differential beat produced in the brain when two different frequencies are presented, one to each ear. For example, if a pure tone of 500Hz is presented to the left ear and a pure tone of 513Hz presented simultaneously to the left ear, an amplitude modulated standing wave of 13Hz is experienced. The binaural beat is perceived as a fluctuating rhythm at the frequency of the difference between the two auditory inputs. That’s quite enough to explain binaural beats. Now, what’s so special about Quantum Mind Power with TMM BWE system is it does not use binaural beat as it stimulus engine, instead it employs a new

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    Unlock Hidden Power of Your Subconscious Mind


                                                                                                                 Special Report: Brain Wave Entrainment for Better Brain Power 

technology which uses isochronic tones and monaural tones. Both these tones are relatively new and somehow quite unknown; however, they are more effective compares to binaural beats. Let’s look at the graphical representations of these brain wave stimulation patterns and you’ll know the differences that make QMP more effective:

Note: The following images represent a stereo display of 1 second, at a frequency of 10Hz. 

Graphic 1: Binaural Beats

Graphic 2: Isochronic Tones

Graphic 3: Monaural Tones
Binaural Beats - If you look closely toward the peaks (known as ‘crest’), you’ll notice that there is only a slight difference between one another along the wave pattern. This is nevertheless the same with the troughs, the lower part of the wave (opposite crest). Now, look at Isochronic or Monaural Tones – Can you see the difference between the peaks and troughs? I’m sure you see it; they are quite noticeable even if you do not look closely to search for the difference.

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    Unlock Hidden Power of Your Subconscious Mind


                                                                                                                 Special Report: Brain Wave Entrainment for Better Brain Power 

The Effectiveness of Brain Wave Entrainment The Effectiveness of a BWE program mainly lies in the differences between the peaks  and troughs in  the waveform; it is  this differences that determines the strength of  the  CER  (cortical  evoked  response  –  the  brain’s  reaction  towards  presented  stimulus  and which also affects how well the brain could be entrained).   The slight differences between the peaks (and troughs) in the binaural beat causes the  entrainment harder to be detected and leaves only a minor electrical imprint on the  brain.  Besides, as compares to binaural beats, both the isochronic and monaural tones show  each pulse as individual and separated. This results in much greater evoked potentials  within the auditory cortex of the brain.  

  Quantum Mind Power Vs Binaural Beats Entrainment 
1. Unlike binaural beats that uses two different frequency signals, isochronic uses only one tone that is evenly spaced in a particular pattern; and because of this, entrainment using isochronic tone does not require the use of a headphones. (However, the effectiveness of the recordings could be increased quite a bit if using one; especially when there are other sounds present at the time of listening.) 2. QMP enables you to experience a much larger CER and hence producing a much faster and effective result (refer to the table above). 3. QMP is designed in such a way that all the frequencies applied are harmonically related (like playing the C notes on a piano from lower to higher scale). Research shows that entrainment is enhanced when this is the case. For your information, every piece of music is composed using the same principle or else it will sound awful to the ears. 4. Quantum Mind Power with TMM system is designed in such a way that every component in the package compliments with each other. Imagine having a team of warriors fighting for the same cause instead of many! 5. Quantum Mind Power with TMM is backed with 8-weeks 100% FULL money back guarantee. It’s absolutely risk free.

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    Unlock Hidden Power of Your Subconscious Mind


                                                                                                                 Special Report: Brain Wave Entrainment for Better Brain Power 

The Man Behind Quantum Mind Power 
The creator of Quantum Mind Power with TMM is Morry Zelcovitch and hence, “The Morry Method”. Morry is one of the few in the world who actually can claim to be a certified Brain Wave Entrainment Engineer/Specialist. He has learned from the world’s foremost expert in brain wave entrainment field, David Siever C.E.T, and from which he discovered some invaluable secrets that nowhere could be found. Before engineering QMP, Morry has spent more than 15 years in doing research on relevant materials, protocols and conducting scientific studies. Brain wave entrainment is a passion for Morry; could you imagine what’s a man will do for his passion? Let’s me tell you the answer, it’s a LOT. Some people could even die for it! And for your information, the technology and methodology that is being employed on QMP alone has taken over 10 years of personal research and development. There were lots of hard works and brain power being invested in this powerful system. Imagine what kind of self-help experience you will get with QMP!

The Benefits of Using Quantum Mind Power with TMM system: 
1. Envision yourself being able to tap into your subconscious to boost your creativity and enhance your intuition. Learn to attract wealth into your life and have your wealth files re-written. Besides, your subconscious is the path that connects you to the ‘infinite intelligence.’ Imagine tapping into the reservoirs of unlimited wealth and potential. Napoleon Hill and Andrew Carnegie did it, how about you? You’ll become more motivated, think faster ‘on your feet’ and outsmart your competition in business. You’ll always be one step ahead of the crowd while others try to catch up. You will be able to sharpen your intuition and perceive things that others fail to see. Your ‘gut feeling’ will always lead you to take the right action and do the things that you have never considered before. Studies have shown that most successful executives and managers tend to make difficult decisions based on their intuitions rather to follow what the market reports and statistics recommended.



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    Unlock Hidden Power of Your Subconscious Mind


                                                                                                                 Special Report: Brain Wave Entrainment for Better Brain Power 


Imagine your self-confidence gets boosted and what used to be impossible to you now will become piece of cake. Your personal power will make you unstoppable and imagine people around you say this to you, “I want to be like you.” It’s the energy that you possess that attracts every eye to lay upon on you. Most leaders have this quality and they call it charisma. What if you could strengthen your relationship as you easily win new friends and positively influence everyone around you. You’ll find yourself “hitting it off” easily with people, attracting true love and being the person everyone wants to be around. Picture yourself in mind that this program ramps up your brain and like a power generator, charges you to a high energy level that you could hardly imagine, at least not all the motivational tapes and materials that you have tried. And all this comes from less than 30 minutes of ‘total relaxation’ time per day. What if your mind is conditioned to think only positive thoughts, and imagine what kind of action you will take from there? If you have studied quantum physics, you’ll know that your thoughts deeply influence your reality. What you think about, you’ll become. Look around you; do you think that your condition is merely accidental? They aren’t, they originate from your thoughts and thoughts become things! Feel yourself experiencing a level of happiness and euphoria without the use of harmful and addictive drugs. Your brain could naturally produce the same kind of substance that creates the same kind of feelings. Say no to drugs! Imagine what kind of achievement that you have accomplished right now if the small voice inside you did not stop holding you back then. It is building a multi-million business, or having passive incomes so that you could spend more time with your families or conquered the highest mountain in the world? What it is? Overcome the biggest enemy inside you and live your life to the fullest!






10. Do you want to meditate deeply (or actually more deeply) than a Zen monk and virtually eliminate all stress from your life? You need not spend years or decades to achieve the same level of a Zen master; all you need is to put on your headphones and spend 30 minutes a day and you will be there in weeks instead of years! 11. Imagine sleeping less than the averages and yet waking up each morning feeling energetic and full of enthusiasm. Do you want to reduce your

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    Unlock Hidden Power of Your Subconscious Mind


                                                                                                                 Special Report: Brain Wave Entrainment for Better Brain Power 

sleeping time by literally four hours and still maintaining full alertness the next day? Think about performing your job faster with less error. That’s pretty amazing! 12. Have you tried to stop your bad habits such as smoking and taking caffeinated drinks which you know are bad for your health and failed? Don’t even try harder now because you will fail ‘miserable’ again! You need to release those emotional pains that get trapped in your brain before you can successfully drop them. Your brain is pretty dumb and stubborn. You can’t change your behaviors without first changing how things are wired inside your brain. 13. Visualize yourself being able to lead a healthy life in every aspect of your life with no or minimum of stress and having joyous and positive attitude. Stress has been identified as a major influence on how we age. Imagine the wrinkles on your forehead and the fine lines at your eyes getting lesser and lesser. Can you tell how much younger you might feel and look! What if the people around you start to stare at you, not because of your age …but because of your youthful look which might be far younger from your true age! 14. There are much more waiting for you to explore… if you ever take the chance to improve yourself and discover your full potential. Most people have it hidden for most of their lives while some even brought it into the grave with them, but I’m sure that you aren’t that kind of person else you wouldn’t reach this line.

There’s no need to stay and meditate in the caves for years or even decades to achieve the same results, unless you wanted to. With breakthrough technology, you will have breakthrough results! There is no any other self-help audio program that comes close to Quantum Mind Power Brainwave Entrainment with TMM System.

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    Unlock Hidden Power of Your Subconscious Mind


                                                                                                                 Special Report: Brain Wave Entrainment for Better Brain Power 

Quantum Mind Power with TMM System consists of four components: 1. Component 1 – Neural Synergy* The purpose of this recording is to help you to re-organize your brain to a higher level, thus, allowing you to handle more complicated tasks easier but yet faster than before. It trains your mind to be more focus and alert in all time, particular when dealing with difficult tasks. Neural Synergy may be considered as an integral part of fitness regimen for the brain.

2. Component 2 – Eden Energy Wave Dynamics* This recording is designed to empower you to take follow-up action, particular after any self-help/improvement session. This is because most people tend to fall back into the down spirit even after being pumped up. If you have read any self-help books and/or listening to self-help audio, you will understand what I mean here. They act like a temporary energy enhancer rather than a permanent solution. Eden Energy Wave Dynamics is a “dual” brainwave recording (a different and distinct brainwave pattern targeting each hemisphere of the brain separately), and it is created with the purpose to pump up your energy levels, while at the same time quiets the “negative voices” inside you. Eden Energy Wave Dynamics serves as a complimentary component to Neural Synergy. *This component comes in 6 variations of tones (pitch from low to high) and 2 stimulation  types – monaural and isochronic. For that, you have the option to choose the tones that  are most attractive and comfortable to you. Most users have found that using the most  pleasing tones to the ear, producing a better result. 

3. Component 3 – Whole Brain Gratitude Mediation This “gratitude building” mediation will help you to direct your mind to focus on the “MORE” and “GOOD” rather than the “Why Me Attitude” and thus change your perceptions towards everything. Your reality is nothing more than how you choose to interpret the world around you. Everything changes when you change the meaning that you attached to it. That’s the law and you couldn’t argue with that. Whole Brain Gratitude Meditation will train your mind to see things differently and cultivate the habit of gratitude.

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    Unlock Hidden Power of Your Subconscious Mind


                                                                                                                 Special Report: Brain Wave Entrainment for Better Brain Power 

4. Component 4 – Emotive Brain Wave Hypnosis The purpose of this recording is to guide you in balancing your emotions and experience happiness. Besides, this hypnosis also allows you to tap into your subconscious so that you can deal with the matters that are most affecting your life right now. It will help you to rewire your old thinking patterns that don’t serve you well. Basically, your behavior or response-ability is based on this ‘wiring’ or ‘linking’ structure in your mind.

5. Bonus – Subliminal Wealth and Prosperity Support #1 This recording reprograms your subconscious in dealing with wealth and prosperity: first, subconscious negative associations with rich people and second, lack of understanding about wealth and abundance. It also opens up your “eyes” in seeking out for riches because you can easily spot money-making opportunity.

6. Bonus – Subliminal Health Support #4 This subliminal recording enhances how you use your mind to positively affect your health. Your mind will be re-programmed to think only in terms of health instead of illness and disease. What you think in mind affects your body and that’s why it’s crucial to think only “healthy” thoughts.

Important Note:  
Quantum Mind Power with TMM system is offered in two types of package; basic and deluxe. The difference between these two packages is the deluxe version contains two additional recordings: “Schumann Resonances Mediation” and “Good Night, Sleep Well”.

The 7.83 Hz/ Schumann Resonances The 7.83 Hz or widely known as The Schumann Resonances, is the frequency that electro-magnetic waves used to travel through the earth’s ionosphere. However, it is not just that, scientists now have discovered that the main frequency produced by Schumann oscillation is very close to the frequency of Alpha Brain Waves rhythms, and which it is believed that this

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    Unlock Hidden Power of Your Subconscious Mind


                                                                                                                 Special Report: Brain Wave Entrainment for Better Brain Power 

frequency is influencing the biological oscillators within the mammalian brain. It acts as a “Tuning Fork for Life.” Laboratory research shows that exposing living cells to Schumann Resonance has the effect of protecting them from ambient EMF, which allowing the cells to increase their immune protection and decrease the absorption of depressioninducing chemicals. For your information, our current environment is actually “out of tune” with the Nature, being polluted with manmade radiation noise at multiple frequencies. Imagine the damages that have been done! At another research conducted by Professor R.Wever, he found out that exposing people who suffer from emotional distress and migraine headaches to 7.83 Hz could help stabilize and regain their health. And now even modern spacecrafts are equipped with devices that purposely designed to stimulate the Schumann waves; because this 7.83 Hz frequency does not exist in the space. Can you imagine how important is this frequency towards your life?

*You can read more on Schumann Resonances here:

You can try out Schumann Resonances recording for free when you join the newsletter at Please note that the audio that you are getting from us is not the same as the deluxe version of Quantum Mind Power with TMM. The former one is a binaural beat recording as compares to QMP deluxe version which is done in isochronic tones. As you might have learned, isochronic is a new technology that is far more superior and effective than binaural beats.

Good Night, Sleep Well The purpose of this recording is to help you to bring on a good quality of sleep by quieting the mental “noise.” Some people suffer from “mental chat” or “mental debate” while in the bed. This uncontrolled thought is usually caused by stress, fear, worry or anxiety. That’s why it is advisable not to bring your seem to be problems as real problems into sleep.
This recording actually guides you into your sleep cycle, helping to give you a head start on a restful and rejuvenating night sleep.

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                                                                                                                 Special Report: Brain Wave Entrainment for Better Brain Power 

Quantum Mind Power with “The Morry Method” (TMM) brain wave entrainment system is endorsed and highly recommended by Dr. Robert Anthony. Who is Dr. Robert Anthony?

Dr. Robert Anthony holds a Ph.D. in behavioral psychology. He is also a bestseller author of over 15 books, which most of them have been published in over 15 countries. Some of his flagship books include “Beyond Positive Thinking” and “The Ultimate Secrets of Total Self-Confidence.” Besides, Dr Anthony is also the creator of the best selling CD audio program “The Secret of Deliberate Creation” and the latest video DVD program “Rich Mind Life Strategy.” Dr. Anthony Robert has been using brain wave entrainment for many years now and Quantum Mind Power is by far the best that he has ever seen. He said,

“Quantum Mind Power has so many features that it makes the other “mind conditioning” programs obsolete.”

Dr Robert Anthony Author, Educator and Self-Help Coach

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    Unlock Hidden Power of Your Subconscious Mind


                                                                                                                 Special Report: Brain Wave Entrainment for Better Brain Power 

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The  following  products  have  been  found  great,  particular  if  you  use  them  with  QMP with TMM system. 

1. HoloCreation  HoloCreation is a complete course that guides you in practicing the power of  your visualization. As you may have known now that your mind has the power  to create your reality through visualization. What if you aren’t sure the right  way to visualize? What if you do it wrongly?  Please  don’t  underestimate  your  mental  power  because  if  you  visualize  it  wrongly, you’ve got to pay the price. Most people use it either unconsciously  or wrongly and it shows in their reality.   HoloCreation  of  Holographic  Creation  is  different  from  the  normal  visualization  because  through  HoloCreation  you  work  at  a  higher  level  of  vibration  with  opens  the  way  for  the  crystallization  of  your  images  into  physical  matter.  And  for  your  knowledge  (this  is  quite  important),  thoughts,  feelings and images are matters, just a very subtle kind of matter. You can’t  touch  it  physically  but  your  senses  could  tell  you  that  it  is  real.  This  is  the  creation in the world of quantum physics or popularly known as the invisible  creative substances of the universe.    Visualization  with  Holographic  Creation  is  a  process  of  thought  becomes  matter  and  using  this  technology  enhances  your  creative  mind  in  doing  so.  The  concentration  of  your  energy  will  regenerate  the  real  you  and  unleash  your hidden mind power, the force that you have underutilized all this while. 


2. The Secret of Deliberate Creation  The  creator  of  this  course  is  Dr  Robert  Anthony  (he  highly  recommends  Quantum  Mind  Power),  a  widely  known  and  one  of  the  world  recognized  masters  of  manifestation.  This  course  is  quite  complicated  because  of  its  ‘completeness’ in guiding you through the process of overcoming your barrier  in manifesting your heart desire. Please bear in mind that complicated here  does not mean ‘Rocket Sciences’, it’s just a word to describe a proven step by  step system in utilizing the universal law to your benefits.  

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    Unlock Hidden Power of Your Subconscious Mind


                                                                                                                 Special Report: Brain Wave Entrainment for Better Brain Power 

As mystical as it may sounds, “The Secret of Deliberate Creation” is not the  kind  of  those  old  manuscripts  written  some  centuries  ago.  Indeed,  it  is  a  course  that  combines  both  the  ‘Modern  Sciences’  and  ‘Spirituality’,  for  sciences  now  has  uncovered  the  mystical  of  eastern  beliefs  and  the  great  teachings  of  Jesus.  So  please  do  not  think  that  you  have  to  undergo  some  extreme practices of meditations or religious practices in order to grasp what  Dr Robert Anthony is going to teach you. You do not need to spend 30 years  meditating  in  the  cave  to  understand  the  truth.  There’s  always  short  cut  if  you know where to look.   Science  has  now  proven  that  everything  that  exists  in  this  world  is  really  made  of  energy.  In  the  basic  level  of  your  creation  or  widely  known  as  the  ‘quantum world’, you are just a big chunk of energy floating around and this  is as true as everything that you encounter in your life. Your reality basically  starts  there.  Dr  Robert  Anthony  starts  the  course  with  this  basic  understanding of ‘universal creation’ so that you could differentiate what is  real and what’s not and that you have the total influence of your life even if  the circumstances show you the opposite.  The  first  thing  that  Dr  Robert  Anthony  surprised  you  in  this  course  is  his  blatant confessions, which he admits that he has no idea if what he teaches is  true or not; he just knows what works for him and for that, he does not have  answer  to  everything.  He  is  a  not  genius,  but  please  re‐assured  that  in  this  course, he only deals with the things that he has mastered; things that he has  tried and work either for himself or his students.  In  short,  “The  Secret  of  Deliberate  Creation”  is  a  combination  study  of  philosophy,  religion,  sciences  and  psychological  systems.  It  is  a  study  that  uncovered  the  secret  of  the  universe.  Instead  of  being  the  victim  of  circumstances, you will learn how to take part in creating your own destiny. 



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    Unlock Hidden Power of Your Subconscious Mind


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